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Recently purchased ATT Uverse with self installation, tried installing it but didn’t work.
Called technical services.
CALL 1- they said Modem was not good, will send a new one in a week. I asked to cancel the account, was hold for 15-20 min finally disconnected.
CALL 2 (after a day) – they said, will send a technician. According to technician phone line was not good.
Apartment maintenance checked it and said everything is good (according to them)
CALL 3 – they said phone line is good now but modem is bad #$%$%^, will send technician
Technician told us that phone line is not good and he is going to put a line, which he did and internet started working.
I was out of internet for a week and ATT is going to bill me $100 for installation. I want to know who is responsible to install phone lines to apartments.

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They certainly fail the Googlee sniff test

pietromoon (Feb. 04, 2013 @ 4:11p) |

That is only the tip of the iceberg.

2hotforu (Feb. 04, 2013 @ 7:33p) |

Uverse support has been great for me. My only issues are: the price increases and the DVR drives only seem to last a ye... (more)

riznick (Feb. 07, 2013 @ 6:11p) |

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Buddies said:    I want to know who is responsible to install phone lines to apartments.

Pretty sure no one here.

California requires landlords to provide one working telephone jack
California Civil Code Section 1941.4 Telephone Jacks & Wiring

i am forced to switch to U verse because my entire neighborhood got to switch, but the modem smoked after first 15 minutes and caused the wireless not working, technical support sent me a new one and now one old laptop and an internet radio could not connect to the U verse modem while they previously could to my old set up/ DSL router,

landlord 's supposed to furnish a good phone line, show your ATT bill to landlord as proof the line was no good, if landlord won't budge, talk to ATT and see if they can waive the installation charge, they switch me to another promotion every time i call after the original promo is over

1) Almost 3 yrs ago, AT&T promised that I could get U-Verse in my semi-rural home. The showed up late on the appointed date, and said "your signal is too weak - you wont be happy" when they tested my copper phone line connection and distance.

2) A year later, the came back by offering a $200 Visa card and 'assured me' they have upgraded my small neighborhood. I ended up skipping my child's b-day party for the Sat. appointment, only to be told by the technician "Well, the signal is too weak, you'll get disconnected all the time and we really shouldn't proceed."

3) Six months ago, some guys shows up on my doorstep selling AT&T U-verse, and I relayed to him #1 and #2. He said he was sorry. He went on to say that internet service wasn't offered if I didn't bundle with a TV package (I have OTA - hard to compete with free). As nicely as I could bear, I told him to get off my porch and go away.

Between #2 and #3, a competing, regional cable internet company made me an offer, and I took them up on it (15mb/2mb). They came out and said "I'm getting little or no signal through your coax" and put his instruments away. He went back to this truck/trailer combo, and got out a trencher and ran almost 300' of new coax cable and did a tidy job of burying it by himself, in 100*F weather. It has rocked ever since.

Questions for the reader:

Who do think my allegiance is to?

What do you think my opinion of AT&T is to this day?

Hope you still got the $200 visa gift card for your troubles.

Worst customer service experience EVER! Don't even want to think about all my bad experience with U verse internet. When it works its fine, but oh boy before you start service and if you have a problem IT IS NIGHTMARE. Believe me I am not exaggerating.

goldsheet said:   California requires landlords to provide one working telephone jack
California Civil Code Section 1941.4 Telephone Jacks & Wiring

Since a huge percentage of people no longer use POTS lines, this law is becoming obsolete.

pianomaster said:   Worst customer service experience EVER! Don't even want to think about all my bad experience with U verse internet. When it works its fine, but oh boy before you start service and if you have a problem IT IS NIGHTMARE. Believe me I am not exaggerating.

My mother in law had a similar experience in San Diego County U-verse installed bundled service (television, phone, internet) 13 months ago. Installation took more than 3 hours. Television stopped working a day after their representative installed service. She called to report the problem to customer service, they shipped her a new unit and support walked her through installation over the phone. Television service worked thereafter but occasionally would shut off completely and U-verse support couldn't explain the reason why and wouldn't fix the problem. Her internet connection also dropped frequently -- she only uses internet to access email and occasional web browsing. The only part of the bundle that seemed to work consistently was the phone. I used her laptop when we visited recently and even though she has a relatively new (18 month old Lenovo laptop), the download was painfully slow. She cancelled U-verse 3 weeks ago and switched to cable. Cable is more expensive but she was tired of dealing with the U-verse frustration. I was told recently that U-verse was phasing out DSL in my area. We only have Charter Cable as an alternative. I don't want to switch but I suppose eventually I will have no choice.

A week isn't bad, it took me a month to get dry DSL service. They explicitly told me that they would do the installation faster if I also ordered phone service, but I wanted dry DSL. They set up three separate accounts for me for this one DSL line and were triple billing me. It took me two months and a complaint to the BBB to get them to drop the triplicate billing.

Worst customer service ever.

They suck big time. I was going to try them once but they didn't show up for their appointment and they didn't have the courtesy to tell me that they can't make it (there goes my Saturday). I then called to see if I can reschedule and they pushed me to a month after. I chose to stick with Comcast even if it was $20 bucks more.
They in my opinion are undergoing the same thing that Sprint went through. They were good, then sucked, CEO kicked out, new CEO comes in and revives the whole company back again. Only thing that with all the great customer service Sprint offers, they could not get back to being the best! Too late in the game to catch up!

It was easy for me to switch comcast to u-verse. power up the gateway and register the account. It only took less than 10 min to get all my wire and wireless devices work. I tested the speed as well. It is around 8~10M instead of 12M as claimed.

Every experience I have with AT&T... multiple states, multiple buildings... always ended up a nightmare.

From DSL in one home that NEVER worked (back when AT&T had some kind of deal with Prodigy... Prodigy would blame AT&T, AT&T would blame Prodigy, neither would speak to each other so I'd have to call each to report problems), to being billed for something I finally had to get government regulators to tell them they HAD to stop billing me for... only to have them stop for 6 months or so, then have it reappear on the bill all over again! AT&T is the absolute worst customer service EVER. Period. End of story.

I go so far out of my way to never deal with AT&T. I pay close to 3x more for cable Internet than DSL promo prices here but its just worth it. Then not to have to deal with AT&T's crazy Internet data capping rules. Just so thankful not to use AT&T now for anything!!!!

Dealing with the devil. Should have terminated company long ago.

The "bad" part of "bad experience with ATT" is redundant. All experiences with ATT are awful.

My experience with AT&T

Problems with Internet speed and voice quality. static so bad you couldn't hear someone talk 75% of the time. Call AT&T and they say no problem detected when they run diags even though they could not hardly hear me. Finally schedule someone to come out in a week. The day before I get a recording saying they ran a line test and no problem found and service call cancelled. Called again, 30 minutes later have another appointment in another week. Again I get a recorded call cancelling appointment due to no problem found. Another long call and 3rd appointment set up in a week. Line guy comes out and runs test. Finds problem with main cable so had to set up appointment with people that fix the main cable in a few days. After they come out Internet about the same but voice now works significantly better - now there is bad static only 20% of time. Called AT&T again. again they say no problem detected but set up an appt to come out in a week. Day before I get the recorded message saying line was tested and no problem found, appt canceled. At this point I called Brighthouse.

Note? Static present on line even when house line disconnected and phone connected direct to outside box.

Regardless of numerous bonus offers do you think I will ever look at AT&T again!!!!!

Brighthouse install was not trouble free either. Required initial install, then a call back to repair a not working jack, to which installer did not show. then Brighthouse sent employee out to fix jack due to bad install in outside box. They at.least gave me two separate $50 credits due to problem and then the no show. Never got anything from AT&T with months of unusable service.

ATT is probably the worst service provider I have ever dealt with. The physical installation sucks but what is worst is their customer service. God forbid you should ever have a billing issue. You'll get to talk to multiple people at different phone numbers who are all confused. Look at all of the customer complaints about ATT on the Internet. Your misery will be max'd out should you sign up for one of their promos. Be prepared for them to screw up the monthly payments and if there is a rebate involved, you will have to fight for your $.

I was previously in a Verizon Fios and Charter Cable area and moved south 2 miles into a ATT U-Verse and Charter Cable area. Charter cable is $50 for internet and phone (need phone for fax purpose) and ATT U-Verse has never come close to that in terms of pricing. I had decent experiences with Verizon FIOS but only heard horror stories about ATT U-Verse. In our master bedroom closet, there is a ATT U-Verse box along with a ATT U-Verse modem from the previous occupants. I could probably put up with bad service with competitive pricing but they are hardly competitive (wanting over $90 for bundle service compare to Charter's $75) plus having to sign 2-year contract.

Had U-Verse. Was moving to a new place and told them to terminate service on the 30th. Big party at my house on the 28th for UFC fights. Guess when they decided to terminate service?
Spent 3 HOURS talking to customer service. They couldn't reactivate my old account, so they had to create a new one. CS rep said they would let me have the PPV for half price due to the inconvenience.

One month after moving I receive a bill for the DVR and modem not being turned in, a full month of service, as well as the full price of the PPV on the new account after turning in the DVR and modem on the old account. I told them what happened, asked for a correct final bill. They sent an "updated" bill for the same amount.
F*** them. I paid them nothing on the 2nd account.

They sent it to collections. I disputed it. Collections validated it from ATT. I sent collections company a certified letter with return receipt of the copy of the receipt for the DVR and modem turned in on the other account, gave detailed account of the phone calls and request for correct final bill, and demanded they cease and desist further collection efforts until they get an accurate amount from ATT and that I will sue them for violating my FCRA rights for reporting an inaccurate bill.

Also sent ATT an FCBA letter via certified mail with return receipt requesting an accurate final bill and to remove any negative remarks from my credit report or face legal action.

Last thing I received was a polite letter from the collection company notifying me that they were no longer collecting on the account and had removed all information from my credit report from all 3 bureaus. I checked my report to confirm. Negative remarks from ATT were removed through validation request to the credit bureaus.

Haven't heard anything from ATT in nearly years on this.

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart: F*** ATT.

AT&T sucks. Recently my husband called to transfer DSL service. The rep placed the order for the transfer, charged him for it and scheduled someone to go to new location couple miles away to put line in. On the day of the so called transfer completion my husband called AT&T to schedule time to do the final switch and make sure the internet is working in the new place. That's when they then told him that they do not offer service at new location...

I love reading horror stories about AT&T and the way they do business. I have one thing to say. Try working for the company. You think customers get treated bad. Just think how the employee gets treated. The next time a tech comes to work on your service be nice to them. It is not their fault AT&T is so messed up. They would love for your service to run smooth and without any outages. That is just not the AT&T way. They have about half the employees working outside in a tech job that they to provide good service. It is just getting worse. When you work for a company and the only way to fix your messed up bill is to file a FCC complaint should tell you something about a company. Sorry guys. I have heard all the horror stories.

AT&T should be responsible for the phone lines that go to the point where they reach a distribution point for the individual apartment units. From that point AT&T pins the tech fee on whoever's name is on the bill. In my experience with AT&T several times regarding issues with the phone lines, they always made that disclosure before completing the job ticket to get a tech out to my place.

Now getting a landlord to reimburse you $100 can get tricky. It's easy to prove that they need to replace a toilet when you can try to flush it and it doesn't do what it's supposed to do. But when you're trying to argue that the old lines have a physical problem resulting in a network signal producing a ton of CRC errors because the attenuation goes beyond the threshold to keep a signal synced, LL may easily play dumb for a while and drag this out for ages.

ATT is a horrible company in many ways. I'm lucky that I've had relatively good experiences with them. I have U-Verse for internet only and it wasn't so bad to self-install, and my building is new so all our lines are good. However, I did have some problems since they refused to allow me to use DSL even though I already had it in another unit at the same location. None of the reps were ever able to explain how I'd managed to get it before.

Just like with any other provider or service, the acronym YMMV applies. Back in November I moved into a home where I had 2 choices..A local cable company with overpriced service with many outages or U-Verse. I live a stones throw away from the central office so I thought I would give UVerse (another) try. I have not had one issue. I got free installation and the technician was awesome. He was here for almost 6 hours as he wasn't happy with the condition of the coax in the home (built in early 80's) and ran CAT5 througout, upstairs and downstairs, except for the living room where he gave me a free wireless box. I still think AT&T is the devil, and I would never switch my cellular to them but in this case I have been fortunate

This shows the number of modems I used with AT&T with SIX years of service--continual outages.
I changed to Charter. NO problems, faster, and less monthly charge with $20.00 installation,
free modem, no required bundle and NO CONTRACT.

Wow... Did not realize U-verse and AT&T had so many issues.

I keep checking to see if it will come to my neighborhood, but I will stick with what I have. I need it to work and refuse to put up with horrible customer service.

Having tried AT&T in several locations in multiple states they have the worst customer dis-service in the uverse. Billing is generally a nightmare that defies logic.

They certainly fail the Googlee sniff test

cajundavid said:   Having tried AT&T in several locations in multiple states they have the worst customer dis-service in the uverse. Billing is generally a nightmare that defies logic.

That is only the tip of the iceberg.

Uverse support has been great for me. My only issues are: the price increases and the DVR drives only seem to last a year before they die. I've had lots of bad customer support experiences with AT&T, fortunately uverse support is much better.

Want bad service, try TWC or AT&T DSL.

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