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*** DEAD *** From Stress to Success - Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations [Kindle Edition] - normally $2.99

Kim Jewell (Author)

Publication Date: November 14, 2012

14 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆☆

In ‘How to go From Stress to Success with Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations’, Behavioral specialist, and Life Coach, Kim J Jewell reveals the inner workings of the unconscious mind and how to make changes to what is held in the unconscious mind. She exposes how emotionally charged events from your past can still be troubling you in the form of “trapped emotions” or “memories” that trigger stress, anxiety and panic.

Kim reveals how these trapped emotions or memories often exert an intense effect on how you think and on the choices that you make.

You will learn:
How stress and anxiety is produced by your mind
How to simply and effectively let go and release stress & anxiety
How to feel calm and relaxed without medication
How releasing trapped emotions will often result in the disappearance of physical symptoms, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties
How to develop more self-confidence and a positive outlook on life

From Stress to Success Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations shows you a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of the unseen baggage that runs your life.

Microbusiness Independence (Modern Simplicity) [Kindle Edition]

Anna Hess (Author), Mark Hamilton (Author)

Publication Date: January 13, 2011

18 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆☆

Invent your way out of the rat race!

With less than a thousand dollars in startup costs, we built a small, home-based business that started paying all of our bills in just six months. I'm here to tell you that you can make money from home too, and in a way that fits a simple, homesteading lifestyle. In fact, using all of the tips in this book, I'll bet we could have reached our current work at home income level in half the time.

Microbusiness Independence is not a get rich quick book. Instead, it gives you tried and true, up-to-date information on how to make a comfortable living in just a few hours per week by marketing your invention. (Don't worry, we'll help you figure out what your invention is too.)

We start with basics and walk you through developing your product, selling it to the world, and living the dream with a modern perspective. Don't fall for the many work from home scams out there --- create your own business and attain true independence!

Golf Sense:Practical Tips on How To Play Golf in The Zone [Kindle Edition] - normally $9.97

Roy Palmer (Author), Sophie Webber (Illustrator)

Publication Date: August 1, 2011

15 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆☆

You’ve just played two great shots to get onto the green.... and then fluffed the easiest of putts!

How did that happen?
Surprisingly it has little to do with your ability. It comes down to something you may never have considered; it’s habit. Habits can make you do things you really didn’t want to do, yet most golfers remain unaware of their influence.

The innovative techniques in Golf Sense will help you get into The Zone to breakthrough the performance limiting habits holding you back and let you take greater control over your game.

You'll learn how to:-

1) eradicate those annoying mistakes
2) increase your distance by using less effort
3) improve accuracy by not trying
4) simplify your golf

You can do all this once you get into The Zone, the ultimate state in which to play at your peak – and take your game to levels beyond your expectations.

The book is internet linked to further resources included in the cover price. These include audio files of the techniques to download onto an mp3 player to take onto the course or range, plus advice on posture and sports injury in the form of ebooks and videos.

Are you making your game too complicated? Do you sometimes feel the more you try to get right, the more you get wrong? If all the dos and don'ts are preventing you from enjoying your golf, this book is for you. If, on the other hand, you play like a dream one day, while the next it's the stuff of nightmares, this book is also for you,

Using simple techniques, I'll show you how to simplify your golf to become a more consistent player, by letting your natural game emerge.... My techniques may differ from what you've done before as I place importance on what not to do, rather than what you think you need to do.

....I hope to encourage a subtle shift in your approach to golf that will dramatically change your understanding of what underpins your performance. I can show you how to develop a new skill or, as I see it, a new sense: a golf sense, that will take your game to the next level.

*** DEAD *** Saving America, Chinese Style [Kindle Edition] - normally $9.95

Frank Li (Author), Jon Stimpson (Foreword)

Publication Date: November 30, 2012

14 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆☆

America is deeply in trouble, with high unemployment and huge national debt often cited as the top two problems. But what is the root cause for these problems?
To me, here are the two root causes:
1) The rise of BRICS, led by China, as economic competitors to America.
2) The incompetence of America’s political system, especially when compared with China’s.
Cause 1) was inevitable, but cause 2) was not. How, then, can we make America’s political system more competitive? Introducing strict term-limits for the top political offices, with the American Presidency being one-term (e.g. 6 years), plus more!
Overall, I believe I have the most accurate diagnosis for America, as well as the best solution. To sell them, I have been writing and publishing my ideas for more than four years. Very significantly, I have met with several top politicians for discussion. The photo below shows one example (omitted here.)
Most importantly, I have been a weekly columnist at GEI (Global Economic Intersection) since May 2011, elaborating my ideas from various angles to a wide variety of readers.
It’s time to further expound on it by writing a book for one simple reason: the 2012 U.S. election is over, thus concluding my first phase of “saving America”.
This book is composed of 80 of my published articles, logically organized into a coherent whole in 12 parts as follows:
1) America: diagnosis and solution
2) What is an ideal government?
3) America: an overview
4) China: an overview
5) Democracy
6) China: in some depth
7) America: in great depth and breadth
8) America and China
9) America’s foreign policy
10) Six democracy-communism similarities
11) Famous quotes and interpretations
12) My personal life
Each part contains several chapters. Each chapter is an article previously published, with some [significant] re-writing to fit it in context. Some articles have their original publication dates attached, with the events at the time as the background.
Part 1 defines the goal of this book. It contains two chapters as the diagnosis and solution for America, respectively.
Part 2 goes beyond America. It contains two chapters, addressing two vast subjects: “towards an ideal form of government” and “built to last: structure and conscience”, respectively.
The remaining 10 parts are supporting materials for Parts 1 and 2.
This book is intended to be an e-book (to begin with). So I did three things very differently from a conventional book as follows:
1) I incorporated quite a few pictures and images to make the book visually more appealing. Most of them are my own. Additionally, I did get some off the Internet, royalty and copyright free.
2) There is not a bibliography at the end of the book. Since all the references are available on-line, they are embedded in the text as hyperlinks. If a hyperlink is not enabled on your e-book reader, simply do a Google search by the title.
3) The table of contents appears right after this page, instead of being in front. Every part and chapter is hyper-linked, so you can jump directly to it any time, although it is highly recommended that you read the book in sequence.
Here is a quote: “you cannot open a book without learning something.” Who said it? Confucius!
Here is an interpretation of the comments by the book reviewers (appended at the end of the book): “you cannot open a good book without learning a lot of good stuff!”

The Princess Plan: Shrink your waist. Expand your beauty. [Kindle Edition]

Dr. Jennifer Hanes (Author)

Publication Date: December 5, 2012

13 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆.5

The only weight loss book for women written by a physician who has conquered obesity! Jump start your success in just one weekend with scientific beauty tips to help you look your best while making small changes to feel your best. Learn the secrets to maximize the relationship between weight and hormone cycles, sleep, stress and sex. Get answers to your most intimate questions that only a doctor who has been there can answer! You are just pages away from turning frumpy into fabulous! Ready for refined weight loss and redefined success? Welcome, Princess!

*** DEAD *** Best Way to Lose Weight: The Actionable Guide to Start Losing Weight Now (Get Your Life Back.. NOW) [Kindle Edition] - normally $4.99

Michael Barry (Author)

Publication Date: August 29, 2012

10 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆☆


If these words scare you, STOP reading now. This book ISN’T for you.

This is not a weight loss pill, fad diet, or gimmicky machine guaranteeing you will lose 20 pounds in 30 days. If it were easy no one would be fat, no one would be obese. Losing weight is not easy there is no magic way to make fat melt away. This book will include hard workouts and you will sweat. You will not starve and you will not spend boring hour upon boring hour running on a treadmill. However you will workout, sweat and lose weight!

If you still believe there is a magic way to lose weight, if you are still searching for the easy way to lose weight with no work then this isn’t the book for you. Please don’t buy it!

If you are ready to WORK and meet your GOALS, lets do this together!

What’s the worst thing about needing to lose weight?
Seriously, what’s the worst thing about needing to lose weight?

Do you hate not being able to do exactly what you want, when you want?
You don’t feel comfortable at the beach/pool
You can’t play with the kids/grandkids the way you know you should
Always being judged or criticized by friends, family, coworkers etc.
Having a low self esteem
Having to shop at specialty stores or never being able to wear exactly what you want to wear.

The good thing is it’s not too late to change, you can start making changes today that will lead to a healthier happier life. This book will give you workouts and diet tips that will help you get your life back.

What are your goals?

Maybe you want to lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 50 pounds or even more. You can make that happen, but only you can make that happen. Each day that goes by without action is a day wasted. Get started today!

35% of Americans are now considered obese.
Over 1 in 3 Americans are OBESE!
Are you included in these stats? Are you on your way to being included?
Don’t let this happen! Take charge of your life and start living the way you want to live! Start living on your terms!

Diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and sleep apnea. These are some of the health risks associated with obesity. Living with these diseases is debilitating some of you may already know this, some of you know you are on that path.

You will spend more time taking medications and worrying about your health then being able to live the life you want to live, do the things YOU want to do.

This book could be considered an introduction to weight loss. To some people most of it may be stuff they already know. To a lot of people it will be a guide to shedding their weight. This book will teach you the fundamentals that a lot of people often over look. I will go over healthy nutrition and all you really need to know to start losing weight. You will also get a great workout plan that will burn fat and build lean muscle.

This workout plan will be hard, you will work hard! Nothing worth having is easy and weight loss certainly won’t be easy. There is no magic pill to melt away fat. This workout plan will make you sweat, you will probably struggle at first. This is good, if it wasn’t challenging it would not get the results you want. Give it your all and through this struggle you will see great results. This workout plan was designed to be an at home workout relying on lots of body weight exercises as well as exercises needing minimal equipment (dumbbells).

The gym can be embarrassing! I created this as a stay at home workout plan so you can bust your butt and sweat as much as you want. You can look and feel awkward and not have to worry about being judged. No need to be embarrassed here or worry about what others are thinking about you. Give it your all for about 45 minutes and then go jump in the shower.

So, if you’re ready start achieving your goals, buy this book now and lets go to WORK.

(Citation Needed): The Best of Wikipedia's Worst Writing [Kindle Edition]

Josh Fruhlinger (Author), Conor Lastowka (Author)

Publication Date: October 14, 2011

22 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆

Do you need help telling the difference between a Renaissance Pope and an oracular octopus? Do you need details on what inappropriate body parts the attendees at Wing Bowl expose to one another? Do you need an accounting of which movies in the Air Bud series contain the fewest fart jokes? Fortunately, all these facts are lovingly recorded on Wikipedia, thus fulfilling the dreams of generations of scholars who worked towards a compendium of the world’s most vital information.

But how can you find these details, hidden as they are among boring facts about science and history and stuff? Fear not: For nearly two years, the blog [Citation Needed] has sifted through The Best of Wikipedia's Worst Writing. A thousand entries later, Conor Lastowka and Josh Fruhlinger have handpicked over 200 of their favorite examples of putrid prose and collected them here. Each entry features hilarious commentary from the authors, but they're confident you'll already be laughing by the time you get to it.

*** DEAD *** Quiz Me-Fun Interactive Picture Book-Bird Trivia [Kindle Edition] - normally $2.99

Doug Grace (Author)

Publication Date: October 15, 2012

14 Reviews and ☆☆☆☆.5

[B{A Fun Interactive Bird Trivia Picture Book

This childrens picture book is filled with fun facts about birds.Guess your way through the book as you answer interesting bird trivia questions.
Quiz Me is entertaining for children and adults.
Interactive Fun And Educational

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