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Rachael84 said:   believeinmagic said:   I didn't know where else to post this but I have a really dumb question to ask(such a newblie I'm sorry!) I'm new to this whole online points thing and what is the "string" everyone keeps posting? What do you do with that?

Also what is a good amount of entries for a contest? The one I'm trying to win on Z100 is fairly popular but I can't gauge if I have a lot of entries or not.


Which contest? I'm going to try for the New kids show at PC Richard theater.

The Little Mix one and the Taylor Swift one. But at the moment I'm putting all my points in the Little Mix one because it ends soon.

dxfbot said:   Luckily I also use the Z100 points system. The STRING contains all the answers to the fill in questions. If you check the 03/15 AOL trivia, you will notice all the answers are very long. The STRING gives you (usually) 3 letters to put in and get the points. Try it.

For Example:

AOL - Trend To Try Braids 15 = Braided Flower

Don't type the entire answer even though it will work, just type in Bra. It saves you a lot of time. Thanks to sams1997, the enitre string is there for AOL: Bra Neu Bla Cla Lip Lig 20 Cal Cho Str Egg

The 12th question does not work for some reason. The ones after Egg are for the other fill in questions. Red Hot... TLC... etc.

Hope this is clear!

Thank you so much for explaining it and to everyone else who did too!

believeinmagic said:   Rachael84 said:   believeinmagic said:   I didn't know where else to post this but I have a really dumb question to ask(such a newblie I'm sorry!) I'm new to this whole online points thing and what is the "string" everyone keeps posting? What do you do with that?

Also what is a good amount of entries for a contest? The one I'm trying to win on Z100 is fairly popular but I can't gauge if I have a lot of entries or not.


Which contest? I'm going to try for the New kids show at PC Richard theater.

The Little Mix one and the Taylor Swift one. But at the moment I'm putting all my points in the Little Mix one because it ends soon.

Good luck! My husband is a big Taylor Swift fan.

Weekly code PLJ not working for me either

Video Entertainment Center: Blue
Check Out This Spring's Mom Chic Styles ...: Purse
Single Dad Makeover 17: Fellows
Katy Perry Signs Deal Worth Over $2 Mill...: Blue
Nicki Minaj 'High School' Music Video Sn...: Green
Cops: Drunk Hockey Player Breaks Into Wr...: Patrick
String: BluPurFelGrePat

Before They Were Famous = As The World Turns
First Lines = Two households, both alike in dignity.
Get Your Game On = Milo Burik
Show Me The Money = cabbage

Games n eCards = Yellow
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Age gracefully
Entertainment Video Trivia = He fainted

Flossing Trivia 17 = periodontal
Aging Trivia 17 = dental floss
Colgate Trivia 17 = good oral hygiene
Gums Trivia 17 = tissue and bone
Video Trivia on Demand = The Giving Pledge
Check Out This Spring's Mom Chic Styles ... = a purse
String = BluPurFelGrePatYelPerDenGooTisPur

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Mumford & Sons
z100: Music Pop Quiz = One Direction
103.5/106.7/100.7: Music Trivia = Your Man
Q104.3: Classic Rock Challenge = Elton John
105.1: Music Skillz = Up
100.7: Pop Rewind w/ Ed Baer = 1970 & 1983

happy st patrick's day!

believeinmagic, I don't know the magic number to win these contests but I've been lucky with 1000 entries (500,000 points) on concerts/shows on local events with only one winner and 150 entries (75,000) on movie screenings with 20-25 winners but that may be just me. If my numbers changed from my previous posts, it's the numbers I've been playing with lately and had success so far with.

I've experimented on 12,000 entries (6 million points) once on one contest (I think it was for Maroon 5) and lost it all while on another contest (a Luxman watch) I only put in only 10 entries (14,900 points at 1490 per entry) and won. For the Luxman watch, I just answered all the Trivia that day (with points to spare) and entered the contest 1/2 hour before the closing time and (to my surprise) won.

So basically, you could put in millions of points and get nothing or you could put in a mere 10 points and win! It truly is random!
Is there such thing as putting too many entries? I think so when I experimented on The Avengers Movie Screening. I tested on my friend's account by putting a million points (1000 entries) and 75,000 points (150 entries) on my account for Z100 and vice versa on KTU. When the 20 winners were announced, I won (with 150 entries) on Z100 and my friend won (with 150 entries) on KTU! That either means one million points for any contest with 20-25 winners might be excessive...or it's a damn coincidence my friend and I won with our 75,000 point entries!

Just put a safe amount of entries you feel is okay without regrets just in case. Remember, there are other people not on this forum that have groups of friends who play these contests as well (and even more who aren't from the local NY area in contests marked "MM"). For a truly random experience, enter the free (0 points needed) contests at PLJ. I won a few movie screenings that way as well as shows like Disney on Ice and Cirque du Soleil- Totem (rather recently) just by entering only once (even though you're allowed to enter as many times but one entry per day).

Update- (Keeping everything to one post so that it doesn't interfere with everyone)

brownie26, I asked that question to them (the people running the contests) a long while back. Yes, you can make accounts using the same email address from a different station. Just don't make different accounts on the same radio station! Sometimes you see in the winner's list in some contests the same email twice (or even four times) and that's because Z100, KTU, Q104, Power 105, and LiteFM had the same contest. You have better chances of winning that way but once you win, you have a one month wait until you can enter another contest.

You can, however, win a few contests you entered previously after you won. For example, one person entered both contests for concert tickets for two different days (and locations) but won both contests (which ended at the same time). That's allowed. If you win movie tickets from different radio stations (even with different account emails but with your name), you're only allowed one spot for you and one guest. I found that out myself.

No, the entries are not compiled onto yours from a different radio station but it counts as a different person (even though it's you!). I tried that while winning movie tickets and it just counts separately. If Z100 and KTU was running the same contest, you could win in one station (and not the other) and still enter contests with the other station. It counts separately.

Rachael84, I see it this way... let's say you put in 12000 entries and hundreds (or thousands) of other people put in 100 entries. Then they pick a random number between 1 and whatever number of total entries there are. You might occupy a few numbers in the entries but if they (the contest officials) pick a random number among the hundreds/thousands of entries, you might have a better shot but if the number they pick isn't one of your entries, you wasted all those points!

It's like (for example)Live! with Kelly and Michael when Kelly asks the person on the phone to pick a number between 1 and 150 and the person on the phone usually picks some low number, "Well my husband's going to be 49 soon so 49!" and you and your family of 5 just occupied a bunch of seats from seat 50 - seat 54! You and your family members had a better shot at winning than the rest of the audience but the idiot who picked the number didn't pick yours!

Most of these contests are really to get you exposed to all that advertisement. Yes, we're all exposed to all those adds! We've seen H&R Block and their workers hundreds of times! We learned recipes from Del Monte! We know all about Heidi Klum's Fashion Advice brought to you by AOL! We keep playing (win or lose) and they make money off of our exposure to the advertisements!

I always thought whoever put the most points in, wins. Thanks for the heads up. But if it is random, then you do have a better shot if you were to put in points, you know? Don't know...

hello all! i am also a new member and i did have one question if u guys dont mind answering. the contests labeled MM, does that mean i can enter through other sites other than the one i use (z100)? to clarify i have been entering a giftcard contest that is also open in other radio station rewards sites. so what im asking is am i allowed to make accounts on other sites using the same email, answer the trivia, get the points, and have it pile on to the entries i already have in the contest from z100?

all of a sudden i can't login to z100.com anymore. it happened yesterday after filling in the trivia, is anyone else having an issue?

Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau: Crush
Video Entertainment Center: Ashland

String: CruAsh

Before They Were Famous ... Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia ... Chandler Riggs
Entertainment Video Trivia ... Tori Quisling
First Lines ... It
Games n eCards ... WHIte
Get Your Game On ... Sixth
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Gotye standing naked against a wall
Music Pop Quiz ... Justin Timberlake
Music Trivia ... Started From The Bottom
Show Me The Money ... 18 months
Top Video on Demand ... Paint
Video Trivia on Demand ... Miami
String ... CruAshWhi

Morning Show Bonus Code = Dial
Care Trivia 18 = pregnancy tumors
People Trivia 18 = Bruxism
Teeth Trivia 18 = crystal
Dental Trivia 18 = Pregnant women
Deals Trivia = start talking
Endless Vacations 18 = noreply
Today in History for March 18th = in space
Oprah Voted Forbes Most Influential Pers... = 48
Spam Fries, Bacon Taco and Other Wacky S... = caesar
Spam Fries, Bacon Taco and Other Wacky S... = spam fries
Sex in Space Could Kill Us = Montreal
Best Viral Videos of the Day: Goat's Fir... = blue
Jennifer Love Hewett is Maxim's Sexiest ... = April

updated string = GarWheSweTMZU2AdeCorDiaCruAshWhiPreBruCryStaNorSpa48SpaMonBluApr

Classic Rock Challenge = Kiss
Classic Video on Demand = TRUE
Gimme Jimi Trivia = Simon & Garfunkel
Q/Day = Robert Plant
8am = Going To California
8:50 = Lonely Is The Night
Workforce Blocks = Thin Lizzy
Live @ 5 = Heart w/ Jason Bonhamm doing Zep....no choices yet

Variety Video on Demand = Kimbra

Q/Day = Ne-Yo
8:30am = Catch My Breath ...not working
Flashback Track = Vogue...doesn't work
War of the Roses = Garden of Eden

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
8am = U2
2pm = Adele
word of the week = Corner

Q/Day = Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo
WTH: no listen and win category even listed ....4get that the Q's aren't there! The category isn't even there!!!!
#1 @ noon = When I Was Your Man
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Sweet Nothing
#1 @ 9 was not played tonight as they aired the Target iHeartRadio Album release With Justin Timberlake...

Music Skillz = Stadiums
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Heat 6
Donkey of the Day = TMZ website after reporting that Lil Wayne was on his death bed, etc when this turned out to be totally false

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Started From The Bottom

No Repeat Work Day = Footloose - Kenny Loggins ...LOVE that song!!!
Lunch Break = Raspberry Beret - Prince
Drive at Five = If I Ain’t Got You - Alicia Keys
New Music Preview = Movin’ On - Crystal Bowersox

The listen & wins are there on Z100 if you click on get points - it is just missing from the drop-down menu

Anyone know often does Lite fm give away trips?

AOL - Long Distance 15 = 2

Rachael84: don't see them give trips away that often...

2 hr delay 4 us today....ENUF snow!!!

Morning show bonus code = CIRCUS
Video Entertainment Center = freaks her out
games = 13
Factors Trivia 19 = bleaching
Symptoms Trivia 19 = tooth's pulp
Video Trivia On Demand = Tobasco
Canal Trivia 19 = your
Color Trivia 19 = hydrogen

Flavors of AOL 3/19
AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends 19 = CUTOUTS
AOL - Manicure Monday 19 = step
AOL - How To Create Vogue Waves 19 = hot date
AOL - 5 Must Have Fashion Items 19 = Travel Case with Adaptor
AOL - How To Get A Fushsia Lip 19 = lip brush
AOL - Trend To Try Cute Spring Manicures... = coral and striped
AOL - Fitpacking For Weight Loss 19 = help people
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes 19 = Super Strawberry
AOL - Emotional Eater 19 = feasts
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 19 = Light
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 19 = picnic basket
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 19 = plants

Today in History, March 19th = 20
Paul Van Dyk On America's EDM Scene @ Ul... = Two
Clive Davis' Music Picks = yellow and orange
Fuse Goes Inside Ultra Music Festival 20... = 300,000
How to Become a Thought Leader = start with one thing

string = ParInKeyMicBonSafCirFre13BleTooYouHydCutSteHotTraLipCorHelSupFeaLigPicLigPicPlaTwo300Sta

Q/Day = Keyshia Cole
Donkey of the Day = Keyshia Cole

Q/Day = Ne-Yo
8am = Michael Bublé
2pm bonj ovi

Q/Day = Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO) ...works as of 12:49pm!!!
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = In Da Club....OMG it works!!??!!
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Stella's Groove but it's not working!

Q/Day = Billy Joe Armstrong
8am = Ramble On
8:50 = Under Pressure
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Who
Live @ 5 = Ozzy Osborne

Q/Day = Justin Timberlake
OK: I can't find the L&W again....not listed w/ drop down menu (As yesterday) and today don't see it with the GET POINTS menu. Any other ideas? Also not under...http://rewards.z100.com/asp3/lwcodes.aspx
in case it comes up....#1 @ noon = Stay, 4:30 = I Knew You Were Trouble, #1 @ 9 = Heart Attack....Still no Q&A up for the L&Ws here...any thoughts?

Thursday Song of the Day = Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
No Repeat Work Day = Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Lunch Break = Free Fallin' - Tom Petty
Drive at Five = If You Leave - Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

*Sonoma County Tourism Bureau: Safari West
string: SafFreCir

Before they were famous - Dr. Pepper (they wrote Michael Eisenberg but they meant Jesse)
Celebrity Interview trivia - The Host
Entertainment Video Trivia - The Mercury Prize
First Lines - 2001 Space Odyssey
Get your game on - Michael Ironside
show me the money - 90 months

CRC - Fortunate Son
CR Video - Interact
Gimme Jimmi - Valleys of the Neptune... Arising

103.5 & 106.7
Music Trivia - Mumford & Sons
Variety Video - yes

Top Video - Kimbra
Music Pop - Justin Timberlake

Hip Hop Video - yes
Skills - bottom

FYi-I emailed z100 re: listen &wins-they credited my account, but did not say when they would fix it

Video Entertainment Center: Age Gracefully

String: Age

Before They Were Famous = football
First Lines = Thank you for buying this book.
Get Your Game On = James Woods
Show Me the Money = Woodrow Wilson
Entertainment Video = Chicago
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Chris Rock
Games n eCards = red
Video Trivia on Demand = 70
Health Trivia 20 = grandfathered
Insurance Trivia 20 = 26
Mouth Trivia 20 = dry mouth
Sleeping Trivia 20 = 400
Today in History for March 20th = Uncle Tom's Cabin
Make Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Desserts = 32
Stress-Free Entertaining = chicken and vegetables
First Aid Foods = sulfur compounds
Christina Aguilera Warns 'Voice' Boys to... = 40

Morning Show Bonus Code = Shark
string = NatSteAdaShaAgeRedGra26Dry400Tom325NoPurGreConOra

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Rihanna

Music Trivia = Demi Lovato
Variety Video = Green

Q/Day = Rihanna
8:30 = Locked Out Of Heaven ... not working
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Family Affair ...not working BUT could also be Get Busy but that's not working either. anyone get this??
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Love You To Death...REPEAT (1yr update s/b good) but not working

Q/Day = Lindsay Lohan
8am = Steve Perry
2pm First Song Played = Adam Lambert

Classic Rock Challenge = Steve Howe of Yes
Classic Video on Demand = Yes
Gimme Jimi Trivia = Seattle, WA
Q/Day = Billy Idol
8am = The Wanton Song
8:50 = In Your Eyes
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Animals
Live @ 5 = ELP

Q/Day = Harry Sytles
Music Pop Quiz = Rihanna
Top Video on Demand = YES
yesterday's L&Ws are up. String for them = StaKneHea
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = When I Was Your Man ... not working. Did u get this one?
4:30 = When I Was Your Man...not working
to complete the trifecta: #1 @ 9 = When I Was You Man...and not to let me down, it doesn't work: what a nice surprise!!! UGH

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Yes
Music Skills = Fumble
Q/Day = Jay-Z
Donkey of the Day question us up as of 3:33pm. Use Nat for the string

No Repeat Work Day = Layla - Eric Clapton
Lunch Break = S.O.S. - Rihanna
Drive at Five = It Must Have Been Love - Roxette

anyone hear the noon listen and wins???

Power Donkey - Natalia

Q Led - the Wanton Song

Yesterday's Listen & Wins are working on Z now

I think Family Affair is correct for KTU FBT and When I was your man correct for Z Noon

Q - 10 in a row = IN YOUR EYES
today in history = UNCLE TOM'S CABIN

Get In The Game Trivia! = PURPLE
Beautiful Trivia = 5
Products Trivia = GREEN

Shop Till You Drop! = CONFIDENCE
Fast & Free Trivia! = NO REGISTRATION

Money Made Simple! = GREEN
Earnings Trivia = RED

STRING: Pur5GreConNoOraRed


Your Age Trivia: ORAnge

Prescription Trivia 21: Pharmacy
Plaque Trivia 21: Braces
Prevention Trivia 21: Older people
Preventive Trivia 21: Lifetime
Video Entertainment Center: Red
String: PhaBraOldLifRed

Before They Were Famous ... Life Scout
Celebrity Interview Video ... Da Vinci
Entertainment Video ... Flaming Lips
First Lines ... George Orwell
Games n eCards ... 4
Get Your Game On ... Mickey Rourke
Show Me The Money ... 1792
Video Trivia on Demand ... Twitter
Music Trivia ... Try
Music Pop Quiz ... Your Man
Top Video on Demand ... Green
Hot Music Trivia ... Justin Timberlake
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Yes

Morning Show Bonus Code = Ankle
the new Jay Leno? = Jimmy Fallon
Today in History for March 21st = Selma
Adele Planning Secret Wedding? = their home in England
Do Blake & Adam Like New 'Voice' Coaches... = Blake Shelton
Gwyneth Paltrow's Three Sexy Secrets = Boss
VIRAL: Adorable Puppy Fails at Playing C... = purple (looks like pink on my screen!)

string = MadChiStaGriSweHeaVanLadQuiAnkPhaBraOldLifRed4JimSelBosPur

95.5: Weekly Bonus Code = MADNESS

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Women
Music Skills = Pitbull
Q/Day = Ashanti
Donkey of the Day = Chief James Sheppard in the Rochester Police Dept for sending letters to gangs that they're aware of their illegal activities. But the solution is laughable: use social media like Twitter

Variety Videos on Demand = FALSE

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
8:30 = Only Girl (In The World)...not working
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Material Girl...not working
WOTR was a new one tonight. no title on their web page...wrote to them to fix it....nothing yet, 10pm

8am = Vanessa Carlton
Q/Day = Rihanna
2pm = Lady GaGa
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = QUIVER

Classic Rock Challenge = 'Smile' by The Beach Boys
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE
Gimme Jimi Trivia = Rain Day, Dream Away
Q/Day = Warsaw, Poland
8am = Celebration Day
8:50 = Born To Run
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Yes
Live @ 5 = Eddie Money
Newsletter Bonus Code = TONAL

Top Video on Demand = Green
Q/Day = Hot Chocolate
L&Ws for yesterday are working. Use WHE for credit
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Stay...and it works!
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = GRIEFER
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Sweet Nothing
#1 @ 9 = Heart Attack

No Repeat Work Day = You and Me - Lifehouse
Lunch Break = She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Drive at Five = Mercy - Duffy

hey guys: next Monday and Tuesday are the first 2 days of Passover and I will not be available to do listening and computer input throughout the day. Can you guys (other than mrs817 & jg49) cover us for those days??? Looking to plan ahead so that if you can arrange your schedule to be able to cover, that'd be GREAT! Thanks in advance!!!!

Rachael84: congrats on the win!!!! Hopefully you'll get a winning ticket as well....


Just won $50 worth of scratch off tickets on PLJ (call-in). I'm in the running for a Las Vegas trip and staying at the new Nobu hotel. Hope i win!!!!

Video Entertainment Center: Magnolia Pictures
Products Trivia 22: systemic
Purpose Trivia 22: silver dental
Dental Trivia 22: swish
Fillings Trivia 22: white filling
String: MagSysSilSwiWhi

Quick question. How many entries do you need to win free concert tickets? I once won tickets for a movie screening from power 105.1 & KTU & I only sent in about 50 entries each & won. What about the concerts?

Before They Were Famous = Matchbox
First Lines = I'll eat you up!
Get Your Game On = Patrick Stewart
Show Me The Money = John Quincy Adams
Games n eCards = 50
Video Trivia on Demand = Detroit
Celebrity Interview Video = Justin Bieber
Entertainment Video = SXSW (South By Southwest)

morning show bonus code = Dirty
updated string (w/ answers below) = GRITooProLadRicStaSweHeaDirMag50SysSilSwiWhi3RufCocVogBalVerBluPen140Chi25FasHaw

Music Trivia = Matthew Morrison
Variety Video = Island Def Jam Music Group

Q/Day = Rihanna
8:30am = Catch My Breath ...not working ....Q is gone 12:45pm??
FBT = The Way I Are....no Q available. Do you think they're trying to fix it?? Wishful thinking on my part....
Newsletter Bonus Code = GRIFTER
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Match Made In Hell...not working

8am = Lady Gaga's Poker Face...working as of 2pm
2pm = Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl
Q/Day = Ryan Gosling

Music Pop Quiz = Started From The Bottom
Top Video on Demand = False
Q/Day = Jimmy Fallon
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = STAY is what worked at 12:10, but Sweet Nothing played as the #1 song. confused...
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Heart Attack

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = Carly Rae Jepsen

Classic Rock Challenge = Steve Miller
Classic Video = A ship in the water
Gimme Jimi Trivia = 4 weeks
Q/Day = Ozzy Osbourne
8am = The Ocean
8:50am = Free Fallin'
Workforce Blocks = Rod Stewart

Q/Day = Too Short
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Hype Williams
Music Skills = Beyonce and Jay-Z
donkey of the day = Oakland Rapper Too Short ...no Q yet
Newsletter Bonus Code = PROBASH

No Repeat Work Day = Jack and Diane - John Mellancamp
Lunch Break = Daylight - Maroon5
Drive at Five = Take it on the Run - REO Speedwagon

lilibass1: your guess is as good as mine. I've put in thousands of entries and won nothing; I've put in as little as 101 entries and won. Someone in CA won a $200 cash MM contest with 11 entries so go figure!?!

lilibass1: u r VERY welcome....Good Luck!!! I know that I put in thousands of entries for a concert I REALLY REALLY wanted and didn't win. THANKFULLY, 2 of my fellow FWers won and offered me the tix! We are a good bunch of people here!!! We work together and root for each other to win. HOPE that you get what you want!!! If not, maybe someone can trade w/ u? U never know....

NOTE: no computer from 4:45 - 8ish. Will be listening but can't post until later...post what you can! Thanks!!!!

Endless Vacation 22 = 3

sams1997 said:   lilibass1: your guess is as good as mine. I've put in thousands of entries and won nothing; I've put in as little as 101 entries and won. Someone in CA won a $200 cash MM contest with 11 entries so go figure!?!

oh okay. wow that sucks i guess i'll never know lol. i'm trying to get tickets for this concert coming up & i've entered about 450 entries. I hope i get those tickets! Thanks for the feed back though!

AOL - Hottest Fashion Trends 22 - Ruffles
AOL - Manicure Monday 22 - Cocktail
AOL - How To Create Vogue Waves 22 - VOGUE
AOL - 5 Must Have Fashion Items 22 - Ballet Flats (
AOL - How To Get A Fushsia Lip 22 - Very simple with a fuschia lip
AOL - Trend To Try Cute Spring Manicures - Blue and White Stripes
AOL - Women's Self Defense 22 - Pennsylvania
AOL - Veggie Smoothie Recipes 22 - 140 calories
AOL - Emotional Eater 22 - Potato Chips
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas 22 - 25
AOL - Healthier Fast Food 22 - Fast
AOL - Red Wine Health Benefits 22 - Hawaii

String - RufCocVogBalVerBluPen140Chi25FasHaw

Z 430 Sweet nothings

When you enter these contests keep in mind that there are thousands of people participating on these websites - these are some of the most popular radio stations in the world - you can't really expect to win anything no matter how many points you put in - I have won some stuff but I have also put millions and millions of points in to contests and come up with nothing.

I have an idea--if anyone wins the NKOTB contest for the private concert at PC Richard theater, I'll trade you the $50 worth of lotto scratch off tix I won at PLJ.

I had 4550 points towards that vacuum cleaner and didnt win!!!!I REALLY wanted it too!

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