Word of Warning When Using Newegg (Returninig a newly purchased item)

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I wanted to alert other Fatwalleters of my recent Newegg experience to prevent this from happening to someone else.

Here is my recent experience when purchasing a Corsair CX-550M (found here in Slickdeals) a few weeks ago:

- Power supply received DOA (wouldnt power up in PC or when performing the paperclip test)
- Returned to Newegg (the day after I received it) and Newegg took ~10 days to receive/process the return. First they told me they were denying rebate because SN was illegible on the product (Mind you, all I did was install in PC and discover Power supply wouldnt turn on, so I reboxed EVERYTHING and returned to Newegg the very next day same as how I received it).
- After questioning the SN, they then came back and said, "actually we're denying the warranty because the tamper sticker on the power supply had been removed/damaged."
- Newegg returned Power Supply to me (took over a week to receive) and low and behold, the tamper proof sticker is totally torn up (it was NOT like this when I returned the unit. If it was, then they sold me a used unit which is equally bad). Now, Im ineligible for the rebate because they took so long to process and return (out of rebate window) AND even worse, Im stuck with a brick that cost me $60.
- Newegg, why would I mess with the tamper sticker that is on the top screw of the power supply when I JUST purchased it and had free return shipping through Shoprunner (product was covered under Newegg return policy & Mfg warranty)? What incentive would I have to attempt to open this power supply 1 day after I received it? This is completely baffling to me.
- What kind of company would deliberately remove the tamper proof sticker to avoid having to replace/refund the power supply (I initially asked for a replacement instead of a refund because I STILL need a working power supply).
- I understand that a small percentage of electronics products (especially power supplies) are known to arrive DOA, so I can give the benefit of the doubt to Corsair here (though it is still very inconvenient and they should do their best to reduce/eliminate this by enhancing QC measures).
- What I cannot fathom is that Newegg would deliberately scratch off the tamper warranty sticker to avoid having to replace or refund a fairly inexpensive power supply (that would have still been covered by the Mfg warranty, which Im sure they would have been reimbursed for).

To Newegg,
This is now your second (MAJOR) strike with me and really should prevent me from ever using your services again. The first strike is that my initial user account (in which I had purchased MANY items throughout the years) was compromised and hackers ordered $600 in Newegg gift cards with my stored credit card. I get it, this also happens from time to time, but it does make me question your security policies. Though you were quick to refund this theft, you cancelled my account that had Premier benefits and did not make efforts for me to easily setup a new account with the same benefits.
I ordered this power supply under a newly created account (first order placed). Perhaps you thought that since I was a "new customer" you could get away with denying this warranty and that it wouldnt be a big loss to lose me as a customer (since I was new). Perhaps the decision to remove the warranty tamper sticker was made by an employee that was having a bad day and just didnt want to process extra paperwork to validate the warranty? One will likely never know, but I will be sure to alert others of this experience and to caution them when returning items.

To others, I would highly recommend that you document your return before mailing it back (take pictures of serial numbers, warranty tamper stickers, overall condition of product, etc) before mailing it back to Newegg. Im not sure this would help because Newegg can always just say that the SN or tamper stickers were damaged after the pictures were taken, but it may offer some amount of protection.

Im currently disputing this transaction with Visa, but Newegg is pushing back saying that they have photos that show the tamper sticker damaged (Yeah, YOU guys damaged it!).  Its basically my word against theirs so we will see how Visa handles it.

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Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, it's sounds like a good thing to do with any return now a days. Will definitely do a quick video. Good luck.

Chargeback, perhaps?

LorenPechtel said:   Chargeback, perhaps?
 See last paragraph of OP. 

CitiBank has this benefit for cardholders: 90 Day Return Protection - If you try to return an item within 90 days of purchase and the merchant won’t take it back, we may refund you the purchase price up to $300 per item and $1,000 per year.

Check with your VISA card issuer.

Right - but if this is the experience, it still sucks.

Do Newegg purchases still offer free purchase protection from Google? Has anyone ever tried using this service?

credit card company will side with you. Evidence doesn't matter to them.

tante said:   credit card company will side with you. Evidence doesn't matter to them.
YMMV.  Many credit cards sided with Sunrocket when they pulled the plug on their VOiP service.  

Newegg seems be becoming bad eggs. Used to buy from them all the time, including a couple bad PSUs ($150 apiece) and their "after the sale" service was great. But the past year or so they seem to have become very scummy, similar experiences to what OP listed, so unfortunately it's becoming more and more Amazon and eBay for components. Newegg had a good thing going and they blew it.

tante said:   credit card company will side with you. Evidence doesn't matter to them.
Credit card issuers are usually supposed to side with the consumer, and many merchants simply don't want to pay for challenging disputes.  But card issuers vary in how well they uphold federal credit card law, and I'm sure many base their service on how profitable a customer is.  Apparently the feds don't specify much about the standards for dispute investigations, so some companies simply check if the charges were made by the customers and automatically rule against them if they were -- nothing about the product or service being defective.  Filing the dispute again often reverses this.  


It wouldn't hurt to also file complaints with the California Attorney General and BBB.org.

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