Alliance Security has Become an Annoying Pimple on My @zz! (CN47)

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CN47 is in title because he sued these folks. Therefore any input he can offer is most welcome. Could not find any other threads about Alliance with search.

Somehow a call slipped past NoMoRobo, and I answered. Phone # =12pt=11pt605-496-0712.  told them I wasn't interested, and to not contact me anymore. Searched number online, found lots of info from many disgruntled people, and a list of #'s they've used. Realized I didn't properly assert my rights under TCPA, call # back. Get recorded message - no one available to take call, if you would like to know who called you press 2. Gives 716-932-3240 to call. Call that number, automated system, enter # which called you, I enter the 605-496-0712 one. Service identifies business as Symmetry BBJB Systems LLC,1115 14th St.,Bettendorf, IA,52722 - except that doesn't exist, a search reveals a recently sold single-family rancher. Complainers online, reported the same thing. And the mystery deepens...

I keep calling back the 605 #, and finally get a voice answering "Alliance Security", and requested they not contact me (Add # to internal Do Not Call, send copy of policy). I get transferred to Legal Dept with a recorded message & full voicemail. I find actual phone # online, call & get supervisor who adds # as requested, and promises to leave note with Legal to send copy of policy. That was 6 weeks ago, still no policy. Will call back tomorrow & request again. So, I check my phone records online, compare #'s with ones posted by others, and found a few in my records going back to 11/16. I started calling every # in my records and made note of which ones gave the Symmetry result when calling back the 716 exchange # they give. I recorded each automated message, and the automated system you get with 716# identifying business as Symmetry BBJD.

It took me some digging, but I found the source of the 716-932-3240 #, it's aka Omega Systems. So, I shoot them an email. We have a back & forth exchange, I want to know who is calling me using their service, I point out that Symmetry doesn't exist. Is it Alliance Security? What's the phone # you have as their contact #? I might as well talk to a rock. They offer to contact their client to have my # removed from the system. I'd already had Alliance add me to their Do Not Call. And they give me the same Symmetry BBJD blah, blah, blah BS I already know, but no phone #. I suspect their contact # is actually a Rhode Island exchange to Alliance.

There was a case in 2014 filed by the FTC, and the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey=12pt=11pt has filed a lawsuit. Not too mention the numerous individual & class action lawsuits.

I finally got them to stop calling me.  But they are overdue on mailing the copy of their internal Do Not Call policy, as required. I have complete copies of all phone records, a list of all numbers, a recording of my conversation with them (yes, I can record the call), where I requested said policy.

Could Omega Systems be held liable for allowing Alliance to misuse their service? Do I have the right to the actual contact phone # for their client Symmetry BBJD/aka Alliance Security? Is Alliance violating any law using a fake address & name? An acquaintance knows a lawyer she believes handles consumer law, and is getting that information for me. I plan on turning over all of the printouts, plus the recordings on a thumb drive, to that person, to see if a lawsuit is warranted. It baffles me that this company continues to engage in TCPA violations. Apparently they still profit, despite the FTC fine, NJ US District Court case, numerous class action & individual lawsuits - so I guess it is somehow worth it for them. I actually wonder how long I will have to wait until they violate their own Do Not Call, & start calling again...

Would love to hear from anyone who has gone after TCPA violators. Alliance also violates the Telephone Sales Rules (TSR) , and they can be sued under that as well. 

DE doesn't have a regular small claims court, we have a Court of Common Pleas limited to certain common  stuff, it appears I would have to file in Superior Court, and if suing under the TSR, you apparently have to file in Federal District Court. =12pt=11ptBut I will check with attorney I end up contacting.


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TLDR; Someone called OP with a possible sales call. OP has lots of free time.

The "legal department" is a phone inside of a janitor's closet.

CN47 is currently in hiding, please leave a message.

Put some of that time into researching the CN47 story. It didn't sound to me like he had a magic formula for exacting justice or extracting income from businesses that make improper phone calls. A lot of it was discussed right here, but I guess people want to believe in a vigilante hero. Or somehow had a very different read on the story than I did.

Your post reference to Nomorobo at least hopefully helps others. You seem to have won this battle to delay the calls for a few months. Another alternative is a bit more offensive. Good guy actaully calls the scammers back and wastes their time. Many comical youtube examples of calls.

These same people have called me multiple times too. Some companies are so shielded it is hard to go after them. You have done a lot of great research on them, and have come up with more information that I was able to find. It looks like a couple of the cases against Alliance are trying to be class action, so it may not make sense to pursue and just follow that.
I have a lawyer who specializes in TCPA, as I have a few cases under my belt with him, feel free to PM me.

Also, I second JollyRogerTelco.... so many of these companies out there are just scams... Card Holder Services for example. I use Jolly Roger daily.

I am in hiding from Crazytree. My doctor said that I have an allergic reaction to stupid people. I got hives just reading his post on this thread.

At any rate, I've sued Alliance many years ago, and if you sue them in any court, the case will be removed to Federal and then lumped in the MDL where everyone else has been hanging out for the past 4-5 years.

Quick answers are as follows:

Omega services is probably not liable for the calls under the TCPA under these services. The caller name management companies are pretty common, and I would subpoena Omega services for everything they know on whoever is using that number at the appropriate time. Companies like Omega services have the effect of shielding the real company and telecom that is placing the calls. You are wasting your time trying to figure out who it is unless you have a subpoena in your hand.

The TSR is not your weapon of choice, the TCPA is. The TSR empowers the FTC to do what they do and is broader in many respects than the TCPA.

The FTC has been taking action against these guys and supporting cast. You should file a complaint with the FTC, I would contact the staff atty that worked on the original FTC action and send them what you have.

Alliance also made offers for judgment in 2015 or 2016 to many of the individual claimants that filed suit paying $1500 per call, plus costs.

If you want to sue, you need to document all your calls, get call records, and file suit and subpoena the calling records. Alliance will deny everything, so you need to have your documentation in order.

If your provider supports NoMoRobo, definitely use it. Has basically eliminated the nuisance of robocalls to our home number.

Thanks to everyone who replied, sorry I have been somewhat absent. I started a new medication, and had really bad side effects that basically made me miserable, so this wasn't on my mind because I literally felt physically awful, and couldn't even function.

qcumber98, You might very well be right. I call (again), and the CS # says to call the sales #. So, I do that. Dude says he can't transfer me, I have go through CS! Then he try's to transfer me to CS; after listening to muzak on hold for over 5 minutes, I gave up. Since I have proof (recorded call) of initial request, I can use that as proof of non-compliance. I've asked for a direct phone #, & they say they can't do that. ????  

flyingroach &  cestmoi123,  NoMoRobo is pretty good, I use it with FIOS Voice. It stops all the Google/Apple Maps junk I would get left on the answering machine, and the fake charities. Sometimes calls slip through. I've had 3 from Alliance get past NoMoRobo, and I reported them so NoMoRobo could add them to the database. 

dobby10, feel free to make use of anything I posted. Yes, I could go Class Action, but I'd rather not go that route. DE's court system is very efficient, a case in Superior can be scheduled in as little as 3 - 4 months. Of course, delays can occur, but I'd rather go at it on my own, than CA. Many unwanted calls come from overseas, so there's no way to go after foreign scammers/robocallers.

CN47, I figured I would need to subpoena Omega, they really are not willing to give up anything. I emailed 1 final email, stating my right to have the phone #, & quoting law where it states that, and get the usual robotic response.
My understanding is once the case is filed, the FTC is to be sent copies of all the filing information - I did submit a complaint online. I have all call records, and documentation, it's taken me months to gather everything. I hope the FTC goes after them again.

Thanks again for feedback, even from Crazytree.

Don't copy the FTC with your court filings. They are aware what alliance has done and is still doing. It may be worthwhile to file a complaint with the FTC and give them your info. If you sue alliance only, they may be willing to individually settle with you for a pittance.

vipercon said:   TLDR; Someone called OP with a possible sales call. OP has lots of free time.
  Sure. But it's worth $1000/call if he can prove it in court.

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