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Running Late today


Color Tower

Word Triangle

Counting Dots - Helping kids count from one to one million!

Funtastic Animal Facts Flashcards

TactioHealth (Weight Loss, Fitness, Hypertension & Diabetes Family eHealth Tracking System)

Tough Guy Facts : 2000+ hilarious jokes of your favorite Action Hero

Dark Runner 2

Super Collage

Block vs Block


Bartender Flashcards By Brainscape

Lots of FREE Apps By Brainscape


Mult Mania

The Kid: Play & Learn


HT Pro Recorder

AZT:Teleporter HD

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion (Full)

Bread Cooking Recipes




Quick Drafts – Notes, Errands and Shopping List

Poison Cloud

Piano Prodigy 2


Poems for little children

Patterns Match Basic


Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion HD (Full)

Thanks - a long list of Fisher Price is supposed to be FREE today - no time to post yet

Way Too Many

Thanks Archena.

ALL AppsBy Fisher-Price


Dingle Dangle


SockSock n Boots

Find Universal SockSock n Boots in 9 other languages

no time for more

Fisher price link is bad. I know. Search for fisher price, select a product, then select developer info.

Wonder why those links end up going to iTunes instead of AppStore.


Star Catcher: Bubble Breaker Math HD

Rainbow Catcher: Bubble Breaker Math HD

Math Master HD

Left Right Pup

Chalk Walk

Snowflake Station

Sorthings for Autism

AvatarBook Fairy Tales for iPad + all in-app purchases are FREE

AvatarBook Song for iPad

Learning to Draw is Fun - A Drawing and Coloring Game for Kids

Draw This App

Spanish Word Searches

Brain Otaku Memory HD

CoinKeeper HD: personal finance app for budget, bills and expense tracking

Stock Market HD: Stocks and Shares for iPad

Read Quick


Write the alphabet - Full version

Fonts - Calling all Designers and Developers!

Brain Reactor

Knock Knock Guess Who is There

Caillou House of Puzzles

Penguin Pre-K: Preschool Numbers, Letters, Colors, Matching, and Math

Using I and Me Fun Deck

Kids' First Cube Puzzle - Parrot the Pirate, Doctor Fox, Detective Squirrel and Friends

Color Doodle

Sharing with Duckie Deck - Preschool Games for Kids

Crabby Writer: Phonics Read & Write


Sendy: Steam-Paint Kids Art

Hi Mom! - Kids Photo Sharing

Knock Knock Guess Who is There

Space Cakes - Kids Bakery Game with Math and Numbers

Escape With Me

Avocado Scanner Deluxe - Scan and Fax Documents, Receipts, Business Cards to PDF

SAP MM Certification and Interview Test Prep - Questions, Answers and Explanation



Star Catcher: Bubble Breaker Math

Rainbow Catcher: Bubble Breaker Math

The Kid: Play & Learn

AvatarBook Fairy Tales + all in-app purchases are FREE

AvatarBook Song

Weple Today Pro – Pomodoro, Time Management, Task Tracking, To-Do

Run a 3K! Walking-jogging plan, GPS & Running Tips by Red Rock Apps

CoinKeeper: personal finance, budget, bills and expense tracker

Write for dropbox – A Beautiful Note Taking App (iPhone Edition)



Voicy Video Booth - Funny Chipmunk ( Helium ) Camera

I think I may have posted a few ones already previously posted - haven't updated this post in a few days so losing track

And just almost forgot this one.

Was just $9.99 now FREE


Adobe Ideas

Lots of cool apps! Thanks archena!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Montessori Numbers - Math
Activities for Kids!! FREE today only (normally $2.99)


Montessori Numbers - Math Activities for Kids (now FREE today only)

Wee Sing & Learn ABC

Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon

Dot Connector

Battleship for kids

Grid Drawing for Kids


Two Elephant Stampedes Helped Us Plant Seeds!

Harold the horse by the hedge

Learning to Draw is Fun - A Drawing and Coloring Game for Kids


Two Elephant Stampedes Helped Us Plant Seeds! (iPhone version)

A&R Entertainment has a few apps FREE - normally $1.99 each - some listed here more can be found

Thanks op.

No we don't...there's an app for that.

Carmageddon is free today as well... (Universal App - Game)

Adding updates soon for today,

*** DEAD ***
This one is supposed to be free for an hour only




The Man Who Stared At The Sky

Are FREE thru 10PM CDT 5/10


Best Friends Sleepover $1.99 → FREE

Jungle Adventure: educational kid’s game $1.99 → FREE


Spill the Sand $0.99 → FREE

NxtApp $2.99 → FREE

The Drip Drops - Let's Color the World! $1.99 → FREE


Speech Journal $3.99 → FREE

Digi Jungle En $0.99 → FREE

Penelope HD $2.99 → FREE

The Boy Who Cried Aliens $1.99 → FREE

Mompers by Doreen Marts- Read, Create, Share Kids Books $2.99 → FREE

My Extraordinary Friend by Anorak Magazine - A Storypanda Collaboration $2.99 → FREE

Black Cat Big City by Renata Grieco - a Storypanda Collaboration $2.99 → FREE

Yawn Chairs - Interactive Kids Book $2.99 → FREE

Paul The Imaginary - Read, Create, Share Kids Books by Storypanda $2.99 → FREE

Spot The Difference with Niki & Jazmin $0.99 → FREE

Rhythm Cat Pro HD $2.99 → FREE


SamCard-business card reader & business card scanner $3.99 → Free

ReferenceME $0.99 → Free

iSlash $0.89 → Free

Splash Numbers $0.99 → Free

Doodle TapTap - Pop The Balloons $0.99 → Free

LSAT Arcade $2.99 → Free



A Jumping Monkey - Little Zoo Chimps Holiday Travel Story Pro Edition $4.99 → Free

Baby Tiger Tigs - Little Jungle Zoo Pet Cub Tap and Bounce Story Pro $4.99 → Free

Baby Learns Sight Words -01 $0.99 → Free

Colory Caterpillar - color learning app for toddlers & kids $1.99 → Free

A Kingdom Prince - The Castle Realms Hero Adventure Story Pro $4.99 → Free

Interactive Picture Book $1.99 → Free

Kid Apps $0.99 → Free

Snooze: Calendar + Reminder $1.99 → Free


Zachy the Robot: Quest for the Museum Treasures $3.99 → Free

CASINO SLOTS HD $0.99 → Free

Web Design Basics - HTML and CSS Code $2.99 → Free

iSlash HD $1.79 → Free

123D Creature $4.99 → Free


100 Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones! | AmbiScience™

Car Toons!

Kids Timer App


Dice With Buddies

Player for Google Drive

PicShop HD – Photo Edito

Sleep Waves

Slice & Splice


Kings Empire(Deluxe)

Mission 452


Critter Escape

I AM MT: Card Battle

Sketchworthy - Notes, Sketches, and Ideas

Mr Gin Preschool

Gator's Car Repair for Kids

Buildo Museum Sticker Book


Stickyboard 2


Car Toons! HD

many iPad apps by Innovative Net Learning Limited

Azawhistle Kids Everything Has a Home: Tejas & Lollipop's Great Clean Up!

My Mom's the Best



Today only get Unlimited Numbers in app purchase

I love Itunes

Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad (US English)$23.99 → Free

US English version of Speech Sounds on Cue!

Speech therapy treatment software for articulation difficulty caused by apraxia of speech or other speech difficulties. The aim of this app is to increase the intensity of treatment for people with apraxia, combining J. Rosenbek's integral stimulation approach with B. Hill's carrier phrase facilitation drills.

This is the US version of the application, with all audio and video recorded by the US speech pathologist Terri Nichols, MS, CCC-SLP, Clinical consultant to Bungalow Software 2905 Wakefield Dr. Blacksburg, VA 24060-8184.

This application shows how to produce speech sounds and words and encourages speech, even in people with severe speech difficulties. This easy to use iPad application contains over 500 videos, sound clips and colour photos designed to help adults and children to produce the consonant speech sounds in isolation, in words and in sentences. Now includes recording, playback, rhyming words and randomisation.

This software is especially helpful to those who need to hear and see a sound made, for example, patients with motor speech difficulty due to speech apraxia (verbal or oral apraxia affecting speech).

Provides multimedia full-motion video cues, for independent speech practice. Cues are for individual phonemes (sounds) as well as full words.

Each exercise targets one word, divided into 20 consonant
positions. For each exercise it provides:

* Color photo
* Auditory and written trigger phrase
* Written word
* Video clip of a speaker
* Records and plays back patient's voice with model sound for comparison.

This app enables intensive independent practice for Motor Speech Disorders, with immediate auditory feedback.


Calculus Pro

Toddler Preschool $0.99 -> FREE

Zitrr Camera $0.99 -> FREE

Dots (Pixel Art)


Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure $1.99 -> FREE

Fun With Words - Language Learning Animal Quiz for Kids $0.99 -> Free

Math for kids - My House $1.99 -> FREE

AlphaTots™ $0.99 -> FREE

Colory Caterpillar - color learning app for toddlers & kids $1.99 -> FREE

Amazing ABC's Alphabet Learn and Play $1.99 -> FREE

Toefl Grammar Test - Full - $7.99 -> FREE

IQ Test. $2.99 -> FREE

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse $0.99 -> FREE

LensLight $0.99 -> FREE

McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom (M) $0.99 -> FREE


Awesome Laundry Coin(USD)&counting game for kids $.99 -> FREE

The little red hen-HD:Interactive Kid's book by DreamZ $.99 -> FREEE

ABC Baby Alphabet HD $2.99 -> FREE

Lion and Mouse - (Learn while playing) $1.99 -> FREE

Art Drawing Board Plus HD $2.99 -> FREE

Lend A Hand App

Bedtime Musics Collection $2.99 -> FREE

Posts $9.99 -> FREE


MARVEL War of Heroes $2.99 -> FREE

InstaMosaic – Photo Mosaic Generator $1.99 -> FREE

TriZen – Relaxing tangram style puzzles $2.99 -> FREE

Slide Circus $0.99 -> FREE

Twitr Check – unfollowers, mutual followers and everyone else on Twitter $0.99 -> FREE


Alpha Calc $0.99 -> FREE

Build a Ship with Kate and Harry $1.99 - > FREE

Tick Tock Clock - Learn How to Tell Time Using Digital and Analog Clock with Roman and Arabic Numerals $2.99 -> FREE

Pocket Dictionary 25in1 - $9.99 -> FREE


Slide Circus HD

Move and Match $1.99 -> FREE

Canvastic $2.99 -> FREE



LetsTans Classic+ $0.99-> FREE

Sorry late today


Falling asleep - Mindfulness $1.99 -> FREE

ScreenDIY $0.99 -> FREE

ProCollage $0.99 -> FREE

Workout Plan – Fitness Schedule & Journal $2.99 -> FREE

Drink Right $0.99 -> FREE

Directional – Gem Matching Game $0.99 -> FREE


Another Monster at the End of This Book...Starring Grover & Elmo! $3.99 -> FREE

Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide $2.99 -> FREE

Vehicle Coloring Book for Children: Learn to color a car, train, plane, boat and more $0.99 -> FREE

Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure $3.99 -> FREE

Recycle Hero - Toy for Kids $2.99 -> FREE

The Gingerbread Man $2.99 -> FREE

Starlight - Mobile Planetarium

QuizVreak $0.99 -> FREE

BrainBreak $0.99 -> FREE

MathBreak $0.99 -> FREE

TextCrafter 2.0 ~ Craft & Share Text $2.99 -> FREE

A Christmas Carol for iOS $1.99 -> FREE


Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition $1.99 -> FREE


Max & Ruby: Hop into Spring $2.99 -> FREE


PrismScope - Kaleidoscope Camera $1.99 -> FREE

Pudding Monsters $1.99 -> FREE

iStorage-Files and Folders $1.99 -> FREE

cloudspotting $4.99 -> FREE


US-History $0.99 -> FREE

Max & Ruby: Bunny Hop $0.99 -> FREE

Max & Ruby: Toy Maker $0.99 -> FREE

Max & Ruby: Rabbit Racer $1.99 -> FREE

Closet Monster new app

FlashCards++ $3.99 -> FREE

Teddy Floppy Ear apps most are FREE


Extraordinary Jenny Jones new app

ABC Write Listen Learn $0.99 -> FREE

Pudding Monsters HD $1.99 -> FREE

Piano Life - Learn Music Theory and How to Sight Read $2.99 -> FEEE

Pudding Monsters and Pudding Monsters HD are Apple's FREE Apps of the Week


Tie Right $0.99 -> FREE

Zentomino – Relaxing alternative to tangram puzzles $2.99 -> FREE

Tap the Frog: Doodle $0.99 -> FREE

QuickAdsense – Google Adsense App $0.99 -> FREE


Sporos $0.99 -> FREE


The Prisoner of Carrot Castle $2.99 -> FREE

Tie Right HD $0.99 -> FREE

Tap the Frog: Doodle HD $1.99 -> FREE

Two premium ones for free

Gangstar Rio city of saints. ( like GTA )


N.O.V.A 3. ( 3d shooter )


None of these are for the little ones

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance $6.99 -> FREE

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints $4.99 -> FREE


Directors Chair $1.99 -> FREE

Cheer Captain $0.99 -> FREE

Lapse It Pro • Time Lapse Professional $1.99 -> FREE


NightSky™ $9.99 -> FREE

Table Top Racing $2.99 -> FREE

The Bingo Song – Interactive Nursery Rhyme with Karaoke and Fun Activities for Kids $0.99 -> FREE

4KidCal! $1.99 -> FREE

Kids Learn Alphabets - Learn & Practice Alphabets $1.99 -> FREE

Toddler Tap! $0.99 -> FREE

Franklin’s Bumpy Buggy Race-Off $0.99 -> FREE

Franklin and Friends: Franklin’s Weather Fun $1.99 -> FREE

Go! Go! Franklin $0.99 -> FREE

Franklin's Bubble Blaster $0.99 -> FREE

DoReMi 1-2-3: Music for Kids - A Fingerprint Network App $2.99 -> FREE

Animal Game Show - Whose Toes are Those? - Matching Fun for Kids and Family - Ultimate Edition $2.99 -> FREE

The Garden of Eden $1.99 -> FREE

Scaredy Squirrel: Go Nuts $0.99 -> FREE

Scaredy Squirrel: Look Out $0.99 -> FREE


Math Tub by Happsan $1.99 -> FREE

Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy 'Go Round $2.99 -> FREE

ThinkerToy Shapes $2.99 -> FREE

Jazzy World Tour - Musical Journey for Kids $4.99 -> FREE

Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids $.299 -> FREE ( I think this was also recently posted)


Bug Assault $0.99 -> FREE

34 Language LDS General Conference SideBySide $1.99 -> FREE

AP US History 2013 Game $4.99 -> FREE


123 Color HD: Premium Edition $7.00 -> FREE


Greedy Spiders 2
Regular price $1.99 (4.5/5 stars) - was free in February


Regular Price $2.99 (4.5/5 stars) - been free a few times lately

Backyard at Twilight: A Stella and Sam Adventure
Regular Price $2.99 (4/5 stars) - seems to go free once a year


Bottle Cap Blitz $1.99 -> FREE

27 Reviews - Rated 4.5 ★


TanZen - Relaxing tangram puzzle $2.99 -> FREE

iMetalBox: All-in-one pocket toolbox app for iPhone (Flashlight, Battery, Level, Ruler and other measure tools) $0.99 -> FREE

Inclusion $0.99 -> FREE

Units – Unit Converter for your iPhone $1.99 -> FREE

City Guides by National Geographic new app


Wombi Ice Cream - Make your own ice cream cone! $2.99 -> FREE

Starry 2 $4.99 -> FREE

Sago Mini Sound Box - Fun sounds for infants, toddlers and preschool aged children new app

File Transfer $1.99 -> FREE

ElectroTrains $0.99 -> FREE

Motor World: Car Factory FREE App + $2.99 in-app bonus 5/20 only

mapQWIK NA - North America Zoomable Atlas $0.99 -> FREE

Bit Map $3.99 -> FREE


123TokenMe $9.99 -> FREE

ZoLO new app

Move and Match $1.99 -> FREE

Greedy Spiders 2 HD $0.99 -> FREE


Tunable - Instrument Tuner $2.99 -> FREE

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