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jayK said: dealsdyker said: I would like a "days/old" column between the topic title and rating. Simple and small, just a number. I find that I am constantly having to look across the title and then far to the right to see the days old. Usually, I could care less who the thread starter is. In fact, I never care who started a thread.The beta might help a little, as the originator and last post columns are gone.

It would be nice to allow users to customize which columns are displayed, and in what order.
I rely heavily on the "last post" column to see whether I've read the latest posts (and whether the post is by someone whose posts I care about). I notice "last post" is gone in the beta. Please, bring it back and give us the option of allowing or deleting it.

Using "Next 20" as the default page size, how about adding a 'page number' or 'posts n to n+20' or similar?

I'm a multi-tasker and get distracted. I will start paging through Hot Deals, follow up on something but then want to go back to approximately where I left off. It's hard to keep track of how many times I clicked "Next 20", but if it said "Page 5" or "Topics 101-120" I'd know where I was when I 'left' Hot Deals.

Then, when I go back to the First 20, I could quickly page through to the approximate place I left off and continue reading.

(I know that most of the really Hot Deals are in the first few pages, but I sometimes find useful stuff several pages further down and want to keep paging through. I also know that fresh posts and replies are constantly rearranging the sequence of posts but I'm just looking for an approximate place to resume my reading of older topics.)

Is there a way to put the thread title in the topic alert also, like they do at another deal website? If I get so many topic alerts with just the key word "sale" it only shows a bunch of emails with subject "Your FatWallet Instant Topic Alerts - sale". With this other deal website emails, they give the thread topic, so I can delete from my email list the ones I dont want, and dont have to go into each email to find out it's a sale on diapers or anything else I dont care about.


Please fire the idiot moderators who want us to hate them. Read my PM's for details.

Note: not all moderators are idiots. The idiots are the ones who post stuff like "We are glad you hate us"

When some of my "favorite" threads have been archived I can no longer click the links that take me directly to page 2 or the last page. It always takes me to the first page. I'd like for those links to forward me to the correct page.

With all the recent deals for the "Best Deal Magazines", why not get them involved with FatCash?

All the posts say to go to ebates for 10% back, etc. Good opportunity to add another valuable merchant?

EDIT: Whoops, there's a FatCash request thread... sorry!!!

howabout a subscribe button next to each thread title?

how about 2 ratings in HD? red for hotness of the deal (vs/blue?) and green for rating of the product.

This way one can rate the deal hot even for a so-so product or not so hot deal for a great product. hopefully it'll reduce the is this a good deal? and is this thing-a-bop any good? posts.

wondering if an auto forum is worthy of it's own space?

Please return forum to discuss coupon deals from Sunday paper.

Brick and Mortar (B&M) deals should have their own forum.

how about not having to click twice to search titles? don't hide the search text box and just have it showing the whole time

I realize this may not seem significant, but . . . I would really appreciate having the opportunity to make the background on the header absolutely black instead of dark grey and, likewise, the ability to display all header text in WHITE.

Some of us oldsters have a little trouble with all of this grey.

But really FW . . . beyond that, I just don't understand everyone's anger. Geez, we (almost) have the classic Original FatWallet look back. The tabs are lovely. And a lot of customization and thought has been invested to make our experience easier.

My only issue is that I need the contrast. For example, I would place the header phrases in white . . . and then when you're on that particular root, make the text a bright GREEN.

The grey is really a problem for me, however aesthetically-pleasing you intend it to be.


Could you please return things to the way they were before the latest horrible-looking ill-advised eye-straining hard-to-use unpleasant update?

Thanks so much.

Thanks for the Switch to Classic View button implemented without having to log in. I think the Modern View is more geared to Mac people who like that faded gray text on a white background look. Personally, that combo gives me a headache.

put the site back the way it was, it now annoying, with too few deals per page, and more difficult to read. If you going to have a filter selection on the right make it so you can hide it. The filter on the right only serves to shorten the row length, putting fewer deals on a page and make it more difficult to read then in the previous method.

Moderator Comment said: I expect an easy way to toggle to the classic view while we make the modern view more beautiful, better advised (your feedback), easier-on-the-eyes, fun-to-use and more pleasant over all. Thanks for your passion!This could be easily done by adding the new features to the classic view and scrapping the modern view.

Change the white background to more greyish/darker white (like how is), the deals don't "stick out"

I'm on Linux using firefox, everything looks great. I really like how the new forum looks, except for one thing. The old forum had more padding between the topics. With the addition of the subtext which identifies the category of the topic, it creates more convolution and is harder to skim through and look for the deals i'm most interested in -- sans filtering through search of course.

Please consider tinkering with the idea of adding 1px to the top and bottom padding of the topic and maybe 1px top to the subtext. Readability is important, especially for a site that inherently lots of reading and stressful to eyes.

Or at least a customizable .css file that sits in user cache.

Let me second that motion. I like the old format better. I liked the old search method, and the results it produced better. For me, this has been a giant step backwards. You might have asked people what they liked about the existing board before changing so much. If you did do this then i just managed to miss it along the way. If you didn't then I would describe the change implemented as a case of: "Ready, Fire, Aim!"

I would like to see the:

"Subscribe to"

and other functions added to the bottom of the thread to. I'm not sure if that's how it was in classic view or not, but I think it was. I like to read a thread and then subscribe, not have to scroll back to the top of the page and then subscribe.

For the 5th time in this thread. Reputation rating system for users.


1. You know that other site got it.

2. Piss off the boss.

3. It's better than Boost.

4. It would take so much resource that no more "improved site" will ever be released.

5. Chuck Norris told you to do it.

It may just be me missing something, but miss the "favorites" ability I had in the old version,


Are you playing around with the algorithm that determines if a deal in the Hot Deals forum is "HOT" (via the icon on the leftmost side)? A few minutes ago, all but one or two of the deals on the first page were marked "HOT".

deleted by author

The ability to search for the default "Search" is possibly not good for the server.

I like the ability to customize the forum navigation links at the top of the screen. What may be more helpful is if next to each of those headings you include number of new messages (or threads) since the last visit. Obviously, this would be a bog on the system if people don't visit regularly. So solution to that is change it from a number to infinity symbol after a certain number.

It would look like this:
Hot Deals(30)   Free Stuff(~)  Finance(5)   Travel Deals(~)

Help! Please move the "help" button to the left -- perhaps next to "sign out"? I thought it had gone for good and was about to post a new thread asking about it until I noticed it waaaay to the right of the screen.

Did the "favorite" button inside the topic disappear or am I going crazy? Ignore is still there.

biglittle said: Did the "favorite" button inside the topic disappear or am I going crazy? Ignore is still there.

It's there...but we moved it up - it's now in the upper-left, just below the title of the topic. This way it's possible to mark a topic as a favorite from any page within the thread, not just from the OP.


What's the deal with the huge number of categories? Some of the more hilarious ones under Home & Garden:

- Ash Tray
- Carbon Monoxide Detectors (with seperate categories for Smoke Alarm and Smoke Detectors)
- Compost
- Cooker
- Door
- Doorbell
- Fertilizer
- Garden Tiller
- Gong
- Hot Tub
- Nutcracker
- Placemat
- Plastic Cleaner
- (WTF?)
- Rotary Sweeper
- Tea Cart
- Tiller
- Towel Warmer
- Treads

Was any thought put into these, or was it just cut and pasted from somewhere else?

Thanks for bringing these to our attention! Some of those you mentioned can be combined and reorganized, and we will do those today. However with some, such as ash tray, we aren't really sure on where else they might fit. If you have any suggestions on better ways to categorize these items, please let us know!
You don't need categories for everything...there should be a minimum number of threads threshold for creating a subcategory in the first place. Has there ever been even a single thread in HD about ashtrays? If no subcategory fits for an item, what about allowing the user to suggest a new category, assigning it to a catch-all "misc.", or assigning it to the next highest category (in this case, Home & Garden)?

Please add a date/timestamp on threads/topics in the new design so it would be easier to know when it was created.

I like the new look of FW with one exception....any chance you could change the background color from eye burning white to something a little more soothing and easy on the old eyes? That bright white background is killing my eyes.

Thanks FW!

jayK said: You don't need categories for everything...there should be a minimum number of threads threshold for creating a subcategory in the first place. Has there ever been even a single thread in HD about ashtrays? If no subcategory fits for an item, what about allowing the user to suggest a new category, assigning it to a catch-all "misc.", or assigning it to the next highest category (in this case, Home & Garden)?
I am SO going to find a deal on an ashtray now, just to prove you wrong.

Something I've always found a bit of an annoyance . . .

When I link through for FatCash, I always like to leave a note with order details. When I go to the link to leave the note, I get a full window with a *tiny* text entry box. Can that be made larger, ideally proportional to the current window size?

Posting here because for some reason this hasn't been responded to in the other thread(s)....

I know I've mentioned it before but I'll mention it again. After the user personalizes his view for the "Hide Forum Categories" in the drop down menus, that personalization transfers over to this page. While that might seem insignificant by hiding all the forums the user has chosen, what's out of sight is also out of mind. If I've hidden the travel and computer forums from view, I will eventually forget that those forums are there (or ultimately decide that it's too much trouble to navigate to those forums) and FW might lose out on FatCash opportunities.

Why not leave the entire list of all navigable forums on the main Forums page and keep the personalizable forums list for the drop down menus and customizable menu bar? That way, if I decide I need to see what computer deals might be available, I just have to visit the main Forums page to click on the Computers forum instead of editing my personalized forum view or performing a search to get to the computer forum.

Please add to the list to stores!

Leave a 120-second window for "Edited by"-less edits after you post. Sometimes you catch things after you post, and would like to fix them neatly. This can be found on Digg.

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