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Picked up this card tonight for $124.99 (+ tax) at the Best Buy store in Jackson, Michigan. Thought someone else might find this as a decent enough price. Display tag said $124.99 so hopefully others can replicate this deal, if they so choose. Online price still shows $219.99 as of posting. The link below is to the Best Buy webpage.

Added a copy of my receipt as well. Hopefully that will help others.


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I am going to check this today. It shows up on the website for 219 and is available most places around me. Any tips how to get the clearance pricing, or I just need to look for the sign?

You can try taking in the copy of the receipt that I posted to see if it helps. Hopefully it will.

Just went in to one of my stores - at the store I went to, it was $199.99 - The guy was a dumbass, of course. The first thing he did was look it up online, except that it was $199.99 in store. Then I told him to bring up other stores, and CLEARLY it varied depending on the store. It showed there was 2 in stock at a store that was a little ways away. I went there and got it for $125 - Thanks OP!! Finally got rid of some damn best buy cards.

No go in CT

Chinq6t, was the price a no go or availability? I just went to two BB's in WA and the prices vary everywhere. $208 here, $211 there, $201 here. So I called BB customer service and a I got a great CS. She saw all the variances in prices so she contacted the local BB for me and asked if they would price match a store for me. The did and I am 2 video cards happier for a decent price. I wouldn't stop at the stores. Heck one store said they would meet me 1/2 way and I was like "NO". $175 was still to high for me.

They had 1 at my local BB, and it was $199. I talked to the manager of the store and showed him a printout of the reciept that was posted. He said they couldn't price match a clearance price. So for my store it was a no go.

FYI the in-store checker is a bit buggy. Initially it showed only "ship to store" availability for the entire first page of stores nearby, but showed available in store for the whole second page of next-closest stores. I clicked on "previous" and when it went back to the first page list of closest stores to my zip code, suddenly most of those stores showed the card as being in stock and available. Great price on this card, if one can get it.

In case anyone is curious about how exactly this compares to other similarly priced cards, check out the following review that has a comparison chart including the GTX 560, showing that the GTX 560 is slightly faster than the new GTX 650 Ti and slightly slower than the Radeon 6870:

GTX 650 Ti Review w/Comparison Chart @

Good price but not super hot. Newegg has the EVGA GTX 560 Superclocked for ~$160 after rebate. So with taxes from Best Buy (and disregarding time/cost to pick up from store, let alone finding a store that has it at the right clearance price), it's saving less than $30 from the's after rebate price.
(~$132.50 Best Buy with taxes vs ~$162 (after - $30 rebate) Newegg) Or even less if you have ShopRunner and save $6.98 shipping from Newegg (~$132.50 vs ~$155 = $22.50 difference)

Can't say it's exactly the same model, as it seems the Best Buy 'exclusive' version has it's own model number and clock speeds, but they're both superclocked GTX 560 2GB DDR5 cards... it appears that the Best Buy version is 15MHz faster GPU and 30MHz faster shader.. numbers that I doubt anyone would ever even notice the difference between (850 vs 865).

Finally, the Newegg version also comes with a coupon for free Duke Nukem Forever (claimed $49.99 value, maybe worth ~$10). Plus a Newegg Free CPU magazine offer, of questionable value.

Go start your own thread about your "super hot" deal and quit thread crapping.

Letting people know about alternative deals for same/similar items is not thread crapping, IMHO.

Danzilla is a respected member here.

jmadisonable said:   Go start your own thread about your "super hot" deal and quit thread crapping.First, learn what 'thread crapping' actually is before ignorantly accusing people of it. I'll give you a hint... it usually involves crapping... as in when someone posts just to say someone else's post is stupid or worthless without giving any reason why. Honest discussion about the relative value of a deal and comparison to others is usually welcome on Fatwallet.
Second, consider a moment how much your own time and gas is worth. Then think of the responses others have made concerning making trips to Best Buy to try and buy this card only to be disappointed by higher prices. For many people unable to find the card for $125 locally, being informed there are additional options for only $22.50 more might be beneficial to them, despite your knowing better and deciding it's of no worth here. For me wasting a hour of time in the car and burning $10 in gas makes spending $22.50 more the easy choice.
Finally, despite your being a new member and having half of your four total posts in this thread, I value your opinion and will consider what you recommended in the future. Just do me a favor and do the same.

If you need a card and it's available near you, $125 is a very good price. It's the variable pricing and having to hunt for the card that makes the alternative I mentioned a viable option.
VirtuaL said:   Letting people know about alternative deals for same/similar items is not thread crapping, IMHO.

Danzilla is a respected member here.
<snif, snif>

Are you folks able to use to check on pricing at that store? It's not available at my closest stores, but may be worth a trip at the clearance price. It always shows as $249.99 for me.

SlimTim said:   Are you folks able to use to check on pricing at that store? It's not available at my closest stores, but may be worth a trip at the clearance price. It always shows as $249.99 for me.No, you can't check prices online. Need to be at the store, or use the in-store inventory checker to check other stores. Can always call BB and have them check, but always iffy to do when dealing with clearance items that the employees might be interested in, once clued in.

Wouldn't that be starting your own thread, because it only makes sense. You guys that get stuck in discussing topics only over the internet might call it all you want, but as far as I am concerned it did not mention "super hot deal" anywhere and only talked about an alternative so as stated make your own thread. That way your information does not get lost in this thread. To many times I have seen where your other option starts stuff like this. And I am sure you will reply to this also, just to get the last word...whatever.

I don't care who's respected or what. You think I care about your post count, "FN". I have probably been watching or checking out these forums before you ever registered. I just don't see myself having to fluff my chest feathers to be of some self worth to this forum. And the rating bar, what a crock. I am going to laugh every time I see that thing in red.

If you just didn't come into the thread and start with "Good price, but not super hot". I probably wouldn't have said anything, but no one said that at all.

EVGA - GeForce GTX 560 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card for $124.99 at Best Buy (in-store) YMMV (?)

Thread crapping-lol I do believe #1 fits your bill.
1. thread crapping

v. Thread crapping occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the spirit/intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument.
Coming into a thread titled "I love my new Apple Macintosh!", and posting "PCs are better and cheaper" is thread crapping.

2. Thread Crapping

Posting in a large amount of threads in a relatively short period of time, often the post adds no important contribution to the thread. Related to spamming.

3. thread crapping

Making off-topic posts in a thread on a message board.
This has nothing to go with the subject, stop thread crapping you idiot!

Danzilla didn't come close to threadcrapping. Something like "Nvidia is unreliable, I only buy ATI" would pretty clearly be an unhelpful complaint. Have a look in any threads about national restaurant chains, examples are sure to come along on the first page of those. Posting a link to a nearly identical product with a moderately higher cost but vastly better availability is very useful to me.

I looked, and for me, the Newegg rebate is especially unappealing. It comes on a prepaid card. I've gotten one of those. It was a PITA to remember to put it to use and I still have 2% of its value left over, not sure I will ever find an easy way to use that.

Glad that there were people who found the original posting of use. People have varying definitions of decent, hot, super hot, etc. and no two people are the same. Unfortunately, Best Buy is clearly not consistent across all stores when items are on clearance. Shopping at Newegg is usually a viable alternative in most cases. I had just happened to stop at Best Buy as I wanted to go to other stores in the area. Would I drive out of my way for this card? Probably not, since it wasn't a need for me, but rather a decent enough upgrade option. Enjoy!

Thanks again OP. Still available in a few places! I picked one up in Menominee Falls, WI on 1/17 for $125. None in my area, but i was there on business. It will be a nice upgrade to my 8800GT Akimbo.

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