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Q104 (at 3am):

8am - Get The Led Out
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row
12pm - Workforce Blocks
Live @ 5
12pm - Workforce Blocks - Fleetwood Mac <<= NEW!!!

Your Daily Video Trivia  -  SANdra
String   -   BurTubHatKohDec22Jay2014 yDegYelSan 

Blockbusters - Tunisia
In the News - 6%
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = 60th
Music Pop Quiz = Lovatics
Pop Clips! Trivia - 2.5 million
Pop Culture Trivia - Tameka Foster

Morning Show Bonus Code = NEW
Next Big Winner! = email

updated string = HapRobPriGeoNewBurTubHatKohDec22Jay2014DegYelSanEma

Classic Rock Challenge = Them
8am = Immigrant Song
8:50 = Rock & Roll Fantasy
WFB is listed in post above by chipmalee
Live @ 5 .... not played bec a countdown is on....

Music Skills = Social media
Question of the Day = $20,000
Donkey of the Day - Rob Ford ... Q up & answer working 3:50pm

Question of the Day = Jennifer Lopez
8:30 = Roar ... not working
Flashback Track - They didn't announce that this was the FBT song, but it played right after the Traffic Report as the FBT does:  Mirrors ... not working
War of the Roses  ... didn't play bec Top 50 Feel Good Songs Countdown was playing...

Question of the Day = Miley Cyrus
12pm - ....it was not the High Noon Countdown, but the top 100 songs countdown....
4:30pm.....same thing ....

8am - Prince
Q/Day = Robin Roberts
2pm = George Michael

Hope everyone has a safe night tonight and a Very happy, healthy & prosperous New Year!!! 

wishing everyone a very happy and healthy new year

104.3 Question of the Day Which musician paid tribute to Billy Joel at the Kennedy Center Honors? Garth Brooks

Sad day here.....tried to win the bb record book from the Q for my hubby.....but guess who won......KENNY!!!!WHAT A BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!

2pm-either George Michael or Katy Perry worked
Happy 2014 to all!

Wacky Winter Video Trivia: 17
Video Trivia Time: 3rd grade
Entertainment Zone!: Spring
Videos Gone Wild!: Yellow
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 2 years old
Watch: Man Survives 60 Hours Under Water in Sunken Ship: Harrison
VIDEO: History Of New Year's Eve: The Gift of Imagination
VIDEO: Truth In Decorating: Ottoman
VIDEO: How To Make A Manhattan: Straight rye whiskey
VIDEO: House Of The Year 2013: Emily Henderson
VIDEO: How To Score OMG Abs: 10String: 173rdSprYel2 yHarGifOttStrEmi10 

Blockbusters = Scout
In The News = Oarfish
Music Pop Quiz = Stefani Germanotta
Pop Clips! Trivia = Aaron Paul
Pop Culture Trivia = Harrison Ford

Your Daily Video Trivia = MATt damon

String = 173rdSprYel2 yHarGifOttStrEmi10Mat

Updated String = MicBil173rdSprYel2 yHarGifOttStrEmi10Mat

Celebrity Interview VideoTrivia = Britney Spears

Classic Rock Challenge = The Yardbirds
8am ...no GET THE LED OUT played.....
8:50am  ...they didn't have the 10 in a row today....
12pm - Workforce Blocks ....no WFBs today ....
Live @ 5 ....didn't play today....

8am = Billy Joel
2pm = Michael Jackson

Music Skills = No strategy
Donkey of the Day = Miss Lauryn Hill ...not working

8:30am - Summertime Sadness ... not working
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track  ....didn't play today....
5:40pm - War of the Roses ...didn't play today....

12PM ...didn't play bec the Top 100 Songs of 2013 played ....
4:30  ...didn't play bec the Top 100 Songs of 2013 played ....
9PM  ...didn't play bec the Top 100 Songs of 2013 played ....

No morning show bonus code or Question of the Day on the sites ...
I hope that 2014 is a good year for everyone!

Wacky Winter Video Trivia: Splits
Video Trivia Time: Chaos
Entertainment Zone!: Visual
Videos Gone Wild!: 38
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 3 Years
Watch: Dairy Queen Employee's Kind Act Goes Viral: 20 dollars (Good video you should watch it)

String: SplChaVis383 Y20

Blockbusters - Rock and Roll Over
In The News - Dot
Music Pop Quiz - The Hills

Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = 2002
Pop Clips! Trivia - University of Maryland
Pop Culture Trivia - in your pants!

Your Daily Video Trivia - tempura
Preventive Care Visit = formulary
Disadvantages Of Drug Plans = accessible 
updated string = GliPowI NUnbRicBonMadSplChaVis383 Y20TemForAccSigThr

Music Skills =  Diplo
Q/Day = Kevin Durant

Classic Rock Challenge = Bob Dylan
Q/Day =  Bon Jovi
8am = Sick Again
8:50 = Running On Empty
Workforce Blocks =  Journey
Live @ 5  = REO Speedwagon

8am = Rick Springfield
Q/Day = Phil Robertson
2pm = Bon Jovi 

Q/Day = 65 lbs
8:30am - I Need Your Love ... working 12:45pm
Flashback Track = Un-Break My Heart
War of the Roses = Dumb and Dumber  ... not working ...

Q/Day = Taylor Swift
12pm = The Monster ... not working
4:30PM - Burn ... not working
9PM - Do What You Want ... not working... (and it was the 9pm countdown but with Erica America)

4:30pm: we just got a call from my kids' school district. They've canceled school for tomorrow due to weather conditions. If you heard a loud sound, that was my 2 cheering! Even a Dr's office called to cancel & re-schedule my app't for tomorrow. We must be getting LOTS of snow. UGH...

Closer To Your Goals - SIGn up
Home Team - THRee
New Beginnings Video Trivia - SPLit
String - SplChaVis383 Y20TemForAccSigThr


Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code - Glitterpot

I never liked Hercules growing up and I sure as hell aint liking him now!!!!Get ready!!!

Watch: Meet the Man who might save you one day: Rahul
New Beginnings Video Trivia: Speaking
Video Trivia Time: NASA
Entertainment Zone!: Live shot
Videos Gone Wild!: Jennifer Lawrence
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Boy
VIDEO: History Into Frigid Waters: New York
VIDEO: Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox: Mexico
VIDEO: Reporter Faints On Live TV: Altitude
VIDEO: Olivia Palermo Is Engaged: 5 years
VIDEO: 2013 Recap For Reese Witherspoon: I'm a American citizen

String: RahSpeNASLivJenBoyNewMexAlt5 yI'm

Your Daily Video Trivia - 3 cups
Blockbusters - Hunter
In The News - Three
Music Pop Quiz - Kelly Clarkson

Pop Clips! Trivia - 12
Pop Culture Trivia - female dogfish shark
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = They tied.

Morning Show Bonus Code = Snow
Insurance Q&A's = POS
Health Screenings Are Important = health care reform law
Video: Florida to Surpass New York in Po... = Latin America
Video: Today in History for Jan. 3rd =  South Africa 
Video: Egypt's Pop Culture Revolution = homes
Video: Seattle Woman Eats Only Starbucks... - fish & chips
Video: Dolphins Get High on Puffer Fish ... - Spy In The Pod 

updated string = SnoWakFinPreJohRahSpeNASLivJenBoyNewMexAlt5 yI'm3POSHeaLatSouHomFisPod

Classic Rock Challenge = For What it's Worth
8am - All My Love
Q/Day = Phil Robertson
8:50 ~~Barracuda 
Workforce Blocks = ACDC

Music Skills = Pittsburgh
Q/Day = Miami

8am = The Pretenders
Q/Day = Bon Jovi
2pm = John Mellancamp

8:30am - Wake Me Up
Q/Day = Taylor Swift
Flashback Track = Finally
War of the Roses =  3 way rental  ... not working

Q/day ~65 lbs
12PM -  Do What You Want ... not working
4:30PM - Stay The Night ... not working 


New Beginnings Video Trivia: Rhode Island
Video Trivia Time: The Wolf of Wall Street
Entertainment Zone!: Utah
Videos Gone Wild!: Rockefeller
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: New England Patriot
VIDEO: History Of Redskins Coach: Fans
VIDEO: Funny Celebrity Photobombs: Kelly Clarkson
VIDEO: Shocking TV Shake Ups: The View
VIDEO: Tim Tebow Scores Job: ESPN.com.com
VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Goes Skiing: Body hugging
Watch: Fundraiser For Homeless Man: Ethan
Your Daily Video Trivia: 2
String: RhoWolUtaRocNewFanKelTheESPBodEth2

Blockbusters = The Pursuit of Happyness
In The News = Oreos
Music Pop Quiz = Destiny's Child
Pop Culture Trivia = Sharknado 2: The Second One

How Do I Know? - 21
What Is The Cost? - monthly premiums
updated string = RhoWolUtaRocNewFanKelTheESPBodEth21mon

Music Skills = Kelly Rowland
Classic Rock Challenge = Radar Love

Anyone hear Friday's z100 9@9?

How Does Medicare Work?: Tandem
What Is The Difference?: Who pays
New Beginnings Video Trivia: 6 years
Video Trivia Time: May
Entertainment Zone!: Audi
Videos Gone Wild!: Rasida
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Harlem shake
Watch: Tornado Victim Finds Dog: Barbara Garcia
VIDEO: History Of Fire On Train: Anantapur
VIDEO: Inside Britney's Wild Vegas Debu...: Lance Bass
VIDEO: LeAnn's Rock Hard Abs: 5am
VIDEO: Rihanna Rocks Retro Bikini: Tropical weather
VIDEO: Price Is Right Winner: Pink

String: TanWho6 yMayAudRasHarBarAnaLan5amTroPin

Blockbusters = Argo
In The News = Joe
Music Pop Quiz = Sasha Fierce
Pop Culture Trivia = Willie Robertson
Your Daily Video Trivia = 2

String = TanWho6 yAudMayHarAnaLan5amTroPinRasBar2


Power 105.1:
Music Skills = Person

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1978 & 1990

Okay so whomever "oosev" is on the Q he or she won the 100 Sony GC twice.....how does that work?I just wanna know if I call and complain to the radio station....will it change anything>|????

Videos Gone Wild!: Final exams (not working)
New Beginnings Video Trivia: Barbados
Entertainment Zone!: Britney Spears
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Hallway swimming
Video Trivia Time: Miami
Watch: 5 Ways To Look Gorgeous: Conceal with caution

String: ExaBarBriHalMiaCon

Blockbusters = The Kid
In The News = 429
Pop Clips! Trivia = A live alligator
POP CULTURE TRIVIA = $27.5 million
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = 11

Your Daily Video Trivia - 2
Teen Powerlifter Can Lift More Than Twic... = 119 pounds
Kia GT4 Stinger Concept Car to Debut at ... = 315
Jennifer Hudson Buys Her Assistant a Hou... = Walter
Video: Exercise Excuses Busted: "I'm Too... = Emergency
Video: Celebs Cheating on Diets = Oprah
HealthCare Visits = guilt
Time For Myself! = large majority
Videos Gone Wild! = EXAMS is now working for the answer ..

updated string = DwaTimCouXOAppTeaFogNicMadFinBarBriHalMiaCon2119315WalEmeOprGuiLarExa15%

Music Skills = October's Very Own
Donkey of the Day = Dwyane Wade & Ludacris got their "break" chicks pregnant

Music Pop Quiz = horsefly

Classic Rock Challenge = That Number
Q/Day = U2 
8am = Rock And Roll
8:50am - Message In A Bottle 
Workforce Blocks = Aerosmith
Live @ 5 = Neil Young

Q/Day = Eating Disorder
12pm = Timber ...AND IT WORKS!!!! OMG!!!!!!
4:30pm = Counting Stars ...AND IT WORKS TOO!!!!!! 
9pm = XO ...and, you guessed it:  IT WORKS TOO!!! 

Q/Day = Feb 14th 
8:30 = Applause
Flashback Track = Tearin' Up My Heart
War of the Roses = Breaking Bad  ... not working

Q/Day = Alicia Keys
8am = Nicki French
2pm = Madonna

the morning show bonus code isn't up yet....can someone please update this page when it updates later today....TY
TY mrs 817!!!

maverick1usa:  that's not happening in NY until tom'w. Where are you located??? I never heard of schools closed due to low temps! WOW...that sucks bec the buildings themselves are usually hot!
maverick1usa:  I forgot you were sooooo far away. U poor thing!!!! I guess that I really see the point of schools closed there! I wonder how many "snow" days are in the school calendar out there! We only get 2 here and my kids have used that up already so now they'll start taking days away from "vacations" through the rest of the school year. IE: President's week will be cut first so we'll see how many days they end up having off that week. Last year, they only had the Monday of President's Day bec of Superstorm Sandy and missing so many days! STAY WARM!!!!! 

Bonus code- foggy

Stay warm, schools closed around here temp is -8º with a -17º wind chill. Brrr!

>Sams1997, Near Omaha NE (remember now? lol) With winds up to 40 mph they don't want kids out so 12th grade down get to stay home. Also there are alot of buses (rural area) so they don't want problems there either. Temp raised to -6º/wc-31º now! Heard on news somewhere around Indianapolis IN a mayor made it illegal to drive due to conditions! Bundle your kids up tomorrow if they go out.

>Sams1997 they have 5 snow days here I believe & it has to be a blizzard most of the time for a school closing. We have gotten up to a whooping 2º with a wc of -17º now. A heat wave - lol !

Forgot to add Omaha garbage service cancelled for Monday due to temps!

Geico - Big Savings = 15%

updated string = TimAppTeaFogNicMadFinBarBriHalMiaCon2119315WalEmeOprGuiLarExa15%

Directed Health Plans: Federal tax laws
My Health Reimbursement: Dollars
New Beginnings Video Trivia: Jefferson
Entertainment Zone!: Mystery man
Video Trivia Time: $125,000
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Sunday
Videos Gone Wild!: Hide n seak
Watch: DIY Presents Kenzo Clutch: Nickel

String: FedDolJefMys125SunHidNic

morning bonus code for 1-7 brisk a little irony there

Blockbusters - The Wettest County in The World
In The News - Silk Road
Music Pop Quiz - Britney Spears
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = American Hustle
Pop Clips! Trivia - Netflix
Pop Culture Trivia - Tina Fey

Your Daily Video Trivia = duck
Video: Farm to Table Hospital Food = Wisconsin
Video: National Zoo Prepares Panda Cub f... = playing
Video: Online Fitness Classes Make Exerc... = 600
Video: 'Doggy Deli' Opens in Germany = Pet's Deli
Video: Britney Spears Says 'Airbrushed A... = instagram

Updated String = YouCouTheDonCreChrLauResU2BriFedDolJefMys125SunHidNicDucWisPla600PetInsMom

Classic Rock Challenge = Hey Jules
Q/Day ~ Def Leppard
8am = Black Dog
8:50 = All Along The Watchtower
Workforce Blocks =  Van Halen
Live @ 5 = Peter Frampton

Music Skills = Chris Brown
Q/Day = Dwayne Wade and Ludacris
Donkey of the Day = Young QC (Qawmane Wilson), a Chicago rapper hired 2 people to murder his mom Yolanda Adams... working as of 7:45pm

Q/Day = Alicia Keys
8:30 ~ Don't You Worry Child
Flashback Track = Creep
War of the Roses = Christmas Herpes

Q/Day ~ Eating Disorder
8am ~ Laura Branigan 
weekly bonus code word - RESOLUTION
2pm = U2
Q/Day = Feb 14th
12pm = Counting Stars
4:30 = The Monster
9pm = The Monster

mum2bud:  no way for you to delete, though you could clear it out except for a . and ask the moderators to delete it. Other than that, no biggie.... 

Video: Old Spice Commercial is Terrifyin... = MOM's song

Updated String = DonLauResBriFedDolJefMys125SunHidNicDucWisPla600PetInsMom

Feel sorry for those of you getting todays Polar Express. I'm basking in 12º now & suppose to get up to 32º.
We were lucky as we did not have the blowing snow as some of you do. Stay safe & warm!


New Beginnings Video Trivia = 30
Entertainment Zone! = ST. Barts
Video Trivia Time = UNAvailable
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous! = WISh you was me
Videos Gone Wild! = ROCk-A-More
Watch: Geoff Stults Interview = ENListed

String = 30St.UnaWisRocEnl

Blockbusters = March 2
In The News = 3.3 million 
Music Pop Quiz - FALSE
Pop Clips! Trivia - University of North Dakota
Pop Culture Trivia - 25 years after releasing a debut album.
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = The Fray

Morning Show Bonus Code = WINDY
What Is Health Insurance? - health information
High Risk Pools - 1976
Inujured Linsay Vonn to miss Soch... - Red Bull
Kraft Confirms Velveeta Shortage - twinkie
Video: Super Bowl Trend Predicts Winner - San Diego Chargers
Video: David Beckham's H & M Super Bowl - Delivery Agent
Video: Olympic Skeleton Team Shows Off A - Canada
Daily Video Trivia - suction

Updated String = EvaTimTheSoiSumAreCheGreTraFriWin30St.UnaWisRocEnlHea197RedTwiChaAgeCanSuc

Music Skills = Jerry Seinfeld
Q/Day = Mychal Kendricks 
Donkey of the Day = Evander Holyfield

Classic Rock Challenge = Mary
Q/Day = Wyatt Russell
8am - Four Sticks
8:50am = Under Pressure
Workforce Blocks = Black Sabbath
Live @ 5 = David Bowie

8am = Green Day
Q/Day = Bruno Mars
2pm = Train  ....(thank goodness for the last 10 songs played list and the answers working today!)

Q/Day = Honey Boo Boo
8:30 song = Summertime Sadness 
Flashback Track = Are You That Somebody ? 
War of the Roses = Cheaters Garage Sale ...not working

Q/Day = Greg T
12pm = Timber
4:30 = The Monster ...(again thank goodness for the playlist and the answers working today, with a special thanks to my hubby who brought up the playlist while I drove home!)
9pm = The Monster
FYI:  no radio/computer 1:00-2:30 and 3:30-7. PLEASE post what you can...TY!!
update: thankfully, my meeting was canceled (after I drove all the way there!)...

HOT DEAL:  https://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1331630/m18236659/#m18236659, cheap head phones to have on hand to listen on line like I do!  $3 with free shipping as you pick them up in a local store! COOL to have an extra pair in case something happens to the ones I'm using now... Get it before they're gone!  

New Beginnings Video Trivia: Workout gear
Video Trivia Time: My snuggle bug
Entertainment Zone!: Vineyard Vines
Videos Gone Wild!: Rumbling
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 17
Watch: Inside Kaley Cuoco's NYE Nuptials: Pink

String: WorMyVinrum17Pin   

Blockbusters = Reese Witherspoon
Music Pop Quiz = 2nd
Pop Clips! Trivia =  DiGiorno Pizza
POP CULTURE TRIVIA = Anthony Hopkins
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = That she had died

Morning Show Bonus Code = Chill
Insurance Market: - two government
Best Investment - twice yearly
Today in History for January 9 - moon
Video: Health & Fitness Gadgets on the - basketball
Video: Baby Polar Bear Takes Adorable Fi... -  3 
Video: Why 'Sex and the City 3' Might No... - In Style
Video: The World's Best Onion Dip - 4

Updated String = PerDenVorCouBurDarOneMisRigTroCarAlaChiWorMyVinrum17PinTwoTwiMooBas3In4

Music Skills = Toronto
Q/Day = Tupac Shakur
Donkey of the Day = Dennis Rodman ... working 5:15pm

Classic Rock Challenge= George Harrison
Q/Day = Black Sabbath
8am = Heartbreaker
8:50 ~ Captain Jack
Live @ 5 =  Led Zeppelin 

Q/Day = Kendrick Lamar
4:30 = Burn
9pm = Dark Horse

Q/Day = Entourage
8:30 ~ One More Night ... working 9:15am
War of the Roses = 4some Trouble

Q/Day = U2
8am = The Cars  ... working 8:33am
2pm = Alannah Myles

FYI: no radio/comp 12 - 2 sih. POST WHAT YOU CAN!!!

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