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Stunning Portrait Photography - Posing and Lighting! (On Target Photo Training) [Kindle Edition] - normally $8.97

Dan Eitreim (Author)

Publication Date: April 9, 2012

45 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆.5

Stunning Portrait Photography - Posing and Lighting is everything you need to know to COMPLETELY master portrait photography!

PLUS it is easy to read - easy to understand and so well illustrated that even the greenest of rookies will understand!

Here are the Table Of Contents. Look at everything that is covered!

Arms - Elongating And Foreshortening
The Plane!
The 4 Positions Of The Upper Arm
The Forearm "Trap!"
The Hand - Bold and Tapered Poses
Bold Hand Poses - Masculine
Tapered Hand Poses - Feminine
Eleven Ways To Pose The Hands!
Use A Prop
On The Chin
At The Lapel Or Neckline
On The Hip
On The Opposite Arm
On Top Of - Or Behind - The Head
At The Waistline
In The Pocket
At The Side
On The Lap Or The Knee
Leaning On An Object
The Head And Shoulders Portrait
Positioning The Head
Full Face
Three Quarter Head
Directing The Model
The Horizontal Turn
Vertical Lift Or Drop
Diagonal Tilt
Correcting Facial Flaws With Head Position
Photographing The Face
Moveable Parts
The Pupil
4 Ways To Avoid Squinting And Closed Eyes
Shoot With The Light At The Subject's Back
Shoot Later In The Day
1 - 2 - 3!
Bounce Or Diffuse Your Flash
The Mouth
Lighting The Portrait
The Shadow In Portrait Photography
The "Short Light" And The "Broad Light" Patterns
The "Split Light"
The "Loop Lighting" Pattern
The "Rembrandt Light"
The "Butterfly Light" Pattern
The "Fill Light"!
The "Lighting Ratios"
The "Background Light"
The "Hair Light"
The "Accent Light"
The "Three Light Set" Using One Light!
Eliminate The Dreaded "Red Eye!"
The "Photographic Ground Modification System"
Additional Photo Training

This one has it all! read through this volume of the "On Target Photo Training" course and within about an hour you will never look at portrait photography the same way again. Want to start winning photo contests? Want to hear "oohs and aahs" when people look at YOUR photos?

You've come to the right place. Get started right now - you won't look back!

***DEAD *** Essential Sight Words Level I - Introductory Readers (Set of 8 books) (Learn to Read Books) [Kindle Edition] - normally $2.99

Kay de Silva (Author)

Publication Date: February 16, 2012
22 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆

The Ideal Reading Scheme for Budding Readers

Essential Sight Words is a series of graded readers that will teach your child to read. As the very first book in this series, it introduces and reinforces many basic sight words found in everyday reading. This book comprises eight readers in one.

The scheme is based on the Dolch word list and additional sight words* which are regarded as the top 25 most commonly used words in contemporary English literature. These 25 words make up over one-third of all printed material. So a solid foundation in this comprehensive list is the best start to your child’s journey in language development.

Research shows that learning to read in context is more effective than any other method such as the use of flash cards. You will notice that the readers are written in contexts familiar to children. The ability to relate in this way captures the little reader’s interest.

Confidence is the essence of successful learning. So repetition is used judiciously to consolidate learning and build the reader’s confidence.
New words are highlighted as they are introduced. The book also includes a section on how the scheme is best used to make the most of your child’s reading experience.

Please note that this series of books are not 'picture books'. They are based on a proven systematic approach to reading, where children are encouraged to concentrate on the letters and words, without the distraction of pictures. So the use of pictures is limited to the beginning of each reader when new nouns are introduced. In this way the young mind is allowed to remain focused. This is considered a more traditional approach and one of the best ways of learning to read. It will contribute to developing a solid reading foundation. Read more about this in the authors introduction to the book (freely available to read through the Amazon look inside feature).

*Level 1 corresponds with Dolch Pre-Primer Vocabulary word list and includes additional sight words listed below:

Introductory - a, and, are, as, at, away, ball, be, bed, big, blue, box, can, come, Dan, down, find, for, fun, funny, go, have, he, help, here, his, house, I, in, is, it, Jen, jump, like, little, look, make, me, my, not, of, on, one, other, play, red, run, said, see, she, sun, the, them, they, this, three, to, toy, two, up, was, we, where, with yellow, you.

Advanced - Includes the words introduced in the introductory book and includes the following additional nouns: bird, boat, boy, car, day, doll, egg, father, girl, morning, mother, robin, water, window.

Interactive Activity Book - coming soon. This will further reinforce the nouns introduced in this leve

Building A Portrait (On Target Photo Training) [Kindle Edition] - normally $8.97

Dan Eitreim (Author)

Publication Date: April 7, 2012

41 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆.5

Revised Edition with TONS of new - easy to understand - useful training!

Portraits...Taking pictures of our friends and family - it's what we all want to master! Right?

However, when we think of doing "Portraits" the word alone is kind of scary! It sounds like it should be the province of professionals. We just want to do better pictures of our kids, our pets and our friends. Leave the "portraits" to the experts - right?

Wrong! YOU can get professional quality portraits too! It's easy! Once you know a few strategic portrait photography tips and techniques, your photos will almost instantly go from "That's nice," to "WOW - you did that?"

I've run a professional photo studio for over 20 years and here is a secret - getting top level quality portraits is easy, anyone can do it! Another thing I've learned is to teach YOU how YOU can do it!

Read through "Building A Portrait" (it's written in simple, easy to understand language with lots of example photos) and within an hour or so you will have so many "Ah Ha!" moments, you'll be giggling with glee. I know that sounds corny, but try it, you'll see what I mean.

Here's the thing - as a photographer whether you're a pro or an amateur with their first camera - it's your job to make your subjects look like a million bucks! In their portrait, they should look better than they've ever looked before! Now YOU can make that happen!

Here is the table of contents showing a bit of what is covered...

Review -
Neutral Density Filters
Graduated Filters
How To Build A Portrait:
Terminology And The Overall Shape Of The Photograph
Size Matters
Composition Tips:
Make Sure Your Photographs Tell A Story
Anti - Level Shoulders
Sit Up Straight
Use The "Rule Of Thirds" If It Makes Sense
Fill The Frame
Follow The Eyes
Who is the star
Focus On The Most Important Feature - The Eyes
Depth Of Field
Skin, Love It Or Leave It
Bare Skin Continued
Women Should Look Sexy And Pretty, Men Should Appear Powerful
The Symmetrical Face
Sexism In Portrait Photography
Here's A Really HARD Photo Tip
Problem Area Fixes:
Differently Sized Eyes
The Crooked Nose
Acne Scarred And Wrinkled Skin
Here's A Photo Tip That May Require Some Begging
Round and Chubby Faces
The Neck Wattle
Photography Clothing Tips
The "Photographic Ground Modification System"
Photo Exercises:
Additional Photo Training:

"Building A Portrait" starts at the very beginning with something as simple as deciding on what to call your photo's shape and goes all the way through advanced concepts. You are unlikely to ever find a more thorough grounding in portrait photography techniques!

Beauty - This section is a bit more esoteric! Just what is beauty? You can't effectively show beauty in your portraits if you don't know what it IS. In this section we will examine what makes us think one person is beautiful and another isn't. These concepts are hardwired in us - and people respond!

In the "Problem Area Fixes" section, we learn how to correct for physical flaws and make our subjects look like a million bucks! Just because someone has a crooked nose, one eye larger than another, and is covered by acne - it's no reason why YOU can't get a good portrait! In fact, you will look for challenges like this because they are fun!

You'll discover what to do to "fix" a crooked nose, skin problems, wrinkles, round chubby faces (oblong faces with high cheekbones are considered beautiful in most cultures) and so on.

Check out this course volume and your portraits will improve almost immediately. Your "models" will thank you. Unless your "model" is the family pet... They won't thank you - they don't care!

Question... Have you ever had someone look at a portrait you've done and actually been moved to tears of joy? You will after reading and employing the techniques you'll learn in "Building A Portrait!"

*** DEAD *** The Three Diets Solution: The Proven Methods For Fast and Sustainable Weight Loss [Kindle Edition] - normally $2.99

Clarence Oliver (Author)

Publication Date: August 15, 2012

9 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆.5

THE ULTIMATE DIET BOOK FOR WEIGHT LOSS - Everything You Need To Know To Shed The Pounds In One Book!

With more than three billion results on Google for the word diet and one hundred thousand results on Amazon, it's difficult to know what to do, and what not to do to lose weight quickly and permamently.

The Three Diets Solution Is The Answer To That Question, Revealling A Truth The Weight Loss Industry Doesn't Want You To Know: There Are Only Three Diets!

You're going to learn the methods that the author himself used to lose more than 110 pounds and keep it off as the years have gone by. Understanding not everyone wants to do a diet, that everyone has different taste, he reveals to you the ten rules to non-dieiting weight loss, and two methods of dieting that have been proven to drop 20 pounds or more in 30 days or less.

Filled with the latest science and the best strategies, this is will be the only book you will ever need to lose weight. It worked for the author and he puts together more than six different strategies so you can discover what method works for you.

In The Three Diet's Solution you'll learn:

The Four Myths of Dieting: Myth One Being The Greatest Lie About Diets Ever Told!

The Ten Rules To Weight Loss Withought Dieting: Including The New Science To Why So Many People Fail To Keep Off The Weight Even When They're Doing Everything Right And The One Thing You can Do To Change It.

  • The Three Diets: What They Are and Why They Work and Will They Work For You!

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Three Diets: No Holding Back And No Agendas.

  • The Ins And Out Of The Three Diets: How They Work and How To Use Them Effectively.

  • How To Lose 20 Pounds In Thirty Days: Two Of The Most Powerful Methods of Weight Loss Rarely Talked About.

  • How The Three Diets Work Together: Learn How To Use The Diets Together To Create Your Own System for Health.

  • And Learn How To Create An Eating Plan That Will Change Your Body And Life.

Once You Forget About The Fads, Learn The Truth About the Diets, And Learn To Take Charge Of Your Own Eating Plans, You'll be Able To Lose The Weight Fast And Keep It Off Permanently!

And You'll Learn All This And More In The Three Diets Solution: Proven Methods For Fast and Sustainable Weight Loss. The Diet Book To End All Diet Books.

*** DEAD *** The Character Triangle Companion: A 30-Day Kick Start to An Even Better YOU! [Kindle Edition] - normally $8.99

Lorne Rubis (Author)

Publication Date: January 26, 2013

7 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆☆

Can our CHARACTER be developed? Or are we born and stuck with it? In his 2011 book The Character Triangle, Lorne Rubis shared a breakthrough method of shaping our own character by practicing three distinct but interdependent values: Accountability (Do It Now!), Respect (Be Nice!) and Abundance (Give More!).

His follow up, The Character Triangle Companion: A 30-Day Kick Start to an Even Better YOU!, is a practical guide to help you to Do It Now, Be Nice, and Give More.

In 30 Days, you will learn how to identify your life’s purpose, find your motivation and consciously practice the core values that will help you to live with greater character, have an impact and inspire others.

In this book, Rubis presents key learnings from both research driven results and experiential leadership. You’ll learn from some of the best business, leadership and self-improvement experts including Marshall Goldsmith, Stephen Covey, Clayton Christensen, Charles Duhigg, Brene Brown, Jim Collins, Ram Charan, Jim Kouzes and others. He also shares leadership and management best practices from top companies including Apple, The Ford Motor Company, Campbell Soup Company, WestJet and more.

This 150-page quick read is a real roadmap to success for anyone looking to move goals into actions and set an intentional path towards continual improvement.

*** DEAD*** Funny Things I Heard At The Bus Stop, Volume 1 [Kindle Edition]

Angela Giroux (Author)

Publication Date: January 30, 2012

14 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆☆

Funny Things I Heard At The Bus Stop, Volume 1 is a collection of short stories for elementary school children. This first volume is geared towards ages 8 through 11, but will easily be enjoyed by both younger and older kids!

A Visit From Nonna Esmeralda - Take a journey with Aiden as his grandmother from Italy comes to visit for the first time, with a special gift that allows him to travel to any place - and any time! - that he wishes.

My English Teacher Is A Secret Agent - Mr. Craig is substituting for English class, but he's definitely NOT your ordinary sub. He looks and acts very mysterious. The clues are adding up! Is he a secret agent? What is his secret plan? Will Buddy find out in time?

The Mysterious Window - Samantha goes to visit her ailing uncle in the country and discovers a secret item that he calls "the mysterious window" that allows one to view things that others can't! What will she see with it?

My Summer Vacation: What A Ride! - Peter is excited to visit the new amusement park in Centerville, especially with the new roller coaster opening! Problem is, he's just an inch or two short to ride it. Follow Peter on his quest to get taller and finally ride the big ride!

*** DEAD *** The Knot Monster [Kindle Edition]

Danielle Buss (Author), Jennifer Hazen Buss (Author)

Publication Date: July 28, 2012

21 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆.5

A school-aged girl named Ellie hates to have her hair brushed in the morning. Her mother tells her stories of a little purple monster called The Knot
Monster who parties in her hair while sleeping, causing all the knots! Ellie sets out to catch the monster and when she does, he isn’t at all what she expected!

*** DEAD *** Vitamin D Diet: Benefits of Vitamin D for Optimal Health [Kindle Edition] - normally $2.99

Peter Kornfeld (Author)

Publication Date: September 23, 2012

18 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆.5

Vitamin D is without a doubt, THE most important missing link to your best health! Vitamin D Diet: Benefits of Vitamin D for Your Optimal Health, will absolutely blow you away with the information revealed in this guide. Be aware: if you feel run-down and lousy all the time, you might have a vitamin D deficiency! Start to feel better and help protect your body from bad health with Vitamin D3. Inside this guide, you will learn about the different types of the “D” vitamin.

“Imagine feeling better all year around, but especially on those gloomy gray winter days…” The solution for that and many other common health issues comes right from a bottle!

If you are looking for an easy solution to start feeling much better on gray days, one scientifically proven recommendation is to add vitamin D to your diet. Peter Kornfeld reveals how you too, can benefit from increasing your daily intake of this important vitamin.

Kornfeld teaches you how this extremely important vitamin works, and what it can do to help you deal with some common health challenges. Besides having a positive impact on your mood, vitamin D has been linked to many other health-related cures and managers.

Just starting to take this vitamin might not be right, as you need to understand the pros and cons first. Kornfeld takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need to know in order to decide if adding it to your specific diet is the right thing for you. So, just what is the vitamin D solution? Benefits of vitamin D:

A peek inside:
• Which natural resource contains the best vitamin”D “ for you;
• Which artificial vitamin “D” is the best alternative to the natural source;
• Which diseases can be better managed with the help of vitamin “D”;
• How it does its job in your system;
• All you need to know about this vitamin during pregnancy;
• And much more…

If you are serious about getting a better balanced diet with vitamin D3, you need this ultimate resource with answers to common questions before you decide to add vitamin D3 to your diet. You owe it to yourself and your good health to get the optimal benefits listed in this guide. You don’t know what you are missing unless you change now and help yourself by getting the knowledge that Kornfeld reveals. Vitamin D Diet is the key to your future good health! Start now!

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