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morning show bonus code = FRIZZ

4th Quarter = 17,000 baskets
Before They Were Famous = gymnastics
First Lines = The white zone
Get Your Game On = Tennis for Two
Show Me The Money = The Lincoln cent

Celebrity Interview Video = Divergent
Entertainment Video = Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Pop Clips = A Men's Fashion Line
Trip Trivia = European

Video Trivia for Summertime! = Blue
Dry Mouth Leading To Bad Breath 11 = food particles
Can Birth Control Affect Attraction? 11 = Man
Demi Lovato Going Under the Knife 11 = her father
LeAnn Rimes Slams Pregnancy Rumor 11 = Eddie
Rooney Mara's Calvin Klein Photo Shoot 1... = mysterious
Paris Hilton enjoys time on the beach 11 = white

String = RobGetStaQuiLebMasJouStaFriUrpIn-DryTobNotWilBluFooManFatEddMysWhi

95.5: Hot Music = Melbourne, Australia

Music Trivia = The Basics
Variety Videos = True

Q/Day = Nick Gordon
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Starships
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Quit Playing Games
WOTR is new and the webpage hasn't been updated yet...

Q/Day = Fox and Friends
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = MASONIC
8am First Song Played = Journey
2pm First Song Played = Starship

Q/Day = July 11
Music Pop Quiz = 'crazy vacation'
Top Video on Demand = True
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Get Lucky
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Get Lucky
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Get Lucky ....the have a TRIFECTA today....LOL

Q/Day = $15,000
Classic Rock Challenge = Derek and the Dominoes
Classic Video on Demand = FALSE
8am - Get The Led Out = Tall Cool One
8:50 = Dance The Night Away
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Joan Jett...at my request! LOL
Live @ 5 = Bon Jovi ...REALLY would like 2c them. Pray i win tix....sure that it won't happen tho! LOL

Q/Day = Flaunt
Music Skills = Nicki Minaj
Donkey of the Day = Lebron James

No Repeat Work Day = Wherever You Will Go”--The Calling
Lunch Break = “Free Fallin’”--Tom Petty
Drive at Five = “The Time of My Life”--David Cook

dxfbot: Thank you for fixing yesterday's posts!!!!! What stations rewards programs do you participate in? Can you post the listen and wins of those stations??? Again, welcome to the group!


Weekly Bonus Code: ROBot

Hello sams, and thanks for the welcome. I am part of Z100's ZVIP rewards program. I can most likely post the 12 noon and 4:30 listen and wins, not sure about the 9 pm one.

Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Purple use URP
All About Your Teeth 12: Stress Management
Get The Facts 12: Medication
Premium Reductions 12: Conditionally
Entertainment Zone!: Epoll
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Blue
Videos Gone Wild!: TMZ
String: UrpStrMedConEpoBluTMZ

AOL - Best Jeans For Your Body 12: Flare
AOL - Biggest Mistakes In Dieting 12: 6
AOL - How To Be A Great Hostess 12: Let them do something small
AOL - 7 Items You Should Have In Your Ki...: Flaxseed
AOL - 5 Ways To Be Happier 12: Workout daily
AOL - Trend To Try Printed Pants 12: Saks
AOL String: Fla6LetWorSak

Before They Were Famous = Bricklayer
First Lines = 400%
Get Your Game On = Noughts and Crosses
Show Me The Money = Strength And Independence

4th Quarter = Anthony Bennett
Celebrity Interview Video = The Butler
Entertainment Video = Best I Ever Had
Trip Trivia = Jet Packing
Video Trivia for Summertime! = Stone
Pop Clips = True

morning show bonus code = RAINY

string = SamOopCheBluLitMicOMDRaiUrpStrMedConEpoBluTMZStoFla6LetWorSakEpiBigPhoCalSatFla6LetWorSak

95.5: Hot Music Trivia = The Basics

Music Trivia = So Hard For You
Variety Videos on Demand = No

Q/Day = Smoking pot in a lobby
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Blurred Lines
Flashback Track = Ooops I Did It Again
5:40pm - War of the Roses = The Cheating Nympho

8am First Song Played = Michael Jackson
Q/Day = Viral cardiomyopathy
2pm First Song Played = OMD

Music Skills = Nothing Was the Same
Q/Day = 101 Distribution
Donkey of the Day = Little Twist

Classic Rock Challenge = Roy Rogers
Classic Video on Demand = With the band raising their hands on stage
Q/Day = designated hitter
8am - Get The Led Out = Houses Of The Holy
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Refugee
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Eagles

Music Pop Quiz = An exhibition at London's Jewish Museum
Top Video on Demand = Yes
Q/Day = Bill Clinton
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Blurred Lines

No Repeat Work Day = “I Just Died in Your Arms”--Cutting Crew
Lunch Break = “Kiss on My List”--Hall & Oates
Drive at Five = “Down Under”--Men at Work

FYI: limited to no radio/computer after 9:30am today....listen and post what you can!
TY Maverick & dxfbot!

'Sharknado' Premiere Gets Celebrity Reac... - epic
Cuoco and Cavill Split 12 - Big Bang Theory
Jessica Alba's Red Hot Photo 12 - photo shoot
Unpublished Marilyn Monroe Photos for Sa... - California
John Travolta Busts a Move 12 - Saturday Night Fever

string: EpiBigPhoCalSat

Z100 Interactive 9 @ 9 - Same Love
There is no question up for 4:30 Commercial Free Music Block

Affecting Your Body! 13: Canker
All About Your MouthWash! 13: Association
Videos Gone Wild!: George Clooney
Entertainment Zone!: French fries
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Stone
Amanda Bynes Uses Dog As Paparazzi Shiel...: Ball
Lamar Odom Lashes Out 13: Making a scene
LeAnn Rimes Slams Pregnancy Rumor 13: Twitter
The Dangers of Chili Powder 13: 3
Fit Minute: Getting Into That Bikini 13: Carolina
String: CanAssGeoFreStoBalMakTwi3Car

Before They Were Famous = Hugh Grant
First Lines = 1954
Get Your Game On = The Sumer Game
Show Me The Money = Queen Isabella of Spain
Celebrity = Hunger Game
Entertainment = Bruno Mars
Summertime Trivia = Wood

Classic Rock Challenge = Jumpin' Jack Flash

Music Trivia = Janelle Monae
Music Pop Quiz = Phoenix
Music Skills = Yeezus by Kanye West

Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code:
106.7 = MASONIC
104.3 = ROBOT
z100 = PACIFIC
105.1 = MAGNA
103.5 = JUCIFER
95.5 = BARK

String = MasRobPacMagJucBarCanAssGeoFreStoBalMakTwi3CarWoo

I hope this isn't up:
ktu's rate the music 3500 bonus code: the way

Teething Is The Pits! 14: Thin
What's The Problem? 14: Oral cavity
Videos Gone Wild!: Wood
Entertainment Zone!: MGM
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!:102
Hilaria Baldwin's Summer Smoothie 14: Cleaner
Take Care When Exercising Through Advers...: Pushups
Fit Minute: Lower Body Theraband With Mi...: Trouble spot
Real World Fit Tips with Mark Long 14: TV Guide
The Muddy Puddles Project 14: Smell the roses
String: ThiOraWooMGM102ClePusTroTVSme

Before They Were Famous = Jake Gyllenhall
Celebrity Interview Video = Tyson Beckford
Entertainment Video = Purple Ant
First Lines = Karen Blixen
Get Your Game On = 1974
Show Me The Money = Marquis de La Fayette

Video Trivia for Summertime! ... BLUe
String: ThiOraWooMGM102ClePusTroTVSmeBlu

Classic Rock Challenge = Bob Dylan
Hot Music Trivia = Janelle Monae
Music Pop Quiz = Janelle Monae
Music Trivia = Phoenix
Music Skills = Diplo

Fit Minute: Getting Into That Bikini 13 = Carolina

String = ThiOraWooMGM102ClePusTroTVSmeBluCar

Development 15: Destruction
Dieting Affects My Teeth 15: Healthy living
Options For Treatment 15: Dental scaling
Videos Gone Wild!: Blue
Entertainment Zone: Tyler Perry
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Stick
string: DesHeaDenBluTylSti

4th Quarter - 4th.
Before They Were Famous - Ellie Kemper
Celebrity Interview Video - Grand Piano
Entertainment Video - 'Firework' by Katy Perry
First Lines - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
Get Your Game On - Hunt the Wumpus
Show Me The Money - Calvin Coolidge
Trip Trivia - Yellowstone National Park

Morning Show Bonus Code = FREEBIES

Pop Clips! Trivia = Johnny Depp
Video Trivia for Summertime! = George Clooney

Get Rewarded! 15 = birthday
Shopping Spree Sweepstakes! 15 = toy bird
Say It! 15 = $1500
It's All About The Food! 15 = blue
Best Deals Ever! 15 = straight to your inbox
Get The App! 15 = 7

string = LovRobFeeHotCorAllPinFreDesHeaDenBluTylStiCloBirBir$15BluInb7

Music Trivia = Strep Throat
Variety Video = YES

Q/Day = 10 years
Classic Rock Challenge = Revolver by The Beatles
8am - Get The Led Out = The Song Remains The Same
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Neil Young
Live @ 5 = Queen

Q/Day = 423,000
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour - Locked Out of Heaven ... not working. THANKS MRS817!!!!!
Flashback Track = Hot In Herre

Q/Day = 2009
8am First Song Played = Corey Hart
2pm First Song Played = Pink

Q/Day = September 30th
Music Pop Quiz = Strep Throat
Top Video on Demand = TRUE
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Blurred Lines
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Love Somebody
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Love Somebody

Q/Day = Toxic
Music Skills = Easy Mac
Donkey of the Day = Robert Zimmerman

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1981 & 1994
No Repeat Work Day = “In Your Eyes”--Peter Gabriel
Lunch Break = “Tainted Love”--Soft Cell
Drive @ Five = “Unwritten”--Natasha Bedingfield
New Music Preview with Kathy Millar = "My Promise”--Earth Wind and Fire

8:30-feel this moment works
Flashback-hot in herre
WOTR-the muffin-not working


8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row, I Want You To Want Me

thanks for all of the answers- they are very much appreciated. BTW, I know it only takes one but I'm trying real hard to win that trip to Aruba- what would be a fair amount of entries for this contest? In addition, has anyone heard any news about how to win a trip to the iHeart radio festival in vegas? Thanks again

Heart Disease Explained! 16: April 2012
Is My Tongue Healthy? 16: Papillae
Why Should They Know? 16: Healthy heart
Videos Gone Wild!: Chicken
Entertainment Zone!: Toby Keith
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 foot long
String: AprPapHeaChiTob16

Video For Summertime - Not Right Now

Updated String: AprPapHeaChiTob16Not

4th Quarter - Operation Hawkeye
Before They Were Famous - Kip Wilson
Blockbusters - Stanford
Celebrity Interview Video - TRUE
Entertainment Video - Gavin DeGraw
In The News - a 'hotshot' crew
Remember When? - skydiving accident
Trip Trivia - Montego Bay, Jamaica

morning show bonus code = TANNING

Forever Sweepstakes! 15 = August 29th
Pop Clips! Trivia = Usher
Remember When? = skydiving accident
Today in History July 16th = Martha Stewart
This Cognac Costs More Than A Toyota = 22 Thousand Dollars
What's In A Name? No BS! Brass Band Expl... = Richmond VA
Inside Kate Middleton's $15K Delivery Ro...- Fresh Bouquet of flowers
Astrologist predicts character of royal ... = BLUE
Become a Personal Trainer = first name
Drive Away American Sweepstakes! 16 = red

AOL - Tip Tuesday 16 = slightly baggy
AOL - Foods That Boost Immunity 16 = garlic
AOL - Crafts For The Kids 16 = Scrumdilly-do
AOL - Cooking With The Kids 16 = 1 EGG
AOL - Half Moon Manicure 16 = Velvet
AOL - How To Tone 16 = Sumo

Updated String = CauDiaIceMisBriSteDauTanAprPapHeaChiTob16NotAugMar22RicFloBluSliGarScrEggVelSumFirRed

Q/Day = MGM Grand Arena
Classic Rock Challenge = Record a solo album
8am - Get The Led Out = Good Times Bad Times
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Get Back
12pm Workforce Blocks = Bad Company
Live @ 5 = Elton John

Music Trivia = An exhibition at London's Jewish Museum
Variety Videos on Demand = MINI

Q/Day = Ojai Valley Spa & Inn
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Diamonds
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Ice Ice Baby ... not working
War of the Roses = Mission Impossible

Q/Day = Loch Ness Monster
8am First Song Played = Stevie Nicks
2pm First Song Played = Daughtry

Q/Day = Daft Punk
Music Pop Quiz = The Basics
Top Video on Demand = Human halogram
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Blurred Lines
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Blurred Lines
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Blurred Lines
another trifecta!

Q/Day = Andrei Kirilenko
Music Skills = Rihanna
Donkey of the Day = Britney Harris

Thursday Song of the Day = "Causing A Commotion," by Madonna
No Repeat Work Day = “Photograph”--Nickelback
Lunch Break = “All I Wanna Do”--Sheryl Crow
Drive @ Five = “Heaven is a Place on Earth”--Belinda Carlisle

was anyone able to get the Pop Culture Trivia question to load so that (a) you can see it or, (b) you could answer it???? They say it's working and it doesn't work for me!?!?

Pop quiz-the basics
Top video-human halogram

WBEE 92.5:
Artist - Chris Young
Song - Tomorrow

sharon, I've had success with 500,000 points (1000 entries) in the past for Local contests but (like I said before) putting 5000 entries (2,500,000 points) will not get you any better of a chance to win (I tried and lost to my friend!). Heck, just for kicks, I had 6,5000,000 points (13000 entries)expiring from Power 105.1 and entered it into Justin Timberlake...and still lost (MM, not L so that explains much!)! I didn't worry or get mad because those points were the ones I got from "the glitch" in late January and they were expiring so I had to get rid of them!
It really is random but the less popular the contest, the better the chance you have to get picked! People are mostly after the concerts (although I've seen several people win different contests for the same artist...greedy bastards!).

As for iHeartRadio Festival, they don't have the online contests yet except for filling out your info...or texting the keyword. Here's the info so far: http://www.q1043.com/articles/trending--475573/2013-iheartradio-...

By the way, the keywords are the same for all of the stations for the texting but you have 15 minutes to text it! So if Z-100's keyword for the hour is STAR, you can bet Power 105.1's keyword will also be STAR!

I hope this helps!

Checking My Gums - Peridontel Disease
Does Everyone Need Them? - Space
Videos Gone Wild! - Sidewalk
Entertainment Zone! - 18
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! - jes
Video Trivia for Summertime - Is Accepting TMZ Right Now, Even Though There Is No Question Yet. (Thanks To Another Member Trying It)

String: PerSpaSid18JesTMZ

4th Quarter - 3
Blockbusters - Great Pyramid of Giza
Celebrity Interview Video - Game of Thrones
Entertainment Video - Chvrches
In The News - 51,000
Remember When? - Bob Falfa
Trip Trivia - 1993

Classic rock-richie havens

Variety video-true

morning show bonus code = Exercise
All About My Gums 17 = gingival recession
Pop Clips! Trivia = 6 hours
Today in History for July 17th = Paris
Paula Creamer sinks hallway putt = 70
"Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Quarter Qu... = Hawaii
Emmy Nomination Predictions 2013 = House of Cards
Jennifer Love Hewitt Craves Cupcakes, Ot... = Jessica Simpson
Red Sweepstakes! 17 = GO!
Tent Giveaway! 17 = August 29th
Protect Your Rights! 17 = Please describe your injuries:
Learning Made Easy! 17 = orange
Wardrobe Sweepstakes! 17 = $500

updated String (w/ dxfbot's answers below) = KTVRadClaFeeMisNatJouTatExePerSpaSid18JesTMZGinPar70HawHouJesGoAugDesOra$50OneJun

Remember When? = Bob Falfa
Q/Day = Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
8am - Get The Led Out = Stairway To Heaven
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Where The Streets Have No Name
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Led Zeppelin
Live @ 5 = Billy Joel .. no choices yet

Music Skills = Ne-Yo
Q/Day = Stand Your Ground
Donkey of the Day = KTVU San Francisco...question's up, 7:35pm

Music Trivia = 'crazy vacation'
Variety Video on Demand = TRUE

Q/Day = Columbus, OH
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Feel This Moment
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Missing
5:40pm - War of the Roses = A Burning Desire ... not working

Q/Day = Five
8am First Song Played = Natasha Bedingfield
2pm First Song Played = Journey
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = TATER

Music Pop Quiz = So Hard For You
Top Video on Demand = TRUE
Q/Day = July 19
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Radioactive
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Clarity
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Clarity

Hot Music Trivia = An exhibition at London's Jewish Museum

No Repeat Work Day = “Every Morning”--Sugar Ray
Lunch Break = “Feels Like Tonight”--Daughtry
Drive @ Five = “Smooth”--Santana with Rob Thomas


thanks so much for the info- always like to find out what works for others. I would love that trip to Aruba....btw with the iHeart radio can you text more than once per hour and do you know if they let you know right away if you have won? I would love to win that trip as well....good luck to you

Village Giveaway! 17 - ONE year
Under the Sun Sweepstakes! 17 - JUNe 7, 2013

Videos gone wild: 16 feet
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Vancouver
Endless Vacation Sweepstakes July 2: Noreply
Entertainment Zone!: TMZ
String: 16VanNorTMZ

4th Quarter - NFL Network
Blockbusters - New York City
Celebrity Interview Video - Released a Vine video of himself playing with a puppy
Entertainment Video - 5th
In The News - 1993
Remember When? - Columbia
Trip Trivia - Swimming with dolphins

FYI: YESTERDAY'S LIVE @ 5 choices for Q104.3 IS UP! Pick Billy Joel 4 credit. 12:40pm

Morning Show Bonus Code = FRIENDS
Pop Clips! Trivia = Facebook
Video Trivia for Summertime! = 18
Good or Bad? 18 - brush twice a day and don't skip flossing daily
White Teeth 18 - OTC
All About The Force = dental filling
Have you heard of Rentbits? = 5
Today in History for July 18th = Ted
Tubby Tortoise Tips the Scales = 265
Queen Impatient for Royal Birth? = 360 million
Behind Every Great Entrepreneur Is A Gre... = failure
Emoticons Trivia = umbrella
The Bridal Newsletter = date of wedding

updated string (w/ dxfbot's answer below) = CriRolFreBluWafNatBeyFri16VanNorTMZ18BruOTCDen5Ted265360FaiUmbLarWed

Q/Day = Rihanna
Music Skills = Kendrick Lamar
Donkey of the Day = Rolling Stone Magazine ... working as of 3pm
Newsletter Bonus Code = FRENCHIE

Music Trivia = Jewel
Variety Videos on Demand = FALSE

Q/Day = Eric Roberts...giving u credit but s/b Evan Peters
8am First Song Played = Natalie Imbruglia
2pm First Song Played = Beyonce

Q/Day = Instagram
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Catch My Breath ... not working
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Everyone Falls In Love ... not working

Q/Day = The Next Day
Classic Rock Challenge = George Harrison
8am - Get The Led Out = Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
anyone know the name of the Hendrix song @ 8:50? ...TY mrs817
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Rush (& Boston...LOVE them!)
Newsletter Bonus Code = CRINKLE
Live at Five = Lynyrd Skynyrd

Music Pop Quiz = Melbourne, Australia
Top Video on Demand = No
Q/day = Six
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = WAFFLE
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Blurred Lines
4:30 ...there was no announcement of the CFH bec they were in the middle of it already. Come & Get It played at 4:30...9pm & STILL NO QUESTION UP!
9pm - iHeartRadio 9 at 9pm = Blurred Lines

95.5: Hot Music Trivia - 'crazy vacation'

No Repeat Work Day = “Your Body is a Wonderland”--John Mayer
Lunch Break = “Love Somebody”--Maroon 5
Drive @ Five = “No One”--Alicia Keys

8:50-purple haze

Flashback-everyone falls in love-not working-surprise!
WOTR-I think e answer is 911-not working

Daily Deals for Dogs and their Owners! - Large

Videos Gone Wild!: Vancouver
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Sidewalk
Entertainment Zone!: Not right now
String: VanSidNot

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