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Cash Back Solutions!

Problems with FatWallet Cash Back? Read the Cash Back FAQ? Still nothing works? We sometimes hear from users who are following directions but not having success. Either links don’t work, or merchants don’t recognize FatWallet as the affiliate… or SOMETHING!

Norton software has done a recent update that now causes Fatwallet stores links to give you a blank page and also blocks the pop-up that says you are on track. Quick fix is to turn off "Ad Blocking" in Norton.

Usually the problem lurks in your computer! (Sorry, but it’s true.)
You also may be innocently taking action that confounds the process.

Here are some hints and fixes! If these don’t work, please fill out a Support Request!

Solutions Related to your Computer
Thanks to DragonsLore for this summary!

1) HOSTS file on your system
2) Pop-up Blockers
3) SpyWare tools
4) Firewalls
5) Cookies
6) Other Problems
7) Specific Software Configurations

1) - HOSTS files
In Windows 9x and Millennium, you can usually find the HOSTS file in C:WINDOWS
In Windows 2000 & XP, you can find it in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC

The HOSTS File should have NO extension on it and should be kept as "Read Only"
Using a good Text Editor such as Textpad for editing your HOSTS File, you want to make sure that there are no entries containing any of these addresses.
<------NOTE: this entry redirects to Commission Junction

If you do not feel comfortable editing your host file, you can just delete it.

Special note for Vista users: Windows Vista has beefed up its security, thus editing the Host file is a little more difficult (if you don't know how) than it was in previous Microsoft operating systems. To edit the Host file in Vista simply follow these steps.
1) Click Start search Notepad
2) Right click the Notepad program and choose Run as administrator
3) Click Continue on the UAC prompt
4) Click File and then Open
5) Now browse to C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc
6) Change the file filter drop down box to All Files (*.*)
7) Select hosts and click Open
8) Now you can edit the host file in Vista.

2) - Pop-up Blockers
With such tools as Google Toolbar, you need to configure to allow pop-ups from FatWallet if you want to see the tracking pop-up. Without this pop-up, Cash Back will track properly but you’ll lose the ability to note anything in your Cash Back account. We recommend you allow pop-ups from FatWallet, and leave yourself notes about transactions including order number, total, etc.

Check the options for whatever pop-up blocker you may be using to see if it will allow you to add sites to an "Allow List" or something similar.

Anyone using this tool needs to set it to allow any LinkSynergy ads.
This tool can also wreak havoc with your HOSTS files if you're not careful.

3) - SpyWare Tools
There are many different spyware tools out there which are used to protect your system and your privacy. These tools can and will interfere with FatWallet Links and with CashBack, so they need to be configured correctly to prevent any problems. Some known fixes below:

SpyBot - Search & Destroy
When using this tool, you need to go into the settings and select the "Exclusions button." Here you will find a tab labeled "Cookies." Scroll down the list and uncheck each of these entries which you will find:
Commission Junction

After this, you can use the Immunize Function if you want, but not before setting the exclusions.
Please DO NOT use the "Add SpyBot S&D Hosts List" feature found under the Tools Button.

If you change the SDHelper residentIE option (found by right clicking on the Spybot-SD Resident icon in the system tray) to "Block all bad pages silently" it will only display a blank page along with the Fatwallet tracking pop up. If the option is changed to "Display dialog when blocking" it will work as normal again. NOTE: some versions may require you to select "Ask for Blocking Confirmation" in order to select 'accept.' That is, if "Display dialog when blocking" does not allow you to 'accept' then try "Ask for Blocking Confirmation" and select 'accept.'

Exiting Spybot's resident program by right clicking the systray icon and choosing "Exit Spybot-S&D Resident" did not help fix the problem. Turning off the Resident SDHelper by unchecking the box under Tools/Resident in the Spybot program allowed the referral page from Staples to load but with a session expired error. Only changing the "Block all bad pages silently" option will get links working. Thanks to WingsOverVirginia

Spybot TeaTimer: If Spybot was installed with the TeaTimer add-on, links might be blocked. Re-installing the software without the TeaTimer option solved the problem - Thanks FWOB!

SpyWareBlaster -
While the 2.x version was easier to configure and use, the 3.x versions are currently out now.
When using this tool, you need to set it accordingly. Enable all protection, then once you have done this, click on the Internet Explorer button and scroll down the list looking for these items:

Uncheck each of these items, and then click on the button for "Remove protection for unchecked items"
If you use a Mozilla based browser, then you need to follow the same instructions using the Mozilla/FireFox button.

NOTE: Each time SpyWareBlaster updates are available, you need to repeat the above steps.

Webroot Spysweeper: The new version of Webroot Spysweepers "Common Ad Sites Shield" found under:

--> Sheilds
-----> Hosts File

blocks what is needed for the links to work. You will need to change the settings to make the link bounce properly.

4) - Firewalls
If you use any firewalls such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security or some other such Firewall, then you need to keep the "Ad Blocking" turned off.

5) – Cookies
Cookies allow FatWallet to remember who you are to record your Cash Back earnings. Cookies can be enabled by going on-line, then finding your internet options/settings. They are related to your privacy settings. You may change your overall setting to medium, or override cookie-handling for FatWallet only. Bottom line: Your computer has to allow cookies/tracking systems in order for us to pay you Cash Back.

Sometimes your cookies can become corrupt and this can cause a problem. When this happens, you need to delete your cookies. To do this in explorer, go into your Internet Options > Settings tab, in the middle there will be three buttons. The first button will be "Delete Cookies". To do this in Firefox, click Tools, then Options. Click the 'Privacy' icon. Click the 'Cookies' tab. Click the 'Clear Cookies Now' button.

Click this button and you should be all set.
You will need to remember to log in to FatWallet again before making any Cash Back purchases. You will not be credited for any transactions made while you are logged out.

6) - Other Problems
It is bad to have commissions redirected to another affiliate, because your Cash Back is based on FatWallet commission. If you have any of these on your computer, you are at risk for re-directed commissions: Weatherbug, Kazaa, Ebates, Livewire, Mypoints, plus any program that comes with a shopping toolbar. If you are a member of another CashBack site, they may have a shopping or “reminder” toolbar that you’ve downloaded. Examples of these are Moe Money, Savenow, and Remind u. To uninstall these, click on START, then CONTROL PANEL, then ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS, then highlight the offending program and click REMOVE. Re-start your computer. If that doesn’t work, refer to HOSTS section above.

7) - Software Specific Configurations:

Kaspersky Internet Security

In FatWallet’s Help section is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about CashBack. This should answer any other questions you have concerning CashBack.

Solutions Related to your Actions
As indicated above, a review of our Cash Back FAQ will answer many questions. Here are some other actions to be aware of.

Clicking a pop-up (or slider) while you’re shopping. You’ll only see one pop-up from FatWallet while you’re shopping. It’s the “You’re on track for getting Cash Back” window that you can click on to leave yourself a note about your transaction. DO NOT click on anything else that pops up or slides out. Examples are “Save Now” from Kazaa, or “Free Shipping, Click Here.” Do not click on these offers as they are not from the merchant or FatWallet. Only click on the FatWallet site, FatWallet tracking pop-up, or the merchant site. Other clicks on pop-ups or sliders will likely redirect FatWallet’s commission (and your Cash Back).

Making your purchase in a window or browser session not linked from FatWallet. To earn Cash Back, you need to reach your merchant through FatWallet. In your shopping and research, you may open another window for that merchant, but buying through that window will not earn Cash Back. Only the window opened through FatWallet can do that! Also, if you end your browser session and return straight to the merchant, you will not earn Cash Back. If you are placing multiple orders, be aware that once you check out (complete your transaction) you have ended the browser session initiated by FatWallet. To buy more and still earn Cash Back, you’ll need to return to FatWallet and link to the merchant again. Finally, be sure to place items in your cart after linking from FatWallet, not before. Items in before the link may not earn Cash Back.


Communicating with the merchant after your transaction. A common action that interferes with FatWallet Cash Back is, after making the eligible Cash Back purchase, you and the merchant communicate to change the order. This may be due to a backordered item or just a change you thought of after the initial order. It is important in these situations to cancel your order (which you can do directly) and then re-enter FatWallet’s Cash Back Mall, find the merchant you want to order from and click on “shop.” In short, cancel any way you want then re-order through FatWallet’s Cash Back Mall. Direct contacts with merchants will often-times “erase” any commission paid to FatWallet. And… if we don’t get paid, then you don’t get paid.

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If you're using Cash Back designated clicks, they will be recorded to your click history immediately.

Merchants have up t... (more)

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I need a slight clarification:

I toss my cookies on a regular basis, will this affect the process as long as I re-login to FW before making purchases (the cookies are not blocked, just deleted)?

In other words, do the cookies in question store any information which will be required for the next purchase?


Deleting your cookies after you are through surfing is no problem what so ever as this should not affect any future transactions.

What would affect your purchases is if you were to block those cookies while you are actively surfing such as when you are using the CashBack Mall to make a purchase.

When you login, you are given a cookie which shows you are logged in.

When you click on a CashBack Store Link, you are given a new cookie for that store, but one which will identify you as shopping through a CashBack link.

But if you close the browser window for that store and use another browser window to shop that same store, then that cookie will have no effect as you will be using a different cookie. Same thing if you were to keep the browser window open, but use another browser window to make your purchase instead.

To receive credit for your purchase, you need to use the Browser window From the CashBack Mall store link only.

I hope this is clarification enough.

when I click on most FatCash links, they don't work. It displays the FatCash popup just fine, but the link to the page doesn't complete.
Some work fine though.

For instance,
when I click office depot, IE displays in the address bar with a blank white page. The "on track for getting cash back" pop up is activated though, but I have nothing to shop from.
Dell Home does the same,
"" but no page

But a working example is HP which redirects just fine.

I would think it was a problem with spybot or adaware stopping them but I've always had them and never had this problem until recently. And also because some seem to work just fine while others dont.

Anybody know what the problem might be?
Couldn't find anything in a quick look around all the faqs and help.
Yes I did try to enable those cookies mentioned in one faq, but it didn't make any changes.

I just checked and it seems to be working just fine here.

It's not any of the spyware tools causing this problem, at least not if configured correctly.

It could very well be something in Internet Explorer itself as it should not be behaving this way.

About the time this started happening for you, did you install anything or make any changes in the settings of Internet Explorer?

Maybe try going into Internet Options then click on "Delete Files" and make sure you check the box which says "Delete all offline content"???

I've seen this sort of problem with Interent Explorer in the past, bu honestly don't recall what caused this sort of problem.


The simplest way to test why you don't get the merchant sites would be to delete the hosts file on your computer. If, after deleting that file, you can get to the merchants it is due to some program adding lines to the hosts file.

If this does not solve the problem, please send in a support ticket and we will make sure you can shop

If the hosts file was preventing it from working, then he would get an error page saying the page could not be found, yada, yada, yada. The usually MS crap.

But he stated that he is getting a "blank white" page, no error messages.

I've seen this happen in the past and it has something to do with internet explorer itself if I recall correctly.

If he has a hosts file from my website, then that hosts file will not interfer in any way as the hosts files on my site are custom made so as to not interfer with FatWallet or CashBack.

I've checked them out myself and Marsfubar (however you spell his user name) has completely checked them out with the CashBack affiliates to make sure they work correctly.

As to spyware tools such as SpyBot-Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware, SpyWareBlaster and even the ZoneAlarm firewall, I checked them all out last night and the affiliate links are working correctly as they should.

This is why I asked if he installed anything or did anything about the time he started having problems with the affiliate links because somehow, Internet Explorer or possibly JavaVM or SunJava has become corrupt.

I just wish I could remember exactly what it is that causes this sort of problem as I've seen this behavior before.

dragonslore, actually if there is an entry in the hosts file sending this person to an external website that does nothing more than grab the URL that he was intending to go to and display a blank page, he would not see an error message.

This would look like a failure on the browser side.

I start most cashback issues that I receive with DELETING the hosts file because it is much simpler than relying on a large file that could have items appended to it and stop it from working again.

If a user starts with deleting the hosts file, and a transaction works, then the next time it doesn't, you can check to see if a program has re-created the hosts file.

As far as IE goes, it could be something as simple as "show friendly http errors" are turned off in preferences. Also, if unpatched, IE could show the URL that you intended to render, and simply have gone to a malicious page that shows a blank white screen.

Added for clarification:

I'm not saying people cannot use cashback if they have a hosts file, but for troubleshooting the issue, it's much easier to delete the file (or move it) so you can say that is not the problem. Once that is proven, use whatever hosts file you like.



There are many hosts files available on the net from other sources.

What I was saying is that the FatWallet Hosts Files from my website won't cause this problem. At least not unless they were to add some entries themselves to cause this sort of problem.

The hosts file itself does not need to be deleted. Instead, simply remaning it by adding an underline to the end of the file extension disables the hosts file. This way, if the user has customized their hosts file so they can visit certain sites that they like to visist or possibly to block some sites not already blocked, then if you tell them to delete it, they will lose what they have built up.

I don't know if this person has a hosts file from my site or some other site. But I have personally verified that the Hosts Filies from my site are not the problem. If they were, then I would be having the same problem.

As to the other tools out there, they can cause this problem "IF" the configuration and update instructions are not followed.

SpyWareBlaster especially can cause this as each time you run an update, you need to click enable all protection, then manually go through the lists and uncheck the needed items of which there are currently 7 of them. bFast, Commission-Junction, LinkSynergy and Qksrv. in other tools, you need to make sure those same items are checked off in the exclusions list or they will be blocked.

The worst thing when it comes to using a lot of these tools is that people tend to not pay complete attention to instruction and only follow part of them instead.

But like I have said, there are corruptions which can cause this problem too as I have seen this sort of thing before. I just don't remember what the cause was. Although if I recall corectly, it had something to do with the page not rendering correctly which would result in a white page.

I'm having the exact same problem as 1thomas. I checked my host file and it only lists my local host.
I also went to spybot and checked the appropriate boxes in the excludes cookies file as mentioned above.

I can't seem to fix it. Please help, I want to shop.

If you have any other anti spyware tools on your system, check the configuration of each one.

If you're using SpyBot-S&D,make sure you're using version 1.3 and that in the settings, you go to the "ignore products" section and check off each of the following.


If you're still having problems after checking everything, then read this thread and pay careful attention to the instructions. Especially the part anout using HiJackThis and posting the resulting log to the Spyware Info Forums.

It could very well be that you may have some unwanted parasites on your system that are causing this problem.

Good Luck

footn200 said:
1) - HOSTS files

In Windows 9x and Millennium, you can usually find the HOSTS file in C:\\\\\\\\WINDOWS\\\\\\\\

The HOSTS File should have NO extension on it and should be kept as "Read Only"

I have Win98 and don't have a HOSTS file in C:\\WINDOWS without an extension. I have one named "Hosts.sam", but nothing that is just "Hosts". The "Hosts.sam" one is empty except for comments and a localhost entry.

Is this okay or is something wrong?

I never figured out what was wrong, but I fixed the problem by removing spybot then re-installing the newest version.
Whatever changes had been made, are not there any longer so, it works fine.

HOSTS.SAM is nothing more than an Example Hosts file which doesn't do anything.


What would happen if the pop-up window didn't show up and still placed my order? Would I lose the Cash Back?


Answer: The pop-up is not necessary to earn Cash Back.
It just let's you know you started the process properly and allows you to leave a note about the transaction.

I have a question here. I bought a laptop from Dell Home two weeks ago. I first logged on to my fatwallet account, and then reached Dell's Webpage through the CashBack link. But I couldn't find the product through Dell's Webpage, however, I knew the address of that product. So I typed the address in the address bar in the IE window linked from Fatwallet and finised the purchase. I then checked the click history, it's there. However, There is still no dollar sign (Indicates a merchant has reported your transaction to FatWallet)labeled on my purchase at this time.

My question is whether I could type a new adderss in address bar of the same window linked from Fatwallet and contiune my purchase. And how long does it take a merchant to report a transaction?

Answer: Typing in a new address is breaking the FatWallet to merchant link, which means you would not (did not) earn Cash Back with that purchase. You did make a Cash Back click (and were on track for Cash Back), but veered off track by typing in the new address.

Merchant reporting takes anywhere from one day to three weeks. If a transaction doen't show in your account three weeks past the shipping date, then please let us know with a Support Ticket.

These questions and more are answered in our Cash Back FAQ.

I've purchased two items from Dell, both seemed to work fine with the fatwallet popup and it did track my clicks.
Yet its been over 1 week on the first system and there is no dollar symbols showing up? Is this normal, why can't I get this to work if its not, is there anyone I can contact to still get my rebates even if its not working?

Thank You

Answer: It can take up to three weeks from the shipping date for merchants to report transactions to us. If they don't show up after that time, please let us know and we'll investigate for you. Please use a Support Ticket and submit it between 21 and 60 days from the shipping date.

We are the people to contact with any questions or problems. Cash Back works without a hitch 97% of the time, and we're able to help the other 3% most of the time. Still, as detailed earlier in this discussion, there are user actions and computer set-ups that can confound the process.
<a target="_new" href=""><font size=4>Cash Back FAQ</a>

I placed an order through fatwallet in a linux machine. I followed the link from fatwallet. But in the click history, I did not see the transaction. Will I get Cash Back for the transaction?

Answer: Please let us know details of any missing transactions on a Suport Ticket if transactions do not show within three weeks of the shipping date. (I see several Cash Back clicks in your history, as well as a reported transaction. Let us know if new transactions are not showing.)

Hi Everyone,

So far I've done 4 CashBack offers, and still having problems. One of your reps was kind enought to manual enter one of my tractions, although I really need to fiqure out why I can't get this to work automatically. I do everything in proper order, and the fatwallet popup does come up. I complete my purchase, and I put all the items in the cart after clicking from After I check out, and the completed order status windows shows up, thats when I shut everything down. IS there something I'm forgetting to do? My cookies are on ,and I don't believe they are the problem. I don't run any spyware remover programs as of late either.



If the referals aren't being credited, it is possible there may be a parasite on your system which is intercepting the referals. See #6 in the above article

So you might just want to check out the second thread (sticky) in the Computers Forum.

Other than that, the only real way to find out any more would be for one of the Mods check out your CashBack history for you.

I tried going to and but the page simply stops at these sites:


I kept on trying to refresh but to no avail.

do you know what's wrong?


Links work fine from the Cash Back mall here... are you still having the same problem? If so, it seems likely a hosts file issue. You can either re-write your hosts file as indicated in the first post of this discussion, or delete it in the following manner:

Click start then My Computer.
Double click on your C: drive.
Double click on WINDOWS file.

In Windows 98, 98se or Millennium (Me) you’ll need to look for your hosts file at this point from a field of many icons. When you find it, right-click on it and delete it. It’s that simple!

In Windows 2000, XP (etc), you’ll need to continue as follows:
Double click on system32 file.
Double click on drivers file.
Double click on etc file.
Right-click on hosts file (not Imhosts) and delete it.

Restart your PC.

If you're still experienceing problems, please submit a Support Request and we'll get right on it.

I just check both Adidas and footlocker through the CashBack Mall using my largest FatWallet Hosts file and they both worked just fine.

One thing to note though....

With Opera Browser popup settings.

Set to block unwanted popups - The CashBack popup does not appear
Set to Allow all popups - The CashBack popup will appear

Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP SP2 has a built it popup blocker now which would need to be disabled.

I noticed that uses bFast for it's redirect. I didn't catch which redirect footlocker uses.

If your Hosts file is not the problem, then check any spyware tools, popup blockers or firewalls that you may have on your system.

If you have SpyWareBlaster on your system, then you need to follow the same instructions every time that you update it or you will end up blocking the needed redirects.

I placed order of 2 600M on Oct. 19 with order ID: 945876176 through Fat Cash link. Today when I check the balance of Cash Back, it only listed $161.79 under the order ID. Would I only paid $161.79 for two notebook? I wish it is true.
Anyway, no change to those orders has ever been made after I placed the order. $1617.9 would be a close amount of how much I paid. How to solve this problem? Thanks a lot.

ShiningStar said: ... How to solve this problem? Thanks a lot.

Answer: Support Request... HOWEVER, please be advised you will have to wait three weeks past when Dell shippped it. We are required to give them that time to complete and correct their reporting to us. Therefore, count three weeks past when it shipped and, if the amount still appears wrong, send in Support Requestat that time.


I have a similar but different problem with my browser. Any thread that is longer than one page will not open. It will come up with the fatwallet banner and menus but the bottom of the page is blank. I can see only the last page of those threads. It makes me crazy. Oh, yeah, I deleted cookies and cleared history and the problem went away. Then I logged in and the problem reappeared. I've tried messing with all my IE settings and no luck. Can somebody please helllpppp meeeee. TIA.

1thomas said: when I click on most FatCash links, they don't work. It displays the FatCash popup just fine, but the link to the page doesn't complete.
Some work fine though.

For instance,
when I click Office Depot, IE displays in the address bar with a blank white page. The "on track for getting Cash Back" pop up is activated though, but I have nothing to shop from.
Dell Home does the same,
"" but no page

But a working example is HP which redirects just fine.

I would think it was a problem with spybot or adaware stopping them but I've always had them and never had this problem until recently. And also because some seem to work just fine while others dont.

Anybody know what the problem might be?
Couldn't find anything in a quick look around all the faqs and help.
Yes I did try to enable those cookies mentioned in one faq, but it didn't make any changes.

Hi, 2coatsofpaint!


Login to FatWallet.
Click Forums tab.
Click Customize next to forum tools.
Change your topics and messages per page to a smaller number, probably 50 or fewer. (Yours are currently set at 100.) 20 is the default, and the most likely to load pages completely without a problem.

If you're still having problems, let us know on a Support Request.


Right on, Mr. Mod! That did it.
The best site also has the best, fastest support. Excellent.
Shop on.

I tried to cash out my FatWallet Cash Back but the email that I used for fatwallet is different thatn the one I use for paypal. Paypal has the money now, but I can't get it to my Paypal account... it wants me to create a new paypal account, which I don't want to do. Paypal tells me that if I don't respond in 30 days the money goes back to the sender. Will I still have this amount in my FatWallet Cash Back account. Right now the balance is $0, but will it return ot the previous balance since the paypa thing never went through?

Edit: I figured it out... I added an email address to my Paypal account and it went through. Thanks though and keep up the god job guys.

Hi, we have ordered 4 (in two diffrent days) laptops from Dell Home through FatCash link with my account . After that Dell sent me confirmation e-mails. But after a while I got e-mails about cancellation of orders and I have called them immediately Thay said that it was their mistake and approved the orders then we got the laptops.

BUT I didnt see any report from Dell about these orders on my Cash Back account,

(Original 1st Order number 000945047703 they changed the order number with this 000950784745 )
(Original 2nd Order number 000945082890 they changed the order number with this 000950786393 )

Moderator Comment: Please submit a Support Request to resolve this issue.
Two things to be aware of: First of all, direct merchant/consumer contact after the Cash Back sale frequently "un-does" Cash Back since the phone rep enters a "new" order replacing the FatWallet-referred order. Secondly, since Dell initiated the contact in this case, we can open an investigation with them in pursuit of your Cash Back if you submit a Support Request.

Cash Back FAQ

For cookies, can I just allow fatwallet's and the vendor's and block the sites that are listed in "1) - HOSTS files"?

Cookies and Hosts files are entirely different and have no relation.

A Hosts file is used to block access to any domains listed in it.

If you block a domain in the Hosts file, that means that you block
everything from that particular domain. But you can still access any
subdomains which are not blocked.

Example of a domain

Examples of a subdomain

As you can see, a subdomain is one where the www is replaced by any
name one may chose to setup in your hosting control panel which would
be used for what ever purpose it may be needed for.

Not only do you need the cookies from FatWallet and the Vendor (affilate)
you are purchasing from, you need to allow the cookies from the referal
agencies that FatWallet uses. That also means that you should not block
any of the required domains involved.

If you block any needed referal cookies or domains, then you will not
earn your CashBack as these are needed to keep track of your purchases.

Referal agencies used are as listed:


Some of these may use other entries which do not appear to be related to
their names such as some of the entries listed in Section 1 (Hosts Files)

hi, i want to request a payment, i have a paypal personal account, as you know they only take bank transfer and funds transfer so will it be okay to send payment to my personal account? I have a business one as well but i dont want to get a fee charged to it.

Hi! Yes, you may have payment sent to your personal account. Our paypal funds are bank account based, not credit card. Just enter the payment address of your choice when requesting a payment.

Cash Back FAQ
Contact Us

if i am a new customer buying something from one of the Cash Back merchants, do i have to use the same email address as my fatwallet account?
could i use a totally different email address for the merchant?

thanks in advance.

Hi Good question! You may use any email you'd like with your order. As a matter of fact, you can use any name and address. What matters for Cash Back is that you're logged in under your FatWallet username.

More info is in our Cash Back FAQ.

i was wondering, let say if i send a link to my friend with the CashBack on it, would it work even if it wasnt directly taken from, because i know alot of my friends order from these sites but they dont bother signing up for fatwallet. Also when i request the payment from fatwallet to my paypal account, is it okay if its a personal account ? i want to avoid the fee.

The Cash Back link needs to be done live on/from our site (logged in under your FatWallet username) to report properly to your account, so I don't see a way to mail a link for friends to use. (Just order stuff for them at a huge discount, then charge 'em a handling fee or something. ) Seriously, you can order through your FatWallet account and still use their payment and shipping info, if that helps.

Your personal PayPal account is fine.

Why has it been taking so long to process CashBack paypal transfers lately? It used to take a day or two and now it takes at least a week. Whats going on?

We're a little slow at the moment due to complications moving our offices, our business manager taking time off, and bank transfers taking longer. Once the dust has settled, we'll do all we can to speed the process. It still may take a couple weeks depending on how your request time corresponds with the processing time. Thanks for your patience.

footn200 said: We're a little slow at the moment due to complications moving our offices, our business manager taking time off, and bank transfers taking longer. Once the dust has settled, we'll do all we can to speed the process. It still may take a couple weeks depending on how your request time corresponds with the processing time. Thanks for your patience.

got it. thanks for the quick reponse.

Is it normal to wait from 91-121 days for Cash Back from pending to availablem state?
If yes, does it seems to be long time (longer than I have to wait for rebate check )?

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SininStyle said:   Cash Back is suppose to just work right? I have results in click history and purchases I know I made and I don't think once have I ever been paid out without a ticket. What is the average time it should take for a click to appear to be starting the process? When should I start submitting tickets?

Don't want to be impatient but at the same time don't want to miss out.

Yes, it is supposed to just work. Over 97% of all transactions report without any kind of 'help' from the Cash Back team, so long as your computer is set up to accept cookies, and not blocking tracking.

Cash Back, from the time of the click, to reporting can take up to two weeks from the shipping date. This is because some merchants report within the first day, while others wait till around shipping, or just after it has arrived. 

If it has not arrived by the end of that two week, please let us know by filling out a support request so that we can look into the transaction and hopefully recover Cash Back.  Also, by sending in a support request, we can offer suggestions on how to get you on track so that Cash Back automatically reports.

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