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UEFA 2012
Official UEFA EURO 2012 app - UEFA

The official UEFA EURO 2012 app keeps you close to all the action during the 14th UEFA European Football Championship (from 8 June to 1 July 2012 in Poland and Ukraine).
Wherever you are, stay tuned to the tournament, follow your favourite team and share the excitement with your friends on Facebook and Twitter .

- Read and share the latest articles on the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament
- Set up personalised alerts for the latest news about your favourite team, including match events
- A full UEFA EURO 2012 experience: calendar, standings, lineups, players profiles, detailed statistics and photo gallery
- Watch players and coaches give free video interviews
- Watch match highlights (available for purchase after midnight)

Thanks to Post4Fun for this one!


[FREE FOR LIMITED TIME for updated version. Thanks for your supporting.]

Getting tired of annoying distribution for different Apps?
Still spending 4 or 5 taps to call your family?
Willing to save your time?

Speed U will speed up your iLife!

It is a simple but useful launcher that enables you to operate any app you want, such as "call your mother", "send message to girl friend" or "turn on the flash light". You just need to choose your favorite application, put into Speed U by simple tap, and enjoy the convenience it brings. Download now to take ease!

- Open your customized Applist by one touch
- Detection for running applications supported
- Usable interface with strobe supported
- Favorite website collection supported
- Mail access shortcut supported
- Call/SMS shortcut supported
- Speed Flash.

Please note that "Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life."

Thank you samorodovalex for these!



Air Transfer Pro
This is really a useful one!

Air Transfer Pro


★ Free for a limited time - Get it now! ★
★ Just Drag & Drop your contents and Play: Text, Bookmark, Image and Photo, Music, Movie, Documents and more through wireless connection !

Air Transfer moves what you're seeing or playing on Mac/PC to your iPhone/iPad with just single drag&drop! It moves whatever you want; text memo, website address, photo, music, movie, document and so on.

The transferred items are auto-classified into 7-categories according to their type.
You can also see or play the items in Air Transfer right away!

Air Transfer works even in background mode, you can switch to other apps without stopping current transfer.

★ Reviews
"Witness This App Pull Off Its Automatic Magic Tricks" -

★ Classification Categories
1) Text Memo, 2) Website, 3) Images, 4) Music, 5) Movies, 6) Documents, 7) Etc...

★ Photo Import/Export
Camera Roll, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr.

★ Files Air Transfer can show or play
1) JPEG, PNG, GIF, ...
2) QuickTime Movie(.MOV, .MP4)
3) MP3, WAV, CAF, ...
4) PDF Docs(.pdf), Text(.txt), RTF(.rtf), MS Word(.doc, .docx), MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx), MS PowerPoint(.ppt, .pptx), Pages(.pages), Numbers(.numbers), Keynote(.keynote), HTML(.html, .htm) and more.

★ Supported Web Browsers.
1) Safari
2) FireFox
3) Chrome
4) Internet Explorer (File upload is limited in IE).

★ How to use
1) Make sure that the Desktop and iDevice are connected to the same local area network or the same WiFi network when using Air Transfer. Otherwise, Air Transfer cannot connect to the Desktop.
2) Click WiFi button and input the Device URL in Web Browser on your Desktop.
3) Drop contents on drop areas on the left side in Web Browser.

★ Contact
If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know !

6/12/2012 - TODAY'S FREE APPS

Piranha 3DD

Cut the Buttons
Thanks to samorodovalex for this one!

Call of Atlantis HD (Premium) for iPad

Tap Dictionary*** EXPIRED ***
Thanks to glogowatz for these!

Blind World
Thanks to isphere for this one!

Great Solitaire!

Great Solitaire HD

Spring Cleaning

Touch Me Not® PRO

Also Charadium II is free again, I had posted this one previously.

Multi Measures - The all-in-1 measuring toolkit

Thanks to glogowatz for this one!

Thanks to TheBoy for this one!

Learn & Play Preschool

6/15/2012 - Free Today

Sorry no links today

Go Ahzgo!
Flashlight - 4 in 1. Flashlight, Strobe, Morse Code, Lighted Magnifier
Challenge The Seconds
Inotia 3: Children of Carnia
Lock 'n' Load
Magic Ink - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
ScrumPad Pro

Starting to slack off there, archena! I think that, as penalty for your goofing off, you should add 'detailed' descriptions to the links provided (within the post) in the future!!!

Seriously, thanks for keeping these updated. I see this as a way to help keep the forum a bit more tidy, and I appreciate your efforts...

Connman said:   Starting to slack off there, archena! I think that, as penalty for your goofing off, you should add 'detailed' descriptions to the links provided (within the post) in the future!!!

Seriously, thanks for keeping these updated. I see this as a way to help keep the forum a bit more tidy, and I appreciate your efforts...

Sorry was on my iPhone only and busy at work so no links - please feel free to post any updates you want.

Math Genius vs Computer

Thanks to TheBoy!

A PicNote is on-sale for $1.99 (regularly $3.99), not free...FYI

Squonk said:   A PicNote is on-sale for $1.99 (regularly $3.99), not free...FYI

I was so late in posting these today - I have yet to install these too

6/18/2012 - Free Today


Welcome to Subjects- the multitasking, homework-helping, get-stuff-done'ing app!

•Subjects is free for a limited time only! Grab it now and enjoy new features as they come for FREE!•

Subjects comes with all this to help you get things done:

• A built-in web browser with QuickSearch: find what you need without ever leaving the app. Use the QuickSearch bar to search Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Wolfram | Alpha, and Plus, go full screen and see more of the web.
• A checklist: keep track of what needs done with the checklist
• A basic calculator: a basic calculator (bear with us as we add more features like decimal, square and square root, and more)
• A notepad: take notes quickly with the notepad

Why is Subjects rated 17+?
Because Subjects offers unfiltered access to the internet, we are required to carry this rating to inform customers that explicit content may be encountered.

Please be patient, this is the first version of Subjects and we are working on adding the following features

• Support for multiple devices: sync your notes and checklist items between all your iOS devices
• More calculator functions (decimal, square and square root, and more)
• Interface improvements

Digital Pan

The Digital Pan Mobile App is the only steelpan app that is officially and exclusively endorsed by the world governing body for the steelpan - Pan Trinbago.

This innovative app features instant access to the entire range of the steelpan family, including the tenor, double guitars, double seconds and the six bass. The app offers the opportunity to experience the diverse richness of the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago and the only percussive instrument created in the 20th century.

• Ten (10) steelpans included: Low C Tenor, High C Tenor, Double Tenor, Four Cello, Six Bass, Tenor Bass, Triple Cello, Double Guitar, Double Seconds, Junior Steelpan;
• Record your songs;
• Learn the musical names of the notes on the steelpan;
• Keep a list of your favorite recordings;
• and much more....

High Quality Sound: All steelpan notes were recorded directly off the GILLPANS ™ Masters Series and digitally mastered.


The following features are included in Digital Pan:
• Five steelpans included: Low C Tenor, High C Tenor, Double Tenor, Four Cello, Six Bass, Tenor Bass, Triple Cello, Double Guitar, Double Seconds, Junior Steelpan;
• Steelpan notes professionally recorded in high-quality 16-bit stereo;
• Track recorder that allows you to save, load, and play recorded tracks;
• Display the names of the notes on the steelpan;
• Play the steelpan using the built-in piano keyboard;
• Supports tablet devices;
Play along with your favourite music by easily accessing your phones music right from within Digital Pan.
Fun and easy to play for the musician in all of us!


Fix for delay and response issues on New 2012 iPads and iOS 5.1 devices.
Steel Pan Tutorials on the High C and Low C tenor Pans

Map Ruler Touch

The fastest and simplest app to measure on-map distances in the App Store. Using your finger, not an awkward crosshair device that always gets in the way, quickly and accurately measure the distance between two cities, the distance to the end of the road, the perimeter of a lake or really anything else.

-Touch interface to draw the path which to measure
-All three standard maps: Map, Satellite and Hybrid
-Locate current location
-Imperial or Metric units
-Selectable line thickness and color
-Straight or free line modes
-Support for both landscape and portrait orientations on iPad
-Nothing else useless!!



Blobster HD

Trip Photos - Tag, Search N Share

Protoxide: Death Race

Robo Surf

Project 83113

Rolling Kongs

Solids Elementary HD

Thanks to Post4Fun these are free today!


The Only chance to upgrade to Pro version FOR FREE !
ONLY in first 36 hours, Please take this opportunity !!!

★ Top Paid Utilities Apps in US.
★ "More simpler, more powerful - Calculator∞" Review from

Calculator Infinity ∞ - The iPhone/iPod Calculator is proud of its multiplication of features been useful for everybody: from basic calculation users to more advanced such as students, scientific computation engineers, programmers, etc… Calculator ∞ possesses a flexible slide keyboard with mathematical expression support offering a great user experience. Moreover, various materials - user manual, tutorial video clips, etc - are available for your downloading from our official website to help learn how to work with Calculator ∞ successfully just in minutes!

★ Review Video:

★ Features:
✔ Universal Calculator App
✔ Mathematical display
✔ High resolution GUI for Ipod/Iphone 4
✔ Export expressions to pictures
✔ Support Result Drag/Drop, Expression Undo/Redo
✔ Copy and Paste (Result, Basic Operator, Number)
✔ Basic calculations (+, -, x, ÷, %, Abs,...)
✔ Advanced functions (Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcSin, ArcCos, Log, X!, ^, √,…)
✔ 14 Memory Variables
✔ Assignment Operator for Number Sequence Calculation
✔ Graphing/Plots Equations
✔ Point/Intersections Snapping
✔ Base Calculation (Programming Mode)
✔ Unit Conversion & Constants Table (200+ Units & 18 common Constants).
✔ Fraction and Degree/Angle calculation
✔ Numeric Integral calculation
✔ Equation Solver (Quadratic, cubic and general equations)
✔ Simultaneous Linear Equations Solver
✔ Statistical Calculations
✔ Dual Skin (keyboard & Menu Bar) - (Titanium & Violet)

★ Calculator ∞ is not only the Calculator, IT IS THE MUST HAVE CALCULATOR !!!!!

Backup Contacts - Easy Backup


This application for iPhone and iPad helps you backup the contacts of your address book! This is easy and quick!

This application is the only one you need if you want to:

-Backup your contacts on your device
-Export your contacts to your computer via itunes
-Export your contacts via an Email message

Once you make a backup, you can restore your contacts at any time directly on your device using this application!


-Quickly select and backup your contacts on device
-Export contacts via Email
-Export contacts to the computer via iTunes
-Import contacts from device
-Import VCard Files (.vcf) using iTunes file sharing




Thank you.

That calculator app is one of the most complete I have ever seen. Thank you for keeping this thread updated

iGreeting Cards
Thanks to TheBoy!

iGreeting Cards (for iPad)

FREE UNTIL 6/20/2012

Want to send a funny birthday or Christmas cards to your friends, a beautiful card with your kids' photo to your parents, an invitation to a party or a dinner, a Thank you card to your clients, Get well card to co-workers, a Love card to a special someone or say Sorry in a nice way ? With iGreeting Cards app for your Ipad, you can quickly and easily create beautiful cards and send them via email or post them on FaceBook .

With a large collection of eCards in 17 categories, hundreds of decorative icons, and a very simple, straightforward and intuitive interface, iGreeting Cards app makes it super easy for you to create and send the high quality cards via Email and or post on Facebook. Within 5 minutes, you can send an eCard to your friends, relatives, or business partners and clients. It is so easy to use, anyone can use it .


★ Quick and super user friendly design makes card creation a breeze.
★ Over 150 high quality greeting cards and frames to choose from!
★ Hundreds of decorative icons to add to your cards
★ Select your photos from the device library to fill your frames!
★ Add a personal message with your font and color!
★ Save your eCards directly to device photo library.
★ Share your cards over Email, Facebook
★ More cards, frames and stickers are already on their way for the next update!
★ Optimized specifically for iPad retina display, and recipients that will be receiving cards by email on their Mac's and PC's!
★ Optimized for iOS 4.2 and supports multi-tasking

eCard Categories:

- Frames
- Birthday
- Invitation
- Thank You
- Congratulations
- Love
- Sorry
- Get Well Soon
- Baby Cards
- Thanksgiving
- Halloween
- Christmas
- New Year
- St. Patrick's Day
- Religious
- National Holidays
- Miscellaneous

Add one more for today:

- Free - App -

WorldScan - Scan Documents & PDF

WorldScan will turn out to be an indispensable application for your iPhone. With WorldScan, you can rapidly scan documents, and convert them into PDF format, as well as save them or send them by email.

Adopting advanced and fast algorithm, WorldScan automatically detects document edge so as to make the document even, remove shadow and set proper contrast.

With powerful and easily operated interface, WorldScan can fast and simply adjust brightness, rotation and color through one click on one page.

All WorldScan documents can be processed in your Iphone. Therefore, the document secrecy is ensured to the greatest extent. (Free of network connection)

WorldScan features:

1. Scan multipage document----scan and manage your document that may include multipage.

2. Fast scan in batch----scan continuously in batch without process waiting, which is fast and convenient.

3. Automatic side cut----utilize professional image processing algorithm to automatically help you cut the images.

4. Image enhancement----ensure document is clear and readable.

5. Produce PDF----preview and produce PDF.

6. Multi-sized PDFs----more than 10 PDF sizes are available (Letter,A4,B5, etc).You can customize the size or use self-adaption mode.

7. Save image to image library----conveniently process images so as to save them to image library.

8. Email----send your documents (PDF) or processed images by email.

9. Add Header----seach page of document may add headers, which can be searched.

10. Custom category----set custom category for your document to achieve convenient management and search.

11. Multiple browse modes----support browse modes, such as list and document-categorization.

12. Copy----support function of document copy to achieve convenient document management.

13. Search----Fast locate documents by searching document headers, page headers, etc.

Scanning tips: make sure your document is smooth and sensitive to light. Note: provided that your Iphone is 3g mode or previous mode, you are imperative to place iphone at least 25 cm away from document in order to avoid being out of focus. Background of dead color may help to achieve the best detection result of document edge.


did not see, you posted already!

Post4Fun said:   Sorry!

did not see, you posted already!

That's ok - I can edit my post can't delete it

Just wanted to add that I love this thread ~ thank you SO much for all the time and effort you put into it!

Natural Clocks HD
Thanks Post4Fun!

Natural Clocks HD for iPad

ts time to say goodbye to your conventional artificial clocks. Natural Clocks turns your iPad into amazing clock which you have never seen before, beautifully designed with top quality engineered graphics to make your time special. It has different unique stunning themes which represent each clock naturally with nature driven relaxation philosophical touch along with soothing background music. It also supports multiple alarm with different variety of sounds.

Features Include :

Different attractive nature themes.
Attractive specially crafted night mode themes.
Customizable auto-lock theme.
Animation ON/OFF.
Supports both digital & analog themes.
Relaxing background music.
Loaded with touch and feel good phenomena.
Multiple alarm supported.

Tips: Swipe to view the different clocks.

Easy Bluetooth Chat
Easy Bluetooth Chat

Want to chat with your friend? But don’t have internet?

Easy Bluetooth Chat brings the opportunity for you to chat with your friends or family members nearby without being connected in WiFi.

“Easy Bluetooth Chat” automatically detects any other device within its range with this same application. After that you can easily chat with your friends within the Bluetooth range.

1. No internet connection required.
2. Easy to use.
3. Fast & reliable connections that remain active while in range.
4. Secure Direct Communications, Your messages are NOT STORED or LOGGED on any Server!

Get it and enjoy chatting right now!!!

NB: To enjoy the features of this app – both you and your friend have to download the application in your devices.

What's new
•Improved UI with new graphics.
•Bug fixed.

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