AMEX CLI still on crack - 9 cards went to 24900 last night in 10 minutes

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I had some cards with $1000 left (Re-allocate) so i put them all in and boom 24900 on every single one. i didn't try 25K because some people said financials but dang 9 of them. boom. instantly.

Sweet. i put in my household income of 149K on each request

Direct Link to LOC INCREASE

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The recent increases for some are amazing since AMEX is reducing supposedly 1/2 of all credit lines----in many case to a... (more)

duna (Sep. 23, 2008 @ 8:25p) |

Knock on wood, but I just checked my available balances and they're still at the higher CLIs. The percentage of usage t... (more)

frugalwallet (Sep. 29, 2008 @ 1:57p) |

Hahaha. Sorry to bump an old thread but its kind of funny...We all played the game lol.

3v1l (Nov. 18, 2008 @ 6:39a) |

Updating: Some reported a hard pull from AMEX, especially if instant response was not given, the 7-10 business day response provided instead.

Confirmed with CSR. CLI throught the Aemx website will NEVER result in hard pull on your credit report. They are all soft pulls, no matter you get approval or not.

At least one user reported AMEX FR as a result of CLI on crack play, with about 6 weeks since the original CLI and 2 weeks since the subsequent CLI

Credit Line Increase through AMEX website:

People are reporting success getting large increases instantly approved (like from 500 to 24,900), getting large CL instantly approved (34-35k). The only information asked is the CL you'd like to have and household income. Applies both to personal and business AMEX Cards (business cards also require business revenue).

The increases also available to new accounts (some report 3 days since receiving the card). Side benefit to getting high LOC on new cards - any promo offer running would be much more lucrative. This includes 0% for purchases only, as the current AMEX BT offers have no fee and offer the same rate as for purchases (but one would need to clarify if the standard or promotional purchase rate would apply for BTs).

Reasons to increase LOC include increasing your total available credit and therefore decreasing utilization, improving your credit score; also taking advantage of any BT offers; plus having large credit lines showing on your credit report may induce other issuers into giving you higher lines as well, which may be useful to futher lower your utilization and for consolidation during future app-o-ramas.

Problems people have been having. Decision is not instant (7-10 days) and yet to be made known, decision to decline the request. In the case of non-instant decision some report the CLI going through as confirmed by the phone CLI line call, as well as seeing the requested increase online at a later date.

Why this is not for the faint-hearted: DREADED AMEX FINANCIAL REVIEW (FR). Definitely do not do CLI if you can't afford to lose ALL your AMEX accounts (members have reported such negative actions in other threads). Most definitely do not supply income figures you can not substantiate - not only this would certainly result in losing all your AMEX accounts if you get FR, but also supplying false information on application for credit (and that is what it is) is a FELONY in some states.

Why do so many people ask for 24,900 credit lines? Well, some who requested more have been reporting getting approvals to $25k, but further approval was contingent on supplying tax return and other asset information (and perhaps resulting in FR and closure of accounts if requested documents are not provided).

If you do decide to take a plunge, do review this thread as well as AMEX FR thread (linked in this thread), and please play responsibly

Q: How would one know online the account(s) was under Financial Review?
A: According to fotomaniac, "When you login it says 'Charging privileges suspended.' "

Another rule seems to be - if you carry a balance, you can only increase your CL up to $6,000. You can do this every month.
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Please let us know if you get the FR. Your household income isn't something like $million a month is it?

nope i just told you what it was 149K household. no need to lie.

i think if you ask for 25K or more you have to provide optionally 2 years tax or decline.

no hards were pulled (i just checked my 3 in 1)

Well, last night I put through a Starwood AMEX CLI. I went from $17,000 to $30,000 with instant approval.

I got 34K with no docs provided and household income of less than 30K. This was several months ago and not a peep from AMEX. I also have 3 other cards with lower limits (around $2k each) and a Plat charge card.

rigor, apologies, I don't know why I'm awake this early on a Saturday.

Darn, it looks like AMEX is giving away free money! I'm off to request my share.

Thanks, Rigor. I'm not an AOR gamer who is concerned about utilization, but I decided to followup on your advice for the heck of it. I just obtained an increase in the CL on AMEX Blue Cash from $25K to $30K. I probably should have asked for more. It would appear that the AMEX mainframe is in a giving mood these days...........

Sweet. My Costco AMEX went from 20k to 30k. I've had it for about 16 months now, starting with 2k initially.

I just did this primarily for entertainment. My Blue went from $10K to $24,900 immediately.

I got mine bumped yesterday to 24000. from 15000, cards 6mo old started at 2k limit. Has had 7 increases. Ive also in that time pushed more money through it then most will buy in a year

same here. 24,900 no a note
i had a call for a financial review in december...went on a trip and didnt recieve the call till i got back. they called me before i sent any papers in saying there was a mistake an no financial review...any one else get this?

Thanks too bad I had already consolidated some old AMEX cards on to one. Should help for a May AOR

Same here, I got a total of 40K increases on 4 AMEXs I have.

My bf requested an increase in Dec on his HHonors AMEX, which was capped at 24k. They denied it at the time, but he got a letter in the mail yesterday saying it had been bumped to 31k for "responsible credit." He's had the card three years, and has been technically (tax wise) unemployed for five months. The card has a minimal balance right now. Gotta love AMEX.

I have had an AMEX for six years and asked for a bumpup from 10k to 25k, immediate approval. I put household income of $150k

have had card for about 2 years. When last thread came up I went from 6k to 17k. Did it again to 30k and was immediately approved with 120k income listed.

get ready for a financial review

Does this result in a hard pull? I assume yes since it's asking for HHI.

mmaxSavings said: Does this result in a hard pull? I assume yes since it's asking for HHI.No. See this thread.

Interesting, went to one card from 10000 to 22500. Was thinking about increasing second card limit but don't want to screw with them too much.

Your request to increase your line of credit to $24,000 has been approved and will be available for use within 15 minutes."
If only everything in life were this simple...

just went from 14.5k to 31k. Thanks.

17k to 30k in 5 seconds...not bad.

my starwood goes from 10k to 20k (income: 120k)

Thanks. Wish I had known when I requested to go from 4.5 to 10 on my new starwood. I was able to bump my hilton from 10 to 24,500 though. Too recent of CLI on my Blue already.

just bumped my CL from 18k to 30k... Thanks FWers

Delta: 10k to 24.9k
Blue: 16.5k to 30k


wow that was simple.

Increased blue from 10 to 20.

blue 10k to 24k...didn't want to push it...

Wow. Something weird is going on!
I had requested a CLI a few weeks ago (when I had just received the card) and AM3X required financial verification for the CLI (but not an FR).
Today (just 1 billing statement later) requested from 31k to 35k and instantly approved.

Thanks OP!

5k to 17k, 50k income. Not bad for a card I haven't touched in years.

Awesome find!!!

(although I kinda feel like I just bought a $99 xBox 360 from Home Depot and now I'm waiting to see if they'll ship it or send a cancel email...)

Wow that was easy! Almost insane! Got 24,900 within seconds. Thanks OP!

Last CLI I did for my AMEX was back in Nov. Seeing all the instant approvals for quite high limits I decided to give it a go. 15K to 30K, with income at 110K.

Wow, $10,500 to $32,500 on Starwood. Too bad I only have 1 AMEX w/ a CL right now.

I only did $3k to $6k on my old Blue Student but that's double what it used to be, lol.
Can't do it on my Blue Cash since it says I already have one CLI in the last 30days.

24,900 on my blue card instantly. thanks for the heads up rigor!

Brought all 3 AMEX cards to 24K Thanks OP!

It is asking "Increase Line of Credit to this amount: $.00" and "Your Personal Financial Information: Yearly Income: $.00"

Are you guys are getting this?

Is it instant? or I did't get instant cl increase?

Skipping 1445 Messages...
Hahaha. Sorry to bump an old thread but its kind of funny...We all played the game lol.

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