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Getting Dumped - Part 1 A Schultz Sisters Mystery [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Tawna Fenske (Author)

http://www.amazon.com... (more)

sandman123ca (Mar. 21, 2013 @ 4:19p) |

Why would you post something that's free today (3/21) to the free yesterday (3/20) thread?

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Big Results In Less Time: The time management productivity plan that gets top results - How to get things done in the shortest time for the greatest results [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Ian Stables (Author)


Publication Date: January 25, 2013

6 Reviews ★★★★★

Big Results In Less Time

The Time Management Productivity Plan That Gets Top Results

How To Get Things Done In The Shortest Time For The Greatest Results

How much better would it be, if you were able to do things five times faster and get excellent results? You are about to learn simple and effective methods that do just that.

These methods are not widely known. They make up a complete system for getting things done in the shortest possible time and deliver excellent results.

You'll learn how to...

Dramatically speed up tasks by removing one thing

Prioritise your tasks in a way that will get the best possible results
There are certain things you should focus on and others that you shouldn't.

You'll learn about a 'powerful question' that will very quickly prioritise anything with ease.

Complete tasks five times faster and get good results

Find the best ideas and methods in just ten minutes
This is one of the best things you're going to discover. It's a very effective technique called 'The writing solution finder'

It gives you ideas, methods, and solutions in just ten minutes. Things that you would probably never otherwise think of.

Work without getting tired
A scientifically proven work plan that keeps you fresh and makes your day a lot easier.

Get any difficult task done with ease
This is the ultimate cure for procrastination. It removes the block of procrastinating with ease. It takes just sixty-seconds and works every time.

Transforming Corporate Culture: 9 Natural Truths for Being Fit to Compete [Kindle Edition] - was $7.99

Gerry Schmidt (Author), Lisa Jackson (Author)


Publication Date: September 24, 2012

8 Reviews ★★★★★

Business changing? Evolve your culture, compete better. In an era of unprecedented transformation, today's workplaces are stressed, overloaded, and burned out. But organizations don't change, people do. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg of what sustains great human performance in a collaborative, service-driven economy. Now more than ever, presidents and their teams need to understand what culture is, how it drives competition, and how to reshape their company's ability to lead and gain buy-in for ongoing change; deliver consistent growth rates, exceeding corporate goals; serve demanding customer needs better, faster, and with greater value; and foster greater employee ownership and commitment.

Transforming Corporate Culture draws nine lessons from nature as a uniquely relevant lens for today's business challenges. Drawing stories and practical examples from culture changes led by CEOs and presidents, this book shows that survival of the fittest is not just a science theory, but a principle for gaining a competitive edge in business.

About the Author
For two decades, Corporate Culture Pros have helped presidents and their teams lead organizational culture change and align their corporate culture to achieve their business strategy. Their specialty is helping organizations build a culture infrastructure that links directly to hard return-on-investment measures such as market share, profit, and innovation. The unique and proven culture change process developed by Corporate Culture Pros is effective in turnarounds, mergers, or significant changes in leadership or strategy, when leaders know culture is a competitive advantage.

At the Heart of Leadership: How To Get Results with Emotional Intelligence (3rd Edition, Revised & Updated) [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Joshua Freedman (Author), Peter Salovey (Foreword)


Publication Date: November 9, 2012

10 Reviews ★★★★★

This book will show you how to lead more effectively by engaging your own and your people's emotions.
"...a breath of fresh air.... Very enjoyable and it really works: A must read for every leader."
Jimmy Daniel, Global Leadership Institute, FedEx Express
"...an important read for any leader looking to take it higher."
- Arlene Pfeiff, Vice President, Technologies, American Express
In a new business climate it takes a new style of leadership to excel. Are you ready?

Where other books tell you about emotional intelligence, this book provides the roadmap to put it in action. There are a handful of people in the world who have proven experience raising organizational performance with emotional intelligence. Freedman is one of the leaders. Using stories and data from his work around the world with organizations such as the US Marine Corps, Schlumberger, and FedEx, Freedman provides a practical guide to this critical topic.

At the Heart of Leadership delivers a compelling case for leaders to attend to their own and their people s emotions as a critical asset for optimal performance.

Then it shows you how.

You ll learn the Six Seconds EQ Model, a practical three-step process to become more effective with emotions.

JOSHUA FREEDMAN is one of the pioneers in applying the science of emotional intelligence to increase organizational performance by building workplaces where people can be and do their best.
Author of INSIDE CHANGE plus seven psychometrically validated tools, numerous training programs, and hundreds of articles, Freedman is one of the most prolific contributors to this field. His work blends the neuroscience of emotion with clear business logic to create solutions that are powerful and effective. Joshua helps unlock the power of human performance in organizations all over the world. His clients include Lockheed Martin, FedEx, the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, the UN, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Etihad Airways, HSBC, and TECOM Investments. He has helped launch emotional intelligence programs in over a dozen countries as diverse as the UAE, the UK, Singapore, and South Africa. Freedman is one of the founders and the Chief Operating Officer of Six Seconds.

SIX SECONDS is a global organization supporting people to create positive change -- everywhere, all the time. The biggest obstacle to breakthrough performance isn t logic and systems - it s emotions and people. So, using rigorous science and a proven framework for individual and organizational transformation, Six Seconds equips leaders with the insight and tools to build world-class teams and organizations.

Yahoo Groups For Dummies [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Jill Manzoni (Author)


Publication Date: January 28, 2013

5 Reviews ★★★★★

Yahoo Groups For Dummies - Advertise Anything On Your Own Yahoo Group, is a Step-By-Step Tutorial On How You Can Set Up And Customize Your New Yahoo Group In A Day.

You will learn how to start your own Yahoo Group and Forum, to stay in touch with family, friends, co-workers, and other people you know, or to meet new people who are looking for your information.

No more running down people to join you in your interests, just people who have ‘like’ interests with you.

Get Targeted traffic, which means the people searching the web, email and forum groups, wherever they can, to find other people talking about a particular topic they are interested in. You don’t have to talk them into joining your group, they are already looking for a place like yours to join. Makes it easier doesn’t it?

You can also advertise any product or service you wish. From start to finish, it is all laid out for you in this easy step by step plan of action.

When you write instructional type books such as I do, the first thing that is most important to me, is to teach someone with what I penned years ago as, fun learning. I have found that using beginner language (layperson terms) and later on adding the technical terms and language, you learn both and retain more.

Yahoo Groups is one of the oldest, largest, most listed, and free forum building sites on the internet. It can also be one of the most confusing at times, and you end up with a mess. It is rather like being stuck in the proverbial internet web, and not being able to find the way out. I can tell you from experience, owning and operating over twenty groups in twenty years online, Yahoo is still the most dependable.

Learn to place your Group in one of Yahoo's High Traffic Categories Business & FinanceComputers & InternetCultures & CommunityEntertainment & ArtsFamily & HomeGamesGovernment & PoliticsHealth & WellnessHobbies & CraftsMusicRecreation & SportsRegionalReligion & BeliefsRomance & RelationshipsSchools & EducationScience
Learn to Customize your new group with your own name, description, template and colors, a picture, and your content.

Step-by-Step Instructions how to:
Customize your Group - Management of all areas - Files for your Group - Photos and Albums - Links for great Resources - Polls to gather valuable feedback - Using Group Calendars - Members & Moderators Settings - Promoting & Inviting - Let's Start Posting-and so much more.

About the Author
Helping others learn something new each day, Jill Manzoni has been seen in publications and periodicals such as the Sun Sentinel, Readers Digest, Birds ‘N Blooms, The Garden Guides, Edible Landscape, and too many others to list here. Author of The Brown Thumb Syndrome, Why An Apple A Day, Out of the Mouth of Babes, Compost- The Perfect Recipe, and many more, you can now find all her works digitally, and in print, exclusively at Amazon. Earning the Millennium Teachers Award for her online courses over two decades, they are now available in her books on Digital or Print. Find her invaluable Educational Books and Workbooks such as How to Garden With A Child, Why Children Should Garden, Raising Accountable and Responsible Children, How to Teach Children To Read, Teaching Children Money Skills and many more. Jill Manzoni can be found at Amazon.com simply by searching J. Manzoni, or Jill Manzoni.

The Whole Truth: Search Engine Optimization - A 10-year SEO veteran breaks silence to tell you how to get to the top of Google [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Paul Easton (Author)


Publication Date: February 26, 2013

6 Reviews ★★★★★

The Whole Truth: What You Need to Know

This book is the result of the Last 10 Years in the SEO Industry. I have seen it all, the good the bad and the Ugly! With so many forums and so much bad advice on-line, I put together a real strategy that works and I use every day.

So many times we complicate what works. This book breaks it down, takes an approach that a seasoned professional can learn new tips and a brand new person can follow.

If you are looking for a reliable, simple and long term way to win the search engine optimization game within Google rules, take a closer look.

Amelia's Story
Amelia's story [Kindle Edition]
D.G Torrens (Author), Firstediting (Editor), Ares Jun (Illustrator) - was $3.70


FREE thru 3/22

Publication Date: November 4, 2011

79 Reviews ★★★★★

A life of pain and rejection.
This is a powerful true story of one young girls struggle to survive the state care system in the 70's and 80's. Amelia has just one wish, to make it to adulthood, to hold her destiny in her own hands. This is a harrowing true story, one of survival and human strength. Amelia has been separated from all her siblings never to see them again for many years, she is moved from one children's home to another, until finally it's just too much for her to bear. Amelia starts to wonder about the peace and finality of her own death.

From the Author
I have written my story for my daughter so when she is older she will better understand the long road I had to travel to reach this point in my life. I also wrote my story with the hope that it would inspire people all over the world who have given up hope, to show them that with enough determination and belief in yourself you can achieve your dreams. Life is full of obstacles which are placed before us, it's how we deal with those obstacles that help to shape the person we become. This was not an easy book to write at all but one I felt compelled to write. I had to re-visit many ghosts to complete my story which took me on a very emotional journey. I learned things about myself through writing this book I would not otherwise have discovered. I live by the motto, "The child first and foremost." I wish each and everyone of you peace and happiness.

6 Minutes Wrestling with Life [Kindle Edition] - was $8.88

John Passaro (Author)


Publication Date: March 6, 2013

10 Reviews ★★★★★

What would you do if you were presented with a choice of caring for and trying to cure a sick family member with a brain injury or living and loving life?

I hope you would do what I did.

And choose both.

6 Minutes Wrestling with Life is about the two 6 minute events that have impacted my life.

In 2009, my nineteen your old daughter, Jess, lost oxygen to her brain for 6 minutes.

in 2012, my eighteen year old son, Maverick, won the New York State High School Wrestling Championship in a 6 minute match.

This story is about my journey through the depths of despair to the euphoric highs, and the life lessons that I learn along the way,

It is about the true meaning of sport, teamwork, family and the power of pursuit.

If Loving You is Wrong (Crime Rant Classics) [Kindle Edition] - was $4.14

Gregg Olsen (Author)


Publication Date: November 14, 2012

103 Reviews ★★★★

"Wonderfully researched...Searing and brilliant...A must-read!"-- Ann Rule, the undisputed queen of True Crime

The first case -- the one that launched an epidemic of teacher/student abuse cases -- written by New York Times bestselling author, Gregg Olsen.

Within hours of giving birth to her sixth child, Mary Kay Letourneau had her baby daughter whisked from her arms. She was then shackled and returned to her jail cell. Just years ago, the pretty, personable Seattle schoolteacher was living a life many would envy-- she had a handsome husband, four beautiful children, and a beloved following of students. Then she was accused of child rape, and her whole world turned upside down.

Rapist Or Victim?

How did a 34-year-old married teacher fall in love with one of her sixth-grade students? Was it a complete lapse of judgment, or-- as she contends-- the meeting of two soulmates? Were the two planning to run away together-- before police caught them in a parked car? Did the couple have illicit sex in every room of the Letourneau house, as the teenager told the tabloids? Read about the case that shocked the world and rocked the headlines-- about the lonely life of Mary Kay Letourneau and the young object of her obsession, the boy who fathered two of her children. You may think you know the story of Mary Kay Letourneau-- but you don't know the whole story until you've read...If Loving You Is Wrong.

Includes interviews with Mary Kay Letourneau.

Amazon.com Review: The tale seems ripe for tabloid exploitation: the fresh-faced blond elementary schoolteacher and mother of four just couldn't keep her hands off that 13-year-old boy. Worse yet, Mary Kay Letourneau had become obsessed with the slight, Samoan teenager while he was still a student in her sixth-grade class--and he fathered two babies with her. Yet in the hands of true crime writer Gregg Olsen, If Loving You Is Wrong becomes a poignant profile of an emotionally stunted young woman tightly wound up in a web of lies too fragile to sustain the weight of her own compulsions.

The facade the Letourneaus presented to the world was that of a devoted, upwardly mobile young couple. In reality Steve and Mary Kay were on the verge of financial and emotional bankruptcy. They married because she'd become pregnant and appearances were everything to Mary Kay's parents, ultra-conservative, family-values-promoting politician John Schmitz and his icy wife, Mary. Olsen, whose previous books include Abandoned Prayers and Black Widow, does a superior job with the story, interviewing Letourneau herself as well as friends and neighbors, researching and assembling the facts behind the lurid headlines in a nonjudgmental manner that allows readers to draw their own conclusions about the bigger issues at stake. Was Mary Kay Letourneau a pedophile, a child rapist, a female Humbert Humbert? Or was she, as she claims, a woman who'd found a soul mate and a true love that defied America's puritanical norms? Read If Loving You Is Wrong and decide for yourself. -- Patrizia DiLucchio

About the Author
Gregg Olsen is the acclaimed author of true crime books and novels, including: Abandoned Prayers, Black Widow, Bitter Almonds, Mockingbird (AKA Cruel Deception), A Twisted Faith and Starvation Heights. His novels include, Heart of Ice, A Wicked Snow, Closer Than Blood, A Cold Dark Place, Victim Six and the upcoming Fear Collector. He is also the author of the Empty Coffin series for young adults. The first two titles of the series: Envy and Betrayal.

The Tucson Citizen called Olsen "One of America's favorite crime writers."

Kill Me Now! [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Lawrence Fisher (Author)


Publication Date: May 27, 2012

14 Reviews ★★★★.5

Kill Me Now! is about Lawrence, a man in his late 40s dodging bullets deep in the dating battlefield while searching for the ONE.

In Kill Me Now! Lawrence tries to decode the signals of his enigmatic opponent, often resulting in his hasty retreat. Why is she resting her head on her hand? Is she bored? Or is she interested? He finds himself in many humorous situations where he has no idea what he is doing and no idea how to maneuver through the skirmish.

Trapped in the epicenter of the courting conflict, the motivating thought that sustains him is his strong belief that somewhere out there, she awaits.

Join Lawrence as he painfully stumbles through the mating minefield in search for his SOULMATE while silently wishing that he was elsewhere.

From the Author
I had a lot of fun writing this book. Some of dates were scary, but somehow I managed to find the funny side of things.
About the Author
Lawrence has been out on countless dates in search of his soulmate. Like most people he has found himself in many strange situations. Who hasn't? However, he found that he could see the humor in each situation.

Lawrence is a single guy in his late 40s. He has worked in computers and education for about 25 years and also holds a personal fitness trainer certification. He currently lives near Tel Aviv, Israel. Lawrence Fisher spends his days writing software tutorials and his nights in the endless search for the ONE


Yvonne Crowe (Author), Harald Pohl (Illustrator)


Publication Date: March 5, 2013

5 Reviews ★★★★★

Jovan Vukasin [Jован Вукашин], is the Boss of a Serbian Gang in London, with a James Bond complex.
Why has his street cred plummeted to the level of radio active waste; and why has he set out on a series of blunders that can only spell disaster in the long run, putting his ultimate goal of emulating James Bond’s lifestyle on the Riviera in jeopardy?
After settling on a daring raid, targeting the Ukrainian London gang Pakhan’s Cache of diamonds, which are expected to arrive in Tel Aviv, he sends out his troops to relieve the opposition of their gemstones, which results in hilarious consequences.
How does Danylko, the Ukrainian pakhan, react to this?
The story rockets through Tel Aviv, Bulgaria, Serbia and Africa, with a fast turnover of candidates for the top job, before returning to London, where chaos reigns supreme with no firm guiding hand directing the business.
How can Scotland Yard keep the ultimate gangland war from erupting in London?
All of this leaves God convulsed with mirth, at the futile attempts of mankind to usurp Himself in the scheme of things.

Rusty Pipes My Love/Hate Relationship with my Red Hair [Kindle Edition]

Deborah Curran (Author)


Publication Date: January 6, 2012

4 Reviews ★★★★★

I am a natural red head. Growing up red wasn't always easy, but I wouldn't change a thing. It helped to shape my personality. In my book I give a short account of how my early years affected me, and explore some myths and truths about red heads with humor. Being different can cause you pain, but learning to love you can be a journey worth taking.

Sweet Delicious Madness and the Many Mysterious Deaths of Silvio Berlusconi (A Kissed in Italy Mystery) [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Julie Sarff (Author), Angela Rose (Editor)


Publication Date: April 5, 2012

32 Reviews ★★★★.5

Italian Folly, the second in the Sweet Delicious Madness series is now available!!!

From award-winning author Julie Sarff comes this wonderfully hilarious novel about Italy, long lost diamond and the unconventional path to true love.

Praise for Sweet Delicious Madness:

*** A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a twisting plot. Characters that are easy to love. Ann Mc Gregor

*** A juicy confection. Filled with eccentric characters and an ending that will leave your refusing to come up for air. Naomi Kirk

*** A slightly wicked social comentary on American and Italian cultures and what its like whent the two wrolds collide. Nancy Gregory

Overview: Forced to take a job as housemaid at the villa, Lily finds intrigue around every unkempt bed and dirty cooking utensil. In her quest for a new romance, Lily must face such horrors as rampaging kittens, a gardener with a mysterious orange box, a fellow housemaid who claims the Italian Prime Minister will keel over at any moment (even this one), a sexy man with a very nasty surprise, a search of a claustrophobic basement for some long lost diamonds and preschoolers.

Will the hapless heroine get her man? Or will she be left talking to the picture of him that she has cut out of a magazine?

Plunge into Madness now!

Bridget Jones meets Nancy Drew with a dash of Indiana Jones-style archeological mystery (no whips, though). Sweet Delicious Madness continues in:

*** Italian Folly - Lily Bilbury is a women with a pending divorce, a normal-as-can-be job, and a burgeoning romance. Or is she? In three months of madness everything changes.

***Sweet Delicious Madness and the Hordes of Lydias (due out June 2013) when two museums fight over and lose a treasure of the ancient world, Villa Buschi and its intrepid maid Lily Bilbury are at ground zero in a mystery that spans four countries and two continents.

When The World Goes Crazy (Life's Outtakes Year 1) 52 Humorous/Inspirational Short Stories [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Daris Howard (Author)


Publication Date: February 15, 2011

10 Reviews ★★★★★

52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories!
From the inspiration of a father's love for his daughter in Tinkertoys In The Cupboard to the humor of a want-to-be athlete in The Nose Warmer, these 52 humorous and inspirational short stories (one for each week of the year) will make you laugh, reminisce, and contemplate the relationships you cherish most. Stories include:

1. I Came, I Sawed, I Conquered
2. A Question Of Success
3. Why I’m A Teacher
4. As Long As I Can Carry My Own Pack
5. Uncle Hickory And The Model-T
6. Uncle Hickory’s DWI
7. Tinker Toys In My Cupboard
8. Halloween (In)Justice
9. Signs Of Winter
10. What To Remember When It Comes Time To Apologize
11. What Thanksgiving Is Truly All About
12. When The World Goes Crazy On You Cell Phone
13. Hidden Talents That Probably Should Remain Hidden
14. The Story Of Santa’s Christmas Sack
15. My First Christmas Angel
16. A Rising Star On The Theatre Stage
17. New Year Resolutions
18. Things I Resolve Before It’s Too Late
19. Snow And Ice
20. An Incredible Sale
21. Wintertime Gardening
22. The Incredible Tale
23. Gender Differences On Romance
24. When David Takes On Goliath
25. Do You See Signs Of Ageing
26. The Real March Madness
27. A Basketball Coach’s Dilemma
28. Young Girl’s, Basketball Games, and Chaos
29. A Unique Strategy For A Basketball Game
30. Facing The Amazons
31. It Really Isn’t About Basketball Anyway
32. A Load Of Bull
33. Dad, The Fix-It Man
34. When Opposites Attract
35. Through The Eyes Of Children
36. The Nose Warmer
37. Uncle Hickory Goes Fishing
38. The Best Mother’s Day Gift
39. Efficiency In Learning
40. A One Cow Adoption Agency
41. Strawberries, Birds, And Children
42. Suit Shopping
43. There Is A Deep Understanding That Comes After The Fact
44. The Real Purpose Of A Hometown Parade
45. When Relationships Go Sour
46. Sleep Apnia
47. Preparing For Tonsil Surgery
48. Going In For Tonsil Surgery
49. Getting Tonsils Out
50. Recovering From Tonsil Surgery
51. The Giant Canvas Of A Child’s Heart
52. Glue Cakes And Black Bears

Remember This (A Romantic Comedy) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Shae Buggs (Author)


Publication Date: November 1, 2012

29 Reviews ★★★★

Lucy, a hard working shenanigan queen, finds evidence that her husband, Mason, cheated on her. In a heated moment, she throws a wine bottle at his head leaving him unable to remember anything from his past. Since she is responsible for her husband’s amnesia, it is her responsibility to get his memory back. Motivated by revenge, Lucy plans a way to get Mason back to normal while having a little fun in the process. This story unveils her comical attempts to sabotage him and how he tries to win her back.

Again, thank you so much for your postings!

That Does Not Compute, Too! ComputorEdge Cartoons, Volume II: "Do You Like Windows 8 or Would You Prefer an Apple?" (Computer and Internet Cartoons) [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Jim Whiting (Author, Illustrator), Jack Dunning (Author), Cara Hull (Editor)


Publication Date: September 30, 2012

4 Reviews ★★★★

A collection of ComputorEdge cartoons by Jim Whiting and Jack Dunning covering topics computer, Internet and high technology related.

If you liked their first e-book of cartoons, "That Does Not Compute!", then you will love this one. Here are more of the warped computer and Internet cartoons that Jim Whiting and Jack Dunning have become known for. You'll find yourself saying, "It's so true!", "Been there, done that!" or "That one's really stupid!"

Learn what robots really think about or how to uncover the secret of life! What are the dangers of Internet dating? How did Microsoft develop Windows 8? Discover the latest innovations in mobile technology or how to deal with Internet cookies. What does the president really do in his free time?

As Jack says, "A number of these cartoons are based upon deep philosophical thoughts with profound life implications. Ignore them for now. Eventually scholars will decipher the hidden meanings and publish those answers in one of their journals—along with all the other nonsense they put out."

All these cartoon orginally appeared in context at ComputorEdge Online (www.computoredge.com).

For more ComputorEdge E-Books see Jack Dunning's Author's Page by clicking his name under the book title.

love your work. keep up the good work.

Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula (Cassidy Jones Adventures, Book One) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Elise Stokes (Author)


FREE thru 3/22

Publication Date: December 13, 2010

129 Reviews ★★★★★

One Girl. One Accident. One Incredible Superhero.

Cassidy Jones is your typical fourteen-year-old-- that is, until a seemingly harmless accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist turns her world upside down.

Discovering incredible strength, speed, and enhanced physical senses that defy logic, Cassidy embarks on an action-packed adventure that has her fighting for answers...and for her very life.

The Great Dinosaur Race. (Fun Rhyming Children's Books) [Kindle Edition]

Lily Lexington (Author)


Publication Date: April 1, 2012

47 Reviews ★★★★.5

f you like stories by Maurice Sendak, Jon Klassen, Dr Seuss and P D Eastman then you will love this beautiful tale told by Lily Lexington in her second dinosaur story.

Follow the adventures of two brothers and their pet dinosaur friends in their quest to win the great dinosaur race. Join them as they race through forests, tracks, over flips and more. Each brother believes they have the best dinosaur, who will win?

The story ends with a great lesson about teamwork and being able to get along that all parents will love.

- Beautiful illustrations with many amusing scenes.
- Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest.
- Your child will be enthralled and love to read this story over and over.

Pirate's Tail [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Eduard Lehr (Author), Evan Peebles (Illustrator)


Publication Date: May 6, 2011

4 Reviews ★★★★★

A pirate…
A mermaid…
And an ocean full of adventure.

When Ace and his adopted father find a treasure-laden shipwreck on the bottom of the ocean, he thinks he has life made. His luck changes quickly when he wakes up aboard a legendary Menquin Naval vessel and finds himself on a mission of revenge. His misfortune turns to opportunity as he learns the way of the sail and travels the globe.

In an ironic twist of fate, the ship is attacked by pirates and Ace is sent careening overboard into a turbulent sea. Floundering around and on the verge of death, the loving arms of a stunning mermaid save the seventeen year old from drowning. Shipwrecked on an island infested with pirates and tribal people, the mysterious mermaid helps Ace discover the many secrets of the island.

When the legendary ship of his homeland arrives intent on demolishing the island and its inhabitants, Ace must make the choice of his life. Does he support the legendary navy of his homeland, or does he fight for the island and life he has never known?

Sweet Dreams, Little Pup (A Little Pup Book) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Mary Lee (Author)


Publication Date: January 19, 2013

12 Reviews ★★★★

One night, Little Pup went to bed early, being very excited to get to dreamland. There was just one problem. Little Pup couldn’t sleep.

Watch Little Pup find a way to dreamland in this charming, beautifully illustrated bedtime story. This book encourages the imagination and helps children get themselves to sleep.

Mind Hurdles: Alphabet Games For Kids + Free Coloring Book (Interactive Quiz Book) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

LL Kross (Author)


Publication Date: November 14, 2012

5 Reviews ★★★.5

By Mind Hurdles, the creator of a dazzling new collection of entertaining and challenging ebooks for kids, this innovative interactive ABC game book for preschoolers is a welcome departure from the run-of-the-mill ABC games for kids on the Internet.

As parents, you know that participation is key to holding attention in this age group. Alphabet Games for Kids - Interactive Quiz Book cleverly ensures your child’s attention by providing the opportunity for him or her to participate until the correct answer is selected. It is not only an easy and entertaining way for your child to learn the alphabet, but it is also great for practicing his or her computer skills.

The Free Bonus Alphabet Games Coloring Book is one more way to reinforce learning the alphabet. (Link is in the book)

NOTE: To ensure that your little one has the best experience, please use the INSTRUCTIONS (as this is a Kindle game and not a regular Kindle book, follow the blue links after the game starts ~ please DO NOT use the page back and forth arrows).

**Note: Not recommended for Kindle Cloud

Math Puzzles SUPERSTAR [Kindle Edition]

BRAINCHILD Games (Author)


Publication Date: June 27, 2012

19 Reviews ★★★.5

Newly updated and error free, thanks to all the constructive comments we've fixed errors we missed in the first edition! Updated August 10th 2012.

This is a unique and interactive math game book that tests your mathematical abilities while at the sametime giving you a fun and exciting experience solving these puzzles and problems. It contains 30 mathematical puzzles that will sharpen your skills and give you hours of entertainment!

Are you ready to jump into the challenge and get the game started?

25 Simple Candy Recipes [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Cooking Penguin (Author)


Publication Date: January 7, 2013

8 Reviews ★★★.5

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to satisfy your sweet tooth? Shopping at fancy candy stores can become very expensive but, luckily, it is easy to make your own candy at home! This book is full of simple recipes to make your very own homemade candy from classics like chocolate truffles and peanut brittle to unique recipes like chocolate peanut butter pretzel balls and maple glazed walnut clusters. Once you get started you may find that you have more candy than you know what to do with – don’t be afraid to share with family or friends and remember that homemade candy makes a great gift!

31 Banana Smoothies: How to make delicious easy smoothies for breakfast, snack or dessert...that don't make you fat! (Healthy Smoothies) [Kindle Edition]

Pawel Malczewski (Author)


Publication Date: October 25, 2012

6 Reviews ★★★★★

Learn how to use bananas, in combination with other ingredients to get the potassium, the antioxidants, and the healthy slimming nutrition that your body needs to see you glowing with good health and vitality. Recipe after recipe, each more delectable than the last, laid out in an easy to follow and easy to understand set of smoothie and blending tips that also points out the health benefits of each of the ingredients. Set your taste buds tingling while your body benefits from every delicious smoothie that you drink.

This Banana Smoothie recipe book offers you a great look at nutrition, delicious ways to lose weight to introduce fiber and cancer-fighting antioxidants into the body. You'll get:

  • 31 full color eye popping smoothie pictures that will make your mouth water!
  • Written by Pawel Malczewski, a certified nutritionist, with detailed nutrition information for each recipe!
  • Easy to follow recipes with easy to find ingredients with a list of substitutes
  • ...and don't forget about the kids.They're going to love the fruit smoothies!
  • Plenty of nutrition tips
  • Healthy habits transformation/weight loss program
  • Plenty of valuable blending and smoothie tips
  • Information on contraindications for the use of some fruits and veggies
  • Scientific research that backs the claims about fruits and vegetables
  • The health benefits of various nutritional components
  • Information on the best and most powerful blenders
  • Links to a site with useful information on ingredients and nutrients

Along with these benefits, you will find the potential for a whole new outlook and a new level of vitality inside very book.

How to Cook For a Diabetic - Incredible Chili, Soup, and Stew Recipes For Diabetics [Kindle Edition] - was $4.97

Elizabeth Charles (Author)


Publication Date: April 25, 2012

4 Reviews ★★★★★

Are you looking for recipes to cook for a diabetic?

Well, if you are, then this is the book for you.

In "How to Cook For a Diabetic - Incredible Recipes For Diabetics"
you'll learn not only how to easily prepare simple recipes, but you'll also learn;

-How long it takes to "prep" each dish

-How long it takes to "cook" each dish

-How long it takes for the entire recipe to be prepared

-All the valuable nutritional information within each dish

-What percentage of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins should be in your daily caloric intake

About the Author:

Best-selling author Elizabeth Charles has been in the Health profession for nearly 20 years. She is an expert in Food and Nutrition and has helped many people overcome their bad eating habits.

Recently, Elizabeth's mother was diagnosed with diabetes. This inspired Elizabeth to begin work on her latest book series, "How to Cook For a Diabetic." It is her hope that she can not only help her mom, but also help other sufferers from diabetes eat healthier and feel better.

Many thanks for all your effort!

Breakfast in a Flash (Fast Food From Home) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Amy Clark (Author)


Publication Date: February 23, 2012

16 Reviews ★★★★

Who needs a good nutritious breakfast? Everybody. Who has time to make it? Certainly not everybody! But now with Breakfast in a Flash, the numbers should go up.

This book is designed for people who are looking for a quick breakfast that is tasty and nutritious before they head out the door for the day. You can be assured that your breakfast will be much better for you than stopping by the local fast food restaurant and spending way more money for way less taste and freshness.


Snacks in a Flash (Fast Food From Home) [Kindle Edition]

Amy Clark (Author)


Publication Date: March 2, 2012

4 Reviews ★★★.5

When you have the munchies, or want a snack, what type of food do you look for? Trail mix? Popcorn? Chocolate?

This book includes those, but often with a new twist that will liven up your snack life.

Some snacks in this book can be served as appetizers at a party, while others are intended for one or two people.

Some snacks are diet-conscious, while others are purely for enjoyment and you can count calories later.

Whether it is a re-make of a standard snack or something totally new to you, you will find many options to be able to quickly have a fresh, tasty snack to enjoy.

Hi All,

Looking to gift this book to anyone interested and would download today - It's a Kindle Paperwhite Manual - Please message or reply with an email and I will gift you the book


bpr131 said:   Hi All,

Looking to gift this book to anyone interested and would download today - It's a Kindle Paperwhite Manual - Please message or reply with an email and I will gift you the book


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8 Attributes of Great Achievers [Kindle Edition] - was $4.95

Cameron C. Taylor (Author)


Publication Date: October 20, 2010

9 Reviews ★★★★.5

This book is filled with inspiring stories from the lives of great achievers past and present including: Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, The Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Warren Buffet, and others.

From this book, you will learn:
•How Winston Churchill’s optimism enable England to withstand the attacks of Hitler and eventually win the war.
•How Walt Disney used the power of goals to create (Snow White, Disneyland, etc.) and make his dreams come true.
•Why George Washington carried a bloody sash with him throughout his life.
•Powerful experiences from the Wright Brothers on taking the initiative.
•Stories on honesty from billionaire Jon Huntsman that illustrate that nice guys really can and do finish first in life.
•15 principles to build strong, uplifting relationships.
•Principles every parent must know to raise productive, self-sufficient children and grandchildren.
•How a World War II concentration camp prisoner was able to remain strong, happy, and peaceful even in the worst of environments.
•How Gandhi’s “experiment with truth” enabled him to go from a shy boy and an average man to the leader of 500 million people who called him “The Great Soul.”
•How top CEOs used the principle of abundance to increase productivity and profits.
•Inspiring stories on persistence and overcoming failures from Columbus, Sam Walton, and the lives of other great achievers.

Nursery Rhymes for Children - Complete Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Collection [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Jennifer Simmons (Author)


Publication Date: March 6, 2013

1 Review ★★★★★

The easiest way to teach your kids is to sing them songs that's easy to remember. Nursery rhymes will help you accomplish that.

Mother Goose - Nursery Rhymes for Children is definitely a book that your kids will love and treasure for the rest of their lives. These rhymes are fun, exciting, wonderful, enjoyable, and memorable.

With over 100 of the most popular collection of nursery rhymes lyrics you know. Mother Goose - Nursery Rhymes for Children includes:
• Jack and Jill
• Humpty Dumpty
• Ba Ba Blacksheep
• Little Jack Horner
• Itsy Bitsy Spider
• Hey Diddle Diddle
• Three Blind Mice
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
• Hickory Dickory Dock
• Rock-a-bye Baby
• Old McDonald had a Farm
• Mary Had a Little Lamb
• Hush Little Baby
• and many more of your favorite rhymes!
These classic nursery rhymes are a great way to help your child develop good oral and motor skills. They can also be sung as a lullaby for infants or toddlers.

Mother Goose - Nursery Rhymes for Children makes your kids smart and at the same time provide lots of enjoyment. This entire collection is perfect to share with kids under 10 years old.

Flying with cuckoos [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Michael Patrick Clark (Author)


Publication Date: June 24, 2012

10 Reviews ★★★★.5

Flying with Cuckoos tells the true story of a journey of discovery, as a young and naďve Michael Clark leaves a desperately-unhappy adopted home, to join the armed forces, as a ‘boy apprentice’ before transferring into one of the most ill-disciplined and disreputable units in the British armed forces.

As the story unfolds, we follow his progress; from one-sided battles with school bullies in suburban England, to even-more one-sided battles with the S.A.S. in some of the world’s most dangerous and exotic places; from the jungles of South-East Asia, and the bullet-scarred shacks of Gaddafi’s ‘new’ Libya, through the tragedy of the war in Vietnam, and the hedonistic excess of swinging-sixties Bangkok and Singapore.

Funny, poignant, and at times outrageous, Flying with Cuckoos is a heart-warming story of hope and achievement, and the remarkable journal of a young man’s battle to survive and overcome.

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No: Memoir of a teenage mom [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Tracy Engelbrecht (Author)


Publication Date: May 16, 2011

65 Reviews ★★★.5

A sharp, occasionally shocking, memoir that will change how you look at teenage mothers, The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No is told with frank South African humour and refreshingly mature insight. Tracy Engelbrecht tells the story of how she came to find herself pregnant at 15, and how she coped with pregnancy, birth and homework.
An eye-opener for teens and their parents alike, as well as a message of hope, empathy and respect for those who have experienced a teenage pregnancy.

No M-TV teen moms, no sugar-coating, no horror stories - just honesty, humility, humour and love. Real life.

Tracy Engelbrecht is a writer and mother of two. She lives in Cape Town and doesn't grow freakishly large prizewinning vegetables, but she does do a nice lasagne and her children aren't in therapy yet, so things are going well. She hardly ever drinks pina coladas or gets caught in the rain, but she's working on it. That's the official story. The truth is, of course, much less exciting. I was once The Girl Who Couldn't Say No, but these days I'm mom and eternal tea-maker to a teenage son, and mommy and copious cuddler of a tween daughter - both unique specimens of delicious humanity, way cooler than you'd expect with me as a mom. I'm also blogger, a columnist and a Tweeter-in-training. What else? Ah, yes. Thinker, reader, pudding-fantasist, champion-napper and above all, a sensible girl.

The Body Language Guide [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Caleb Daniels (Author)


Publication Date: September 6, 2012

8 Reviews ★★★★

"This book is an excellent introduction to the techniques and theories that the professionals use. If you're like me, wanting to dive in and start learning, this is the book for you. It's filled with descriptive pictures, applicable chapters, and an easy-to-read layout. You'll love it!"

-- I, the author, hate writing reviews in 3rd person, man.

That's not bad to get all of them, but I may just read one or two ones, as I'm not very interested in reading.

archena said:   Big Results In Less Time: The time management productivity plan that gets top results - How to get things done in the shortest time for the greatest results [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Ian Stables (Author)


Publication Date: January 25, 2013

6 Reviews ★★★★★

Big Results In Less Time

The Time Management Productivity Plan That Gets Top Results

How To Get Things Done In The Shortest Time For The Greatest Results

How much better would it be, if you were able to do things five times faster and get excellent results? You are about to learn simple and effective methods that do just that.

These methods are not widely known. They make up a complete system for getting things done in the shortest possible time and deliver excellent results.

You'll learn how to...

Dramatically speed up tasks by removing one thing

Prioritise your tasks in a way that will get the best possible results
There are certain things you should focus on and others that you shouldn't.

You'll learn about a 'powerful question' that will very quickly prioritise anything with ease.

Complete tasks five times faster and get good results

Find the best ideas and methods in just ten minutes
This is one of the best things you're going to discover. It's a very effective technique called 'The writing solution finder'

It gives you ideas, methods, and solutions in just ten minutes. Things that you would probably never otherwise think of.

Work without getting tired
A scientifically proven work plan that keeps you fresh and makes your day a lot easier.

Get any difficult task done with ease
This is the ultimate cure for procrastination. It removes the block of procrastinating with ease. It takes just sixty-seconds and works every time.

This one is not free any more.

1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes: Delicious, Easy-to-Make, Healthy Meals for Everyone [Kindle Edition] was $20.95

Book Description
Publication Date: March 1, 2009
This new edition of 1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes is completely revised to reflect current food trends and cooking preferences.

The introduction will adhere to American Heart Association guidelines and will include the new FDA nutritional guidelines, with comments on the importance of exercise as part of a total healthy lifestyle.

In general, recipes will be easier and faster to prepare with fewer ingredients and more concise cooking methods. Recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less will be identified throughout the book with an “express veg” icon. The “super foods” that boast high nutritional, antioxidant, and phytochemical qualities will be emphasized in recipes—blueberries, kiwi, pomegranate juice, melons, citrus fruit, edamame, leafy dark greens, broccoli, butternut squash, carrots, beets, tomatoes, bell peppers, beans and legumes, nuts, flax and hemp seeds, whole grains, and soy and dairy products.

Skipping 12 Messages...
sandman123ca said:   Getting Dumped - Part 1 A Schultz Sisters Mystery [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Tawna Fenske (Author)


Publication Date: November 29, 2012

3 Reviews ★★★★

A serialized romantic caper about a woman who loses her job but finds love, intrigue, mayhem, and a new career buried in the unlikeliest of places.

Losing a cushy marketing job only to end up driving heavy equipment at the landfill would be a tough blow for most women.

But JJ Schultz isn’t most women, so she gamely swaps office politics and dry cleaning bills for a chance to crush garbage with a 150,000 pound machine. As it turns out, she doesn’t miss her old life too much…though her love life was sure a lot simpler when she didn’t wear a hardhat every day. Between her hot new co-workers and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, JJ has her hands full.

But the drama kicks into high gear when JJ and her sister, Lori, find evidence of a counterfeit handbag operation – something local police deem only slightly more urgent than collecting fruit flies. JJ soon finds herself unraveling a sinister plot in the company of a tie-tugging accountant, a straight-to-video action hero turned secretary, a suspicious but sneaky-hot engineer, and a host of other characters with questionable hygiene and morals.

Why would you post something that's free today (3/21) to the free yesterday (3/20) thread?

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