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I ordered an HIS Radeon 6570 video card in early June from Newegg. While I've been happy with the performance of the card itself, the company handling the rebate has left a lot to be desired. It had a $10 rebate on a ~55 card. I thought it was a pretty decent price for one of the better silent video cards on the market. Because the rebate was only $10, for the first time I did not take the time to scan all of the documents that I submitted, though I did spend the time to check and double check everything submitted.

Boy were there hoops! You had to pre-register online. Then they tried to nab 20% of the rebate by talking you into paying to get your rebate faster. Then I noticed that they had a label I needed to cut out and affix to the envelope or they wouldn't bother to open it. I think there were also another 3 or 4 "gotcha" items, if you weren't paying attention.

After waiting more than 90 days, I went to the 4myrebate.com website yesterday and entered my rebate info to check on status. It still said pending. I did notice that they had all of the materials that I had submitted scanned in as a pdf file I could look at, so I figured it would eventually go through no problem.

Strangely, today - just the day after I had checked on the status by entering the number on their website - I got an email telling me that the rebate had been denied because "date of purchase could not be verified". This made me scratch my head, because I had looked at the invoice on their own scan just the day before, and they had a scan of the Newegg invoice that I had provided - proof that I had given them the required information. Granted, they scan it in at a low resolution so that it pretty much looks like a low quality fax from days of yore.

Guess what - I went back this morning to look at the pdf scans of my submissions again, and all I could get was some message saying the document was corrupted. I tried 10 times over several hours, and finally was able to download the pdf scan. I tried again a few minutes ago, and now nothing comes up when you click on the link. It looks like the company even purposefully makes access to the scan on their website sporadic.

To paraphrase what they SHOULD have said - probably should have been something like this: "While our scan proves that you did, indeed provide us with all of the information we had required, we don't bother to read the original materials that you send us. Rather, we scan the materials in at such low resolution and quality that we can almost convincingly say that the information could not be verified, since we only look at the scans."

Anyway, they sent me an email telling me I had a second chance to claim my rebate again. All I had to do was follow directions in the email to the letter, print things out again, submit again, and wait again. Guess what? The directions were rather ambiguous. They told me to do certain things you can't do from that page, etc. Again, example that they do what they can to try to make sure they can keep your money.

I did some searches online at that point, and found posts from a number of people who have been going through similar things from 4myrebate.com. One guy went through almost exactly the same thing, jumped through all the hoops again, and was denied again. This time around, even though they had SPECIFICALLY asked to only be sent the missing/illegible item, they denied him because now they were missing the other items that he had been told were not a problem. As such, it looks like this company goes to extreme measures not to honor the rebates, if at all possible.

If I had thought about it up front, I should have done a Better Business Bureau search:

F rating, probably only because you can't give them an F minus.

First time for me that I haven't made copies of all the submitted materials, and also the first time I haven't gotten a rebate. I guess there's a first time for everything. However, this will be the very last time that I do anything at all through 4myrebate.com - hopefully Newegg.com stops using them in the future. If anything out there is a scam, they definitely qualify.

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I think 4myrebate.com has a glitch in their site ...

I used them to submit a rebate for a Dyco Serpentine Belt for my car and I received an email saying my rebate was APPROVED and after I got that email, the scan of my submitted stuff is corrupt and won't let me download it anymore. It was fine for me to view up until I got the email saying "Approved." I wonder if their system is triggering something that breaks the link to the scanned materials when the email (approval or denial) is sent.

I was actually pretty impressed with the scan of my materials ... seemed rather good quality and they even scanned my envelope showing the postage mark, etc. (which was easily read).

Sorry you had a bad experience with them (and Newegg.com).

If everyone would sent Newegg the link to the BBB
I think Newegg would drop them.

ShadowedBlade said:   I think 4myrebate.com has a glitch in their site ...

Yep could not read the documents yesterday but can read them fine today on one of my rebates.

Try again OP and see what comes up.

Sad to hear that you had a terrible experience. I also bought a sapphire video card from Amazon. In all my previous rebates, I have always printed the order receipt when sending the rebate documents. This time, 4myrebate denied my claim and sent me an email with a contact phone number. I spoke to a lady based in Florida. She explained that the process is a lil different for Amazon purchases. The rebate team are required to look for Amazon invoices and not order receipts. She walked me through the phone on how to find the invoice. It would have been better if that was mentioned in the rebate application form. I could have saved time.
Anyhow I had to r-submit the claim and the rebate was processed within 3 weeks. I like fact that they upload the scanned documents we sent them.
The lady's statement over the phone was "the manufacturer try their best to find reasons not to give the rebate and hence they are instructed to strictly follow the rules given by the manufacturer"
Most of today's rebate claim offers asks you to complete online form, print them out, affix UPC code and post. It's extra work, but we get money at the end.
I am disappointed that they didn't make it clear in the rebate form, so I had to redo it a second time. However my rebate was processed the second time.

A few commentsIStillPickUpPennies said:   I did not take the time to scan all of the documents that I submitted.Always take the time to do that. Takes what, a minute maybe? Boy were there hoops! You had to pre-register online.I consider that a plus. I enter my information into their system, so I can make sure it's correct and don't have to depend on some underpaid drone to correctly type all my hand-printed info into the system. Plus i hate having to hand-print all my info into the all-too-common form that has tiny spaces for entering the info. Then they tried to nab 20% of the rebate by talking you into paying to get your rebate faster.You actually talked to someone? Me, I just check the box for the other option -- basic service I believe they call it. One mouse click -- done.Then I noticed that they had a label I needed to cut out and affix to the envelope or they wouldn't bother to open it.Nonsense. I have submitted dozens of rebates through them and never done that. I just copy the address from the rebate form, paste into Word and print out the envelopeI think there were also another 3 or 4 "gotcha" items, if you weren't paying attention.Nothing other than the standard hoops for any rebate processor.

There are horror stories about every rebate processor out there. Most of them process most rebates with no problem, but all of them will screw up, accidentally, or "accidentally" (nudge-nudge). Follow the basic rules (number 1 being make copies of everything) and you can clear up almost every screw up except for the biggest scam operations.

4myrebate processes rebates for lots of companies, and *for me* they have been golden *so far*. I just checked some current submissions and am running into the same "corrupted" file problem you noticed. It is the first time I have ever seen that so like others will assume (or should that be ASSume) it's a temporary glitch for now. All my scanned docs in the past have been perfectly clear and easy to read.

Here's hoping you get this cleared up and get your rebate. Don't give up so easily.

I had the same issue. Luckily I had a copy of my rebate paperwork, so resubmitted it as they 'gave me second chance'. Received rebate in 2-3 weeks.

WTF is a second chance? Second chance for them to get it right.

I agree with "comprx".
They are nice people & have processed all my rebates so far perfectly.

They are handling the Advance Auto Rebates.. nothing but a nightmare for me.

I thought I would share an update. Vivian over at Newegg's customer service (service@Newegg.com) took a look at the link, and since 4myrebate.com had denied me for the sole reason that they could not verify purchase date, Newegg issued me a $10 gift card to replace the $10 check I should have received from 4myrebate.com.

Fantastic customer service on the part of Newegg.com. They took an annoying situation (a rebate processor claiming they couldn't read the scan they made of my submitted materials) and did more than I expected. This is probably why Newegg.com has become the main place where I have purchased computer parts over the last 8 years. Now I have technically still received 100% of the rebates I have submitted over the years - yay!

SlamminMOFO said:   They are handling the Advance Auto Rebates.. nothing but a nightmare for me.

I got all my advance rebates.

I bought a Monitor from Newegg. I mailed the rebate form to 4myrebate them and I just received an acknowledgement within two weeks. My rebate form, product bar code, as well as my mailing envelope can all be displayed on their site. Everything is clear and I'd expect that the rebate will arrive within the promised parameters.

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