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Eliminate Back Pain Permanently with Authentic Reiki Techniques (Reiki in Action Series) [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

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Sealing Yourself In: Prepping for Bioterrorism, Chemical Disasters, and Pandemics (The NEW Survival Prepper Guides) [Kindle Edition]

Jason Ryder Adams (Author)


Publication Date: November 7, 2012

20 Reviews ★★★★.5

"Survival preppers" want to be prepared for any emergency.

Whether it's a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado, or a man-made disaster such as civil unrest or government collapse, we want to be ready. We want to make sure that are families are safe, no matter what catastrophe happens.

But of all the things we prep for, there's nothing more scary than biological/chemical disasters, such as an act of deliberate bioterrorism, or a rampant pandemic, or an accidental biohazard release.

In this guide for the new prepper, Sealing Yourself In, we turn our attention to dealing with these disasters. You can use the information in this book to supplement your current hunker-down and bug-out plans to help you be prepared for any bio-chemical disaster that might happen.

Lots of preppers focus on what supplies they need to stockpile for emergencies, and their GOOD (get out of Dodge) evacuation plans. But there's one thing that's more important than all of this.

And that is to develop the right mindset for survival. What makes a good survival prepper is how mentally prepared we are to face the challenges that may or may not be headed our way in today's world. It's the mindset that allows us to stop burying our heads in the sand, and to develop the mental focus that puts our family's safety first.

This book is written for "ordinary folks" who want to get started on survival prepping. If you are already an experienced prepper, this book might be a good refresher. But it's really written for the average Jane and Joe to get started on survival prepping.

And in this book we're going to focus on information to help you develop the mindset to face the most frightening survival scenarios out there. We'll start by looking at the various types of chemical and biological hazards, and the most common bioterrorism agents.

We'll dive in to some details to help us be prepared. We'll look at the items to add to your hunker-down emergency supplies to help you cope as best as you can with bioterrorism, pandemics, and bio-chemical hazards.

Don't let these scary scenarios scare YOU! Knowledge is power, and it's time to gain the knowledge you need to "seal yourself in" and keep yourself and your family safe.

Bug Out Bag: What You Need In Your B.O.B. [Kindle Edition] - was $3.97

Casey Watkins (Author)


Publication Date: December 17, 2012

13 Reviews ★★★★

The recent weather phenomenon of Hurricane Sandy, a super-storm that left tens of millions of people along the East Coast without power, food, or water revealed the readiness (or lack thereof) of the average person. In a society that increasingly depends on other people’s actions for its daily needs, self-sufficiency in a survival situation has become somewhat of an antiquated notion. The example of Sandy, however, proved that disasters do not care where you live or how much money you make. Mother Nature’s disasters, ranging from a hurricane to an earthquake to tornado's or even a volcanic eruption, have the ability to disrupt civilized society at any second. Do you have a plan for disaster readiness?

15 Practical Solutions To Everyday Problems [Kindle Edition]

Christina Jones (Author)


Publication Date: December 3, 2012

22 Reviews ★★★★

Tips and tricks that will make life easier.

15 Practical Solutions To Everyday Problems - 2 [Kindle Edition]

Christina Jones (Author)

Publication Date: December 4, 2012

2 Reviews ★★★★


Tips and tricks that make life easier with what we have on hand. Uses for household items you never heard of or thought of. And they really work.

15 Practical Solutions To Everyday Problems - 3 [Kindle Edition]

Christina Jones (Author)


Publication Date: December 5, 2012

1 Review ★★★★★

Tips and tricks to make life easier using things you probably already have around the house.

15 Practical Solutions To Everyday KITCHEN Problems [Kindle Edition]

Christina Jones (Author)


Publication Date: December 14, 2012

8 Reviews ★★★★

15 Practical Solutions to Everyday KITCHEN Problems - Everything from ingredient substitutions to helpful cooking tips to make everything turn out easier and better.

How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method for Students and Lifelong Learners (Expanded Edition) [Kindle Edition] - was $9.99

Toni Krasnic (Author)


Publication Date: March 11, 2012

44 Reviews ★★★★.5

The #1 student recommended book on learning with mind maps

HTSWMM is a book for students and professionals on how to mind map and how to use mind maps to improve thinking and learning in school, work, and life. The book is written by a mind mapper, who's also a decade-long college professor.


To help you get started with mind maps immediately, HTSWMM comes with a FREE 1-year trial of ConceptDraw or MindMeister. E-mail the author with your proof of book purchase and program preference to get your free access code.


FIRST PART of the book discusses the foundation of mind maps as a learning tool, describes the benefits and uses of mind maps, and shows you how to draw mind maps, step-by-step, with a mind map diagram at each step. Even if you've never drawn a mind map before, you'll learn the basics and more in this one chapter that takes you through all the essentials of a mind mapping process. It also gives an overview of mind mapping uses, programs and their features, and is accompanied by extensive resources on book's website.

SECOND PART of the book shows you, step-by-step, how to use mind maps to improve your thinking and learning via CLM. With CLM, meaningful learning is achieved through a five-phase process that involves meaningfully organizing and connecting key concepts in a mind map, critically thinking, and asking key questions. This chapter is also accompanied by a full case study.

THIRD PART of the book explains how to use mind maps and CLM for lifelong learning. Included in the chapter are also tips on developing your Personal Learning Network and designing your personal learning plan. Although it's written with professionals in mind, students will also find value in the chapter, especially those students about to graduate.

Start mapping now and have fun learning!

From the Author
I want to help you succeed with mind maps. Always feel free to get in touch with questions or comments.

Deadly Stillwater (McRyan Mystery Series)

Pub. 3/14/12

Award winning author, Roger Stelljes, delivers a mystery that is the second book in the McRyan Mystery Series (FIRST CASE - prequel novella, THE ST. PAUL CONSPIRACY - #1 McRyan Series). Stelljes' vivid characters, his gift for GRITTY and REAL DIALOGUE (slang/jargon/behind the scenes dialog), as well as his uncanny sense of place and time, will put you in the middle of the action allowing you to feel the desperation of Mac McRyan and his fellow detectives.

Vince Flynn has described Roger Stelljes as "A powerful new thriller voice."
Fans of John Sandford, David Baldacci and James Patterson will enjoy this fast-moving story of murder, greed, and treason, the cast of colorful characters, and its setting in and around historic St. Paul, Minnesota.

Cherry Bomb (Jack Daniels Mystery) J.A. Konrath

Pub. 2/4/13

At the end of Fuzzy Navel, J. A. Konrath surprised readers with an agonizing cliffhanger: One of Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels's loved ones is dead. But who? Readers were left clamoring to know more.

Cherry Bomb, the sixth Jack Daniels mystery, opens at the funeral. While Jack stands graveside, tears in her eyes, her cell phone rings. It's the killer, escaped maniac Alex Kork, taunting Jack, drawing her ever further into a twisted game of cat and mouse. Because while Alex is more than willing to kill random victims, Jack is her true prey. But which woman wants revenge more?

Cherry Bomb is J. A. Konrath's most gripping novel of suspense yet--filled with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Freezer Burn (Peri Minneopa Mysteries)

Pub. 11/22/12

Peri Minneopa has heard her name mangled a thousand ways and hates them all. What she likes are clean houses, and dirty martinis.
She recently traded in her housecleaning business for a P.I. license. Her timing seems perfect, when she cleans a former client’s freezer and finds a severed hand inside, wearing an expensive ring. The client, Benny Needles, is a Dean Martin fanatic who swears he’s innocent. But where there’s a hand, there’s a body, waiting to be found.
It’s a brand new world for Peri, and she has a lot to learn. Her first lesson is that investigating murder can be dangerous. Her boyfriend, Skip, a detective in the Placentia Police Department tries to warn Peri, but she can’t stop sticking her nose into the middle of things. In the middle of trying to solve the case, Peri takes on a surveillance job and finds that even surveillance isn’t always low risk.
As these two cases collide, will Peri learn the truth behind both of them? And more important, will she ever get that dirty martini?

A Death in the Highlands (Euphemia Martins Mystery)

Pub. 2/19/13

Book two in the The Euphemia Martins Mysteries is set a hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands.

After dodging criminal charges, Richard returns as head of the household at Stapleford Hall. Changing fortunes find Euphemia temporarily promoted to housekeeper for the first trip to the family's new hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, where she is fascinated by handsome, intelligent Rory Macleod, the new butler.
Taking on her new role, she encounters angry locals with a grudge against the Staplefords and thwarts what she believes to be an attempt on Bertram Stapleford's life.
A strange group of house guests arrive for the Glorious Twelfth, but with disastrous consequences.
Euphemia finds herself caught in the midst of bitter rivalries, and evidence pointing to different murder suspects. Will she unravel the mystery?
How much danger is she in? Is the crime political or a revenge killing?
And how will her relationships with Bertram and the handsome Rory unfold?

The Answer to Your Question

Pub 1/13/10

How well can you really know the people you love, even your own son? Four young women are murdered, and he's the suspect . . .

After raising her son, Ben, as a single parent, librarian Inga Daudelin is blindsided when he is accused of the murders of four young women. At the same time, Jean, a young, pregnant waif who seems both simple and wise, "imprints" on Inga at work, drawing her into an unusual friendship. When Ben kidnaps Jean, Inga and lead detective Ron O'Loughlin, with whom she is falling in love, search for the two, who along with Jean's baby, have formed a strange but human family.

"This wonderful novel is a success at every level--an engrossing thriller and a nuanced examination of love--written with artful directness. I loved every word and could not put it down." -- Scott Turow

Heartshort (Posadas County Mystery, Bk 1)

Pub 6/4/12

Posadas County, New Mexico, has very few mean streets and no city-slick cop shop. But it has an earnest, elected Sheriff and an aging Undersheriff—William C. Gastner.

Pushing sixty, Bill has no other life than law enforcement—and doesn’t want one, even if he’s being gently nudged toward retirement. Then, trouble strikes. A car full of teens, evading a traffic stop, goes air­borne into a rocky outcrop, killing all five passengers and revealing a package of cocaine stashed under the seat. Has someone brought serious crime to the county?

When a second explosion of violence fells an undercover cop, the sheriff’s department pulls together to make a formidable team, but its weak spot may be Bill. His mind is too tough to crumble but his long-mistreated body is gradually succumbing to stress. Ignoring all advice, he pilots the case to a final confrontation where the fate of the killer—and the cop—will be decided…

Red, Green or Murder (Posadas County Mysteries #10)

Pub 5/25/11

Former Posadas County Sheriff Bill Gastner, now a New Mexico Livestock Inspector, is enjoying a day on Herb Torrance’s ranch—soaking in the sun as he counts a small herd of cattle and thinking about an upcoming lunch with an old friend back in town. But a light breeze stirs dust, a horse spooks, and Bill finds himself ferrying a broken cowpuncher in the back of his SUV, headed out to meet an ambulance.

Moments later, Bill’s day goes from bad to worse as he is summoned by undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman to an investigation of an unattended death. Too impatient for Bill to finish up out at the ranch, old George Payton had decided to eat lunch on his own. A couple of bites later, he collapsed—dead of an apparent heart attack. But something isn’t right. It may well have been a heart attack, Estelle agrees, but something triggered it.
Before any questions can be answered, the small herd of cattle Bill had just counted is found wandering down a county highway. But there’s no sign of cowpuncher Pat Gabaldon or his boss’ $40,000 truck and livestock trailer. Forced into two tangled investigations, Bill faces one of the most complex cases in his 35-year career.

Twice as Nice - 25 Chicken Breast Recipes for Now and Later

Pub 12/18/12

Liu astutely shows the reader how to save time and money by preparing a larger amount of chicken, and freezing the extras. But unlike other “cook ahead” books, you don’t get stuck eating the same dish over and over. Each time you want to use the chicken, you take out just what you need, and then make a fresh dish from among the recipes provided (and they are tasty!).

Recipes are organized into well thought-out sections on “Salads”, “Soups and Stews”, “Sandwiches, Pitas, or Tortillas”, “Pastas”, “Rice”, and “One-Dish Dinners.” They cover the full range from the quick-and-easy staple (chicken salad sandwiches) to the wow-your-guests spectacle (chicken, rice, and Mango lettuce wraps). The recipes for the chicken with red mole sauce and the chicken and chickpea stew are top choices that would each be well worth the price of purchase by itself.

Sprinkled among the amazing recipes and practical tips are surprisingly interesting anecdotes and facts about—what else—chicken.

Twice as Nice is a great read for the foodie who lives hard and works hard, but still craves great home cooking!

Smoothie Diet Cookbook: smoothie recipies to lose the fat

Pub 3/17/13

Smoothie Diet Cookbook

Smoothie Recipes to Lose the Fat

The Smoothie Diet is an easy way to lose weight while still satisfying the taste buds. The Smoothie Diet Cookbook talks about the benefits of the Smoothie Diet and how the Smoothie Diet works so well for many in weight loss. The main deal with the Smoothie Diet is the ease of creating the diet smoothie recipes. While the bulk of the weight loss smoothie recipes are more of a fruit smoothie diet, a few include vegetables, protein, and even tofu. All of the smoothie diet recipes are for healthy smoothies.

The smoothie diet recipes includes fruits like blueberries, bananas, mangoes, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, acai berries, cherries, dragon fruit, cranberries, watermelon, papaya, figs, oranges, lemons, limes, pears, pineapples, apples, and peaches. Try the Vanilla Orange Banana Smoothie, Raspberry Banana Smoothie, Peachy Banana Berry Vanilla Smoothie, Berry Good Cherry Smoothie, Hot Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie, Acai Cinnamon Berry Smoothie, Spicy Pear Smoothie, Orange Berry Banana Smoothie, Fig Smoothie, and the Minty Melon-Umber Smoothie.

In addition to the fruit, there are vegetable smoothies for weight loss. The vegetables include avocado, rhubarb, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, kale, spinach, and carrots. Enjoy these smoothie recipes for weight loss: Pineapple Kiwi Smoothie with carrots, Truly Green Smoothie with spinach, CocoCranNut Smoothie with avocados, Gingered Veggie Fruit Smoothie with kale and avocado, Rhubarb Fruit Smoothie, Banana Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie with spinach, Spicy Tomato Smoothie, and Broccoli Smoothie. Also included are smoothie recipes with tofu.

Proposal Development Secrets: Win More, Work Smarter, and Get Home On Time [Kindle Edition] - was $7.99

Matt Handal (Author)


Publication Date: February 9, 2012

16 Reviews ★★★★★

Finally, a book about proposal development that won't put you to sleep! A must read for anyone in the business of selling or marketing professional services. If you are looking for real insights into the proposal business, if you want to work smarter and not harder, and if you care deeply about the outcome of the proposals you produce, this is the book for you.

Proposal Development Secrets is full of ground-level advice from the proposal trenches and valuable insights that might just make proposal development a little less taxing and a lot more rewarding. It focuses on the cold hard realities of the proposal business and provides you with some strategies to help you get home to the people and things that you love.

In Proposal Development Secrets, Matt Handal, author of Marketing To The Mind, shares his unique insights with you.

Topics include:
・The proposal evaluation practices clients don't want you to know
・Proposal myths debunked
・The right and wrong way to ask questions about an RFP
・The cardinal rule of proposal development
・Technology that will make writing proposals easier and faster
・The formula for choosing the most relevant past experience
・How to get your proposal accepted after you missed the deadline
・How to catch mistakes

I loooooooove the Smoothie Cookbook!

Asian Recipes - 50 Tasty & Easy Made Unique Exotic Recipes (With Images Of Each Dish And Chef's Note) [Kindle Edition] - $4.97

Charles Ho (Author)


Publication Date: May 28, 2012

22 Reviews ★★★★.5

Asian food is a multi-faceted and diverse as European food. While neighboring countries share some common ingredients and cooking styles, Asian countries have developed cuisines that are uniquely their own. Sampling the food of each is truly an adventure.

Each country has its own food history much influenced by its culture, religion and past. Vietnamese food for example, retains the flavors of centuries of French occupation. The food in Philippines has the taste of Spanish and American accents while in Malaysia and Indonesia which are Muslim countries, pork meals are almost completely eliminated off the menu.

Many of these recipes were guarded as important family secrets and carefully passed down from one generation to another. Asian cooking has enormous potential in modern times, as Asian food chains are springing up all over the world very rapidly, whilst enjoying immense popularity.

In this appetizing book, you will find an inspiration not only for your daily dishes, but for almost every occasion which calls for something savory - Asian style/dish/cuisine. All the recipes included in this book are considered classics, and have proven so popular over the past years. Every single recipe has been tested time and again, both by me and by hundreds of my cooking students.

The recipes have been divided by Asian regions. Each chapter contains top recipes which will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

They are all authentic and thoroughly tried and tested. By following simple, clear and straightforward instructions, you will find a recipe that will suit your needs and wants to the littlest details. Most of the recipes use basic cooking techniques which can be prepared with only a few pots and utensils.

This recipe book will help you cook Asian food with confidence and pleasure that you thought you could not make in your own kitchen. More importantly, it will provide you with all the answers to the problem of ''What shall we have for breakfast, lunch or dinner?'' and you will discover that Asian cooking is so rewarding and fun. So, this book contains ‘’The Best Traditional Asian Recipes’’ for you to make and enjoy at home. You will discover that Asian cooking is so rewarding and fun and also there are 50 mouth-watering recipes accompanied with dish images for you to savor from 10 different countries.

Superfood Recipes (Healthy Eats) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Susan Daniels (Author)


Publication Date: March 17, 2012

11 Reviews ★★★★.5

With such an increased emphasis on health and nutrition, which comes on the heels of the rising obesity epidemic, many people are researching ways to significantly improve their diet. There are countless diets currently on the market that don't work, or give you results that in turn diminish your health. Superfoods are just that, super. While a number of foods provide the body with a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals, each of these foods step up their game to offer something usually reserved for expensive supplements that still fail to bring what these foods do to the table.

What are Superfoods exactly? A Superfood is a food that is packed with phytonutrient content that deliver considerably more health benefits than other types of foods. They are nutrient and mineral rich and high in antioxidants. This combination will balance a diet while leaving the body more time to fight and prevent diseases over a more robust life cycle. So many of the health problems that people suffer from are directly related to their diets. Foods that are high in saturated fats, additives, and artificial ingredients contribute to problems while Superfoods prevent them and benefit the mind as well. Superfoods are easy to find in your local grocery stores. They don't come from the depths of the Amazon rainforest, but rather, anchor the oases of healthy foods in the modern market that you have seen your whole life.

Superfoods are not a diet but an addition. Make the conscious and thoughtful choice to augment your present diet with any or all of the foods listed below. The best part? They are not a burden on the palate but provide a sea of new tastes and flavors.

We have provided you with a Primer on introducing Superfoods into your diet through this collection of 50 Dinner, Snacks and Dessert Recipes. Each is easy to prepare while providing a wealth of nutritional benefits. There are 25 dinner recipes that we have prepared in our test kitchen to make them simple and healthful. The 25 snack and dessert recipes included show that eating mindfully can also be indulgent, to a point, as well as fun.

To your health,
Susan Daniels

she's backkkkkk thanx archena i seldom use your posts but when i do i am very very happy and grateful

Paleo Bread & Pastry - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Marriah Smith (Author)


Publication Date: March 10, 2013

No Reviews

Start your day with Paleo.
You have probably heard about fad diets like the Atkins Diet as well as things like Slim Fast. These diets, along with crash diets like the lemonade diet and the grapefruit diet are designed to help people lose weight but they are not necessarily designed to improve your health. The Paleo Diet, on the other hand, is scientifically proven to provide a number of significant health benefits. Individuals who follow the Paleo Diet often notice an improvement in symptoms related to chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and even heart disease. Many people who switch to the Paleo Diet also claim that they have more energy and that they experience an improved sense of overall wellbeing.

Paleo Chicken - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Marriah Smith (Author)


Publication Date: March 10, 2013

2 Reviews ★★★★

Start your day with Paleo.

You have probably heard about fad diets like the Atkins Diet as well as things like Slim Fast. These diets, along with crash diets like the lemonade diet and the grapefruit diet are designed to help people lose weight but they are not necessarily designed to improve your health. The Paleo Diet, on the other hand, is scientifically proven to provide a number of significant health benefits. Individuals who follow the Paleo Diet often notice an improvement in symptoms related to chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and even heart disease. Many people who switch to the Paleo Diet also claim that they have more energy and that they experience an improved sense of overall wellbeing.

I will not be able to post until late afternoon tomorrow.

I did post the other book for Boys just last week this is also available now

Parenting Girls; Nurturing Your Girl's Development In Each Stage From An Infant To A Young Adult (Parenting Techniques) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Maria T. Brodsky (Author)


Publication Date: March 1, 2013

7 Reviews ★★★★★

Do you want to learn what are some of the proven differences between boys and girls? Are you interested in common patterns in development that girls exhibit? Would you like ideas and strategies for how to handle issues that many girls struggle with? Parenting Girls is a guide to a girl’s development, from a baby up through young adulthood. Each chapter identifies a stage in a girl’s life and looks at what to expect, common challenges, and possible solutions and strategies to raise girls. While each child is different with their own personality, there are patterns and trends common amongst most girls. This book will help equip you as a parent to know what to expect from your female child in the various stages of her life.

Look and see what is included in this book! Here is a list of the chapter titles:

Chapter 1: How Society's Expectations for Girls Influence our Parenting Styles
Chapter 2: The First 18 Months With Your Daughter
Chapter 3: Toddler Time: A Girl’s Development from 18 months to 3 years
Chapter 4: Preschool Play: Girl's Development Ages 3 and 4
Chapter 5: Starting School, Making Friends: Ages 5 to 7
Chapter 6: Middle Childhood: Girls from 8 to 10 Years Old
Chapter 7: Pre-Teen Years: Girl’s Development From 11-13 Years Old
Chapter 8: Teen Talk: 14-15 Year Old Girls
Chapter 9: Making Positive Decisions: Teen Girls Ages 16-18
Chapter 10: Transition Into Adulthood: The Young Woman

Learn the skills to raise your daughter into a confident young woman.

Things I Teach My Kids That I Learned In The SEAL Teams, Volume 1 [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

SEALDAD (Author)


Publication Date: January 1, 2013

12 Reviews ★★★★★

After spending nearly 20 years working with Special Operators as an active duty Navy SEAL, SEAL Instructor and a Civilian Independent Contractor, SEALDAD™ noticed that, although the men he worked with came from completely different backgrounds, they shared a common set of values, character traits and were genuinely good people. They were, for the most part, not the Rambo type characters portrayed in the movies, but regular guys with extraordinary drive, dedication, dependability and an uncommon ability to succeed at anything they set their minds on. Noticing the declining character of young people in today's society, and being a father himself; SEALDAD™ has set out to identify some of the character traits of a Navy SEAL, that he believes make up the foundation of a good, solid person who becomes a welcomed asset to everyone he or she is around. He relates stories from lessons learned in the SEAL Teams to his unconventional parenting methods. This is a raw and honest look into a SEAL's personal relationship with his own children and the methods he uses to shape their character.

Lars The Car - Kids Story Book for kids ages 4 to 8 [Kindle Edition]

Irina Arnelle (Author)


Publication Date: November 16, 2012

8 Reviews ★★★★★

Little car named Lars wanted to be something special. He asked his friends for help. Would he want to be a garbage truck? Or a rooster?

"Lars The Car" kids story book was written and illustrated by Irina Arnelle at age of 7. She uses her own child imagination for the characters in this book. It was immediately approved her little brother as well as other cousins who really liked this book.

Children Ebook - Franky the Frolicking Fox (Color Picture Books Collection) [Kindle Edition]

J.S. Yee (Author)


Publication Date: July 20, 2012

45 Reviews ★★★★.5

Franky is a juvenile fox who loves to frolic about, until one day, he ventures out too far from his family. His quest back home brings him into the path of numerous animals that all have clues that eventually lead him home. The end of his adventure reunites him with his family and friends, frolicking about!

Young readers will love the charming illustrations of the fox and his friends, while parents will appreciate the moral at the end of the story.

This ebook is enhanced for reading in Portrait Orientation.

Updated version 9/31/2012 (all errors corrected in text)

Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush [Kindle Edition] - was $5.99

Jackie Hirtz (Author), Marcy Winograd (Author)


Publication Date: July 30, 2012

20 Reviews ★★★★★

In this middle grade novel for girls, eleven year-old Lola Zola tries to support her laid-off parents and tuxedo cat Bowzer by selling “magical” lemonade rumored to zap wrinkles and promote world peace. Trouble arises when her rich class rival, Buck, aka Slime Bucket, opens a competing ‘limo-nade’ stand out of the back of his father’s Cadillac limousine - right across the street from Lola’s house. Intrigue and spy organizations run amok until closely kept secrets are revealed and Lola must decide what it means to win.

About the Author
A broadcaster-turned-teacher, Marcy Winograd has taught English for fifteen years in California's public schools, where she engages students in writing their own television scripts, hosting poetry cafes, and organizing debates. Prior to teaching, Marcy worked as an award-winning radio journalist for National Public Radio and Pacifica Network affiliates. She lives with her husband Ira "Buddy" Gottlieb in Santa Monica. Jackie Hirtz, MS Ed., a former elementary school teacher, is a writer and writing Coach. Jackie's credits include Disney, The Los Angeles Times, Canter & Associates, and the Brentwood Media Group. Together, she and Marcy wrote for children's television, including Nickelodeon's animated series "Doug." Jackie is training her puppy to become a registered therapy dog as well as a Reading Education Assistance Dog (R.E.A.D. ™)

Land That Job! The ULTIMATE Guide To Answering Interview Questions (Landing Your Job Series) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Stacy Michelle (Author)


Publication Date: January 4, 2012

11 Reviews ★★★★

Hello Friends!

My name is Stacy Michelle and I am a Human Resources Manager by trade going on almost 15 years now. I have conducted thousands of interviews, and I have to tell you, most people FAIL.

Yes...Most People FAIL in the Interview...Don't Let That Happen to You!
It's not because of their work experience, it's mainly due to the way they answer the interview questions!

So I wrote this book on how to answer interview questions so you don't make the same mistakes everyone else does, and you can get ahead of your competition!

The response from this book has been overwhelmingly good, and I am very thankful for that! I'm glad I can help so many people become better at interviewing, and ultimately, getting the job they deserve!

Get Ahead of Your Competition by Learning:
Simple Ways to Speak and Act Confidently To Make the Right First Impression

The BEST ANSWERS to the Most POPULAR Interview Questions

How to Answer the TOUGH Questions about YOU


INCREDIBLE Ways to IMPRESS Your Potential Employer with Business-Specific Answers

Simple WORDS to Use to Your Advantage to Make the Employer Want to HIRE YOU

How To PERFECTLY Structure Your Answers about Your Past Employers

Simple Questions YOU CAN ASK That Will Leave a POSITIVE Impression

...And More!

You are just a few seconds away from getting ahead of your competition and Landing That Job!
Scroll up and Click "Buy Now" To Get Started!
Good Luck!

Stacy Michelle

Building a Life Out of Words [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Shawn Smucker (Author)


Publication Date: March 12, 2012

30 Reviews ★★★★★

There are times when life doesn’t turn out as you expected. Then there are times when life punches you in the gut, takes your wallet, and leaves you hanging upside down by your toenails.

2009 was one of those times for me (the gut-punching kind). My construction business faltered after the housing bubble burst, and my wife and I found ourselves in $50,000 worth of debt. Then came the toughest decision of our young lives: we left the community we loved and moved into my parents' basement in search of a simpler life.

Part of the change included laying aside my aspirations for wealth and taking up the vocation of my dreams: I would try to make money writing full time. This is the story of my first year doing exactly that.

I would try to build a life out of words.

Also included in the book are nine essays from folks who make money writing – they share unique tips on how to find writing work and how to improve your craft. Contributors include Andi Cumbo, Bryan Allain, Ed Cyzewski, Jason Boyett, Jeff Goins, Jennifer Luitwieler, Ken Mueller, Kristin Tennant, and Stacy Barton.

Recycling Jimmy [Kindle Edition] - was $3.40

Andy Tilley (Author)


Publication Date: April 12, 2011

11 Reviews ★★★★.5

"Recycling Jimmy is energetic, imaginative, relentlessly and unabashedly vulgar, and at times, funny enough to make a cranky reviewer laugh out loud. This belongs on every eccentric fiction fan's short list of oddball black comedies..." Booklist

A bungled, hilarious suicide attempt gives birth to the darkest of business plans; to choreograph spectacular suicides and film them for sale on DVD. This compelling story is told with brilliant black humour and a unique zest for life!!

Cheats & Tutorials for Minecraft + Redstone Guide (Free) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Malibu Apps (Author)


Publication Date: May 28, 2012

39 Reviews ★★★★

★ Get the ultimate guide to Minecraft! From beginners to redstone!
★ Redstone guides and tutorials!
★ Detailed Screenshots for each tutorial!
★ Updates when Minecraft is updated!

Table of Contents

1. Basics of Redstone

2. How to Use Redstone Repeaters

3. How to Make a Redstone-Powered Cannon

4. How to Hide Redstone Wires

5. How to Make a Bed

6. How to Use a Dispenser

7. How to Make Furniture + Our Favorite Furniture Creations

8. How to Make Colored Wool

9. How to Make a Torch

10. How to Make a Nether Portal

11. How to Find and Tame a Wolf

Olive Branches Don't Grow On Trees [Kindle Edition]

Grace Mattioli (Author)


Publication Date: July 10, 2012

40 Reviews ★★★★

The first book in a family saga trilogy, this is the story of a 23 year old woman’s journey to bring peace to her feuding family, while finding direction in her own life.

The Wobbit A Parody (Of The Hobbit) [Kindle Edition] - was $3.00

Paul Erickson (Author)


Publication Date: May 6, 2011

19 Reviews ★★★★.5

A parody of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy prequel masterpiece, The Wobbit A Parody (Of The Hobbit) is a tale of low-to-medium adventure with plenty of cheap laughs.

The quest begins when thirteen dwarf bankers go in search of the dragon who stole their deposits and ate their borrowers. They visit a former employee and hire him back as a contractor: former teller Bulbo Bunkins (who would rather be enjoying a cocktail in his recliner.) Bulbo surprises the dwarves with his ability to “think outside the strong-box,” like when he points out that none of the dwarves have brought swords with on their dragon-slaying mission. Encounters with gourmet trolls, wiseguy goblins, resort-keeper elves, deadly but comforting giant spiders, and the egocentric dragon, Smug, are just a few of the adventures that Bulbo puts up with. Finally, when he thinks things can't get any worse, he finds himself making a guest appearance at the Battle Of Six Or Seven Armies.

The author hopes that Bulbo Bunkins soon takes a place among the immortal characters of parody literature, like The Tick and Scrooge McDuck. Written by an actual unemployed banker, The Wobbit A Parody (Of The Hobbit) will, with any luck at all, earn enough money to make his return to banking unnecessary.

Year of the Chick [Kindle Edition]

Romi Moondi (Author)


Publication Date: October 26, 2011

56 Reviews ★★★★


An awkward family homecoming at Christmas.

A humiliating public weigh-in, with two judging parents as the audience.

The announcement of a deadline for arranged marriage doom.

And that's just the first two chapters.

In "Year of the Chick," Romi Narindra must find love before her parents find her a husband.

But this is North America, not Calcutta! Who lets their parents choose their husbands?!

Easy to say, less easy to live through, as this book takes you deep inside "awkward Indian living in the West."

To escape her fate, Romi wades through the waters of secret-dating, where self-consciousness is at an all-time high, and experience at an all-time low. It's the sort of thing that would turn almost anyone into a man-crazy freak with romance tunnel-vision, and that's exactly what happens to her. All the while, a lack of inspiration in her corporate job leads Romi to her love of writing, in what quickly becomes a man-quest play-by-play.

From whiskey-breath scum bags to uni-brow creeps and everything in between, Romi and her wingmen come up empty time after time.

And that's when she meets a fellow writer.

On the Internet.

So will it be arranged marriage doom, or an Internet affair that's not as creepy as "To Catch a Predator"?

Time will tell in the "year of the chick," a twelve-month quest to find love.

DISCLAIMER: this book contains profanities, blunt accounts of the dating scene, and many awkward family moments. Enjoy!

Find It! Hidden Picture Book: Toys [Kindle Edition]

Victorine E. Lieske (Author)


Publication Date: March 18, 2012

10 Reviews ★★★★

Children love to find hidden pictures. This little book has 10 activity pages with over 100 things for children to search for. The pictures are full color, but they work on the black and white Kindle too.

There are pictures of what to find, so young children who can't read can search. I put the pictures to look for on the same page, so you don't have to turn the page to find your things.

Amy the Alien is hiding on each page. (She's on the cover too! Can you find her?) Finding Amy was my 7 year old's favorite part.

This book has been revised to keep the puzzle on the same page with the items to find!

**Please note: This is not an interactive game. It is a book, like a
paper book, only for the Kindle. Kids look and try to find the pictures,
much like finding Waldo or the I Spy books.**

You Can't Scare Me (Life With Stef) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Susette Williams (Author)


Publication Date: December 3, 2012

18 Reviews ★★★★.5

You Can't Scare Me is the second book in the Life With Stef series. In book 1, The 'In' Crowd, Stef learned about forgiveness and friendship.

In book 2, You Can't Scare Me, Stef realizes that being alone for the first time can be scary. When Stephanie's parents trust her to be on her own and even baby-sit for her brother and sister, there's more than shadows spooking her and what about the mysterious phone calls and the man outside?

Will someone finally be able to Scare Stephanie?

The Magical Train [Kindle Edition]

Sharlene Alexander (Author)


Publication Date: August 12, 2012

21 Reviews ★★★★.5

One day the magical train gets stuck on the track. Luckily with a little magic and a few surprises, this special train is able to continue on its journey.

The beautiful colorful pictures and exciting story is sure to captivate any child's imagination and bring them back to read it over and over again.

5-Minute Chi Boost - Five Pressure Points for Reviving Life Energy and Healing Fast (Chi Powers for Modern Age) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

William Lee (Author)


Publication Date: September 20, 2012

20 Reviews ★★★★.5

When thinking about acupressure most of us think about the procedures that are complicated to learn and apply. Therefore majority of us never try using it or if they do, they give up very quickly. However the acupressure in this book (ancient art of healing by simple use of hands and fingers) is well proven self-healing processes that anyone can learn fast.

The author (master of traditional Chinese art of Chi Kung, Sifu William Lee) in this book reveals simple techniques you can easily apply and relieve yourself from headaches, lack of energy and tiredness, colds and flu, insomnia, lack of focus and ability to concentrate, chronic pains and many other disorders of health. This 5-Minute Chi Boost method is all about providing maximum results to readers in simplest possible way. By photos and descriptions this book explains all one needs to know about why and how to apply ancient Chinese Art of Chi Kung, without a need of anything else.

This is really simple yet powerful method that helps people get more energy, feel great, heal faster and stay healthy.

Cayenne Pepper Cures (Miracle Healers From The Kitchen) [Kindle Edition] - was $3.97

Sharon Daniels (Author)


Publication Date: May 11, 2012

93 Reviews ★★★★★.5

"If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other." - Dr. Richard Schulze, Medical Herbalist from herbdoc.com.

Hats off to you! You've just plunged into a wealth of information that hardly any professional doctors have a clue about. Get ready to relish in the brilliance of the kitchen miracle that surgeons shun and doctors disgrace.

A sea of unknown, unrevealed information awaits you. This book will act as your guide, so that you will soon be able to harness the full power of cayenne - the herb I once took for granted, and the herb that I now owe my health.

Everyone out there seems to be promoting good health. Well, that's great. Good health is something that needs to be promoted.

You need herbs, not drugs. You need nature, not synthetics. You need to use the proven, natural, side-affect-free healers that the earth is full of, not the clear, cold liquids that scientists processed through a test tube.

If I had the time, I'd drive from house to house, shaking people out of their beds and telling them to wake up to the miracles of cayenne. But I can't, so I've got the next best thing.

This report, which I've been compiling for a while, is brimming with the fiery brilliance of cayenne and all that I've found out about it.

For example, cayenne has been known to cure 17 big diseases. It has been known to stop a heart attack in a matter of minutes. It can sharpen your vision better than the most powerful contact lenses available. It can expand your arteries like anything, giving the blood room to really flow and travel everywhere, from your arms (giving you strength) to your brain (giving you better brainpower). It can cure arthritis and much, much more.

If your heart can't pump enough blood to a certain area, take cayenne pepper.

Because if you're on prescription medications, you could take up to a year (or more!) to heal.
But if you take cayenne, you could cut it down to a month or two.

Did you know that if you take garlic in the right proportions, you can bring your blood pressure back to normal in three months?

Well, if you add cayenne, you could cut that down to three days.

Cayenne can unclog your kidneys and your sinuses, allow you to breathe freely and restore broken, bleeding gums to normal.

Cayenne, in short, is a kitchen miracle.

I owe my health to cayenne. I hope that by reading this report, you soon will too.

To your health,
Sharon Daniels

A lot more left - playing catch up today so sorry for not much info on these

The Art of Perfect Bread Baking

The Best Pie Recipes

Valentine’s Day: 14 Ways to Say “I Love You” with Desserts

Whey Protein Smoothie Recipes

Pure Green: 100+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes

Gluten Free Comfort Food Recipes

30 Fabulous Snacks Recipes To Try

Taste of Happiness – Homemade Ice Cream

The Superfood Kitchen

Chicken and Rice Cookbook – 20 Healthy Dishes

AMAZING TOP 50 Low-Fat Vegetarian AND Low Protein Recipes

Get Out of Debt Like the Debt Heroes: How 21 Ordinary People Paid Off Over $1.7 Million in Debt [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Ben Edwards (Author), Jeff Rose (Author)


Publication Date: February 25, 2013

26 Reviews ★★★★★

Are you tired of feeling guilty about being in debt?

If nothing you've tried to pay off your debt has worked, you are not alone.

We all have weaknesses that make it easy to get into debt and hard to get out. Don't beat yourself up because a popular 12-step debt pay off plan didn't work for you.

Getting out of debt is hard enough, you don't need someone to judge you. What if instead you had a hero to inspire you!

Meet the Debt Heroes
Although you may feel alone you'll discover in the Debt Heroes book that even successful personal finance authors like Lynnette Khalfani-Cox and Mary Hunt once struggled with massive debt.

Not only does the book explain the weaknesses that led these amazing ladies and 19 other Debt Heroes into debt, it also reveals the personal strengths they used to collectively pay off over $1.7 million dollars in debt.

As you read through the profiles of these amazing people you'll also be walked through the stages of your own journey to pay off debt. When you're done with the Debt Heroes book you'll have:
・ A clear view of why you got into debt.
・ Examples of how others got out of large amounts of debt.
・ A list of tools to pay off what you owe.
・ Discovered your super power for getting out of debt.

The book finishes with a summary of real life debt lessons, based on the success stories of the Debt Heroes:
・ 6 Ways You Could End Up in Debt
・ 6 Ways You Can Pay Off Debt
To help get you on the road to debt reduction right away the final section of the book is the Debt Relief Kick Start. You're given specific steps you can take today to start paying down your debt.

Thanks archena! Great to have you back!

archena said:   A lot more left - playing catch up today so sorry for not much info on these

The Art of Perfect Bread Baking

The Best Pie Recipes

Valentine’s Day: 14 Ways to Say “I Love You” with Desserts

Whey Protein Smoothie Recipes

Pure Green: 100+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes

Gluten Free Comfort Food Recipes

30 Fabulous Snacks Recipes To Try

Taste of Happiness – Homemade Ice Cream

The Superfood Kitchen

Chicken and Rice Cookbook – 20 Healthy Dishes

AMAZING TOP 50 Low-Fat Vegetarian AND Low Protein Recipes

My sister will love these ones very much.

My Cat Won't Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany) [Kindle Edition] - was $4.95

Kevin Darné (Author)


Publication Date: June 11, 2012

31 Reviews ★★★★.5

My Cat Won't Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany) is about seeing things as they are in our relationships. It’s stripping away any illusions we may have conjured up and removing unrealistic expectations. It is a primary and primal message of self-empowerment. Kevin Darné delivers the all-important message that we tend to forget: Life is a personal journey. Our lives are the result of decisions and choices we have made. Each of us chooses our own friends, lovers, and spouse. We have the ability to learn from our mistakes and make better choices for ourselves in the future. When we change, our circumstances change.

Darné attacks the well-established Changing Water into Wine Myth, Communication Myth, Relationship Work Myth, Unrealistic Romantic Myth, and Monogamy Myth. My Cat Won’t Bark!: reveals and defines The Three Basic Types of Cheaters, The Real Meaning of Commitment, The One: Separating Myth from Reality, The Six Common Mistakes Women Make with Online Dating, The Recipe for Relationship Happiness, Finding Your Own Way, and much, much more!

My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany) will forever change the way you view and choose your relationships.

Eliminate Back Pain Permanently with Authentic Reiki Techniques (Reiki in Action Series) [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Duane Flowers PhD (Author)


Publication Date: January 1, 2013

9 Reviews ★★★★★


Effective and Powerful Treatment for Chronic Back Pain Relief

20+ Years of Reiki Experience Laser Targeted On Healing Your Back Problems

Eliminate Back Pain Permanently with Authentic Reiki Techniques uncovers little-known, but highly effective ways to understand and permanently relieve back pain using the traditional Japanese art of Reiki. For thousands of years traditional healers from virtually every culture concerned themselves with blockages in the body's energy channels that were the cause of virtually all disease and that only by breaking through these energy blocks could pain and agony be relieved. This book discusses how to put an end to the unbearable suffering that an estimated 31 million Americans are experiencing at any given time to allow them to get back to enjoying life once again.


The book begins with a discussion on exactly "what Reiki is" by recounting its fascinating history: from its roots in Japan, to its westernization in America and then back to Japan again where it continues in its path of evolution. The book also discusses "what Reiki isn't" by dispelling and laying to rest popular myths about this little understood science.


The next section is all about understanding the why's and wherefore's of back pain symptoms and starts off by dispelling some popular myths about back pain and continuing on with a careful examination of the anatomy and physiology of the back. This is followed by a discussion on the main causes and types of back problems, in order to better understand the intricate mechanisms behind any chronic or severe back pain being experienced. Knowledge is surely the first step towards a solution and through an understanding of this knowledge a cure begins to emerge.


Following this examination of the symptoms of back pain are the actual back pain treatments, exercises and techniques themselves that are specifically designed to permanently rid the body of any and all forms of back pain if the techniques in the book are faithfully and consistently followed. The author concedes that "there is no magic cure" and that "readers should not expect miracles", but that with a modicum of effort, persistence and determination back pain can assuredly be a thing of the past.


Eliminate Back Pain Permanently with Authentic Reiki Techniques concludes with suggestions for additional reading and provides helpful resources that can supplement the material within and reminds readers that modern medicine is a fairly new science and that there is a distinct possibility that the wisdom of the ancients, may be far superior and a return to which may actually be where modern medicine is ultimately leading us.

thanks awesome reads

cuzwhy said:   thanks awesome reads

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