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Holiday Gift Card (GC) promo 2010 -- Check Summary for details!

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UPDATE: Please goto quick summary for details and thank you for reading this thread.

original post & title said:
Holiday Restaurant GC promo 2010

To me it's early, but I guess that's the new norm

Anyway, each year restaurants have a restaurant GC promo where its a buy $XX GC and get a $YY Bonus GC usually valid for a later period

In the past, examples included

red robin: get $5 bonus (valid until end of feb) for $25 gc purchase
maggiano's/chili's/macaroni grill: $5 bonus for $25 GC purchase
potbelly: buy a $25 GC get a free sandwich (i think it starts in end of oct, or right before thanksgiving...I'm not sure)

People have also combined current credit card CashBack promotions during the time period to maximize(?) the savings. As in the past, Discover's current qtr has 5% back on restaurants until the end of dec (upto $300 i think for this year)...so if it helps, it doesn't hurt. There're minor variations (like going to costco/Sam's Club to purchase GCs to use to purchase other GCs...these include outback, longhorn, hard times, mccormick's, and also depends on location)

And so, I'm going to start off with what i received in my email from Morton's:
(It's not great, but it could be worse)
Buy $300, get $50 or Buy $500, get $100 (bonus ends 3/31/11)

If others have other GCs to add, please add in the quick summary. Thank you for reading this post. if this is a repost, I apologize.

For reference: https://www.fatwallet.com/forums/deal-discussion/967110/ last year's list

Member Summary

bubba gump (17.76kB)
Thanks VivYip

tony roma (150.69kB)
Thanks VivYip

chipotle (97.75kB)
Thanks VivYip

CVS (28.65kB)
Thanks VivYip

fuddrucker's (26.72kB)
Thanks VivYip

chili's (17.63kB)
Thanks VivYip

greene turtle (275.74kB)
Thanks VivYip

abuelo's (48.47kB)
Thanks VivYip

black angus (142.66kB)
Thanks VivYip

copeland's (67.57kB)
Thanks VivYip

rita's ice (31.15kB)
Thanks VivYip

ted's montana grill (28.59kB)
Thanks VivYip

lettuce entertain you (145.85kB)
Thanks VivYip

dennys (2.19kB)
Thanks VivYip

cosi (13.25kB)
Thanks VivYip

unos chicago grill (13.70kB)
Thanks VivYip

smoothie king (15.66kB)
Thanks VivYip

red robin (70.75kB)
Thanks VivYip

souplantation (31.61kB)
Thanks VivYip

claim jumper (63.63kB)
Thanks VivYip

potbelly (35.14kB)
Thanks VivYip

outback (9.61kB)
Thanks VivYip

carrabas (23.00kB)
Thanks VivYip

BRIO (70.57kB)
Thanks VivYip

bonefish (88.77kB)
Thanks VivYip

mortons (54.69kB)
Thanks VivYip
Most Recent Posts
I got this a couple of weeks ago from Genghis Grill:

Dear Genghis Grill fans,
'Tis the season to celebrate with Genghis Gr... (more)

bilbags (Dec. 08, 2010 @ 1:04p) |

I just discovered Other New Orleans area deals:

Spend $100 at these 3 restraunts get $25 Holiday bonus card 11-26-10 - 12... (more)

oxygenmm (Dec. 15, 2010 @ 11:59a) |

quick mention of the ruby tuesday offer: buy $50, get $15

(i'll get to adding the information & details ASAP)

VivYip (Dec. 17, 2010 @ 10:49p) |

https://www.fatwallet.com/forums/deal-discussion/967110/ Last year's list

2010/Current (temporarily order, stronger effort into putting in order by restaurant name will start in Nov):

@Costco (online; B&M varies): gc page (roughly 20% off, $80 for $100worth of GC)
movie gc page
rosemary's restaurant
wolfgang puck
coffee bean/tea leaf
baja fresh
lucille's bbq
elephant bar

@Sam's.Club (B&M)
GCs good at: Chili's Grill & Bar, On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Maggiano's Little Italy $25(x3) - GC $10 bonus GC @ $76.87(?) (slightly under $77). (post)

Abuelo's - Buy $50, get $10 VIP card (VIP card valid 1/1/11-3/31/11) Details

AMC Theatres - FREE $10 Concession Card For Every $50 You Spend on AMC Gift Cards

Applebee's - Buy $50, get $10 (thanks meechee341 details)

Arby's - Buy $20 GC, get free combo (credit to russellt)

Barnes & Noble - Buy $100 gift card, receive $10 promotional e-gift card (promotional e-gift card will be emailed on 12/26/2010

Ben & Jerry's - Buy $10 gift card, free scoop of ice cream (Thanks BrianGa Details)

Benihana's - Buy $50 gift card, get $10 (Thanks alwayslookinaround Details)

Biaggis - Buy $100 gift card (before 12/31/10), get $15 (valid from 1/1/11 until 3/31/11)(Details)

Big Daddy's - Get 20% off $25 GC purchase (credit to stoporder details)

BJ's Brewhouse - Buy $50 GC, get a free limited edition BJs pint glass; buy $75 GC, get a free pint glass and a surprise promo BJs card worth $5 to $1,000; buy $100 GC, get a set of four pint glasses and a promo card. The card is good from Dec. 26 through Feb. 28.

Black Angus - Buy $50 GC, get $10 bonus (credit to kickerstarter details) (additional $75 GC purchase allows for 15% off meal more details in post

Bonefish Grill - Buy $100 GC get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 1/1/11-2/10/11) Details

Borders.com - Buy $50 gift card or 2 x $25 gift cards and get $5 gift card (exp. 11/30)

Bravo! Italian Gril - Buy $100 GC (11/1/10-12/31/10) get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 1/1/11 - 3/15/11) Details

Brio Tuscan Grill - Buy $100 GC (11/1/10-12/31/10) get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 1/1/11-3/15/11) Details

Bubba Gump - Buy $75 GC, get $25 or buy $50, get $10 Details (thanks Erick13 in thread)

Buca di Beppo - "GET A $10 REWARD CARD with every $50 Gift Card Purchase" (agentjfong) - Details

California Pizza Kitchen (aka "CPK") - $20 Rewards Card for $100 Gift Card purchase (agentjfong) - Details

Capital Grille - 10% Bonus Rewards Card (and steak knives) for $500 Gift Card purchase Details (source mentioned from onedew)

Carrabba's Italian Grill - Buy $100 GC get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 1/1/11-2/10/11) Details

Cheesecake Factory - Buy $25 GC get Bonus "Slice ofr Joy" GC (Details on top left corner of page (source provided by onedew here)

Chick-Fil-A - Buy $20 GC, get calendar with coupons (credit to pettycash)

Chili's - Buy $100 GC, get 10% off (thanks MsMay)

Chipotle - Buy $25 GC, get free burrito Details (thanks PlayHaters in thread)

Claim Jumper - Buy $50GC get $10 (thanks to mathfaster and details)

Coinstar - Convert $40 in coins, get $10 GC (thanks PairofAces in thread

Copeland's - Buy $100 GC, get $25 (crdit ajmrn30 details)

Corner Bakery - Buy $25 GC, get $5 (not on website, in-store only)

Cosi - Buy $50 ,get $10 (meechee341 details)

Culver's - Buy $20 ,get a free double deluxe value basket (thanks pjs22 details)

Curry House - (Calif) Buy $30 GC, Get various House Foods retail product freebies (thread / details)

CVS - Buy $25 GC, get $5 bonus (thanks to mmyk72 in this thread (details)

Daphne's Greek Cafe - Buy $30 GC, get $10 bonus (Thanks Howie999 in thread)

Del Taco (B&M) - Buy $20 GC, Free any menu item (Thanks DianaAspenHill details)

Del Taco (.com) - Buy $15 GC, Free 2 free chicken soft taco; Buy $25 GC, Free combo of choice; Buy $50 GC, Free 2 combo of choice; Buy $100 GC, Free T-shirt [all FS] (details)

Denny's - Buy $25, get $5 (meechee341 details)

Don's Seafood (NOLA) - Buy $100, get $20 (thanks oxygenmm)

Eddie V's (check for other DBA names) - (AZ CA TX) (B&M & .com s/h starts @ free) Buy $100 GC, Get $20 bonus GC (details)

Elephant Bar: Buy $25, get $5 promo dining card (Thanks to DelCheapo) Details

Flat Top Grill: Buy $100 get $25GC (thanks watssion)

FOX Restaurant Concepts (check for actual DBA names) - (AZ CA CO TX KS) (B&M & .com s/h starts @ $7.50) (details)

Fuddrucker's - Buy $25 GC, get $5 bonus card(details)

Graeter's ice cream: Buy $25 get $5GC (OH, KY) (exp end of year, thanks to Donedealzz in thread)

The Greene Turtle: Buy $50 get $10GC details)

IHOP - Buy $25 GC, get $5 (credit to jw530)

Islands Restaurants - (AZ CA CO HI NV) (B&M & .com s/h start @ $3) Buy $100 GC, Get $20 bonus GC (details)

Jamba Juice - Buy $25 GC, get 16oz smoothie (credit to BrianGa) offer link

Jason's Deli - Buy $50 GC, get $5 (credit to Redbeard25)

Joe's Crab Shack - Buy $25 GC, get $5 (credit turtlebug)

KFC - free large drink with gift card purchase (regional?) thanks to chawlaaman in thread Details

King's Seafood Co. (check for other DBA names) - (AZ CA NV) Buy $100 GC, Get $20 bonus GC (valid in 2011) (details)

Lawry's - buy $125, get $25 (bonus GC valid 1/2/11-3/31/11 except Valentine and St Patrick Days)Details (thanks rnrbno)

Legal Sea Foods - Buy $200 worth of GCs, get free lobster dinner (details)

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants: Buy $100 get $25GCDetails

Little Caesar's: Buy $25 get $5GC (YMMV? more details in kingstephus' thread)

Longhorn Steakhouse - Buy $25, get $5 (B&M only, thanks to Dondealzz in thread )

Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ - (AZ CA NV) Buy $100 GC, Get $20 bonus GC (valid 1/1/11-3/31/11) (details)

Macaroni Grill - Buy $25, get $5 Bonus Card (Details on main page )

Maggiano's - Buy $100, get $25 Bonus Card ( YMMV due to the details here source provided by onedew in CA)

Marie Callendar's - Buy $25 GC, get $5/$20 coupon (YMMV due to the details here source provided by onedew in CA)

Morton's - buy $300, get $50 or buy $500 get $100 (exp 12/31, bonus GC valid January - 3/31/11) Details

Norristown Mall (NJ) - Spend $150 get $25 exp 12/15AMEX GC (thanks Treefarn in thread Details

Outback Steakhouse - Buy $100 GC get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 1/1/11-2/10/11 Details

Panda Express - Buy a $25 gift card, and recieve a free 2 entree plate.

Potbelly - Buy $25 GC, get a free sandwich (free sandwich coupon valid until 1/31/11) (Details)

Qdoba Mexican Grill - Buy $25 Q-cash card, get $5 credit.

Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group (NOLA) - Buy $100 GC, get $25 bonus. Details and in post (thanks oxygenmm)

Red Robin - Buy $25, get $5 details

Red Salon & Spa - Buy $100, get $30 details (thanks TheSpruceDeuce)

Rita's Ice - Buy $10 GC, get free treat... (credit undercovers details)

Ruby Tuesday - Buy $50 GC online, get $15 coupon; $25 GC, get $5 bonus details)

Semolina (NOLA) - Buy $100 GC, get $25 (credit oxygenmm details)

Serranos Salsa (NOLA) - Buy $100 GC, get $25 bonus. Details in post (thanks oxygenmm)

Skyline Chili - But $25 GC, get free "3-way" (thanks s002axb details)

Smoothie King - Buy $25, get free smoothie details (thanks peetah)

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes: Buy $50 Gift card get free Meal Pass (thanks to DelCheapo) Details (see scrollbar at bottom half of page)

Steak'n'Shake - $5 certificate w/ purchase of $20 gift card.

Stir Crazy - Buy $100, Get $25 (thanks billrubin)

Subway - Buy $25, get 6" sub (credit to cows123)

Taco Bell - free large drink with $10 gift card purchase (regional?) (thanks to pjws3) Details

Ted's Montana Grill - Buy $100, get $20 (turtlebug details)

Texas de Brazil - Buy $100, Get $25 ($10 shipping details from RDMustang1)

Texas Roadhouse - Buy $30 in gift cards and get $5 bonus card.

Tony Roma's - Buy $50 in gift cards and get $15 bonus card. (thanks haichuu)

Uno's Chicago Grill - Buy $25 get $5 GC Link (thanks alienjedi)

ZEA (NOLA) - Buy $100, get $20 (thanks oxygenmm Details)

(temporary due to the short period of time of availability)


ACME/Albertson's - 11/21-11/27 B&M only Buy $100 GC, get $20 off next purchase (limit 5) (thanks to MISTERCHEAP in this thread (must see thread for details)

HEB - Details in thread by vsspam

meijer's - 11/20 B&M only Buy $50 GC, get $5 off (thanks to s002axb in this thread (must see thread for details)

Publix - 11/26 - 12/1 B&M only Buy $50 Am-Ex GC @ $44.95 (Thanks pianomaster details)

safeway Family Chain of Stores - 11/25-12/4 B&M only Buy $150 in SELECT GC, get $15/$50 coupon for next purchase (thanks to MISTERCHEAP in this thread (must see thread for details)

Sprouts Farmers Market - (AZ CA CO TX) 11/29 CM only $50 GC @ $45.99, $100 GC @89.99 (details)

Stater Bros. - (SoCal) B&M only 11/27 - 12/10 B&M only Buy $100 GC, Get $10 off next purchase. (details)

Stop-n-Save - 11/21-11/27 B&M only Buy $100 in SELECT GC, get $20/$20 coupon for next purchase (thanks to jschulman in this post (details in lower corner of ad)

Publix - 11/26 - 12/1 B&M only Buy $50 Am-Ex GC @ $44.95 (Thanks pianomaster details)

Sushi Boy - (LA/OC Calif) B&M Buy $10 GC, Get 10% bonus added on [Exp 11/30] (thread)
Staff Summary
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Morton's is a good start. Love that place.

Legal Sea Foods is doing a free lobster dinner with 50 in gift card purchase

details to follow...


updated to mention chawlaaman's thread...

I also dropped by potbelly and according to the employee, their free sandwich with purchase of GC starts next week, but I personally think it'll start in 2 weeks.

Bring on the holidays and bring on the deals!!!

Added a few more

Lawry's The Prime Rib, www.lawrysonline.com, Buy 125.00 in gift cards, get 25.00 free.

One of my favorites:

Buca di Beppo has "GET A $10 REWARD CARD with every $50 Gift Card Purchase": http://www.bucadibeppo.com/GiftCards/

The "Rewards Card" is not valid until January (if its like past years' T&C), and doesn't stack with the coupons they have pretty regularly now ($10 off $20), but the gift cards can be used anytime and combined with coupons.

This holiday promo combined with the best case scenario of "$10 off $20" coupon usage with the gift cards theoretically nets $110 of food for $50. Not as great as $30 of food for $12, but this is good for getting much higher amounts.

Elephant Bar $5 promo card for every $25 in gift cards purchased:


Soup Plantation & Sweet Tomatoes = FREE Meal Pass with every $50 gift card purchase.

Received info via "clubveg" email.

the potbelly one is really live now.

thanks to all for contributing

Morton's, Buy $300 get $50 - Buy $500 get $100


adding claim jumper Buy $50 GC get $10 (credit to mathfaster)


minor bump to the hopes that someone has seen the chili's/maggianos/macaroni grill promo or the red robin promo

does anyone remember if ruby tuesday runs this promo annually also? i forgot.

thanks to s002axb (i think) for the additional details in the quick summary regarding souplantation. I have added the image into my OP. Thanks to all so far who've contributed. I appreciate your help!!

VivYip said: adding claim jumper Buy $50 GC get $10 (credit to mathfaster)


If you get the GC at the restaurant, you also get a coupon for a free dessert.

added red robin

California Pizza Kitchen (aka "CPK") has a $20 rewards card for $100 gift card purchase. Got an email and its shownon their frontpage: http://www.cpk.com

Smoothie King is same as last year $25 gift card nets you a free small smoothie - http://www.smoothieking.com/about/king-cards.php

In a related question, has anyone tried using a gift card to buy a gift card? In theory could you buy one card this year, take the bonus item, then reuse the gift card to purchase another gift card next year netting another bonus item?

i have used a gift card to buy a gift card before

(i did it at macaroni grill, and red robin using one bought at grocery store)

i usually only do it once and then actually use the gift card throughout the year...

Uno Chicago Grill has a $5 gift card for every $25 purchased
$5 for $25 Link

Double Post, sorry

Stir Crazy has started their buy $100 get $25 promotion early this year. The $25 has to be used between 1/15 and 3/15. Used to be they did not start it until after Thanksgiving and I refuse to visit the local mall they are in between BF and Xmas so I'd have to go between 12/26 and 1/1 to do the deal. Was there today to use my $10 birthday coupon for and was pleasantly surprised to find that the gift card promo had started (doubly pleased because I had forgotten my gift card at home so I was able to buy and use the new one).

adding the infomation provided by meechee341 in another thread

(applebee's, cosi and some others)

Well the other thread was closed so posting more details on Taco Bell gift card here--in store purchase of gift card of $10 or $20 and you get a free large drink. YMMV but so far numerous people including myself were able to buy a gift card for $10 and get a free drink and then use the gift card to pay for food order in same visit. As before, no quality debates, it is what it is, had a car full of kids.

updated per suggestion...

Holiday gift cards are the way to go. Especially when you get something for yourself.
It's like a free gift from Santa!

updating to include the info for texas de brazil, ted's montana grill, and rita's into quick summary (and trying best to credit the people who mentioned them)

updated to include copeland's from other thread.

also, just a note to mention that the quick summary is in alphabetical order while the OP images are in roughly in order of when I get the info/update and if the restaurant has a image online.

updating to mention the following:

arby's - Buy $20 GC, get free combo (credit to russellt)
subway - Buy $25, get 6" sub (credit to cows123)

are these regional? if someone can shed more info on these, it'd be greatly appreciated.

minor update to include the info for ihop, jason's deli, and mentioned the info for legal seafoods...

(details always appreciated on the restaurants that have no details yet, thank you!)

(also, if someone could find out if the chili's maggiano's macaroni grill is live, that'd be great...also has anyone encountered an offer from corner bakery yet? just curious)

and if i haven't mentioned it before, thanks to all those who support this thread with any and all input. I will try my best to credit whenever possible and thank you all again for reading this thread.

update: added stoporder's big daddy restaurant 20% off $25 GC info to quick summary

Black Angus. $10 off with $50 GC purchase. You get a coupon for $10 off $40 to use in January and you cannot use it with another coupon.

Black Angus GC offer

In store You can also buy $75 worth of GC and get 15% off your meal. Again, you cannot double it with another coupon. You will also get the $10 off $40 coupon above.

updated quick summary to include the black angus info (thank you kickerstarter)

also, thanks to logician1313 for the formatting.

I think Denny's has the lowest shipping/handling fee $1.95 each purchase.
Thank you I done with my Christmas shopping. The BF shopping is for myself.

Jamba Juice - Free 16oz smoothie when you purchase a $25 GC.


Abuelo's (48.47kB)
Abuelo's Mexican has buy $50, get $10

Adding the green turtle, buy $50, get $10


Skipping 37 Messages...
quick mention of the ruby tuesday offer: buy $50, get $15

(i'll get to adding the information & details ASAP)

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