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NJgirl99 said:
8 - Elvis - Elv

mrs817 said:
2-Amy grant - Amy

noon-e one that got away - The
4:30-applause - App
9-the monster - The

UPDATED HACK CODES:  AmyTheAppCidElvSauCui2 c375RedVivGraDenMonBarFarMacSt.Bed

Blockbusters = Montreal
In The News = 15,761.78
Music Pop Quiz = Kitten
Pop Clips! Trivia = Road House
Pop Culture Trivia = Sacha Baron Cohen

8 - Bobby Helms

Morning Show Bonus Code = Canoe 

String = TheCouStoBobTraCanWorNicJoh10tGloPixBriMonRedMilWhiTwiOldHal

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia  = Cedar Rapids  

Classic Rock Challenge  = Bob Seger and the Ramblers 
Question of the Day  = Black Sabbath 

Question of the Day = Lorde 

Question of the Day = Prince William 
2pm = Trans-Siberian Orchestra

noon = The Monster 
Question of the Day  = A Motorcycle 
4:30pm - Counting Stars 
9 pm = Story of my Life

Music Skills  = Sevyn Streeter 
Question of the Day  = Chief Keef 

I didn't realize what today's date was:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to iluvradio and to njfw's wife! 2 wonderful women that I'm very happy to have as friends!  

No Repeat Work Day = Jingle Bell Rock--Hall and Oates 
Lunch Break = The Christmas Song--Nat King Cole 
Drive @ Five = Sleigh Ride--Ronettes

Fun Fall Video Trivia: Birthday party
Watch: 3 Party-Perfect Holiday Food Gif...: Beaker
Video Trivia Time: Ranch
Entertainment Zone!: Move
Videos Gone Wild!: Green
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Backlash
VIDEO: 2015 Hyundai Genesis Preview: 62,000
VIDEO: Real Airplanes Passing Overhead: To the sky
VIDEO: Couple's Engagement Photos: Yellow
VIDEO: Raiders Fan Breaks Woman's Fall: Closed deck
VIDEO: Obama Urges Insurance Companies: Friday

String: BirBeaRanMovGreBac62,To YelCloFri

Blockbusters = Overture of William Tell
In The News = about 300
Music Pop Quiz = Geisha
Pop Culture Trivia = $200,000

Daily Video Trivia = No video!
Your Daily Video Trivia = PULl on

String = BirBeaRanMovBac62,YelCloFriToGrePul

Thirty Days Has November - REMEMBER YOUR EXPIRING POINTS!!!!

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Citizen Ruth

String: BirBeaRanMovGreBac62,To YelCloFriPul

Classic rock challenge: = James Gang

105.1:  Music Skills = Stomp the Yard

Watch: The Best Holiday Gifts Under $10...: Headphones
Fun Fall Video Trivia: White
Video Trivia Time: Craig's
Entertainment Zone!: Purple
Videos Gone Wild!: White
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Hurt you
VIDEO: Comedian Hilariously Live-Tweets: Kyle Ayers
VIDEO: Kim Zolciak Welcomes Twins: Bierman
VIDEO: Angelina Jolie Buys Brad Pitt A: Heart
VIDEO: Jessica Biel Stays Home To Watch..: Drink You Away
VIDEO: Dr. Phil's High-Tech Skin Analys...: Tennis

String: HeaWhiCraPurHurKylBieHeaDriTen

Blockbusters = Contraband
In The News = Ferrari
Music Pop Quiz = Will Smith
Pop Culture Trivia = The Palms Casino Resort

Daily Video Trivia = NO Video
Your Daily Video Trivia = WHOle Wheat

String = WhiHeaPurCraHurKylBieDriTenWho

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Election

100.7's Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1985 & 1979
105.1:  Music Skills = You Are Not Alone
104.3:  Classic Rock Challenge = T.S. Eliot

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: PG
Fun Fall Video Trivia: Geology
Video Trivia Time: Holidays
Entertainment Zone!: Saturday
Videos Gone Wild!: Dance
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Grateful
Watch: Adam Levine Reveals His Most Emb...: Tie his shoes
Personal Creations - Special Occasions: It is close to 5 stars but five & 5 are not working.
Weekly bonus codes
Put your station link before these numbers
7981      Win Prizes
7982      Win Prizes
7983      Ganar Premios

String: PG GeoHolSatDanGraTie145 sFivGetGanWin

I'll probably get negative comments for this but aren't you all sick and tired of losing out to the same people NOT month after month but week after week? (Or even day after day!)
I don't mind seeing lisat win, saws win, or cch66 win because they keep their wins to a minimum of one per month but this "kenny" seems greedy! I mean this "kenny" person probably has multiple email accounts with "kenny" on it! Now this "kenny" can't possibly collect all the winnings and it's not fair to the rest of us either because he just took up the space of someone else who could have had a chance to win!

For Z100:
http://rewards.z100.com/asp3/ContestDetail.aspx?AID=198928             (kenny won 11/3)
http://rewards.z100.com/asp3/ContestDetail.aspx?AID=199051             (kenny won 11/6)
http://rewards.z100.com/asp3/ContestDetail.aspx?AID=197280             (kenny won 12/1)

For KTU:    
http://rewards.ktu.com/asp3/ContestDetail.aspx?AID=199148          (kenny won 11/22)
http://rewards.ktu.com/asp3/ContestDetail.aspx?AID=199179          (kenny won 11/23)
http://rewards.ktu.com/asp3/ContestDetail.aspx?AID=199153          (kenny won 11/26)

Morning Show Bonus Code = WINTER
Your Daily Video Trivia = Root Beer

string = MelRoaJumSpeUncWakAmyVinWinPGGeoHolSatDanGraTie145GetGanRoo80%Big120TieCriWooTeeSto

Blockbusters = April 4th
In The News = P/2013 P5
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Patton Oswalt
Music Pop Quiz = Pharrell
Pop Clips! Trivia = Kanye West
Pop Culture Trivia =  Jagged Little Pill

Q/Day = Anchorman
CLASSIC ROCK CHALLENGE = Indigenous Australians
8AM - Fool In The Rain
8:50 =  In My Life 
LIVE @ 5 = Adam Sandler 

Q/Day = Jay Z
8:30am - ROAR ...working as of 12:50pm
Flashback Track = Jumpin', Jumpin'  ...and it works ! 
War of the Roses = Special Delivery ...and it works too!!! WTH!!!???!!!

Q/Day = Katy Perry
8am = Amy Grant
2pm =  Vince Vance & The Valiants

Q/Day = Lorde
12pm - Unconditionally 
4:30pm - Wake Me Up
9pm :  nothing bec Britney spears album release   

Music Skills = J. Cole
Q/Day = Kanye West
Donkey of the Day = Mel B for the Spice Girls Reunion

FYI:  no computer/radio for the next 2 mornings....
ComeOnNow2014:  I see what you're saying, but most of the contests you're posting about are multiple winner contests, so we don't know if he put in 1 entry (that happens to my sister in law all the time, though not lately) and won just bec he's lucky! Plus, maybe there are more than one "Kenny..." e-mails belonging to more than one Kenny as it's a "popular" name, not so un-common. I am more concerned about oosev... who seemed to win MOST of the contests b4 this Kenny guy! In fact, they won twice on 1 of the contests you referenced and once on another contest that you referenced! They've won MANY contests in the past, most of which I entered as well!
ComeOnNow2014:  As far as I know, he can win > 1 contest in 30 days because you can enter the different contests but once you win, you cannot enter anything as you account is locked for 30 days. So he must have entered the contests before he won one of them and then won other contests with the existing entries as he couldn't put in anymore with his account being locked. I think that is what "LB" will tell you. (BTW: how do you know that LB is the correct person to write to and who is LB?)

Also, they may not be lurkers because your "handle" here on FW is not supposed to be the same as your e-mail address. I bet that Kenny's e-mail address begins with Kenny (just as ChangedMyHandle said) which is why we see that Kenny's won but it may be more than one Kenny whose e-mail address begins with Kenny! I know that my e-mail and my husband's e-mail start with the same first few letters so if he and i win, it looks like only 1 person wins and it's really the 2 of us (yes, we are in the same household but we have 2 diff accounts and enter diff contests a lot of the time). Maybe Kenny's kids e-mails start with Kenny too! LOL Who the heck knows.... He just seems to be one very lucky person and now that he's won things, you shouldn't see his name come up a lot in the future, unless he entered before his account was locked.

And I put in thousands of entries for the Pink contest and didn't win either. I was sad to see that Kenny won again, but I would be sad to see anyone's "name" but mine bec I wanted to go! I just guessed that Kenny has better luck than I do, which happens to me ALL THE TIME! I put in thousands of points on things and don't win them all the time. But you don't see me writing in and complaining, do you? I just do not have good luck and know that. I just hope that one of my entries wins every once in a while and it does, every once in a while. Certainly not as often as I'd like!

ComeOnNow2014:  can you please not make extra postings to add info/answers but rather edit your one post so that the forum doesn't get "clogged" with this non-answer conversation. Thanks!

ChangedMyHandle:  not sure what you mean about getting 60k points/day with a video glitch. Can you send me a PM explaining what you mean? I'd love to be able to get the points like everyone else! Thanks!
budrose:  wasn't the Target GC a MM thing? Unless it's a "local station" MM contest, those are IMPOSSIBLE to win as every clear channel station in the US that has that contest has the entries go into one pool. That's millions of people/entries against you! I NEVER WIN THOSE!!!! But I do agree that you have to be "in it to win it"! Though I did win a "little" station's MM contest once, before they stopped doing the rewards club stuff!

mrs817:  don't give up on the points contests! U are a REALLY good person (good karma) and you are bound to win with points every once in a while too! Plus, I think that you may win the call-ins bec you participate in the points contests! Did you ever think of that????

11:45pm update:  I just don't understand some things: 
1. Do you realize that sharing answers is against the rules and realize that your accounts could be closed down for accumulating points by taking advantage of glitches???
2. LURKERS:  And when is the last time that some of you have posted answers on here?? There are many times when I cannot post (like tomorrow morning and Wed morning) and when I get onto the computer I see that no one has posted the answers...sometimes, I feel like no one else cares BUT me! Where is the teamwork?? (Today there was teamwork and I thank the posters for that as my computer gave me SUCH problems this morning having to be rebooted too many times...Thankfully it's working better tonight.)
3. WHY call this to LB's attention and cause problems for ALL of us. IF she takes back Kenny's win, who gets the Pink tickets? It's a random system thing that pulls the winners, so I guess LB and the staff get to use the tickets or what?? And for the rest of us that MIGHT be lucky enough to win more than one prize in a 30 day period, it's from contests that were entered b4 we won. Because after you win, the system locks you out from entering a contest again! (Thereby giving you a 30 day waiting period to win again:  UNLESS U HAD ENTRIES IN A CONTEST B4 U WON!)

I just do not get all the harsh-ness around here! I will really have to re-think my involvement with you guys. I thought we were a fun group of people who are there for each other and support each other, not back stab each other.

ComeOnNow2014:  thanks for the good luck on winning the PINK tickets, but I don't win on call ins....winning with points seems to be the only luck I have and the wins have been scarce lately...

LURKERS:  Please comment/post so that we know we are not alone here! Thanks for listening to me rant....good night

I'm not going to contribute to this madness anymore (talking about the whole ComeOnNow2014 rantings)!  I woke up with a new perspective.

Whatever he/she did was already done and I fear whatever responses we did kind of egged him/her on!

ComeOnNow2014, has it ever occurred to you that since there is only 6 months for old points to expire and as such, kenny, oosev, and others are dumping their millions of points all at once into these contests for their last "hurrah"?   After December / early January, they will lose their advantage over people that they saved during the whole glitch thing so just calm down and things will get back to normal!  If you're smart, start saving up points now and I guarantee you'll see less of the "usual suspects" win all of the prizes because the major glitch is gone!  No more whining!  If you never took advantage of it, I commend you!  It was a super cheat that turned ordinary people into bragging idiots!   The extremely greedy (like someone I knew) got caught and got their accounts banned for taking advantage of it.  The rest stayed below the radar until now when the points expire soon! 

So keep a positive attitude about all of this and let kenny have his (and his wife) last "hurrah"!  You'll be seeing less of them in the coming months as people go about these points honestly by answering the trivia, taking the surveys and clicking on the featured links!

sams, keep up the good work and you're a valuable member of this group whether these people want to admit it or not! 
I've been semi-retired from winning contests because one day, I looked at some of the stuff I won and said, "Did I really need to win that pile of junk?" (referring to a few prize packs).  The fun of winning goes away and it just becomes taking!  It's like when you get a newspaper and you take an extra copy from the machine!  What do I need the extra copy for?  That's how I felt! 
On more than one occasion, I won tickets to a concert just to give them away to a disabled friend who may not live long (LAM) or someone else who needs the tickets more than I do. I won The Phantom of the Opera tickets (I put in only 777 entries (not 7777 ! ) as my lucky number!) just so that my elderly parents (both approaching 80) would experience the show in their lifetime!  The satisfaction of using my winnings to do good for people makes me happy...happier than if I went to all the concerts myself!

As for disqualified / unclaimed prizes, any unused prizes goes back to the staff / interns.  They sometimes offer them as call-ins but only sometimes! 
How do I know?  I won a KTUphoria call-in with someone else's name on the printed tickets and the intern who handed me the tickets told me that they're unused/unclaimed and that they're still good!  I hope that clears up where things end up!

Ktu roar not working- surprise
WOTR-special delivery

i'm about ready to give up entering points since it takes so much time and I rarely ever win ths way. I do better with the call ins. Especially if people are going to be so greedy.

I've sent an email to the person in charge (initials "LB") about this and about "oosev" as well!

ChangedMyHandle,if this is true about the points then that means we'll see less of these same people after next month. I have a feeling these people like "kenny" and "oosev" are lurkers on this forum like I am (but I decided not to say something until I saw "kenny" win yesterday's Pink contest (which I really wanted to go but thought he'd be satisfied with Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake!). He IS greedy!!! The "+" and "-" on the flag help me see if that person's online seeing this (and keeping track of the flag activity) so thanks for the "-" flag response, lurker!

So you say 60,000 points a day? That means they'll get a million points in less than 17 days!
I think that evens the odds a lot for the rest of us. Thank you for your replies and making me feel that I'm not alone in all of this!

I know "LB" from a previous movie contest win.  Those are easy but even though it says MM or L, a not a lot of people entered so it's good.

iluvradio, yes, I know that but let's assume he can't collect another recent contest (like Ellie Goulding, which was put in last week and expires today) because he won Vitamin Water on 11/3.  If he DOES win that contest (or any contest that was just put in after 11/3), then I'll know he's got another account.  I asked "LB" about multiple contest wins in the same month and she says that you can only win ONE contest (the first one) and that any other contest after that (like Justin Timberlake and Pink which are NOT "MM" but "L"") that person cannot collect them!  So what does this mean?  Kenny can NOT collect Pink because he won earlier this month!  Because he cannot collect his other winnings, he just selfishly blocked others from winning those other contests!  I'm sure the Pink tickets will end up on call-in so good luck, sams!  You seem to be a very nice person and I hope you get them!

iluvradio, unless kenny is a contributor to this site, he's worst than a lurker in terms of greed.  He's prevented others from winning on contests he can't collect. He's taken the "fun" out of entering and winning these contests of chance.  Yes, I did dump millions of points but it went nowhere because of greedy people like him who probably wouldn't think twice about blocking people from getting stuff.  To people like him, "one" is not enough!   To say I'm no better is just dumb! 
I got an email back from "LB" and she says he and his wife has one account each for both radio stations, however, they can only win ONE prize each and so it appears they have to drop one prize from each radio station involved (out of the six prizes, the couple can only collect four)!  She alerted Triton about the matter and they will handle it on their end as well.
See, iluvradio?  I told you so!!! 

No, I don't expect to win every contest as there are thousands who enter but I do want fairness and I don't think it's fair that kenny (and his wife) should be the winner of multiple contests in less than 30 days (give others a chance because you can only collect ONE prize from each account!).  They put themselves on the radar last month (and yesterday), not me! 
iluvradio, if you know them, let them know!  Their greed was their undoing! 

Today In History - Woody Allen
Ski Resort - Big Sky
Tree Farmer - 80%
Car - 1200
Tacos - Cricket

Video: Grinch not only "rotter" - 80%
Video: Affordable ski resort - big sky
Video: Car made from 3D printer - 1200
Video: Adam Levine - tie
Video: Restaurant debuts - cricket
Video: Today in History Dec 1 - Woody
Health & Wisdom Teeth - teenagers
Health & Development - stomach

RoaJumUncAmyPG GeoHolSatDanGraTie145 sFivGetGanWinRoo80%Big120TieCriWooTeeSto

In response to your post ComeOnNow2014 -- First of all I think you are jumping to some conclusions here - Just because you see a winner posted on the KTU site - if the contest was a MM contest, the posted winners did not necessarily enter the contest on the KTU site. Once you win something on one site, you are blocked from entering again on that particular site for 30 days. However, if you entered several contests prior to winning anything for 30 days you could potentially win more than one contest within in a 30 day period on the same site. One of the contests that you posted about had 80 winners - so it should not have been to difficult to win that one.

As far as your accusation that "kenny" is greedy - personally I think it is pretty greedy to "Lurk" on this site. Maybe if you contributed here it would bring you some good karma!  I do not know how long you have been lurking here and how many entries you have put in to the contests that you are so upset about losing.  It is very unrealistic to expect to win any of these contests as there are thousands of participants on these sites. 

ComeOnNow2014 -  I have never heard of them refusing to allow you to collect more than one prize won online within 30 days - you are only blocked from entering once you win.  However for prizes won on-the-air the 30 day rule is enforced and you are only allowed to win once per household within a 30 day period on all of the ClearChannel stations combined and if the prize is valued over $500 the time period is supposed to increase to 6 months but that is hit or miss - but always enforced if you win cash.

and how exactly do you get 60,000 points per day with the videos - please share - I would love to know.

Alright alright!!I agree with all of you about Kenny!!He is greedy!!!I REALLY tried to win the Target gift card $75.......dumped ALL my points on it and didnt win. I feel sometimes that this IS a waste of time....BUT if youre not in it you cant win it!!!Right? Thanks to all for posting these answers day after day!!!U should be comended!!!TY

WOW - Is this a Ted Nugent "Cat Scratch Fever" Monday or just a 'dog eat dog' day? Figured I should chirp in so I don't get labled a lurker! lol Everyone have a nice day and remember the holiday season is upon us.

Personal Creations - Special Occasions  =  5    (I contacted them & said I want my credit, they updated it & told me to try again)

updated string: RoaJumUncAmyPG GeoHolSatDanGraTie145 sFivGetGanWinRoo80%Big120TieCriWooTeeSto5

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Make A Wish
Fun Fall Video Trivia: Snuggle buddies
Entertainment Zone!: Elle
Video Trivia Time: Colorado
Videos Gone Wild!: Versace
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Caroline

String: MakSnuEllColVerCar

Your Daily Video Trivia - Florida

String: MakSnuEllColVerCarFlo

Blockbusters - Pain
In The News - Missouri
Music Pop Quiz - 3 months
Pop Clips! Trivia - Pizza
Pop Culture Trivia - Focus 
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Twitter 

Morning Show Bonus Code = Snow
Updated String: RhyTorAfrMonCouStoFraAnnTreMakSnuEllSnoColVerCarFloDec196TalDecXfi5GamSep3Vir

Workforce Blocks = Moody Blues
Question of the Day = Bob Dylan  ...(the Q seems to have changed from earlier today) BUT WAIT!!!! IT SEEMS TO HAVE CHANGED & NOW THE CORRECT ANSWER IS Billy Joel....  UGH!!!!

Music Skills = Yo Gotti
Q/Day = Lorde 
Donkey of the day = "African Man" is the official title given...even though the DJ did say the judicial system in Kenya!

Q/Day = Katy Perry 
12pm - The Monster
4:30pm - Counting Cars
9pm = Story of my life

Question of the Day = A Motorcycle
War of the Roses = Tora! Tora! Tora!

2pm = Anne Murray

FYI:  no computer after 8am (will have radio in car) today and tomorrow morning. Post what you can....TY 
Thanks for all the posts while I was away this morning... Please don't forget about tomorrow morning as well.

PEOPLE:  I cannot believe that people gave iluvradio a negative rating! WTH is going on with everyone here??? She just told us like it is and her feelings. Why should she be given a negative rating for telling you how she feels and for giving us info on how these things work? I think that's really sad. I neither gave people good or bad ratings for their opinions, except her post because I think that you are all treating her unfairly. We are all entitled to our opinions and if we can't express them with each other, who can we express them to? I listened to ComeOnNow2014's opinions and frustrations. Do I think that what he did in contacting someone was right? No, I don't. But do you see me giving him a negative rating for doing so?? No. Let's all be civilized here and be appreciative of others showing their opinions. We all got info from the comments that were made yesterday; whether they be good or bad, we all learned something.

maverick1usa:  Thanks; that was very sweet of you to say. I've onlychaired the forum as I was taught, carrying on the tradition of keeping this one of the best forums on FW (as you mentioned).

mum2bud:  I'm not a computer person so I couldn't help you figure that out, but if you do figure it out, PLEASE share that with us via PM's so that the radio stations will not shut you down too! Also, PLEASE don't reply to any comments and create another posting. Please simply edit your first post of the day so that we keep the forum "lean" and easier to read/search for the answers that we are all seeking. And I agree w/ ChangedMyHandle, don't give up on  entering the contests bec I don't even do the daily links 3/4 of the time bec I have no time to do them and still accumulate points and win things here and there.

OTHERS:  why don't I see a lot more people posting answers on most days? Are you all too busy to contribute? If so, then maybe you shouldn't be complaining about all the "free" points that you earn from the people who post the answers for you to use each day. Thanks for listening....


LED - D'yer Mak'er
850 -  Who Are You

Donkey - Kenya Justice (not working)

8 - Frank Sinatra (not working)

830 - Let me Love you


thanks for the headsup/reminder that life is not fair.  in thinking it over, it occurs to me that it would be easy to write a script that would open all the featured links, just grab the points for those, across many email accounts belonging to the same person.  personally, i have been under the impression that collecting a prize entails showing up at the station (maybe i just haven't read the rules thoroughly enough? not paying close attention), so they should notice if one person were winning real often.   

mum2bud, don't get discouraged from participating fairly in the contests. If you do all the Trivia, the Listen & Win, and click on Featured links every day, you can get at least 56000 points a day (presently). I haven't counted the Survey section yet but that's still a lot of points.

*Some* prizes you have to go down to the station and others you're on a guest list at the concert/theater.
I do agree, they do notice repeat winners! Some are even called on a first name basis! lol!

Not to worry! Like myself, people tend to get tired of seeing a concert they saw last year (or a few months ago). People may be a little greedy but they're not monsters! You might get a chance to win something good after this month is over.

Sams, I have to admit, I gave iluvradio a negative before (but changed it after that other person already did his/her damage) because I felt the second paragraph was a little harsh and would provoke ComeOnNow2014 into sending an email to those in charge of the online contests some sort of complaint email but as it turns out, he/she did it anyway.  It was simply a nudge under the table (please stop) but I guess you can't always stop an angry person bent on telling on someone!  I'm sorry if I I hurt your feelings, iluvradio.  It was not my intention! 

budrose, as far as some of the MM contests, I entered one of them from WPLJ, sunk all of my points (within the thousands) and watched the end of the contest (I think it was "Win $100").  I saw my email and was happy (even screen grabbed the evidence) and then it changed to someone else's email and then I alerted them and they asked for proof (so I showed the screen grab) and *never* replied back!  I stopped any countrywide MM contests afterwards because I feel I was cheated of my victory!  (I think I told the board this a few months ago!)   The only thing I enter from WPLJ is their free contests (no points needed) because i win once in a while (in 3 months).  The rest is garbage to me!  Unless the Target gift card is L, I don't sink points into it.

How do fillings treat cavities? = DECayed matter
History of Medicaid = 1965
CORRECTION added for Your Daily Video Trivia = TALlest
 Watch: TV Recap:'the Walking Dead', th = XFInity

updated string = MakSnuEllColVerCarFloDec196TalXfi  

Sams1997 - This has been the best Fatwallet fourm I've found/used as it dosen't have all the banter other forms do & you have chaired it admiralbly so if you leave I will not ever listen to another Boston song! :-|

Listen & Win - Weekly bonus word - Tree
Q Day - Anchorman
Video: Amazon drones - 5
Video: Bruce Lee - Game
Video: Restaurant Mystery tipper - September
Video: S'monut - 3
Video: Tech for Tots - Virginia
Watch Video - sponsor - Xfinity


YOUR DAILY VIDEO TRIVIA The roller coaster in the clip is the world's ________? tallest
How Do Fillings Treat Cavities? -- Dentists use fillings to restore small areas of tooth
material after drilling out _____ ______ from cavities." decayed matter - Dec
VIDEO: AMAs Fashion Breakdown -- Who has the first hit?  Miley Cyrus -  Mil
This artist recieved backlash for her giesha outfit recently?  Katy Perry

Flashback-rhythm of the night
Noon-Moody Blues
Live @5-Ozzy Osborne 
2- Anne Murray

i think everyone needs to chill a little bit. Happy holidays to all

VIDEO TRIVIA: Does This Make You Happy?: Her body
Fun Fall Video Trivia: 54%
Entertainment Zone!: Inches
Watch: 5 Ways To Look Gorgeous In Photos: Nofilter
Video Trivia Time: Stephan
Videos Gone Wild!: Sean Carter
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Terrifying

String: Her54%IncNofSteSeaTer 

Rock and Roll Morning Show Bonus Code sled

Monday I thought I was back on slick deals on the former superfanGAC site with the responses going on. Had thought  none of that was tolerated here.  I would like to take this occasion to thank all those who do post answers. I am very grateful for what you do.  I really appreciate your hard work and willingness to share. 
What has me confused is how do you know iluvradio was given negative ratings by others?  Are we supposed to be clicking on the + buttons of those who post each day to raise their rating?  and how do you know whether it is positivie or negative?

Blockbusters = Alyson Hannigan
In The News = Miami Herald
Music Pop Quiz = Katy Perry
Pop Clips! Trivia = Miley Cyrus
Pop Culture Trivia = Jayne Mansfield

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Lena Dunham

updated string = DesSumLovTodTimTheBisAnnAndBagSleHer54%IncNofSteSeaTerInfMedSouMarBir9981Loa

8AM - Friends 
Q/Day = North Dakota 
8:50 = Don't You (Forget About Me) 
Workforce Blocks = Bruce Springsteen 
LIVE @ 5 = Southside Johnny

8am = Anne Murray
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hlp130:  to see the ratings, you need to bring your curser over to the word "rating" until the curser turns to a hand and double click it. A new window will pop up showing who gave u a + or - rating. I agree that the comments here over the last few days were a bit much, but this happens everywhere from time to time. I agree that it has rarely happened here and I do apologize for those that "disrupted" the calmness here, but people are entitled to their opinions.
ComeOnNow2014:  Thank you for sharing your feelings and yes, I do agree that you should've calmed down b4 calling it to anyone's attention. I've been participating in these rewards clubs for YEARS and thankfully I have won things, but certainly not what I wanted really badly and do agree that it seems unfair sometimes. But my guess was that "Kenny" was on a winning streak which had to end at some point, esp bec his account gets locked and he can't enter anything "new" for 30 days. I do think that "LB" was wrong for telling you that he and his wife have accounts as that should be confidential info. I just hope that your actions don't hurt the rest of us and am VERY glad that you didn't mention this forum. I get my points by answering trivias, listen and wins, and surveys (though I don't do them daily as I should bec I just don't have time bec I'm on multiple rewards sites). Question:  If you don't use the info here, then why do you lurk? It explains why you don't post but why lurk when you don't use the info? I like to help others, always have, and think of this as a way to help others that don't have the "luxury" of being able to listen and/or post. (My family doesn't think it's a luxury when I don't go/do something bec I need to listen to the radio for an answer or a call in contest, which I do NOT win like mrs817 does. So points are my thing and call ins are her thing, I'm jealous but OK with that.) And why did you change your FW avatar? I thought you were a guy, but guess you are a gal. I hope that you can participate here in some way, if only to give + ratings to those people that take the time to post answers. I never thought as the ratings in the way you describe, but that's why I think that you are entitled to your opinion. I guess I just wish that you had sent a PM to one of us "regulars" to see if we could explain things to you first, rather than letting your frustrations out in the main forum. And no, I was not daring you to do anything; I just looked at things in a different way than you did!  

FYI:  no computer from app 8:50am-11am.....post what you can. TY

I apologize for breaking the calm in this place but I felt my frustrations had to be heard. I know now my actions in this situation went overboard and might doom some members of this forum (if they were involved in this) and for that, I'm so sorry! I felt I was alone in my anger and I felt people like iluvradio and sams1997 (to a lesser extent) was daring me to ask LB about the contest rules and so I did and got a reply. Whether or not she acts on her word in fixing the situation is entirely up to her.

The reason why I lurk and not participate is because the points in the trivia section are small compared to all the other sections and so I don't answer them! It's nice to know people here are so involved in helping others with this section but I accumulated my points from the other sections and felt like the recent greed of the same winners during November and December is really discouraging and unfair to others! People are even happy with one prize and a husband and wife team winning again and again is just greedy and takes away from the rest of us!

I felt iluvradio telling me that I was greedy (for what? I don't use these trivia answers because I'm fine with the feature link and surveys!) made me angry and so to prove I will participate, I wrote an email to LB out of my anger! I guess looking back, I should have calmed down first and think about things.  I let my emotions get the best of me and please don't say any "woman scorned" jokes!

People use + or - on other pages simply for "I agree" or "I disagree" and shouldn't get all emotional for anything other than that. People disagree with others and you have to face it when it comes to opinions given out. We give out + for praise because there's nothing higher than "I agree" but - shouldn't be interpreted as "I hate you" but as "I disagree with you."

I have a feeling that some of you know who "kenny" and "oosev" are. Not personally but as maybe friendly rivals. Now that I have the answer of what happens to multiple contest winnings in the same account, I'm satisfied and feel it's fair. "kenny" can try to get the other prizes but may have to go on separate days to fly under the radar of the online workers. I'm sure other people wrote to LB about this but I sought the opinion of people here first with hostility and so I took that as a sign of "Go ahead! I dare you to do it!" and I did.

It did not occur to me that they may be people who took advantage of some glitch (I would like to hear more about it though!!!) and have to use up their points within six months. It still looks bad anyway because they dishonestly (assuming) got all those points and have to use them before the month is finished because they didn't earn them through honest means. Whether they did it honestly or through a glitch, we will all never know because they'll never come out here to defend themselves.

I guess there nothing more I can do about my actions because it is already done and I can't undo them. I never mentioned this forum and what goes on here. I only mentioned kenny and oosev as the greedy winners of multiple contests and asked them what the rules are about taking home the prizes.

To sams1997 and others who contribute to this forum, I thank you. Even though I don't care about the trivia and listen and win sections, its good to know there are people to help out others who do.

To answer your questions in no particular order- 

You sign up and you're a boy with a black cap no matter what gender and so when you kept mentioning "he" with me, I realized (not feeling insulted) you must think I'm a man.  I looked at the avatar and changed it.  Look at mrs817.  I thought Mrs. but the avatar is the default boy in the black cap.  I guess I never noticed until you kept mentioning me as "he." (almost like having broccoli or spinach stuck in your teeth while your talking and you wonder, "What is everyone looking at?")

I was told about this forum by a fellow movie goer (there's a forum for advanced movie screening exchange)  who told me about online contests after I asked, "How do you always go in ahead of me when I have to wait on line for (sometimes) hours just to watch an advance screening?" I do have other friends lurk here but I don't think they're as outspoken as I am! I found this forum to be a nice place to get info on new contests and even participated in voting for some of you who asked for votes (but never came out to say it like some people do). Sometimes you don't notice a contest that's not on the contest section (but may be in the main website) but someone tends to tell about it here.  In another instance, someone pointed out trade in points for Taylor Swift and an auction for Justin Timberlake tickets which I wouldn't have known if someone didn't point them out. I bookmarked this forum but I do explore other pages (signed in or not) that have coupons and deals. When I thought "enough is enough," I registered to talk! 

As for LB, she was informing me that there is more than one account related to kenny (as the rules go, two per household, one per email).  I think the husband and wife mention was a slip but there's no harm done unless names or email addresses are mentioned.  But yes, no one is allowed to take home more than one prize per account in the same radio station in the 30 days,  so kenny and his wife has to give up one prize.  If people did do so in the past, I think they managed to do so while the online workers were unaware of it.  Probably an intern mistake.

We do tend to see things differently and that's okay. We should never be the same or else things get boring. Thank you for your understanding.

ChangedMyHandle, I sent you a message.  You seem to keep up with a lot of things that are outside of this forum.  I hope we can be good friends!

Update!  I won Demi Lovato using the name kennysux!  Woohoo!  My first win that's not a movie screening!  Thanks for your tips, ChangedMyHandle! 
sams1997, thank you!  I just wanted to test the waters to see if the name "kenny" was a lucky name.  I wonder what would happen to the selection process if everyone named themselves "kenny?"

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