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just got back from sunny (and hot) lv...
here's my info, hope it helps....

flew in last fri pm (2 people Delta free w/ FF miles)
stayed Fri & Sat at Aladdin for $89 per night on supposed free breakfast package. Chiselers refused to give us Bfasts 3 & 4. Told us "only two breakfasts per stay". Told them I'd be perfectly happy to check out and in again, but the discussion quickly deteriorated into a bad Monty Python skit so we wrote off the other 2 breakfasts. Hotel was half empty but they refused us late checkout when we asked at 5 AM Sunday after dropping beaucoup bucks at the Blackjack table... Told us they needed our room... yeah right... Bankrupcy is making this place worse by the second... Any nickel they could cut, they did...
Sunday and Monday stayed at Mirage (thanks WW)
Tuesday and Wednesday stayed at NYNY (thanks WW)
had 4 free buffets at MGM (thanks WW)
had 4 free buffets at Bellagio (thanks WW)
had 2 free buffets at Mirage (thanks WW)

Wagerworks notes :
NYNY redemption is the best, operators on duty late, knowledgeable and helpful.
Mirage, nobody ever answers phone #, messages go unreturned for several days. Finally we walked over there and the front desk found a live human and booked our room. Same with the buffets at the players club desk. They told us that "since the program was going away, no one really took care of it anymore...:" They also told us they were seeing a large number of redemptions recently... Really?
Bellagio, again we ended up at the players club desk since no one ever answered the phone when we called... People were real nice and finally got things straightened away for us after many phone calls. Told us not to walk in like that again....Ok, we won;t...

Buffet notes: (we'll go worst to best)
4. Mirage, Lunch. Not Bad. (especially for free) Pick out the peeled cocktail shrimp since they mix them together with the unshelled ones. Roast Beef was overdone and dry. A couple of desserts were a color green not found in nature... Chinese beef dish was good.
3. MGM, once at lunch, once at breakfast/lunch. first one was ok, it was the end of lunch, and stuff had been sitting a while. out waitress brought us sodas and then disappeared, never to be seen again. we got the hint to leave when they began taking all the food away even though there were still diners. when we hit it again, 2 days later, right after the start of lunch at 11:15, one of the lines was still doing breakfast food. Eggs Benny, omelets to order, Bacon tongs had a tough triggerpoint, kid in front of me grabbed the whole bacon pile and then couldn;t hold it all the way to her plate. Biggest Jackpot i saw all week. Bacon everywhere. Kid started to pick it up off the floor and blow it off and put it on her plate. (Yack !) I convinced her to just leave it and come back later for more bacony goodness. (Finally, some free bacon at last !!!!)
2. Aladdin, Sat Champagne Brunch. Great omelettes to order, free champagne, bloody marys, mimosas... Food was really good, Advertised crab legs were mysteriously absent. Bowls of fresh berries were a highlight... 4 bowls a highlight...
1. Bellagio, once at breakfast/lunch. once at dinner. Folks we have a winner. Twas truly awe insipiring to a glutton like me. Breakfast, rolling into lunch, Onelets to order, perfect lox, again the mixed berries at the salad station were amazing. Had just a little lunch food at the end, the shrimp ceviche was great, desserts outstanding... The dinner was the pinnacle. King Crab legs, already split in half so you don't have to make a mess. Roast Beef, Ham, Chicken Wellington, Rack of Lamb, Venison, Rare Roast Buffalo, Sushi, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Jumbo Shrimp, and on and on and on... How many places have Passion Fruit sorbet in their softserve machine? a cheese tray? Flan and Bananas Foster among many others for dessert? Worth hitting, even if you have to pay....

Disclaimer : No offense to anyone here, just the truth of what went down.
And finally, my flight home.... Leave LV 11 AM. Get to LA Noon, for 1 pm connection to Boston, scheduled arrival 9:30 pm. Plane to Boston pushes back at 1ish, heads for runway, all of a sudden we're heading back for the terminal. Jetway comes back on, and a man of Middle Eastern descent rapidly leaves the plane with his briefcase. Pilot says we have a problem and we'll be a few minutes. we sit and sit.. (several girls rush to first class and got backstreet boy "Kevin"'s autograph) pilot come on and says now we're waiting for security. Security shows up and escorts 2 middle eastern men from back row of plane. we saw them board, and remembered that they were that last ones on the plane. everyone told to stay in their seats. security tears up the section they were sitting in and the lavatories as well. Several people pack up and leave. Security checks who owns every carryon bag on plane. My buddy's bag was up there, yet he never had to claim it... hmmm.... finally, 2:45ish we taxi again, thank god, cause with the plane off, we had no A/C. as we speed up for takeoff we hear a thump, and then, about halfway down the runway, the pilot shuts it down. back to the terminal we go. this time most everyone gets the heck off the plane. after about 20 mins they announce it was just a faulty indicator, and we can reboard in a few minutes. Oops, nope, the pilots will have been on duty for too long, we need to get new ones. Scheduled departure : 4:00, nope 4:30, about 5:15ish, 5:30, maybe 6... at 6:00 we board and at 6:45 we actually take off. Big round of applause. Free drinks for everyone,,, Oops sir, you've already had 2, we'll have to start charging you. Huh? Landed in Boston at 3 am...They actually gave a voucher for a taxi home too....

Fun facts on above...
a) yes we tried desperately to get a different flight out. There was nothing avail on any airline until Friday Midmorning. Our friends at home (how did we get by w/o cell phones?)confirmed what the sirline told us at the desk. Point was made that if they couldn;t hold the two guys, they'd probably be on the next flight out, and with my luck, i'd be sitting next to them.

b) Middle Eastern man that left the plane first was a doctor from LA. He overheard and understood whatever the other two were saying in Arabic and reported it to the stewardess who was already suspicious of the 2 guys, who i hear were in and out of the lavatory several times before takeoff and were doing other "suspicious things". the doctor left the plane to tell his story to security and then they came and got the 2 other guys. The doctor was the good guy, and ended up back on the flight.

i'm done now. if you waded through this your reading homework for the evening is forgiven.

Great report!

You probably thought this thread was dead. Well, here's my trip report.

Pulled into Vegas from LA on Sunday afternoon. Went directly to the GapBody stores to pick up my free boxers, since there are no GapBody stores in my area and the regular Gaps stores didn't take the coupons. Next, I drove to NYNY and checked in, using the VIP line, bypassing the unwashed masses checking in through the regular people's line; it only took 10 minutes to check in. The rooms are nice, the Art Deco and Moderne style furniture are well made - I know the wood is laminate/veneer, but it took an up-close look in minute detail to spot the veneer. There were two armoir - one for the TV with drawers and the other as a replacement for the usual closet and which contained a ironing board and more drawers. The room also had a safe. The bathroom had a really deep tub/shower combination. Unfortunately, the room did not have a good view.

After unloading my stuff, I went back down to the VIP line to pick up my Manhattan Express Rollercoaster tickets. They didn't have them ready and told me to wait; I waited 30 minutes, but they still didn't have them ready, so the VIP personnel told me she would leave a message on my room phone.

It was time for my first buffet dinner at MGM Grand. I went to the MGM Director's Club booth to validate my buffet dinner reservations (one for Sunday and one for Monday night). Again, I was told to bypass the unwashed masses and go directly to the VIP line; 5 minutes and I'm at my table eating (more like gorging out on seafood and prime rib), while the rest of the people are still waiting in line for my table to open up. The food was good, especially for free, but stay away from the hockey puck steak and dried out roasted pork.

After dinner, I went to the Excalibur casino and played at a $5 BlackJack table with $100 in chips. Within an hour, I was down $50, but after 2 hours, I walked away with an extra $106.

Next morning, I went to a $5 BJ table at the MGM and again played with $100 in chips. Again, I was down $50 after an hour, but won another $101 after 2 hours of play. I checked my phone message and picked up my rollercoaster tickets. I was told to bypass the regular people's line and go through the VIP line. The ride was pretty exciting, but their camera caught a really stupid picture of me, so I didn't buy their shot. Of course, the ride isn't worth $10 that they charge the regular people - the ride is not any better or worse than rides at 6-Flags or Disneyland.

After a light lunch and a little nap at 2:00, I went to the Luxor, found another $5 BJ table and played with my $100 in chips. I was down only $30 after 30 minutes, but then won $145 after an hour.

I then went back to NYNY to use the pool and hot tubs. The pool is not deep (4ft) enough for diving, but it was nice and cool as a respite from the Vegas heat. You need your room key to get into the pool area and borrow a towel.

After another MGM Grand dinner buffet stuffing, I couldn't walk any further, so I plopped myself into the nearest $5 BJ table. After an hour of play, I walked away with $112.

Checked out this morning and drove home to make this trip report. I won over $460 on this trip, and my only cost was a happy meal and 20 gallons in unleaded gas for the round trip.

Thanks, wagerworks, for a great escape.

i have a reservation for 8/8 - 8/11. would they allow a change, say to 8/1 - 8/4? or is it that once you make your reservation you can't change it anymore?



It will probably depend on which hotel you're going to. The Bellagio will not allow you to change dates once you've made your initial choice. I do not know about the other hotels. You should call immediately to find out. If you've made reservations at NYNY, they have your credit card and may charge you if you don't show up, but they may allow you to change dates.

Give them a call. I believe they (Bellagio included) will let you do it as long as they have space and not blackout dates.

thanks for the advice. i did and they changed my dates to:

8/1-8/2 - NYNY
8/3 - Mirage

should be a greate labor day weekend.
<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>

8/1-8/2 - NYNY
8/3 - Mirage

should be a greate labor day weekend.

Most of us have labor day off in Sep. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif"border=0>

oopps... that's 9/1-9/3.

<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif"border=0>

oakind said:

<< I agree with alaskadan, the Treasure Island Buffet smokes the bone. I shoulda asked for a refund. The LUXOR has a good spread, but My brother said The Rio is the best. >>

Agree, but it is more expensive than other hotels.

<lets a tear fall>

If only this topic had been titled differently, such as "Free Hotel Stays And Meals In Vegas," I might have discovered it earlier. I just clicked on it on a whim tonight and read through. I'm sad <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif"border=0>

Oh well...another hot deal will come.

Short Bellagio Trip Report:

Went to Bellagio Aug 11-13. They accidentally comped me three buffets; one for breakfast and two for dinner. Unfortunately, the buffets had to be used the same day and since I did not travel with anyone, the last dinner buffet was never used. But the buffets were excellent - softserve passion fruit sherbert was a surprise.

The room was very nice. This is a first time I've stayed in a hotel that provided robes, chocolate mints on pillows and bed turn down service. Unfortunately, the only view was of the pools rather than of the Strip. The pools were awesome. Wished I could have spent the whole trip in the pools.

Gambling wise - if you are a BlackJack player who sit at the cheap $5 tables and who manages the size of the bet by counting/visually inspecting cards (not that I know how, cough, cough), you want to avoid casinos like the Bellagio, Treasure Island, etc since these casinos are now using a machine that shuffles the deck(s) after every hand, not at the end of the traditional shoe. I quickly lost $75 at the Bellagio just betting the minimum $5. Also lost $100 at OShea's - this casino and others have tweaked their BJ rules to increase their return; i.e. they don't allow doubling down after splitting cards, etc. But in total, I won $180 on this trip.

So again, this trip only cost me 20 gallons in unleaded and another happy meal. Dang, the expenses are killing my profits!<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif"border=0>

I got back from my final Vegas/Wagerworks trip as well. Lost $800 in 3 days, then went on a hot streak and won $500 of it back 2 hours before I had to go to the airport.

FYI, those of you who had your accounts suspended can thank webscavenger. He directed wagerworks to this thread in an effort to get the hammer put down on me and nullify my trip. Luckily I removed all my posts before wagerworks got around to looking at it. Unfortunately, though, many of you took the fall instead and for that I feel bad.

I have the email correspondence that webscavenger stupidly forwarded to me, if anybody is interested.

Planning to go Labor Day Weekend....anyway to get free show tickets?? want to see Blueman or the Robbins Williams one......


I am interesting in seeing the email you received. Your PM is not on so please PM or email it to me at


any idea how to get discount or even free tickets for las vegas show on txgiving? thanks

I'm Going to Las Vegas this December.
Any deal around?


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