Costco- What Kirkland products are better than their name-brand counterparts?

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I too love Kirkland coffee!

I prefer the Kirkland powdered dishwasher detergent and baby wipes to their brand name counterparts. I actually got a box of dishwasher detergent free after coupon at the supermarket and couldn't wait for it to be finished so that I could go back to the Kirkland brand since food kept getting left on my dishes (I have never had that problem with the Kirkland).

I just decided to try the laundry detergent (up until this point I was a lifetime Tide user) and although I have only done a few loads so far, I have been happy. Only difference that I have noticed is the scent.

Their laundry detergent is terrific IMO. I also like their socks and fabric softner

Kirkland TP is Costco's single biggest selling item.

I was also recently told by someone in-the-know that Duracell makes the Kirkland household-use batteries and that only the label is different.

Kirkland batteries = Duracell

I actually posted my previous message before seeing that last post--so I can confirm that GettaClue is correct.

I don't know who manufactures Kirkland batteries or if they've changed over time, but I've been using them for many years and will continue to use them. The one issue I've had with them is that I've had several leaks, more frequently than name brands in my experience. Granted, this is after at least 6-12 months if not longer. I just try harder to take batteries out of unused devices, but when that remote control just works, year after year, it's easy to forget. I've never seen any real tests for such things, please post links if they are available.

I'll second the vote for the Kirkland solid white tuna. It is actually much better than any name brand, even Bumble Bee which I think is the best name brand. Open a can and it is pure solid white fillet, none of that funky looking stuff that you find in other brands.

kirkland signature enetric coated fish oil capsules are way better than its counterpart naturemade ..No bad smelling belches after taking those. and it has great reviews too.


Kirkland baby diaper is made by Kimberly Clark (Huggies). I think the quality is comparable but the art work does not look as good.

Anyone know who make the Kirkland Signature baby formula LINK? I heard it used to be CG Nutritionals of Abbott(Similac). Is it still true???

kirkland dry dog food is a quality product.

It has better ingredients than a bargain basement food, although it isn't to be confused with one of those ultra-premium-the-dog-is-eating-better-than-me-tonight brands. My dog eats his own poo, so I don't see the need to spend that much. I believe the Kirkland food is packaged by Diamond Dog Foods.

I dont like the dish soap. Didnt get sudsy enough for me or clean well enough. Stick to Palmolive.

atleast here in Bay Area, we find that the Kirkland Multigrain Bread is pretty good (healthy and whole wheat, no high fructose) for only $4 for 2 loaves which are slightly bigger than the supermarket stuff. A little OT, also they have good deals on Smuckers jam and other cheeses.

Note: what is true in bay area, is not true in other cheaper places where you can get better deals in grocery stores/supermarkets.

Everything Bagels, TP, Shampoo and Conditioner, Milk

nt2008 said: Everything Bagels, TP, Shampoo and Conditioner, Milk

The Shampoo is awesome.

The Bagels in my store are by Einsteins, I don't know if that is regional or not.

I actually like the dress shirts when considering the money. They aren't suitable for a good suit, but they are good for "daily" wear.

My absolute favorite is the Italian-made dress slacks, especially when they get to the $40 range. I will happily pay $55 or $60, and have just about every color/pattern that has come out for the past few years.

Kirkland Rocks!

I had a friend that used to work at Energizer. Basically, almost all store brand batteries are made by either Energizer or Duracell. There are a few exceptions, but most big store brands are made by the big 2 so I always get store brand batteries and have never had problems. Obviously, Energizer and Duracell do make some premium type batteries that are different and used to offer special packing with a voltmeter and such. I always but the Kirkland AA bateries.

KS Diapers are outstanding BUT they don't have pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them like the Huggies diapers and my baby girl loves Mickey. Notice that Huggies dropped their price to match the KS diapers.

KS Laundry detergent; paper towels; batteries; vitamins(!!); trash bags; milk (hormone &melamine free...i feel horrible for those Chinese kids) all rock.

My son loves the KS Whole Wheat bread - its too healthy for me.

The only Bad experience I have had is with the Car Batteries (full size 4 dr. sedan) - I had 2 die on me within 12 mos; course they took them back no questions asked but I'd much rather they worked to begin with.

I've noticed that Costco is only in high-population-density areas. If you move to a city of 50,000 in the middle of nowhere, 500 miles away from the nearest big city, there won't be a Costco within several hours driving distance. But at least there will be a Sams Club. Those are everywhere.

Love their:
krinkle cut kettle chips
TP (even better than Charmin, sorry, OP)
diapers (when we needed them)
Laundry detergent (the he type, anyway)
Fabric Softener

I like their toilet paper better than Charmin, so I get those even though sometimes they have coupons for Charmin. The Kirkland toilet paper is not as fuzzy or "linty" as Charmin.


I went to costco and saw the Salmon from Kirkland 24oz total was a dollar more than 36 oz from Bear Salmon. That doesn't look like value to me. Beside that, i usually buy costco because it is cheaper per unit.


Their generic Omaprazole (Prilosec) is an awesome price at 17.99 for 45 day supply - as compared to ~20 for the brand name.
Generic Zyrtec is a bargain there. You can get like 300 Generic Aller-tec for ~17 bucks versus 20 Zyrtec at a drug store for the same price.

We have several cats and the Kirkland Dry Cat Food is an awesome deal. Checked the ingredient list and its not packed with corn (which cats cannot digest) and other fillers (and by-products) like IAMS, Science Diet, etc. Did further research on cats foods and found that the house brand at CostCo was actually one of the best, better than most of the boutique brands that we were buying. Even my most finicky cats changed over to it quickly and digestive problems on a couple of them actually went away.

shadyj said: Kirkland diapers are good. They don't leak, when Pampers changed design they started leaking.
The diapers are good, but they are actually more expensive than Huggies.

I bought Kirkland Ethiopian coffee beans and they were nasty. Black and burned. I admit, I am a coffee snob, but even my wife, who does not care, was happy when we went back to our regular coffee.

Kirkland set of non-stick pots and pans was rated a best buy by Consumer Reports. I don't own one, but checked out both non-stick and stainless sets at Costco and they looked very solid, on par with high end brands. It is made in Brazil by Tramontina.

Kirkland salmon pack (Norwegian) is a big hit. Best store smoked salmon.

edit: it was CR that rated Kirkland non-stick set.

I have been happy with most Kirkland products. We have a house full of their batteries, and they don't often leak (AAs)... i have had them leak into a flashlight however. I have Kirkland batteries in my harmony remote, so I must trust them not to leak (as well as a bunch of 360 controllers).

Their baked goods are good, their cookies and muffins make me popular, though I never buy them for home eating, too tempting. Man PA sucks... I wish we could get vodka and the like at Costco.

Paper towels good, we have always just done Charmin for TP. We have been using their laundry detergent, the Ecofriendly low scented stuff...and realized that our dryer sucks, because without the perfume the clothes smell mildewed.

We're big fans of costco, and enjoy their food at the snack bar... just DON'T look at the nutritional information of the delicious pizza.

I've only ever gotten Kirkland green Japanese green tea which is one of my favorites now. Comes 1000 to a box I think so it lasts awhile. Thanks to this thread I'll branch out and try some more options. Curious about the tuna and vodka especially. (not together though)

Kirkland diapers are great. They are extremely similar to Huggies.

Just picked up a tin of Kirkland Belgian Chocolate Cookies (I think that's the name) and they are GREAT!

I have purchased these before and they are consitently great quality (price increased this year to around $13 but so has everthing else).

anxman69 said: I got this 3-pack countertop / household cleaning wipe package last week. It's the same as the brand name equivalent and I'm happy with it.

I second this! The wipes are larger than their clorox counterparts and the formula seems to really brighten my painted woodwork more than clorox. I have friends who don't have memberships that request these wipes from me. And, if you use them at the rate I do, they are always in the coupon flyer when it's time to rebuy!

Also, I love their brand of loratadine (Claritin). So inexpensive!

I switched my dog to the Kirkland dry dog food but the gas she was putting out wasn't worth the savings!

darkmeridian said: Kirkland undershirts and underwear have been awesome. Relatively cheap compared to name brands, and thicker/more resistant to wear and tear. The whiskey (or is it the Scotch) is very good.

I second the trash bags. They are much cheaper than the name brands and perform very well.

The super-premium dry dog food is amazing. It has quality ingredients (chicken and brown rice are the first two ingredients, if I recall correctly), my dog loves it, and it costs $20 for 20 lbs.

I like their Almonds

I was so tempted to write I like their nuts.

how bout kirkland shampoo and conditioner? I'm using it right now and I like it.

How about their multi-grain bread? Good quality (no sugar, no transfat) plus lots of fibre!

Someone mentioned Kirkland olive oil being seems to be lesser than Bertolli which both Costco and Sams carry. Pray tell where you get olive oil at a better price?

aleck said: I bought Kirkland Ethiopian coffee beans and they were nasty. Black and burned. I admit, I am a coffee snob, but even my wife, who does not care, was happy when we went back to our regular coffee.

Kirkland set of non-stick pots and pans was rated a best buy by Cook's Illustrated. I don't own one, but checked out both non-stick and stainless sets at Costco and they looked very solid, on par with high end brands. It is made in Brazil by Tramontina.

Kirkland salmon pack (Norwegian) is a big hit. Best store smoked salmon.

I'll second the pots and pans. Consumer reports article (1/2008) rated the nonstick set a best-buy and was #1 for all nonstick/uncoated when looking at a full set.

Kirkland's diapers are manufactured by Kimberly Clark, which makes Huggies. They are reportedly made to different standards, but I understand they're quite good. (says the childless woman)


We usually buy kirkland:

Paper Towels

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