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Before They Were Famous ... Martin and Lewis
First Lines ... 28
Get Your Game On ... Eminem
Show Me The Money ... Quarter
Games 'n eCards ... 7
Video Trivia Anyone? ... WILly moon
Video Trivia - Watch & Win ... WATch
Video Trending ... AUStralia

104.3 Classic rock - Sentimental Lady
Bradley Cooper = premiers
movie trailer trivia - nightline
amour = is anyone there
silver linings - window

sorry: VERY sick

Music Trivia = The Script
Music Pop Quiz = Pink
Music Skillz = A$AP Rocky
Hot Music Trivia = Maroon 5

Video Trivia Time!: Cig
Videos NDN Style!: Dan
Sorry u are sick Sam's) Get lots of rest

Before They Were Famous = Iowa Barnstormers
First Lines = a funeral parlor
Get Your Game On = Mortal Combat
Show Me The Money = Grover Cleveland

sams1997 - Hope its not the flu. I had bad head cold new years week, drowned it! Take care of yourself.

Classic Rock Challenge = Going Up the Country
Games n eCards = 4
Video Trivia-Trending = Potatoes
Video Trivia Anyone = to get married
Video Trivia-Watch and Win = Puzzlebox

seem 2b up all night and sleeping too much of the day away....SO itchy!!!! so congested!!!! meds make me so sleepy!!! ugh

Music Pop Quiz = Alicia Keys
Music Trivia = will.i.am
Music Skillz = Tie My Hands
Hot Music Trivia = Lady Gaga

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1996 & 1977

so maverick1usa: i caught this from U!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, really!!!! LOL

updated string = CigDanFir4GetPotPuz

*Kerio Workspace: Impulsive selection
Adjusted: Eating
HMO: Defined
Video Trivia Time!: President
Videos NDN Style!: Willy
2013 Golden Globes: Jennifer Lawrence: Red
Ben Affleck Wins Big at the Golden Globe...: Adele
String :ImpEatDefPreWilDriComForRedAde

still sick...sorry

Morning show bonus code = coat

Before They Were Famous = The grapes
First Lines = Byron
Get Your Game On = Missile Command
Show Me The Money = Mercury
What Did They Say = I can breathe for the first time

Foodie Fun Trivia = Coconut milk
Travel Trivia = Alaska
Video Trivia Anyone? = Drinking Beer
Video Trivia - Trending Videos, Entertainment = Computer Keyboard
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = Fork

2013 Golden Globes: Claire Danes = toe
2013 Golden Globes: Lena Dunham on Girls = sharp objects
Tina and Amy's Hilarious Opening = Anne Hathaway
Justin Timberlake Drops New Single "Suit... = The 20/20 Experience

Games = 64
String = KneGivMonSuiNicAvrRobCoaImpEatDefPreWilDriComFor64RedAdeToeShaAnnExp

Classic Rock Challenge = More than 30 million
Q/Day = Jimi Hendrix
8am = Four Sticks
8:50 = Comfortably Numb
Workforce Blocks = ZZ Top
Live @ 5 = Nirvana

Music Trivia = Trouble
Variety Video = Lion

Q/Day = Renee Graziano
8:30 = Suit & Tie....new song by Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z. they're playing every hr on the 1/2 hr if u want to hear it later
Flashback Track = No Letting Go...not working
War of the Roses = Dog Gone Shame...not working
string = Sui

Q/Day = Beyonce
8am = Nickelback
2pm = Avril Lavigne
string = NicAvr

Top Video = Black and white
Music Pop Quiz: I think the answers given are incorrect - it should be ONEREPUBLIC...ugh. One Direction is giving credit at 7:35am
Q/Day = Destiny's Child
#1 @ noon = I Knew You Were Trouble
4:30 = Give Me Everything
#1 @ 9 = C'mon
string = KneGivMon

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Bridgit Mendler

Music Skillz = You Only Live Once
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Brandy
Q/Day = Jay-Z
Donkey of the Day = Robert Jarell Neal...who stabbed a man several times wed nite bec he confused the DEAF man's sign language w/ gang signs
string = Rob

No Repeat Work Day = Lucky Star - Madonna
Lunch Break = What Have You Done for Me Lately - Janet Jackson
Drive at Five = Better In Time - Leona Lewis

donniegwillis: WELCOME!!!! thanks for the post!!! not sure what you mean by code word...but you have until MIDNIGHT to input trivia answers (though some do last past midnight). You have until the next time a listen and win is played to input the answer for any of those (though some do drop off at midnight). You have 6 months to use the points that you accumulate during a month. They run the program to delete expiring points on the first Saturday of the month. (Many of us have lost points bec we didn't know that until recently...) Hope that helps!

LOL sams1997! If you have what I had make sure to use a humidifier as I'm sure that & liquids are what broke mine. (Remember to disinfect your keyboard! )

2013 Golden Globes: Claire Danes = Toe
2013 Golden Globes: Lena Dunham on Girls = Sharp
Tina & Amy's Hilarious Opening = Ann Hathaway
Justin Timberlake Drops New Single "Suit... = The 20/20 Experience

do you have a certain time to put the code word in. and how soon do you have to dpend your points, or could you let them build up.

106.7 morning show weekly bonus word - calendar

*uNu: 50
Teeth Trivia: Brush
Whitening Trivia: Whitening


Classic-brown sugar

For video trivia anyone-must enter it exactly like this-with space &caps too- 7 Years

Before They Were Famous = Pre-Law
First Lines = Hey Joey! Joey Doyle!
Get Your Game On = Pole Position
Show Me The Money = $20 dollar gold certificate (1905)
What Did They Say = Standing in line to see the show tonight and there's a light on

Foodie Fun Trivia = 2
Travel Trivia = Over 3 million
Video Trivia Anyone? = 7 Years ....works with just "7 Y"
Trending Videos, Entertainment = DoSomething.org
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = Brooklyn
Video Trivia Time! = 2012
Videos NDN Style! = Martini Shaker

Flavors of Aol 1/15
AoL - What To Wear When It's Cold Outsid...= Quilted Tech Fontane Earmuffs
AoL - Coast To Coast Northeast 15 = Crystal Circle Necklace
AoL - Trend To Try Braids 15 = Parallel Braids and Perfect Waves
AoL - Coast To Coast Midwest 15 = Toggle Coat
AoL - How To Stick To New Year's Resolut... = Defuse triggers.
AoL - Top Recipes 15 = Apple-Cinnamon Monkey Bread
AoL - Easy Realistic Resolutions 15 = write someone a thank you note
AoL - What To Eat When You're Hungover 1... = Healthified Easy Cheesy Quiche
AoL - Control Food Cravings 15 = Asian-Style Oven-Fried Sweet Potatoes
AoL - Easy Family Style Recipes = Healthified Cheesy Potatoes

Fast Food Review - BK's Philly Original ... = Pacific
Tough Guy - Cute Animals Video = Pink
Deer gets stranded on frozen lake - VIDE... = Colorado
Lady Gaga Gets Cheeky While on Stage in ... = Vancouver
Banana Nutella Crepes = three
New York City Must Dos - VIDEO = Diamond

Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition = walking papers

Games = Notes
Morning Show Bonus Code = Wind

updated string = NelBeaKneTitMoPasYolWin50BruWhi201MarNot7 Y201MarDosBroQuiCryParTogDefAppWriHeaAsiHeaPacPinColVanThrDiaWal

Variety Video = The girl walks into the grocery store

Q/Day = wardrobe malfunction
8:30 = Titanium...now working. thanks iluv!
Flashback Track = Mo Money Mo Problems
War of the Roses = Password Is, Caught
string = TitMoPas

Q/Day = Ke$ha
2pm = Nelly Furtado
string = Nel

Q/Day = new projects
8am = Good Times, Bad Times
8:50 = You May Be Right
Workforce Blocks = Steely Dan

Music Pop Quiz = Finally Found You
Top Video on Demand = France
Q/Day = Selena Gomez
#1 @ noon = Beauty and a Beat
4:30 = I Knew You Were Trouble
#1 @ 9 = I Knew You Were Trouble ...guessed bec couldn't wait....good night!!!
string = BeaKne

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Life Is But a Dream

Hip Hop Video = Single
Music Skills = Religion
Q/Day = Live! With Kelly and Michael

No Repeat Work Day = Collide - Howie Day
Monday's New Music Preview = No Fairy Tale - Lisa Loeb
Thursday's Song of the Day = Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Lunch Break = The Sign - Ace of Base
Drive at Five = Donít Dream itís Over - Crowded House

still sick: throat feels like there's a knife in it today; chest burns. NOT good, guess the anti-biotics aren't working....ugh

iluvradio & Rachael84: wow! congrats on winning enough to NEED a 1099 form!!!! send me a PM w/ the things that u've won....

Oldmanvette1975: been ignoring PMs...sorry. too much right now...feel like my head wants 2 explode!

Donkey - Yolanda Williams

8 - Alicia Keys


Anyone expecting a 1099 from CBS? Did you get it yet???

106.7 is clear channel -they did not send them out yet either. - you only get one if you won a big prize like a trip or big $ not an accumulation of small prizes but if you win a big prize they will tack on the small prizes usually.

I won way over $600 this year with 106.7, haven't heard anything from them.


Live @ 5: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Sams, I hope you feel better soon. Did you get my PM's???

Disease Trivia: Child's teeth
Video Trivia Time: Sneak
Videos NDN Style: Chicago
Video Trivia Unlimited Edition: Orlando

String: ChiSneChiOrl

Before They Were Famous = construction
First Lines = She isn't coming yet, Toto
Get Your Game On = Defenders
Show Me The Money = 1964
What Did They Say = Can you see them out on the porch?

2 hr school delay where I am: what about u? any snow where u r???

morning show bonus code = Coffee

Foodie Fun Trivia = fresh shredded spinach
Travel Trivia = Fish head
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = Dallas
Video Trivia Anyone? = Raising Money
Throughout Trivia = Diabetics
Periodontal Trivia 16 = dental floss
Mouth Trivia 16 = severe gum disease
Flu Fears Cause Youth Soccer High-Five B... = green
Howard Stern Apologizes to "Girls" Star ... = gravestone
Serial Toilet Part Thief on the Loose - ... = Wisconsin
HGTV - Dream Home 2013 Coastal Design - ... = South Carolina
Eco-Friendly Dishware - VIDEO = Austria
Facebook's Graph Search - VIDEO = trail

Games = 7
updated string = DanMotEyePlaAliCofChiSneChiOrlDalRai7DiaDenSevGreGraWisSouAusTra

Music Trivia = Adele
Variety Video = Black and white

8:30 = Danza Kuduro
Q/Day = Ryan Gosling
Flashback Track = Motown Philly
War of the Roses = Dont Hate Cause You AintÖ not working
string = DanMot

Q/Day = Jessica Simpson
8am = Player
2pm = Alicia Keys
string = PlaAli

Classic Rock Challenge = Deep Purple
8am = Traveling Riverside Blues
8:50 = Don't Stand So Close To Me
Q/Day = Sound City
Workforce Blocks = Journey
Live @ 5 = Peter Frampton...no choices yet

Music Pop Quiz = Sammy Adams
Top Video on Demand = Eyelids
Q/Day = The Talk
#1 @ noon = Scream and Shout...not working
4:30 = I Cry...not working
#1 @ 9 = I Knew You Were Trouble ..not working

Music Skillz = Mac Miller
Hip Hop Video On Demand = A tie
Donkey of the Day = Meagen Good ....who tattooed her eyebrows on after shaving them off
string = eye
Q/Day = Nas

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Maroon 5

No Repeat Work Day = Ironic - Alanis Morissette
Lunch Break = Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
Drive at Five = Free Falliní - Tom Petty

Coffee is now working as bons word.
I will be away till 1/28so please post -thanks.
I won jewel & lady gaga tics- -anyone else win send me PM.

Video Trivia Time!: Slim down
Videos NDN Style!: to get married
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition: He did not come clean
Colgate Trivia 17: Cle
Strengthen Trivia 17: Cra
Teeth Trivia 17: Cra
Braces Trivia 17: Irr
String: SlitoHeCleCraIrr

Before They Were Famous = Forest Whitaker
First Lines = Mr. Anderson
Get Your Game On = Soylent Green
Show Me The Money = $10
What Did They Say = They think that we're holding a secretive ball

Foodie Fun Trivia = Egg
Travel Trivia = Savannah
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = Victoria Beckham
Video Trivia Anyone? = Black

Games = 3
morning show bonus code = Bear
updated string (w/ maverick1usa's answers below) = LegManFirKneRivBeaPayQuiBloKelCriSlitoHeCleCraIrr3VicBlaTha2 MNatJob

Music Trivia = Britney Spears
Variety Video = France

Q/Day = bird
8:30 = Payphone
Flashback Track = Quit playing games with my heart
War of the Roses was new but the title has NOT been updated yet....write to them 4 credit (about a moving man whose been seeing a married woman for the past 7 mos. She said she loves him & is leaving her hubby BUT sent the roses to the hubby and denied seeing the moving man. He was devastated!)
string = PayQui

Q/Day = Lady Gaga
8am = Blondie
2pm = Kelly Clarkson
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = CRISPY
string = BloKelCri

Classic Rock Challenge = The Doors
Q/Day = pyrotechnics and coffins
8am = The Song Remains the Same
8:50 = Rock And Roll All Nite
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = LEGS
Live @ 5 = The Rolling Stones

Music Pop Quiz = Ellie Goulding
Top Video on Demand = FALSE
Q/Day = Bradley Cooper
#1 @ noon = I knew you were trouble
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = RIVER
4:30 song... It's Time by Imagine Dragons ...no Q yet
string = kneRiv

Music Skillz = 8
Hip Hop Video On Demand = No
Q/Day = Erica
Donkey of the Day = Manti Teʻo
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = FIRE
string = ManFir

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = One Direction

No Repeat Work Day = Breakeven - The Script
Lunch Break = All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

early dismissal day 4 my kids: if u can listen and post after 12, that'd be great! if not, i'll prob post but later than usual....thanks

iluv: we ALWAYS need u!!!!

cherylsats: thanks for the post BUT those were posted yesterday...
ALSO: please don't create a 2nd post to add info.....simply use the edit button at the bottom right hand side of the post u did already. WE ALL know to reivew all posts for the day looking for an answer b4 posting it....For ex, I was at a meeting tonight and see that njfw posted the z100 #1 @ 9 so I won't post it on my list...don't see the War of the Roses and it was not updated b4 I left for the meeting so I will ck on it now...

Beyonce Lands Major Washington, D.C. Gig... = National Anthem
2012's Unforgettable Ads - VIDEO = best job
High Fashion, Top Trends for Inauguratio... = thanks
Obama's second term = 2 million



howard stern on lena dunham = gravestone
Serial Toilet Part Thief on the Loose = wisconsin
hgtv dream coastal home = south carolina
Eco-Friendly Dishware - VIDEO = austria
Facebook's Graph Search - VIDEO = trail
Fast Food Review - BK's Philly Original = pacific
Tough Guy - Cute Animals Video = pink
Deer gets stranded on frozen lake - VIDEo = colorado
Lady Gaga Gets Cheeky While on Stage = vancouver
banana nutella crepes = three
New York City Must Dos - VIDEO = diamond

Z Noon - I knew you were trouble

Q WFB - The Doors

KTU - FBT - Quit Playing Games with my heart

OK - I see you didn't need me here LOL - POwer Donkey is working now btw

9pm = Thrift Shop

didn't see them... sorry

Sensitive Trivia 18: Bruxism
Keep My Teeth Trivia 18: Metal
Teeth Trivia 18: Dental
Healthy Trivia 18: Gums
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition: Cairo
Video Trivia Time: Profits
Videos NDN Style: Drinking
*Mammoth Lakes: Lone
String: BruMetDenGumCaiProDriLon

Before They Were Famous = Tony Amato
First Lines = Strauss music
Get Your Game On = Karate Champ
Show Me The Money = God has favored our undertakings
What Did They Say = At first, we started out real cool.
Foodie Fun Trivia = scallions
Travel Trivia = Swordfish
Video Trivia - Watch and Win! = ELLen
Travel Video Trivia = SWOrdfish
Video Trivia Anyone? = WATer

Hip Hop - Red
Skillz - New Car
Q of Day - Credit Card Fraud
Donkey - Chief Keef Chicago rapper (chi)

CRC - Moving Sidewalks
Zep - Whole Lotta Love
8:50 - Freebird
WFB - Warren Zevon

Q of Day - his hair
8:30 - Danza
FBT - Make you sweat (swe)

Top - Yes
Pop - Superlove
Q of day - Mother's Birthday
Noon - Beauty and a beat
9 - I knew you were trouble

Q of Day - Letterman
8 - John Mellencamp
2 rick springfield

Lite & Ktu
Music - Kesha
Variety Video - eyelids

Foodie Video - Scallions
Sensitive Trivia - Bruxism (bru)
Travel - Swordfish
Teeth Trivia - dental (den)
Keep my teeth - metallic chemical (met)
Healthy trivia - gum disease (gum)

Morning Show Bonus - Cold

games = 5

Flashback Track = Sweat
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = GRIT
War of the Roses = Four's A Crowd

Flavors of Aol
AoL - What To Wear When It's Cold 18 = Asymmetrical Sweater
AoL - Coast To Coast Northeast 18 = Black stud back ankle boots
AoL - Trend To Try Braids 18 = Dutch Braid Updo
AoL - Coast To Coast Midwest 18 = Jag-Stripe Dress
AoL - Life After Breast Cancer = NOT working: that there is hope, you have to choose to live...writing to them
AoL - Healthy Bread Recipes = Healthified Pumpkin Bread
AoL - 300 Calorie Dinner Recipes = Pesto Chicken Pizzas
AoL - Re-Enlisting At Age 60 = six
AoL - Soup & Sandwich = Veggie Roll-Ups

Shoe Trivia = two
Musician Equipment Trivia = six

string of listen and wins plus bonus codes = KneBeaDanGriSweFouChiJohRicCol
trivia string (broke it up bec too long 4 one) ... BruMetDenGumCaiProDriLon5EllWatDenMetGumAsyBlaDutJagHeaPesSixVegI HYelThuDisTwoSix

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Jason Mraz

Q/Day = Tom Morello
Workforce Blocks = Warren Zevon

z100: 4:30 = I Knew You Were Trouble

No Repeat Work Day = Like A Prayer - Madonna
Lunch Break = Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle
Drive at Five = West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

AoL - Life After Breast Cancer = I have to
AoL - Flu Season Health Tips = Disinfect before you sweat

ShowBiz: Cruise, Rihanna, Obama - VIDEO.... = Thursday
MLK Daughter: We Are in Need of Healing ... = yellow

9 at 9: I Knew You Were Trouble

Video Trivia Time!: Bre
Blasted: Rai
Video Trivia - Unlimited Edition: bla
String: BreRaiBla

Before They Were Famous = Dignan
First Lines = pinched her on the cheek
Get Your Game On = NES Advantage
Show Me The Money = 1878

HOT - 4


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