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I have Comcast internet service, and they're jacking my monthly rate from $30 (6-month promo) to $63 soon. They do have a $20/month offer for existing customers, but apparently you have to have digital cable or telephone service with them (neither of which I am interested in).

Tried signing up online, of course rep tells me it's for existing TV/phone customers only. I ask what else they have to offer, and he tries to upsell me on a Triple Play package and 105mbps internet and other crap I don't need or want.

How can I get them to give me a good rate on internet only...let's say under $40/month (and not crappy <3mbps service)? Who should I call and what should I do? If I call and threaten to cancel or switch to Verizon, do they often give you a decent deal?

Thanks all!

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I will be in this situation in the next few months also. Before calling, find out all other promotions that are going on for high speed internet in you neighborhood. Write down speed and also price,
check about 200 - 300 Cash Back promos for Verizon or other vendors.

Then, call and mentione competition and prices. Have you been an on time paying customer for over a year.
Then, they would not want to lose you, since your a good customer.

They never had good deals for naked HSI. I always kept a sub to limited basic ($15) just for this reason. Currently on the $20 a month not sure till when. But have been in promos for the last 10 years this way. I have D* but the limited basic gives me the local channels in HD in case a storm passes (5'-10') or the dish gets snow covered (few hours, once a year).

Best way to get on a promo is to call in after your local office closes (late night or Sunday). Local office will never give you anything, however the regional call in centers will. You could also do it via chat online, but sometimes you have to call anyway.

As for "good long-term customer", i've been a customer for 6 months and paid my bill late once. If possible, I want to avoid leaving Comcast or any contracts. My only alternative (at least in my neighborhood) is Verizon, and it would be an even larger inconvenience since i'd have to replace my modem and such. It's semi-likely that i'll move elsewhere within 6 months, and don't want to be weighed down by a contract.

But I told the "live chat" CSR i wasn't going to pay more than $40, and he offered me "Blast" internet with basic cable for $40/month (for 12 months). Then he told me that i was actually just eligible for "Performance" internet with basic cable for $33/month (for 6 months), which is essentially the same deal I have now. So no problem there, other than them charging me $10 for the self-install kit that I don't need.

I already received a bill for the $63/month service, starting Jan 27 (it's the 24th now). CSR said the new service and rates will apply the day it starts (and I can call in 24 hours to activate). Hopefully what he said is true (oh well, at least i've got chat logs to back it up) so I won't have to pay the higher price.

Thanks all for the replies.

One last attempt. Instead of trying via chat on line. Try to call up customer service on the phone.
However, the 33 dollar promotion for six months seems like a reasonable deal.

They do not want to lose you as a good customer.

Ask if they can offer a lower price, if you stay with them for one year. i.e. 27 bucks or less.

I do like your results for chat on line discount, it beats the aggravation of talking to a live human.

You should call them... there shouldn't charge you for a self install kit if you already have HSI. Some times I had to wait and pay a month at full rate and then had no issue jumping back on a promo. It depends on the CSR. The last few times, I had no problem in renewing back to back. But of course, YMMV.

$33 for both limited basic and HSI is not bad. Even if it's for 6 months, rinse and repeat.

The online rep told me to contact 800-XFINITY to activate my service after 24 hrs ($33/month performance internet+basic cable offer). So I got on the phone to do so, and now the Comcast reps are giving me bullshit. "I have no record of this on your account", "Your promotional rate has expired", "That is an online-only offer", yadda yadda. Supposedly it's the sales department i'm speaking to...I chose the option "to change your service" but maybe i'm speaking to the wrong folks.

Anyway I got a chat log to back me up and one of them gave me a supervisor's email address to contact. Hopefully this will get me somewhere. Any suggestion on who to contact if it doesn't? I'll probably email their executive department(s) explaining my issue if they can't help me, but not sure if there's a better way to deal with this sort of problem.

Thanks all for the suggestions!

I bought my own cable modem ($86 from Newegg). Now service is cheaper $7 a month. Most people forget that they rent the modem and that sucker is expensive to rent.

BlueLetterD said:   I bought my own cable modem ($86 from Newegg). Now service is cheaper $7 a month. Most people forget that they rent the modem and that sucker is expensive to rent.

Yeah, bought modem for $70 or so (coulda gone cheaper, but I decided to spring for a DOCSIS 3 one). Over a year it comes out cheaper to own it than rent one from Comcrap.

I just had this issue come up on my bill.
My 1 year promo expired and bill internet only went from $24.99 to $62.99 with Comcast.

I called up 1 csr who said they had no cheaper internet packages, and was super rude about it.
So I called up and talked to retentions (or whatever dept processes cancelations)

I nicely told them I'm not looking to pay $63/month for internet, and I can get it with xxx for $30/month right now.
They told me that comcast doesn't not price match to competitors, and there is nothing that she could do.
She said to call back in a month and see if there is any internet only specials going on then.

Basically, they had no problem losing me as a customer. (no lates and been there over a year).
Well played Comcast. Glad you appreciate my business

Comcast sucks but they have the best service in my area. No real competition.

If I terminate my Comcast service, after a delay, can I then obtain a cheap new customer contract at Comcast?

Before trying anything. First check does Verizon, AT & T, or dsl extreme offer high speed intenet in your neighborhood.
If so, ask and check the pricing speed and costs. How much for one year or month to month service.

Now, contact Comcast (your present provider) or have a friend call them and ask what are internet only specials,
What are speeds and cost. i.e. 10mb download for 30&?? per month. What are costs.

Also, what is defined as a new customer. have a friend or aquaintance do this.
Is it 30 days, 40 days. Or what ?? time frame.

Try to get new customer special if possible.

They should not be rude to you. You are on time paying customer.

Call and cry poverty. If it doesn't work then call again.

BradMajors said:   If I terminate my Comcast service, after a delay, can I then obtain a cheap new customer contract at Comcast?

I believe one CSR told me a while back that I had to be separated for at least 3 months to start up again as a 'new' customer.

I called Comcast, and they only ofter me $10 discount from $63. I called 2nd time and again only often me $10 discount. So, I just cancelled the service.

Which # I should call so that I can get a live customer service rep?
I called 1-800-934-6489 and cannot get hold of anyone.

A Comcast chat rep said if the address that you're signing up for has had service in the last 120 days, you can't get your spouse/friend/dog to sign up as a new user to get the deals they have going. Has anyone else been able to do this recently with success? I know there's been numerous posts about doing it that way to get the new user deals in the past, so I'm not sure if the chat guy was just blowing smoke up my butt or if this is something new they came up with to deter people from doing that. If this is true, I'm likely going to dump Comcast altogether since they aren't willing to budge after increasing my Performance Internet + Digital Starter bundle around 40% after coming off the last deal I had with them.

BSing to comcast about competitive prices no longer works. I've been a customer for 8 years and tried dealing with them many times, but they always up to some 6/months cable loaded promotion BS and won't do anything about your naked HSI unless you are down for their bulky combo package.

So my internet is $45 and the basic cable is $12. Not really a big deal since I download a lot and the Netflix subscription stacks pretty well.

Try this link

More about deal here

Comcast provides a Xfinity pipe to my house. I pay them $41.95 a month. My average speed is around 6 MBs. I have no problem playing online games and/or streaming multiple Netflix/Roku boxes on it. The servers and provider that I use though is I signed up with them and I connect to their servers thru the Comcast fiber. This deal may not be the same in all areas of the country. Go to the Earthlink web page and check out the availability of high speed internet in your area. They have agreements with Comcast and Time Warner in most areas.

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