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Videos Gone Wild!: Instagram
Entertainment Zone!: Ad
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!:Grammy night
'American Idol's' New Judge: Confirms Po...: Stephanie
Minka Kelly Could be Handcuffed to Fifty...: White
Julianne Hough Flaunts Her Toned Tummy 6: Green
Sobe Lash rocks her urban punk music and...: Houston
Zoe Saldana's Oops Moment 6: London

String: InsAdGraSteWhiGreHoulon

ChangedMyHandle said:   I almost always win (except for movies I don't enter) but your name is on a list. Skip the line and go into the theater (even if some theater worker tells you to go to the line because they ALWAYS tell you that!). There will be a table set up by Clear Channel 45 minutes to one hour before the movie starts. You can count on it! There might be a small line for contest winners but it's usually small (you just need to be ahead of the people outside!).

It depends on the theater for freebies. Usually, the theater on Union Square gives out free popcorn and soda but the rest are cheap. In 34th Street, you might get a free poster and such (depending on the movie studio). The ones on 42nd Street might give you either a poster or keychain (once again, depending on the movie studio). The theater on 68th Street near Lincoln Square doesn't really have much (I only got playing cards for John Carter and a photocopied book (not a book, a *photcopy* of the book) for Hunger Games).

Movie contests are a waste of points considering there are other sites that tell you when free screenings open up (some screenings don't have Clear Channel contests also). The contests are good if you actually want to see the movie but don't want to wait on that long line.

Thanks for the info. I'm actually signed up with some website that gives free screening passes, but they're at strange times/days so I haven't been able to go. They don't do it often, either. This is for Great Gatsby-- Ziegfeld theater on 54th st. Ever been to that one? I don't want to bother going if they don't give free food, lol. But it's really only because I'd be paying for gas and subway fare, so if I have to pay for food/drink on top of that, I might as well just go see it at my local theater when it comes out since I'll be paying the same amount. Just wondering if it's worth it.

Music Trivia ... Pharrell Williams
Before They Were Famous ... Paradise Alley
Celebrity Interview Video ... The Smurfs
Entertainment Video ... Spiderman 2
First Lines ... Nick Carraway
Get Your Game On ... Moscow
Show Me The Money ... purple

Hot Music ... Beyonce & Andre 3000
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Snow

Music Pop Quiz ... Standing On the Sun
Top Video on Demand ... Strawberry

Music Trivia ... Pharrell Williams
Variety Videos on Demand ... Blonde

Games n eCards Trivia ... UNDo
String ... InsAdGraSteWhiGreHouLonUnd

Morning Show Bonus Code = Shoe
Gas Card Sweepstakes! 6 = blue
Daily Dose Video Trivia! = Stephanie
Today in History, May 6th = New Jersey
Katy Perry Launches New Perfume Killer Q... = three
Reese Wears an Atlanta PD Hat = $313
LL Cool J Reveals New Album Details = two

string (w/ answers in posts below) = GivMirMisBeaRigGeeShoInsAdGraSteWhiGreHouLonUndBluSteJerThrTwo17

Classic Rock Challenge = David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’
Classic Video on Demand = No
8am = Whole Lotta Love
8:50 = New Year's Day
Q/Day = Australia
Workforce Blocks = Bob Seger
Live @ 5 = Bob Seger

Music Skills = Teflon Don
Hip Hop Video On Demand = No
Donkey of the Day = Mister Cee...working as of 8:30pm
Q/Day = Jay-Z

8am = Mariah Carey (new song released) OR Matthew Wilder (the 1st artist after the new song release) ...no Q yet....
2pm = Mariah Carey's new song again, then the Go Gos but no Q so I guess they did away with the listen and wins on lite fm...

8:30am - Beautiful ... working...4:30pm
Q/Day = Beautiful
Flashback Track = It's Not Right But It's Okay
War of the Roses = The Geek Squad

Q/Day = FOX
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = just give me a reason
4:30 = Mirrors
9pm = Mirrors

No Repeat Work Day = Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle
Lunch Break = Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran
Drive at Five = Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
New Music Preview = Bruises - Train w/ Ashley Monroe
all the L&Ws here have answers as of 10pm...

This day in history-new jersey


Gwyneth paltrow: BABBLE.COM
Matt Lauer: 17

Videos Gone Wild! ... PIN
Entertainment Zone! ... TAT
Daily Dose Video Trivia! ... LUN
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! ... NEW


Before They Were Famous ... The Wall
Celebrity Interview Video ... Modern Family
Entertainment Video ... The Watchmen
First Lines ... Vaughan
Get Your Game On ... 2005
Show Me The Money ... Palau

Hot Music ... The Wanted
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Strawberry

Music Pop Quiz ... Lindsey Stirling
Top Video on Demand ... A little girl

Music Trivia ... Global Citizen Tickets Initiative
Variety Videos on Demand ... Both
Games n eCards ... 15

String ...PinTatLunNew15

morning show bonus code = CARE
Gas Card Sweepstakes! 7 = Take a survey
Apple Sweepstakes! 7 = Green
Scrabble Time! 7 = GSN username
PCH Sweepstakes! 7 = Green
Bare Minerals! 7 = six
Rimmel London! 7 = enter your e-mail address
iPhone 5 Trivia! 7 = blue

updated string (w/ posts below) = FutFeeGivOthCatMovMicCutCarPinTatLunNew15TakGreGSNSixEntBlu128YorBosJulButPeaOraResJumPin1FlaKalCynBlaVegLik

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
8am = Michael Jackson
2pm = Cutting Crew

Q/Day = Phillip Phillips
8:30 = Catch My Breath
Flashback Track = Move Ya Body
War of the Roses = "Unconditional" Love ... not working

Classic Rock Challenge = Rochester
Classic Video on Demand = All of it
Q/Day = Brazil
8am = Black Country Woman
8:50 = Solsbury Hill
Workforce Blocks = Led Zeppelin
Live @ 5 = Aerosmith

Hip Hop Video On Demand = FALSE
Music Skills = Diddy
Q/Day = Lauryn Hill
Donkey of the Day = Future, the king of rachet and blues, for being a no show in Vegas bec they couldn't get a SUV 2 pick them up at the airport, though they sent stretch limos...(he had a fight over it w/ Cierra) ... working as of 9:30pm

Thursday Song of the Day = When I See You Smile - Bad English
No Repeat Work Day = Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Drive at Five = Private Eyes - Hall & Oates

Q/Day = Jennifer Lopez
noon = feel this moment
4:30pm = Just Give Me a Reason
9pm = The Other Side

thanks for the postings everyne....had a small "emergency" this morning and couldn't post answers for about 1/2 hr....

FYI: tomw I will NOT be posting until the afternoon....picking up and setting up for teachers/staff appreciation at my kids' school...so listen and post what u can. TY


Today In History May 7: 128
Disabled Newlyweds: NEW YORK
Kimye, Beyonce Go Punk: BEYONCE
Kevin Spacey Adopts Puppy: BOSTON
Justin Timberlake Tour: JULY
NextET: Oprah's New Role: BUTLER

String: PinTatLunNewTakPriGreGsnSixEntBlu128YorBosJulBut15

AOL - Easy Beauty Tricks 7: Peach Fuzz
AOL - Cute Spring Manicures 7: Orange
AOL - Quick & Easy Tips 7: Residue
AOL - 5 Must Have Items 7: Jump
AOL - How To Update Your Updo 7: Pink
AOL - Create A Dramatic Lip 7: 1
AOL Smoothie Pairing Video 7: Flavonoids
AOL - Green Vegetables 7: Kale
AOL - Late Night Snacking 7:Cynthia
AOL - Low Calorie Cake Recipes 7: Black Forest Cherry Cake
AOL - How To Live Longer 7: Veggie Diet
AOL - Nutritionist Tips 7: Like and love
String: PeaOraResJumPin1FlaKalCynBlaVegLik

lunch break: Roll To Me - Del Amitri

Videos Gone Wild!: Alburquerque
Entertainment Zone!: Swedish
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Black
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Spoken
Today in History May 8: Coca Cola
ShowBiz Minute: Hill, Bieber, Clinton: Clinton

String: AlbSweBlaSpoPauCocHeaRed

morning show bonus code = Walk
Jen Aniston, JLo, Channing Tatum: Hottes... = Jennifer Aniston

string #4 = CleMirGlaWanNeiTinFunWalAlbSweBlaSpoPauCocHeaRedTwo

Q/Day = Trick Daddy

Q/Day = P!nk
2pm = fun

Q/Day = Mama June
Flashback Track = Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
War of the Roses = Neighborhood Watch

Q/Day = Robert Plant
Workforce Blocks = Pink Floyd
Live @ 5 = Eddie Money

Q/Day = John Mayer
noon = Mirrors
4:30 = Mirrors

Lunch Break = White Flag - Dido
Drive at Five = Only Wanna Be With You - Hootie & The Blowfish

remember: I'm not posting until sometime in the afternoon....
back much earlier than I thought....picked uop and set up 4 staff appreciation day at the boys' high school and was told that the secretary would take care of the rest! YEAH!!! Thanks for ALL the great posts!!! I LOVE TEAMWORK!!!!!

Before They Were Famous ... ER
Celebrity Interview Video ... Parker Posey
Entertainment Video ... Austin, TX
First Lines ... …it's blue.
Get Your Game On ... The Devil's Hand
Show Me The Money ... Woolongs

Hot Music ... The Lumineers
Hot Music Video on Demand ... A little girl

Music Pop Quiz ... Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Top Video on Demand ... The little girl

Music Trivia ... Psy
Variety Videos on Demand ... The man from the back pew

Games n eCards ... HEArts
String ... AlbSweBlaSpoHea

Classic Rock Challenge = SOUth Africa

Led - You Shook Me
850 - Spirit of Radio
WFB - Pink Floyd
Video - a band member standing on top of the bus

Noon - Mirrors

8 - Tina Turner

830 - glad you came
FBT - Wanna be starting something

Donkey - Law Enforcement of Cleveland

WHUD No Repeat - Heart of the Matter

Emma Watson’s = Red
LL Cool J reveals = two
Khole Kardashian = Hormones

*dENiZEN: "Quality and ____ that fits." style

*evolve: Introducing Evolve, a new shake with protein and _____ ____ women need." good stuff every

Videos Gone Wild!: Faith
Entertainment Zone!: Record
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!:Rising
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Same

String: FaiRecRisSam

Anyone hear this weeks 1067 weekly bonus word?

Before They Were Famous ... Third Watch
Celebrity Interview Video ... Parks & Recreation
Entertainment Video ... Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros
First Lines ... Hunger Strike, Huh?
Get Your Game On ... E.D.N. III
Show Me The Money ... Four

Music Pop Quiz ... Pharrell Williams
Top Video on Demand ... She punches him

Hot Music ... Selena Gomez
Hot Music Video on Demand ... The little girl

Music Trivia ... Adam Lambert
Variety Videos on Demand ... California Gurls

Games n eCards Trivia ... PURple

String ... FaiRecRisSamPur

Morning Show Bonus Code = DREAM
American Dream Sweepstakes! 9 = Orange
Mother's Day Sweepstakes! 9 = Enter
Father's Day Sweepstakes! 9 = $1000 Prepaid Visa Card
Scrabble Time! 9 = 123

string #3 (w/ maverick's answer below) = GriRodJusCanMumBeaNoSisBanKimMAYDreFaiRecRisSamPurOraEntPre123196Pin40HipCro

Classic Rock Challenge = Extended Play
Classic Video on Demand = Marshall
8am = Kashmir
8:50 = Message In A Bottle
Q/Day = Let It Be
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Billy Joel
Live @ 5 = Billy Joel
Newsletter Bonus Code = GRILLER

Hip Hop Video On Demand = Alone in a padded room
Music Skills = Timbaland
donkey of the day = 29 yr old Rodrigo Rodriguez and Angela Petrov - he smothered their 5 mo old baby unconscious bec the baby was crying and they couldn't have sex and she didn't stop him... (and soooo sad!)
Q/Day = Drake

WEEKLY Morning Show ON AIR Bonus Code = MAY
8am = Bananarama
Q/Day = John Krasinski
2pm = Kim Wilde

8:30 = Beauty And A Beat
Q/Day = Jennifer Lopez
Flashback Track = No Scrubs
War of the Roses = Sister Act

Q/Day = Demi Lovato
noon = Just Give Me A Reason
no 4:30 song Q up ... "I Like It" played...9:30pm, still no Q up!
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = LUVMUM
9pm = Can't Hold Us

95.5: 5.8.13 Bonus Code = BEACH

No Repeat Work Day = Collide - Howie Day
Lunch Break = I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
Drive at Five = Street Corner Symphony - Rob Thomas


Today in History May 9 = 1960
Top 5 Mother's Day Songs: = PINk
Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Fin... = 40
Inside the Music of 'The Great Gatsby': = HIP Hop
Hall and Oates Don't Care About the Rock...: = Cheryl CROw

Videos Gone Wild!: Racecar driving
Entertainment Zone!: Elaine
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Busy schedule
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: 17
String: RacElaBus17

Morning Show Bonus Code = Miss (Mis)

LiteFM 106.7:
Question of the Day = Gwyneth Paltrow

Question of the Day = Shape

WFB = "Rush" worked (U2 was not a choice)

Before They Were Famous ... Christian Bale
Celebrity Interview Video ... Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon
Entertainment Video ... Blues City Cafe
First Lines ... Rosebud
Get Your Game On ... Pong
Show Me The Money ... Queen Isabel II

Hot Music ... Justin Timberlake
Hot Music Video on Demand ... She punches him

Music Pop Quiz ... Psy
Top Video on Demand ... Katheryn

Music Trivia ... Justin Timberlake
Variety Videos on Demand ... Strawberry

Games n eCards ... PURple
String ... RacElaBus17Pur

Classic rock-sticky finger

2pm-Kelly Clarkson


Disease Trivia 10 = six months
Sensitive Trivia 10 = bruxism

Flavors of AOL 5/10

AOL - Day To Night 10 = Flower Lattice Necklace
AOL - Manicure Monday 10 = Fashion & Beauty / Look of the Day
AOL - Create Ombre Nails 10 = two
AOL - 50 Fun Manicures 10 = Pink Poodle Nails
AOL - 11 Ways To Get Gorgeous Hair 10 = Take your vitamins.
AOL - Biggest Style Mistakes 10 = tailoring
AOL - Smoothie Pairing Video 10 = 2
AOL - Green Vegetables 10 = Arugula
AOL - Late Night Snacking 10 = diet
AOL - Low Calorie Cake Recipes 10 = Strawberry-Rhubarb Angel Cake
AOL - How To Live Longer 10 = Smoking
AOL - Nutritonist Tips 10 = registered dietitians

updated string = MamMirJusTheLocHypCocBriDonKelBakMisRacElaBus17PurSixBruFloFasTwoPinTakTai2AruDieStrSmoReg

Music Skills = DJ Khaled
Hip Hop Video On Demand = Afraid
Q/Day = A Phone
Newsletter Bonus Code = MAMA
donkey of the day = Adrien Broner .. but no Q up....

Q/Day = John Densmore
8am = Ramblin On
8:50am = While My Guitar Gently Weeps
WFB...will be U2 & Rush BUT...it's going 2b interactive w us choosing which songs 2 play! Can someone request limelight by rush 4 me? TY!

Q/Day = Blonde
8:30am - Locked Out of Heaven
War of the Roses = Cock Pit

8am = Don Henley

noon = Mirrors
4:30 = Just Give Me a Reason
9pm = The Otherside

No Repeat Work Day = Cruel Summer - Bananarama
Lunch Break = When Doves Cry - Prince
Drive at Five = Keep On Loving You - REO Speedwagon

FYI: no radio/computer from 9:30-2ish today. Post what you can. TY!

Videos Gone Wild!: Watertown
Entertainment Zone!: Black
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Interview
Jordin Sparks Cuts Her Bangs 11: 2
Keibler Stuns in Leather Dress 11: Blue
Vampire Diaries Co-Stars Split 11: 3 years
Lachey Doesn't Talk to Simpson 11: 2002
Mariah Carey's Steamy New Video 11: Black
Daily Dose Video - A Listers - A L

String: WatBlaInt2Blu3 y200IntA l

Before They Were Famous ... White Lightening
Celebrity Interview Video ... Iron Man 3
Entertainment Video ... Hall and Oates
First Lines ... Gilda
Get Your Game On ... a giant diamond
Show Me The Money ... Africa

Music Trivia ... Selena Gomez

Music Pop Quiz ... Adam Lambert

Hot Music ... Psy

Games n eCards ... NUClear

String ... WatBlaInt2Blu3 y200IntIslFisNuc

Daily Dose Video Trivia! = A listers

updated string ... WatBlaInt2Blu3 y200IntIslFisNucA l

Classic Rock Challenge = Royal Albert Hall
Music Skills = Ten

Videos Gone Wild!: Jasom
Entertainment Zone!: Cut loose
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Fingers
Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Ryan
Michael Buble Imitates Blake Shelton 12: Reese
Aguilera Rocks Skinny Jeans 12: LA
2013 Met Gala: Sizzling Red Carpet Coupl...: Stephanie
Suspect Arrested in Kansas Farm Deaths 1...: 3
Jake Owen - "Alone With You" #1 Party 12: Stephanie
String: JasCutFinRyaReeLASte3

Before They Were Famous = Helena Bonham Carter
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia = Sad Keanu
Entertainment Video Trivia = Killer Queen
First Lines = Santa's reindeer
Get Your Game On = Mr. Grimm
Show Me the Money = 4mm

Hot Music ... Adam Lambert
Music Pop Quiz ... Global Citizen Tickets Initiative
Music Trivia ... The Lumineers
Games n eCards ... PLAnts
String: JasCutFinRyaReeLASte3Pla

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classic Rock Challenge = Nashville

Music Skills = Snoop Lion

WHUD: Pop Rewind w/ Ed Baer = 1977 & 1991

*dENiZEN: Billie Jean
Videos Gone Wild!: Social Networks
Entertainment Zone!: Full force
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Nobody
Daily Dose Video Trivia: 66

String: BilSocFulNob66EyeOncGraTen

Before They Were Famous ... Speech
Celebrity Interview ... Pauley Perrette
Entertainment Video ... 10 minutes
First Lines ... Are you watching closely
Get Your Game On ... X
Show Me The Money ... 1967

Hot Music ... Global Citizen Tickets Initiative
Hot Music Video on Demand ... Katheryn
Music Pop Quiz ... The Lumineers
Top Video on Demand ... A butterfly
Music Trivia ... The Wanted
Variety Videos on Demand ... The little girl
Games n eCards ... 6
String ... BilSocFulNob66

Morning Show Bonus Code = LATE
Dental Trivia 13 = eye care specialists
Teeth Trivia 13 = once a day
Today in History May 12 = Catherine Hepburn
Good! or What? | The Great Gatsby = gray
Boy gets suspended; mom forces him to ho... = Ten
Taylor Swift on "New Girl" Season Finale = Badger
Top 5 "American Idol" Albums = Carrie Underwood
Sam Adams...In a Can? = two
Apple Gift Sweepstakes! 13 = up to $1,500
Get The Card! 13 = $1,000 pre-paid VISA card
Whole Foods Sweepstakes! 13 = $500
Did You Know Sweepstakes! 13 = on NBC
Smiling Planet Giveaway! 13 = $250
Father's Day Sweepstakes! 13 = blue
American Dream Sweepstakes! 13 = 18
Daily Coupons! 13 = orange
Thing To Remember! 13 = wedding date
Rubies & Riches! 13 = orange

String #3 = JusSweItKanCorSunTayLatBilSocFulNob66EyeOncGraTenCarTwo$1,17%SupPre$50NBC$25Blu18OraWed

Classic Rock Challenge = A Nod Is as Good as a Wink... to a Blind Horse
Classic Video on Demand = a police officer
Q/Day = Black Sabbath
8am = Black Dog
8:50 = Another Brick In The Wall
Workforce Blocks = Allman Bros
Live @ 5 = Stevie Wonder

Hip Hop Video On Demand = From a water fountain
Music Skills = I Am Not A Human Being 2 by Lil Wayne
Q/Day = Jay
donkey of the day = Mr. Kanye Kardashian for walking into a pole and then yelling at the papparazzi to stop taking his picture

Q/Day = Randy Jackson
8:30 = Sweet Nothing
Flashback Track = It Wasn't Me

Q/Day = Justin Bieber
12pm = Just Give Me A Reason
4:30 = Just Give Me A Reason

Q/Day = P!nk
8am = Corey Hart
2pm = Taylor Dayne

No Repeat Work Day = St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) - John Parr
Lunch Break = Kiss on My List - Hall and Oates
Drive at Five = No One - Alicia Keys

FYI: new WOTR tonight but I won't have radio or comp access for the rest of the night. Please listen and post ktu's WOTR & z100's #1 @ 9. TY!

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