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Music Skills = Boombox
Music Trivia = Love Somebody
Music Pop Quiz = Love Somebody

Pop Culture Trivia = Casey

Pop Rewind with Ed Baer = 1979 & 1973

Dental Danger Signs! 18 = Breath Spray
Fluoride Time! 18 = crying and drooling excessively

Updated String = 10216BraBlaYouBruKurRanBotBreCry

did anyone get the WPLJ 8/15 e-mail w/ this week's bonus word?

Remember When? - 1960

Video Trivia Time!: Afghanistan
Videos Gone Wild!: Brad but not working
Entertainment Zone!: 102 but not working
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16 also not working
String: AfgBra10216

4th Quarter - NBA
Blockbusters - Back to the Future
Celebrity Interview Video - Donald Duck
Entertainment Video - 2
In The News - $5 per scream
Remember When? - New York City

morning show bonus code = Starstruck
Pop Clips - Leaked tracks from her new album
Pop Culture - Maxwell Dillon

What Really Happens? 19 = jawbone
Are There Alternatives? 19 = third set
VIDEO: Hollywood's Most Powerful Plus-Si... - Melissa McCarthy
VIDEO: 'Weight Loss' Star Blames Self fo... - 400 lbs
VIDEO: Slimming Fashion Tips that Won't ... - Black
VIDEO:How To Get Out Of A Bear Hug Attac... - red
VIDEO: Baby Panda Reunited with Mother - mouth
updated string = ClaSweSisDenMagPriStaAfgBra10216JawThiMel400BlaRedMouResVicSerGreSur$10Ent

Question of the Day = Motown
Music Skills = Nicki Minaj
Donkey of the Day = Criminal Minds Star Thomas Gibson

Music Trivia = Demi Lovato

Question of the Day = Ohio .... but Michigan gives u credit
8am First Song Played = Deniece Williams
WORD OF THE WEEK = magnetic
2pm First Song Played = Prince

Question of the Day = 968,000
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Clarity
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track = Sweet Dreams
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Sister Act

Classic Rock Challenge = Riders on the Storm
Question of the Day = $1.05 billion
8am - Get The Led Out = Heartbreaker
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row = Purple Haze
12pm - Workforce Blocks - Bon Jovi
Live @ 5 = Deep Purple

Music Pop Quiz = We Can't Stop
Top Video on Demand = Yes
Question of the Day = Emblem3
noon = Clarity...not working
4:30 = Same Love ...not working
9pm = Roar ... not working

hidden treasure 19 code word = ice cream

No Repeat Work Day = Here Comes the Rain Again--Eurythmics
Lunch Break = Gone, Gone, Gone--Phillip PhillipsDrive @ Five = =11.818181991577148pxLove Story--Taylor Swift New Music Preview with Kathy Millar =  See You Again--Carrie Underwood 
no radio/comp after 2pm...please post what you can. TY

10 in a row = Purple Haze

Entertainment Zone! - Resistance
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! - Victoria
Videos Gone Wild! - Serious

String: AfgThiJawMel400BlaRedMouResVicSer

Eating Out 19 - GREy
Red Sweepstakes! 19 - SURvey
Get Some Gas - $1000
Pay It Off Sweepstakes - ENTer today

Up Dated String: AfgThiJawMel400BlaRedMouResVicSerGreSur$10Ent

Video Trivia Time!: Resistance
Videos Gone Wild!: Services
Entertainment Zone!: Cleaner
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Tantrum
String: ResSerCleTan

4th Quarter - San Francisco 49ers
Blockbusters - Crimson Bolt
Celebrity Interview - Modern Family
Entertainment Video - Tupac's mother
In The News - 311 mph
Remember When? -  A 'Vast Wasteland'

Pop Culture Trivia - Tyrion Lannister
Pop Clips! Trivia - A baby giraffe
Morning Show Bonus Code = Cardigan
VIDEO: Today in History for August 20th = 2
VIDEO: Something Old, Something New, Som... = 4000
VIDEO: Classic Cars, Some Never Driven, ...= Nebraska
VIDEO: Best and Cutest Live Animal Cams ...= 2008

AOL - Polish Like A Pro 20 -top coat
AOL - Make Up Must-Haves 20 - Sabrina 
AOL - Hotels Around The Globe 20 - New York
AOL - Rest & Recovery 20 - eggs
AOL - Back To School 20- Cool pencil case
AOL - 7 Items You Should Have 20 - flaxseeds 

How To Maintain! 20 - several forms
Need A Root Canal? 20 - relatively
Get It Now! 20 - Ema
This Is Your Chance! 20 - title  
Gifts Galore 20 - red  
Get Your Grub On! 20 = $25 Mad
Pizza Time! 20 - 2 Red Bull Sweepstakes! 20 - $1500  
string = teeWakThrCheLovPetCarResSerCleTan2400Neb008TopSabNewEggCooFlaSevRelEmaTitRed$25$15

Music Skills = Big Sean
Q/Day = 1000

Music Trivia - Leaked songs from her new album

Q/Day =  13th
8am - pet shop boys
2pm - madonna 

Q/Day = 2004 ...but 2003 currently giving credit
8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Thrft Shop ... working as of 6pm
12pm - Lunch Flashback Track - The Way You Make Me feel  ... not working 
War of the Roses = Cheap Bastard ... works 

Classic Rock Challenge =  Elton John
Q/Day = Low
8am - Get The Led Out = Good Times Bad Times
8:50 = let my love open the door
12pm - Workforce Blocks = Led Zeppelin 
live @ 5 - Led Zeppelin 

Music Pop Quiz - Demi Lovato
Top Video on Demand - False
Q/Day - The Who 
12pm - Ryan's High Noon Countdown = Love Somebody 
4:30pm - Commercial Free Block = Love Somebody 
9pm = wake me up

Thursday Song of the Day = "What I Like About You," by The Romantics
No Repeat Work Day = I’m Already There--Lonestar

Lunch Break = Fly--Sugar Ray

Drive @ Five = Rock With You--Michael Jackson
hidden word for drawing = cake 

Video Trivia Time!: Susan
Videos Gone Wild!: Searching
Entertainment Zone!: Hip
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Searching
String: SusSeaHip

Happy Birthday to you Sams1997(8-22) have fun .

Thanks Puggle:  love u too!!!!  

4th Quarter ... 85
Blockbusters ... Chicago
Celebrity Interview ... Cam
Entertainment Video ... Local Natives
In The News ... Zetas
Pop Clips ... Daenerys Targaryen
Pop Culture  ... Jamie Lee Curtis
Remember When ...  over 70 million 
Pop Clips! Trivia - Daenerys Targaryen 
VIDEO: Today in History for August 21st = 50
VIDEO: Put Up the Tent, Put on the Ritz = 17 
VIDEO: Teams 'go Green' at Robocon 2013 = Vietnam 
VIDEO: Counting Down The World's - Afrojack 
VIDEO: NFL's Top Earners - Joe Flacco 

Morning Show Bonus Code = Chores                     
updated string = SamRasClaNoShaPinSpoChoSusSeaHip5017VieAfrJoe 

8:30am - Commercial Free Hour = Clarity 
Lunch Flashback = No Scrubs 
5:40pm - War of the Roses = Sister Acting Up ,,,not working

Music Trivia - Daft Punk 
Q/Day - Oklahoma 

8am - Shaggy 
Q/Day -  All Eyes On Me 

Q/Day = 12 
Classic Rock Challenge - The Firm
8am - Get The Led Out - Achilles Last Stand 
8:50am - 10 Songs In A Row - I Want You To Want Me 
Live @ 5 = The Allman Brothers

Music Pop Quiz ... Leaked songs from her new album 
Top Video On Demand ... FALSE 
Q/Day - 4

Q/Day = pink 
Music Skills = Person 
donkey of the Day - Rashida Salaam   

Hidden Word Contest - Birthday...they're one day off from mine...LOL!!

No comp/radio 12pm on...post what u can

Today in History 21 - 50
Video: Put up the tent - 17
Video: Teams go green - Vietnam
Video: Counting down DJ - Afrojack

oops - didn't realize you were getting these too SAMS - thanks for updating the string!!!

106.7 -  2 pm - Pink


12pm - Same Love
4:30pm - Same Love
9pm - Same Love


Flashback KTU-how will I know -worked

LiteFM 106.7:
Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code = Sponge (Spo)

WHUD 100.7:
No Repeat Work Day - 9am = Waiting for Tonight--Jennifer Lopez
Lunch Break - 12pm = We Are Young--Fun.
Drive @ Five - 5pm = Kiss Me--Sixpence None the Richer

Video Trivia Time!: Clean
Videos Gone Wild!: Bikini body
Entertainment Zone!: 102 not working
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16  not working

String: CleBik10216


Morning Show Bonus Code = Boombox (Boo)

LiteFM 106.7:
Question of the Day = Kris

Question of the Day = 11

*** Happy Birthday to sams1997!! ***

4th Quarter Quiz= UFC Fight Night
Blockbusters= Lillian
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia= Ming-Na Wen
Entertainment Video Triva= (not working at this time)
In the News= 21 miles
Pop Clips! Video= Lindsay Lohan
Pop Culture Trivia= October 13, 2013

Cavities 101! = cavitation 
What's The Difference? = enamel
updated string = TakSummHolJouGivTonDrBooCleBik10216CavEnaTorSweSta92100

Music Skills = S.A.F.E.
Donkey of the Day = Dr. Phil

Music Trivia =  'N Sync
8am was Phillip Phillips & is not working. I wrote to them too! 
2pm = Journey 

Q/Day = LAX 
8:30 = Give Me Everything ...working 4 pm  
FBT ...ANGELS...working 11pm
WOTR = Fat Bastard ...repeat worked 4 credit...NOT in the string....gotta sleep now 12:42am

Classic Rock Challenge =  No. 10 
Q/Day =  September 9 
8am =  Houses Of The Holy 
8:50 = My Generation 
weekly newsletter bonus  code = tonic
Live @ 5 = r....not 1 if the choices earlier....did it change?? 

Q/Day = 11 
Music Pop Quiz = Daft Punk Music Pop
12pm = take back the night
4:30 pm = Summertime Sadness      

fyi...posting this morning, then no radio/comp until this evening due to my birthday.
njfw:  thanks for the wishes and the e-card! Thank you DW too!!! 

did anyone get the Lite FM word of the week???  TY njgirl99!!! See, getting old SUCKS!!!!  LOL

No Repeat Work Day: 3 Doors Down, "Here Without You" 
Lunch Break: Goo Goo Dolls, "Slide" 
Drive @ Five: Lady Antebellum, "Need You Now" 


8:30-give me everything tonight-just posted WOTR-Flapjacks
ashback-angel works now 
noon-bad company
live @5-guessed steely Dan-wrong answer-oh well. Anyone else know?

9@9- holy..


Weekly Bonus Code: TONic

VIDEO: Today in History August 22 - Tori Amos
VIDEO: Older Brides Want Younger Wedding... - Sweetheart
VIDEO: New LEGO Robot Kits Not Just for ... - Stanford
VIDEO: 'Super Agers'- an Elite Group of... - 92
VIDEO: 8-Foot Pizza Breaks Guinness Worl... 100 lbs

String:  CleBik10216CavEnaTorSweSta92100

Weekly Newsletter Bonus Code - insynch

12pm - Take Back The Night
4:30pm - Summertime Sadness
9pm - Holy Grail

Happy birthday, sams1997!

106.7 8 am - pretty sure the answer is Phillip Phillips but it's not working - sent them an email

Happy Birthday sams1997 - hope you're having a wonderful day!!

The Lite FM word of the week was magnetic, which you already answered, they had the question listed twice but it only worked once - they'll probably figure it out sooner or later and delete it!!

Have a very happy birthdays Sams1997

Did anyone get the Live@5?

Entertainment Zone!: 102
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: 16
Video Trivia Time!: 21
Videos Gone Wild!: Tantrum
String: 1021621Tan


For Thursday:

KTU 103.5:
WOTR = "Flapjacks" worked for Thursday

Live @ Five = John Fogerty

4th Quarter - 15
Blockbusters - Raza
In The News - The Departed
Remember When? - John Lennon

Pop Cutlure Trivia = Henry Cavill

morning show bonus code = reality
string = BadGooROASaMatClaNobRea1021621TanSilJap200FacEyeCotLauOatEleBalLonPicBanArlBeiPoo

noon = Clarity
Music Pop Quiz  = Perez Hilton
Question of the Day  = The Who 
4:30 = Same Love
9pm = ROAR

8am = Michael Jackson's BAD ...working
Q/Day = Kelly Clarkson 
2pm = Owl City/Carly Rae Jepson's Good Time 

8am = Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You                            
Classic Rock Challenge =  Elton John
Q/Day = Bar Rafaeli 
8:50 = Comfortably Numb
WFB = Aerosmith

8:30 = Clarity 
Q/Day = 11
WOTR answer is working as "I S"..not in the string above

Music Trivia = Auckland, New Zealand 

Q/Day = Chris Brown
Music Skills = Kelly Rowland 
donkey of the day = Matthew Matagrano 

No Repeat Work Day = Hurts So Good--John Mellencamp
Lunch Break = She’s Got a Way--Billy Joel
Drive @ Five =  I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For--U 2 

FYI:  travelling today so intermittent/no radio and no computer after maybe 3pm...
WOW :  TY 4 the help w/ answers!!!   everyone!!!!!

mum2bud:  thanks for the posts but (1) we don't create a 2nd post on this forum when we have new info to add on the same day we've posted, esp when they post 2  in a row. We EDIT the original post using the edit button on the bottom right of your 1st post, (2) the info you posted makes no sense unless you identify the station you posted it for, and finally (3) the info you posted was posted earlier today. PLEASE check the day's posts b4 making your post 2b sure not to repeat info. Thanks and welcome to the group!!!  

Favor:  My SIL Linda is looking for help to win a contest on z100 to take a disabled girl named Emely to see Ariana Grande. If you could vote for her daily at z100.com/pages/contest/ariana-grande/?4b. THANK U so very much!

Celebrity Interview - how she felt after canceling her tour
Entertainment Video - Hugh Laurie

VIDEO: Today in History for August 23rd: Silent movie
VIDEO: What's Hot in L.A.? How About Fro...: Japan
VIDEO: Chinese Takeouts Taking Out a Mai...: 200
VIDEO: American Awakes Only Speaking Swe...:Facebook
VIDEO: Weirdest Things Left Behind on Pl...: Glass eye

String: 1021621TanSilJap200FacEye


Pop Clips! Trivia - Ryan Gosling

12pm - Clarity
4:30pm - Same Love

Flavors Of AOL:
Polish Like A Pro 23: COTton pad
Make Up Must Haves 23: LAUra mercier
Rest & Recovery 23: OATmeal
Back To School 23: ELEphant
7 Items You Should Have 23: BALsomic vinegar
Hotels Around The World 23: LONdon

AOL STRING: CotLauOatEleBalLon

Hidden treasure day 23- boyfriend

Kanye West's Confession to Kris Jenner 2... - Picture
Giuliana Rancic on The Price Is Right 23 - Bananas
Randy Jackson Back On "Idol?" 23 - Arlene Santana
Kanye West Gushes About Kim K 23 - Being Next To Her
Jennifer Lopez Intruder Arrested 23 - Pool House

String:  10216TanJapSil200FacEyePicBanArlBeiPooCotLauLonOatEleBal

Flashback-word "nobody" worked
WOTR-I swearfa G-d -not working

Who led a tribute to late The Band drummer Levon Helm at the 2013 Grammy Awards? Elton John

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