Amazon has eneloop NEW Super Power Pack, 12AA, 4AAA, 2 "C"&2 "D" Spacers, 4 Position Charger,&Storage Case for $34.24

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eneloop NEW Super Power Pack, 2000mAh Typical, 1900mAh Minimum, 1500 cycle, 12AA, 4AAA, 2 "C" and 2 "D" Spacers, 4 Position Charger, and Storage Case for $34.24 +free

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eneloop NEW Power Pack
Thanks djrsn00
since i didnt even know what this thing was i checked out reviews on amazon.
eneloop NEW Power Pack, 2000mAh Typical, 1900mAh Minimum, 1500 cycle, 8AA, 2AAA, 2 "C" and 2 "D" Spacers, 4 Position Charger, and Storage Case
Sanyo eneloop FAQ
By NLee the Engineer - May 8, 2012

I have been using Sanyo eneloop low-self-discharge NiMH batteries since beginning of 2007, and I'm completely satisfied with them. One thing I noticed is that newcomers to the rechargeable battery arena often have similar questions/confusions about eneloop. So here is my list of eneloop Frequently Asked Questions. This list is work in progress.

[Q1] My Sanyo eneloop AA batteries say '1900mAh' on them. Are they counterfeits?
[A] All eneloop AA cells (both original and second-gen versions) are rated for "Typ 2000mAh, Min 1900mAh" according to Sanyo. The confusing part is that 2nd-gen eneloop AA cell only has "Min 1900mAh" printed on it, even though the actual measured capacity is close to 2100mAh.
Simialrily, eneloop AAA cells are rated for "Typ 800mAh, Min 750mAh".

[Q2] Date code on my new eneloop cells says '10 01' (Jan 2010). Should I exchange them for newer batteries?
[A] Relax! Unlike ordinary NiMH cells, Sanyo eneloop are still perfectly good even after 5 years in storage. Once you recharge them, they will return to 100% capacity again.

[Q3] What is the difference between 'Pre-Charged', 'Hybrid', 'Stay-Charged', 'Active Charged', 'Ready to Use' and 'Ready to Go'?
[A] Those are all marketing terms for Low-Self-Discharge (LSD) NiMH batteries. Sanyo first used the term 'Pre-Charged' for Sanyo eneloop back in 2006. Rayovac used 'Hybrid', and so on.

[Q4] I just received some new eneloop batteries. Do I need to recharge them before use?
[A] You can use them right out of the package. However, eneloop cells are only charge up to ~75% when they left factory. So you can use a Smart charger to 'top-off' their charges. Do NOT do this with a Dumb charger because it will badly over-charge them.

[Q5] I thought I have to drain my batteries completely before recharging them?
[A] This is only necessary if you are using a timer-based dumb charger. With a smart charger, you can top-off your batteries anytime.

[Q6] Can I use other brands of chargers to recharge Sanyo eneloop batteries?
[A] Sanyo eneloop batteries can be recharged using any good-quality Smart charger designed for NiMH cells. But for longer battery lifespan, avoid ultra-fast (15- or 30-minute) chargers and Dumb (overnight) slow chargers

[Q7] What is the difference between 'Smart' and 'Dumb' chargers?
[A] A Smart charger monitors the voltage profile of each cell individually during charging, and stops when a charge-termination signal (negative delta-Voltage) is detected. This is the only way to avoid over-charging. A Dumb charge relies on safety timer to stop charging, or has no termination mechanism at all. This usually results in over-charging which is bad for battery lifespan.

[Q8] Should I stick to the Sanyo MQN06 charger packaged with most Sanyo packages?
[A] The MQN06 is semi-smart but has two issues: it charges in pairs (monitors the combined voltage of two cells), and the charging current is only 300mA. That means it take about 7 hour to recharge a pair of eneloop AA cells. A better choice is the Sony Cycle Energy BCG34HLD.
[ Note: Charge time (hour) = Capacity (mAh) / Current (mA) ]

[Q9] What is the best charging speed for Sanyo eneloop?
[A] Choose a charger that gives you charge time between 2-5 hours. That means charging current of 500-1000mA for AA, 200-500mA for AAA.

[Q10] Isn't it true the best charging speed for NiMH and LSD-NiMH battery is the slowest?
[A] That is only true when using a dumb charger which blindly charges for 12-15 hours, so the current has to be below 0.1C (200mA for a 2000mAh cell) to avoid over-heating. For a smart charger, the current needs to be at least 0.2C to ensure proper termination.

[Q11] I always keep a set of ordinary NiMH batteries in the charger to keep them freshly charged. So why do I need LSD cells?
[A] You don't need to do that with LSD cells. Just charge up a spare set ahead of time and keep them in your drawer. Swap them in whenever needed, just as how you use disposable cells.

[Q12] Why should I buy those 2000mAh Sanyo eneloop instead of ordinary NiMH batteries that are rated 2500mAh or higher?
[A] All rechargeable NiMH AA cells rated 2500mAh or higher are susceptible to Rapid-self-discharge problem. Beware of off-brand batteries that claim '2900mAh' or higher. Most of them can't even deliver 2000mAh.

[Q13] Can I use eneloop in places with extremely hot weather?
[A] As a rule of thumb, every 10 degree C rise in temperature causes the battery's self-discharge rate to double. So although your eneloop cells can still function correctly, their shelf life will be reduced at high ambient temperature.

[Q14] Should I store unused eneloop batteries in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life?
[A] For ordinary NiMH cells, storing them in lower temperature greatly reduces their self-discharge rate so you can get longer shelf life. For eneloop cells it is hardly worth the trouble, because they can be stored for years at room temperature.

[Q15] Can I use eneloop batteries in cordless phones?
[A] Yes - as long as your phones (such as Panasonic DECT 6.0 cordless phones) are using individual AAA cells, instead of battery packs with special connectors.

[Q16] Do rechargeable batteries only go bad after they meet the number of charging cycles, or their lifespan is limited by time also?
[A] Capacity of a NiMH cell gradually deteriorates with number of discharge cycles. The 'lifespan' claimed by manufacturer is the number of deep-discharge cycles before capacity drops to 50%. This is done under tightly controlled test conditions, so in real life your result may vary.

[Q17] When rechargeable batteries go bad, do they also spill chemicals (like alkaline cells) or just won't hold a charge?
[A] Good-quality NiMH cells do not spill electrolyte as they gradually deteriorate. The only chance this can happen is when they are (a) severely over-charged at a high current, or (b) severely over-discharged, or (c) exposed to extreme heat.

[Q18] My baby swing calls for 4 D sized batteries. Do eneloop D spacers work well?
[A] You can use those in a pinch, but expect to replace/recharge your AA cells a lot more frequently than before. This is because the energy stored in an alkaline D cell is about 7-10 times greater than that in eneloop AA cell. See my following review for other options: SANYO Eneloop Spacer Packs with 2 AA with 2 D-Size Spacers

[Q19] My La Crosse BC-700 Battery Charger reports some eneloop batteries as 'null'. Are they defective?
[A] If a battery is over-discharged and its voltage drops below 0.5V, the La Crosse charger cannot detect it and so the display says 'null'. Charge your 'null' battery in a dumb charger for a few minutes, then the La Crosse charger will recognize it.

[Q20] I read on Wikipedia that there is an Eneloop 3rd generation battery (HR-4UTGB.) Are they worth getting over second generation?
[A] Panasonic (who bought Sanyo in 2009) claims that lifespan of 3rd-gen eneloop cells has been upgraded from 1500 to 1800 cycles. But keep in mind that even if you recharge your cells twice every week, it will take you nearly 15 years to use up 1500 cycles from your 2nd-gen eneloop cells.
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$43.86 on that link and only one left in stock.

scroll says 6 new from $34.24. Find the first merchant...Amazon Prime. Thanks OP

3 - 4 weeks delivery time.

The power pack is $34.24 The "super" power pack is OOS.

Found it and ordered regardless of delivery date.

Just a note - D spacers with 2 AA eneloops are $7.99 shipped right now. $2.00 off the normal price. I needed to get more spacers to accommodate the lanterns with hurricane season around the corner.


eneloop NEW Super Power Pack, 2000mAh Typical, 1900mAh Minimum, 1500 cycle, 12AA, 4AAA, 2 "C" and 2 "D" Spacers, 4 Position Charger, and Storage Case for $34.24 +free


Please alter/update your post. The header/info/link are bogus and misleading. Your link leads to "Power Pack" not "Super Power Pack". The "Power Pack" has 6 fewer batteries than the "Super Power Pack". The "Super Power Pack" has
been OOS since June 13, 2013.

Please check your info BEFORE posting it.

in for one at $34.24 -- dont really care that it will take forever to get here. This is a really good deal for Eneloops.

Costco had the 8AA, 2AA, 2C and 2D spacers + 4 bay charger for $18 a few months ago. I picked up 2 packs.

grandprix64 said:   scroll says 6 new from $34.24. Find the first merchant...Amazon Prime. Thanks OP

That only has 8 AA and 2 AAA.

CTYankee said:   grandprix64 said:   scroll says 6 new from $34.24. Find the first merchant...Amazon Prime. Thanks OP

That only has 8 AA and 2 AAA.

Yep! only the one with 8AA/2AAA cells is available for this cost - Not the same as quoted in the OP. Will pass on this....
(Thanks for pointing that out Yankee!)

The OP link takes you to the smaller Power Pack. The link below is for the Super Power Pack. OOS, of course.

Back in stock. Just ordered one at OP price, 34.24. Thanks.

Better check your order. The "Super Power Pack" has been OOS since June 13.
You probably ordered the "Power Pack" which has 6 fewer batteries but the exact same price

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