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LeezaS13, are you speaking about the marital status/spousal discrimination case, or racial discrimination?  This thread began and is titled for marital status/spousal but people from other cases have posted so it's very confusing now. 

Here is the response email I received just now regarding the Marital Status/SPOUSAL discrimination suit:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the December 2011 settlement between Countrywide and the Department of Justice concerning allegations of unlawful discrimination.

Please be advised the next phase of the settlement will not occur until sometime in early 2014.

Because of the large number of persons affected by this settlement, there will be a substantial amount of time before property rights are restored or settlement payments are determined and sent to the non-borrower spouses who participate.

For future email correspondence regard the Marital Class questions please reply to Thank you.

Our representatives are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time and on Saturdays between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Central Time, please call 1-877-309-1959.


Countrywide Fair Lending Settlement Administrator


Note that it has been updated to reflect "early 2014" now, versus the previous "by the end of the year" or similar that we've been given previously.  When I called and spoke with a  representative earlier, their information has not been updated to reflect this change in timeline.  I did have to call to find out if my paperwork had been received, at least they hire pleasant, polite people for their phones if this gentleman is any example. 

its for racial discrimination

it was for racial discrimination

I heard something about the govt shutdown effecting this process

novusordom said:   I heard something about the govt shutdown effecting this process

has anyone actually gotten a check yet?

dont know what you are asking them but i keep getting no new info, they just told me to keep waiting, they wont give me a date or any new info

One person claims to have received a check. Steffiejoe should have received a check, be nice if they would report back. I was told mine would be mailed on 11/15, I promise to report back. Mine is for discrimination.

11/15 is friday, can you tell me when they say they received your release form? they received mine on 9/11, let me know if you get your check, id appreciate it thanks, hope you get it, they are not giving me a date,just telling me to wait

Steffiejoe you get your check yet?

I mailed my signed form on 09/03/13 and I haven't received a check or heard back from them.

received my form on august 26, mailed it in Aug 27, they received/processed it 9/11

emailed them yesterday here is their response; this is 9 weeks after they received the release form;

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the December 2011 settlement between Countrywide and the Department of Justice concerning allegations of unlawful discrimination.

This email is to confirm that we have received your RELEASE FORM.

The payment for your settlement amount will mail within the next 20 to 24 business days.

For future email correspondence regarding the settlement please reply to Thank you.
If you have further inquiries about the settlement, please call 1-800-843-5148. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time and on Saturdays between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Central Time.


Countrywide Fair Lending Settlement Administrator

I call the 1-800 # this morning (11-14-13) and according to them my check will be mail tomorrow and to wait 10-14 business days for the check to arrive. Will keep you guys posted when in 2 weeks or when I receive the check.

At joel, when did they receive your release paperwork??

I didn't ask about the receiving day. But I took the paper to the post office September the 3rd.


10 to 14 days for the check to get to you? how are they sending these checks pony express?

I received my check in today's mail!! 11/18/13

 thanks for keeping us informed, hope mine comes this week

@capquest, when did they receive your release paperwork ??

That's awesome cap. Hope I get mine in a few weeks.

I received my check today in the mail (11-18-13). Shopping time lol jk good luck to the rest of you guys!

dang, as soon as they get the checks they fall silent, out on a shopping spree i suppose

Looks like the racial discrimination checks are coming through but all if us in the marital settlement have to wait until 2014

How much are the discrimination checks for?

I spoke to the customer service people last week regarding the marital claim. They are still going over claims, determining who is eligible, and who still has ownership rights that can be corrected. After all of that is done, then they will know which group will have the ownership corrected and which of those can not and will therefore be eligible for a check. Short answer is that it will likely be several weeks before any marital claims are paid out or corrected through title changes.

Hello, I just received confirmation that claims for the Marital settlement will not be sent till early 2014. I have two claims for this settlement. Two different loans during the time frame involved. Has anyone else have two claims? A

Hello All,

This is very long and detailed but because of some of the questions that have been ask, I wanted to provide as much detail about my experience as possible.

I have been following this blog for a few weeks but this is my first entry.  I would like to provide a time line of events from when I received my first notification letter.  I hope this will answer many of the questions you may have, if not just ask and I will provide an answer if I can.

I received my first letter (cannot remember exact date but letter was) dated November 16, 2012 from U.S. Department of Justice informing me about the settlement with Countrywide.  The letter stated, since I was of Hispanic or African-American decent and had a mortgage loan with Countrywide between 2004 and 2008 I was eligible to receive a payment from the settlement.  The deadline for returning the registration letter was January 7, 2013 but then extended to March 29, 2013.

In mid-2013, (sometime in June 2013) all who registered by the deadline would receive letters with the exact amount of their checks along with a release form accepting the amount.  The timeframe for Rust Consulting to mail the release forms went from mid-2013 to late summer-2013 then early fall-2013, which is when they were finally mailed.

I received my release form on August 27, 2013; I signed and dropped it off at the post office on August 28, 2013.  I decided to wait two weeks from the time I mailed my document back which I thought was enough time for Rust Consulting to receive it and enter my information into their system. When I called on September 11 and September18 requesting a status, my information had not been processed.  They asked me to give them at least six weeks before checking the status again.

I called again on September 25, and was told my information was entered into the system on September 21.  She asked that I give six to eight week to receive information or a check but said I could call back for a status on November 2, which would be six weeks.

I called back on November 2, was told my check had not been mailed and she could not provide any additional information.  She said I could call back on the November 8 or November 9, they might have some information by then but she could not promise.  I called back on the November 9, and yes, you guessed it…nothing new.  She said to call back on the 14th or 15th by then they would be able to tell me if my check had been mailed and if not, when it would be.

I called back on November 13, was told my check was scheduled to be mail on Friday November 15.  She said they are supposed to advise people it might take up to 10 days to receive but it should not take that long.


Let me know if you have questions, I will answer if I can.

allenter thats amazing, they entered yours in the system the 21st and you got your check, they entered mine on Sept 11th and still no date and no check, i just called them again and nothing, i dont know what order they are going in but its truly frustrating dealing with these people

after many calls and pulling out my hair and threats to complain, they finally gave me a date, my check is to be sent 11-29, anyone out there still waiting dont give up and keep bugging them or theyll just put you on the furthest back burner

@ allenter thanks for the detailed information. I mailed my release form about the same time you did. I made several phone calls as well but unable to get any date when the check will be mailed out. I called again earlier and still have no date of check and now the person telling me it will take 6-12 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks.She said its only been my 9th week this week from 9-22-13. I told that person my points is even the letter and the recording stated 6-8 weeks why suddenly she telling me im only on my 9th weeks. Its really frustrating me now. I called again after 10 mins just to make this person I spoke with was giving me the right information. This time the person told me I should call back by next week they should have updated information when the check will be mailed out. She told me the the bulk of the realese form they have received was alot but they are trying to issue the check as soon as they can.

I spoke with them 11/19 and was told that I would receive a letter stating the amount along with a release form by the end of the year. We will see!

@leezaS13 ive been hearing 6-8 weeks for 10 weeks now and just last night on my 4th phone call suddenly its 6 to 12 weeks, these guys are incredible, theyve just been giving me date ranges for a month and still no check, i had my release form in on the 11th im going on 11 weeks since then

Wondering how much money some of you have gotten? Those Lucy enough to have already received one. A

Wondering how much money some of you have gotten? Those Lucky enough to have already received one. A

The people receiving the release forms, are they for the discrimination on MARITAL?

racial discrimination

I send my form in agust 23 . They process in sept 7 . Today i call and they tell me that my check will be send nov 29 and take 10 to 15 days to arrive . I will let you no what happen. Tk you!!!

For the check mail date of 11/15, has your check arrived?

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