Limited Time - iPhone/iPad app free - please see bottom of this post for today's updates

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PhotoString is back to $.99 paid...FYI

Time Sliders is back to $.99 paid as well.

I got "Drops" love those apps, thanks!

These apps are free for a limited time - I have had issues at times too when I post these at work and then wait to get home to install on my iPad. I am on the east and just got these all today around 8pm.

archena said:   These apps are free for a limited time - I have had issues at times too when I post these at work and then wait to get home to install on my iPad. I am on the east and just got these all today around 8pm.

It seems many are free for just a few hours now. I try to get what I want as soon as possible. Thanks for posting!

Pic Jointer
Pic Jointer

By Producer of Free Music Manager, Lite HD Screen Maker & Pro Safe Photo App

★★★★★★★ BUY NOW! ★★★★★★★

#1 in over 50 countries! Big thanks to all of the fans!

Pic Jointer satisfies your greed to share multiple photos with your friends at one time, via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. With the handsome layouts, you can easily combine multiple photos into a uniquely jointed one. Plenty of adjustable patterns with various sizes and effects will help you quickly choose a perfect frame for your beautiful photos.

Other features
- As many as 64 adjustable layouts for you to create your unique image
- Swiftly zoom, pan or rotate each photo
- Easily control the curvature of borders
- Easily adjust the size and color of frames
- Instantly share the image via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr


This is usually $4.99 and was free a long time ago - and is again too not sure how long

Check this too

Cars in a Sandbox

6/2/2012 - Today's Free appss

Rope N' Fly2
iColorama S
Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep1
Eye Ilusions
I Fixed it!
Nebulous Notes (for DropBox)
Magical Images - Moving Eye Illusions
Drop the Chicken

Search for Rye Studio on the iOS App Store - many apps free here

Dress Up Princess Math

This is for the iPad

Fraction Poker for iPad

Fun like Video Poker, but you need to know your equivalent fractions! 5 card draw but with equivalent fractions on your cards. Press deal then pick your equivalent fractions. Then press draw and hope for a few more. Cash out when you think you have the high score.

6/3/2012 - free apps today
Red Clock (Alarm & Weather)
Pronto - Timer App
guitarism - guitar to go
Sky Gnomes

Some for free -

Kick the Boss HD for iPad

This one below is dead there is a free version in the app store
Smart Alarm Clock

archena said:   Some for free -

Kick the Boss HD for iPad

Smart Alarm Clock

The Smart Alarm Clock, archena, is now $.99. FYI. Good reviews, overall, though. Might get it

Gun Building II

★ FREE for a limited time only.

GUN BUILDING was initially released on May 28, 2011. As a birthday treat, Gun Building II is now FREE for a limited time.

★ The first Augmented Reality FPS let you build your own guns and fire in camera view.
You have 32 original guns to customize. Build them with gun parts and fire, rotate, and zoom in to see all the details in 3D. Augmented Reality bring the guns to your Camera, fire and "shoot" anything in the camera is amazing.

★ Build & customize your own guns. ( 32 guns)
★ Create zombie with your photo and voice
★ Use the guns you build to kill the zombie you create.
★ Put the guns to your camera and shoot.
★ Full 3D high-poly texture models.
★ Big selection of guns and more coming soon.

To create zombie, you take a photo of someone's face and record the voice. This app will create a zombie with the person's face and voice. You shoot this zombie like the other gun shooting game. It is amazing to see your friends or even yourself in a FPS game scene.

6/4/2012 - Free today

Thank you samorodovalex!


DvO HD for iPad

6/4/2012 - More free today

Pocket Algebra

Funimal Phonics

World Explorer

Please check back after 12PM EDT will have more updates for today.

Thank you to samorodovalex for these today - 6/5/2012!

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing


Well forgot to post the HD version for iPad earlier so here it is,

Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash HD

Free Music Download Pro
*** EXPIRED ***
"Free Music Download Pro" - Downloader & Player

★ Full-Featured Free Music & Video Downloader ★

"Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like "Free Music Download Pro" - Downloader & Player to become FREE for a day!"

Download free and legal music, videos, lyrics, ring tones and audio books.

Play, sort, organize your media files easily. Create native iPod style music and video playlists. Listen to your music in background and lockscreen modes with playback controls. Search for the songs lyrics online. Transfer music from and to your PC/MAC and many other cool features.

App Key Features:

√ Web browser
- Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
- Tap and hold to force download
- Full screen mode
- Bookmark manager

√ Download manager
- Ultra fast downloading speed
- Up to 10 simultaneous downloads
- Download in background mode
- Supports resuming of interrupted downloads
- Download files larger 20MB over 3G

√ Media player
- Playback of mp3, wav, m4a and mp4 formats
- iPod-Like Playlists
- Background / Lock Screen playing mode
- Supports Air-play
- Free Lyrics Search

√ File manager
- Folders and sub-folders support
- Move, rename and delete files
- Video thumbnails
- Sorting by name, type, size, date
- Passcode lock
- Wi-Fi and USB transfer to PC and iTunes

Free Music Download Pro" - Downloader & Player is $.99 now...FYI

Free can expire any time - I got that on my iPhone so have it now. Still have to get all the others apps I listed here on my iPad

archena said:   Free can expire any time - I got that on my iPhone so have it now. Still have to get all the others apps I listed here on my iPad
This one, similar, is still free:




download+ is your ultimate download manager for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You can use our integrated web browser and click on any link to begin download! Any file format is supported, and transfer easily with iTunes!

* Key features:
-Excellent Built-in Web Browser:
- Provide the very similar UI and function of Mobile Safari, the browser we all love.

Download Manager:
- Quick, easy, speedy and unlimited download.
- Background downloading.

Full-functioning File Manager:
- Easily organize your files the way you like.
- Copy, delete, rename your files
- Easily transferring file via iTunes USB File Sharing (iOS 4.2 and above).
- Send file as email attachment or URL
- SMS file name and URL

Some apps just for kids


Get ready to explore the world of animals in a whole new way. Skiddlywags uses live footage of unique and everyday animals and combines them with madcap voice-overs that will engage and entertain you and your child for hours. These outrageous voice-overs deliver a unique experience that is so captivating you just might miss all of the fun facts if you’re not careful.

*** DEAD - back to $1.99 ***
The Chicken and the Egg

FREE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! The Chicken and the Egg by Allan Plenderleith is the beautiful and touching fully-interactive storybook about a little chicken called Flo who just can't lay an egg. One rainy night changes everything, but will Flo's dream ever come true? A charming fable with gentle comedy and a warm message which will be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. NEWS - IPAD USERS: the gorgeous The Chicken and the Egg HD is now available!


Over 40 beautifully illustrated, fully interactive pages!

A moving score by musician Nick Rice!

Charming narration by Mia Mitchell!

Over 50 interactive elements!

Drag the sun and moon into the sky to make your own scene!

Tap the egg to make something magical happen!

Bruce Springsteen
For any Bruce Springsteen fans out there.

Bruce Springsteen for iPad

Uncut presents Bruce Springsteen: The Ultimate Music Guide. Over 200 interactive pages we trace the amazing journey of Springsteen from the bars of New Jersey where he and the legendary E Street Band first made their reputation to the largest venues in the world, with a wealth of audio clips, original album artwork and rare photographs.
We’ve also reclaimed from the archives of Melody Maker, NME and Uncut some of Springsteen’s most revealing interviews ever, most of them unseen for decades, and commissioned definitive new reviews of all Springsteen’s albums, from Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ to Wrecking Ball. Bruce Springsteen: The Ultimate Music Guide iPad edition is a thrilling ride through the music of one of rock’s greatest performers.

The story is told in 5 Chapters

Requirements: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Video FX+
Video FX+

Thanks to Squonk for this one!

Create stunning, creative videos using Video FX+.
Record Live Videos That Include The Special Effects - Do you want to record in sepia, black and white or cartoon mode? With Video FX+ you can record live video in any of your chosen special effects.
Edit Your Videos In The FX Studio - Do you want to edit old videos? Perhaps you want to apply multiple effects? Using the FX Studio you can import videos directly into the application. After importing the video you are free to test and apply different effects.

**** Special Introductory Price ****


+ Record Live Video With Special Effects! - No need to record video and then apply effects after, with Video FX+ you can record live video with effects applied.
+ Edit Videos From Your Camera Roll - You can edit videos stored in your camera roll by importing them into the application. Use the FX Studio to apply effects to the imported video.
+ Share Your Videos On Facebook - Want to impress your friends and family? After editing your video why not upload it directly to Facebook using Video FX+.
+ Tons Of Great Filters Included - Black & White, Sepia, Toon Edge, Toon Soft, Tilt Shift, Sketch, Pixelate, Vintage & more!
+ New Filters - New filters added in updates.
+ Simple To Use - Video FX+ is designed to make video editing simple and fun.
+ No Time Limit - No fixed time limit on your videos.
+ Much, much more!

For those who missed this when it was a Starbucks Pick of the Week

This is free not sure for how long


Thanks to samorodovalex !

Death Rider

Death Rider is FREE today only.

Download Appoday (it’s free!) to get more premium games like Death Rider for free.

It's a race to the death, literally! Forget who wins, it's who survives that counts. This awesome 3D racer has big cars, even bigger guns and huge bounties to fight for... if you can survive that is.

- Stunning 3D graphics
- Over 10 cars to choose from with RPG's, Heat-seekers and many more
- Blast your way through races and blow the competition away
- Tilt and wheel steering controls
- Amazing gameplay that will keep you challenged for hours.

Ray Tools

Ray Tools

Ray Tools

Ray Tools

Ray Tools

Ray Tools
More Free Apps for today - MEA Mobile Ray Tools are all free today

Please note these are only for the iPad.

These are Engineering Simulators - so only for those that are interested.

AC Impedance Simulator Category: Education Was: $1.99
AC Input Operational Amplifier Simulator Category: Education Was: $1.99
Inverting Operational Amplifier Simulator Category: Education Was: $1.99
Non Inverting Operational Amplifier Simulator Category: Education Was: $1.99
Sensor Input Devices Simulator Category: Education Was: $1.99
Gear Design Category: Utilities Was: $1.99
555 Timer Category: Utilities Was: $2.99
Compression Spring Design Category: Productivity Was: $4.99

Pedometer Ultimate GPS+
Pedometer Ultimate GPS+

***Promoted with Free Apps 365! Find the best free apps in the App Store with Free Apps 365!***

➤ Pedometer Ultimate turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a powerful GPS stopwatch with the amazing features of iOS
➤ Based on a propriety stats engine that supports accelerometer, GPS and external sensors (including ANT+ and BlueHR)
➤ Automatic and manual data upload to RunKeeper, BeginnerThriathlete, TrainingPeaks and Dailymile!
➤ Export* route as a picture, TCX, GPX or KML with instant uploading or emailing
➤ Pre-included, high-quality smart audio announcements* of 18 parameters!
➤ Route map uploading* to Facebook with your comments and workout summary!
➤ Automatic workout summary sharing to Twitter and/or Facebook!
➤ Can be used with ANY iPod touch and ANY iPhone - works out of box!

Pedometer Ultimate records your time, location, distance, elevation, speed, pace and heart rate***.
See your results on maps, graphs and a calendar**.
Summarize* your statistics by day, week, month, year or overall.
Make notes for each run: weather, track, feeling, text notes.
Supported modes: Running, Walking, Cycling****, Nordic walking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Roller-skating, Skiing, Ice skating, Skateboarding
Manual registration: Swimming, Rowing, Crosstraining, Fitness

Get going! Pedometer Ultimate will do the rest

Advanced map markers* for distance, speed, pace, elevation and heart rate***.
Predefined route* path can be displayed with your path so as to show your progress and aid basic navigation.
Autorotation feature will rotate the map as you go, unlike the default view that is often upside-down.
Create new routes* right on the map and then use them as predefined runs.

Monitor your progress with up to 18 configurable announcements*, including distance, time, speed, elevation and more.
Announcements* are played automatically at time or measurement value intervals.
High-quality voices included with the application.

Set your goal and achieve it! You can set your recurring goal* for distance, calories and time active.
Instantly share your achievements with your friends using Twitter, Facebook, Dailymile, email or SMS*****!

Extended elevation tracking: current elevation can be displayed on the map on the path markers*.
You can set default or route-specific* base elevations and track your real elevation gain (not the altitude).
Each run has its own elevation gain, elevation loss and inclination counter - great for hill running.

Create predefined routes* and assign them to new runs.
When a route is assigned, you can check your progress on the map, where the route will be displayed along with your path.
The route* also allows you to use parameters such as 'Distance Remaining' and 'Time Remaining'.

Note: Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
* Requires paid upgrade
** Free history view is limited to 72 hours
*** Requires heart rate sensors and adapter by 60beat, Wahoo Fitness or Runalyzer and paid upgrade
**** Bike mode requires external sensors for iPod touch or original iPhone and paid upgrade
***** Requires iOS4 or later

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