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Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Super Foods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress [Kindle Edition]

Leah Borski (Author)

http://www.a... (more)

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Would be great to get some of these, are they still being posted?

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Wake Up!
Wake Up! You're Probably Never Going to Look Like That: How to be Happier, Healthier and Imperfectly Fit [Kindle Edition] - was $9.99

Michelle Pearl (Author), Kai Hibbard (Foreword)


Publication Date: September 2, 2010

27 Reviews ★★★★

Atypical fitness guru Michelle Pearl has a message for all those who have suffered with ongoing weight problems: “You are not weak, losing weight has nothing to do with willpower, and you really can be happier, healthier and imperfectly fit." The foreword for the second edition of this well-received book was written by Kai Hibbard, the 3rd season runner-up contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser.

About the Author
Ms. Pearl holds a rare triple certification which includes credentials as an American Council on Exercise (ACE(r)) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), an ACE(r) certified Group Fitness Instructor (GFI), and the advanced certification of an ACE(r) Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant (LWMC). In addition, she is a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM(r)) Alliance of Health and Fitness Professionals and a professional member of the IDEA(r) Health and Fitness Association. Pearl also owns an online exercise service which offers exercise videos that are customized to a client's health and fitness level. The motto of her business is, "You don't have to be perfect to be fit."

21 Stress Management Tips
21 Stress Management Tips - Turn the Compass In Your Favor and Take Your Life Back [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

David Brugger (Author)


Publication Date: March 28, 2012

3 Reviews ★★★★★

Experiencing intense levels of stress seems to be the norm in today’s society more so than ever before although our ancestors might not agree. Even though we have massive amounts of modern technology claimed to make life easier, we seem to accumulate more and more stress just trying to use all the technology designed to make life easier - rather ironic. But combine that with the financial instability in our economy, the wars, and dangers surfacing around the world, the threat of terrorism, political climate, severe weather, etc., and it is no wonder that stress can be one of the destructive aspects of our lives that is most difficult to cope with and causes many serious health problems if left untreated for long periods of time

Yoga For Kids
Yoga For Kids: The Basics (Yoga For Kidz) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Hannah Hoobyar (Author)


Publication Date: July 29, 2012

6 Reviews ★★★★★

Are you looking for a way to connect with your kids? Do you wish there was something you could do to get the kids in your life to try, maybe even like, yoga? Now there is. With Yoga Basics for Kidz you are introduced to the absolute best way to share yoga with the kids in your life.

Written by a teenager who has used yoga to get through the good and the bad, this book is easy to understand, non-threatening, and even a bit fun. Hailed by yoga teachers as being “easy to understand” and “a great way to write about yoga” it is a must have in your library.

Whether you work with kids in schools, day care centers, yoga studios, or at home this book is guaranteed to help you find interesting and fun ways to introduce yoga poses and postures to the kids in your life.

This book has over a dozen illustrated poses, complete with descriptions written in language even the youngest kids can understand. She even included an FAQ section, glossary, and a couple of really cool tracking sheets in the back for kids to use to see if they’re making progress.

It seems this author has thought of it all, but then again, that makes sense since she’s still a kid herself! She definitely has her finger on the pulse of her audience, writing in a style that would welcome even the most hesitant participant. She includes real life examples of when and how to practice yoga, and even includes reminders about the basics, like breathing.

It is a rare thing to find an author who can write to their audience, but this author has done something even more difficult. She has effectively written it for three audiences: parent, kids and yoga teachers. The magic about this book is that she has done it well! This is a requirement for anyone thinking about trying yoga with the kids in your life.

Thanks OP.

One More:
The Stress Free You: How to Live Stress Free and Feel Great Everyday, Starting Today. **** (38 Reviews)

rodge said:   Thanks OP.

One More:
The Stress Free You: How to Live Stress Free and Feel Great Everyday, Starting Today. **** (38 Reviews)

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Same Planet - Different World
Same Planet - Different World (Book I of the Series "Same Planet - Different World") [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Ben Clabaugh (Author)


Publication Date: January 6, 2012

6 Reviews ★★★★★

"Same Planet...Different World," a Mom's Choice Award winner and Transformational Author Contest finalist, is a story for kids and adults about loss, friendship, how quickly life can change, and how the quality of our lives is determined by how we choose to feel about those changes.

David Fuller’s parents have uprooted him, moved him from his home and friends to a lame Midwest suburb at the beginning of summer. When a new family moves in next door with a boy David’s age, his mom forces him to hang out with the kid, Shelton—a wide-eyed weirdo who can’t catch a ball, stares at anthills for hours, and greets dogs by sniffing their butts. The word “special” comes to mind.

Turns out, Shelton is as strange as he seems—but that’s not all bad. David’s ambivalence for Shelton morphs into wonder as he catches more and more glimpses of Shelton’s universe: an expansive, delicious balance of strangeness and familiarity, tension and serenity, and the ultimate oneness that entwines all things in a symphony of life. An unlikely friendship develops, and David begins to learn that whatever happens, it’s up to him to decide what it all means.

But that lesson is tested when David notices men-in-black poking around, watching Shelton with telephoto lenses from inside dark, unmarked SUVs. Just how special is Shelton? What do these men want with him and what will they do to get it? The answers force David to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Abc's of Baseball
Abc's of Baseball - A Children's Picture Alphabet Rhyming Book about the great game of Baseball (Baby-3) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

ANTOINE CAMERON (Author), Michael Golez (Illustrator)


Publication Date: March 12, 2013

8 Reviews ★★★★★

This baseball rhyming book is great for any toddler learning their abc's and they will get to learn about baseball as well. The book is a rhyming book with 26 beautifully illustrated pictures by Michael Golez. The author Antoine Cameron also has close ties to the game of baseball since he played pro for the Chicago Cubs. You child will enjoy learning his or her abc's as well as the beautiful pictures.

Tallulah Louise & The Terrible Sneeze
Tallulah Louise & The Terrible Sneeze (An Awkward Owl Reader ~ Illustrated Picture Book ~ Ages 3 to 8) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Shawnda Blake (Author)


Publication Date: September 24, 2012

6 Reviews ★★★★.5

A little girl's dream of owning a pet is jeopardized when her new turtle starts sneezing, LOUDLY. Will her Mom let her keep such a noisy pet?...

You'll never guess how things turn out in this illustrated, rhyming book for early readers. Then meet the turtle who inspired the story!

Perfect bedtime story from the Awkward Owl Readers Series.

I Love My abc's
I Love My abc's (A Little Pup Book) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Mary Lee (Author)


Publication Date: December 20, 2012

41 Reviews ★★★★

Children will love learning about the alphabet in this fun book and activity. Join
Little Pup and Grey Bear as they share all the things they love from A to Z!

Seven Crazy Cupcakes
Seven Crazy Cupcakes (Beautiful Illustrations) [Kindle Edition] - was $1.99

Jenna Johanasen (Author), i Cenizal (Illustrator)


Publication Date: February 14, 2013

13 Reviews ★★★★

"Seven crazy cupcakes all in rows.

Seven crazy cupcakes play tic-tac-toe.

Do you want to know the names of these cupcakes?

Get ready, here we go!"

Inside "Seven Crazy Cupcakes" you'll find a charming story of seven sibling cupcakes as they introduce themselves, play in the dirt, swing on tires, roast marshmallows and eventually go to bed.

Complete with almost 30 colorful, professionally designed illustrations, This is a guaranteed winner with kids.

Giggleswick: The Amadán Map [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Matthew Mainster (Author), Lindsey S.M. Loegters (Illustrator)


Publication Date: May 15, 2012

10 Reviews ★★★★★

It’s a natural phenomenon -- a small country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean hidden from the rest of the world by a circle of unnavigable fog. It’s called Giggleswick, and twelve-year old Elliot Bisby has never heard of it, that is until he and his family are approached by an unusual man and asked to move there. Before they know it, the struggling Bisby family finds themselves on a tiny boat captained by a man who prefers a singing parrot to a compass, and they soon embark on a journey that no other seaman could make and live to tell about.

In Giggleswick, Elliot and his parents find themselves mingling with a colorful set of locals the likes of which include an Irish-Arabian bagpiper, a man who thinks he’s a knight, and a woman who does her exercises on the roof in high-heels.

At last, Elliot has found the happiness he’s been waiting for and a place to call his own, but what he doesn’t know, is that helping Giggleswick to remain hidden from the rest of the world may prove far more difficult and dangerous than he could have ever imagined ...

Ripley's RBI 01: Scaly Tale
Ripley's RBI 01: Scaly Tale [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! (Author)


Publication Date: December 6, 2011

90 Reviews ★★★★.5

Join the RBI—a group of teen agents with special gifts—on a series of action-packed adventures as they travel the world!

The Florida swamplands are home to hungry gators, wild electrical storms, and a most unusual creature. Sightings of a strange lizard-like animal reach Ripley High and the RBI are sent to investigate. During their search, the RBI agents find themselves in the middle of a high-speed airboat chase, a swarm of rats, a mysterious treasure hunt, and DUL agents in disguise. But then that’s nothing unusual when you’re a member of the RBI!

Which Mac Should I Buy?
Which Mac Should I Buy? [Kindle Edition]

Apple Sliced (Author)


Publication Date: February 13, 2013

14 Reviews ★★★★.5

*** UPDATED FEBRUARY 2013 (updated MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display and MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display) ***

Buying a new computer can be a stressful endeavor. There are too many models with a seemingly infinite number of configuration options. Product lines are constantly in flux, and usually when you finally start to process all the information, a new model is released and everything changes.

Getting a new Mac doesn't have to be a headache or takes months of research. The aim of this book is to simply help you pick the best Mac for your needs while showing you how to save a few hundred dollars on your purchase. And it's not going to take 300 pages like some other computer books.

Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom
*** DEAD **** Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

A. L. Haskett (Author)


Publication Date: August 1, 2000

68 Reviews ★★★★

Bill Fitzhugh, author of Radio Activity, Fender Benders, Pest Control (and others) described Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom best when he said: As God is my witness, 'Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom' is the first novel I've ever read where a frozen Cornish hen is used as a weapon. And that's not the craziest part of the story. A.L. Haskett opens a can of worms by asking the age-old question: Where does a sensitive cowboy artist go to escape the clutches of his mother's wealth so he can pursue his art in peace? Well, not Los Angeles, but Duncan Delaney doesn't know this. Haunted by his father's unfortunate death, Duncan is spurred to action by love and a lunatic Indian pal. Like so many who come to La La Land searching for a brighter future, Duncan finds himself on the seedy side of Hollywood trying in vain to dodge the Cadillac of Doom. A finely told cautionary tale for anyone fond of strippers, bikers, and art dealers.

Tales of the Dim Knight
Tales of the Dim Knight (Adventures of Powerhouse) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Andrea Graham (Author), Adam Graham (Author)


Publication Date: November 12, 2010

17 Reviews ★★★★

What would you do if you had superpowers?

Dave Johnson is the world’s biggest superhero fan. His comics allow him to escape the pain of the real world where he's stuck in a dead end job and his wife and eldest son have lost respect for him.

Then Dave meets Zolgron, a symbiotic alien banished from his home world and forced to give great powers to whoever he attaches to. With Zolgron’s help, Dave becomes Powerhouse, a super strong, superfast crime fighter whose super imagination can mold reality to his vision. Dave sets off to save the day just like a comic book superhero and hilarity ensues.

Evil is scarce in Dave's small town, so he sets about bringing justice to jay walkers and violators of a smoking ordinance. At the local police's suggestion, he commutes to Seattle, where he faces down a ring of car thieves and runs afowl of an organized crime syndicate that's dealing drugs and involved in Human trafficking and has bought off Seattle policemen, prosecutors, and newspapermen.

To protect his family, Dave guards his secret identity from everyone, including his wife, Naomi, who begins to suspect Dave’s rapidly improving body and unexplained absences are signs of an affair. With Dave’s head in the clouds, can the Johnson marriage survive?

With all the fun and excitement of your favorite childhood Saturday Morning heroes, Tales of the Dim Knight is an action packed family comedy that will keep you laughing until the very end.

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth
Winning the Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT [Kindle Edition]

Jim Lecinski (Author)


Publication Date: June 24, 2011

35 Reviews ★★★★

Whether we're shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. Today we're all digital explorers, seeking out online ratings, peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as we move down the path to purchase.

At Google, we call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth—or simply ZMOT.

Download “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth”, a free, powerful new video-enhanced eBook by Jim Lecinski, Managing Director of US Sales & Service and Chief ZMOT Evangelist at Google. Jim shares how to get ahead at this critical new marketing moment, supported by exclusive market research, personal stories, and insights from C-level executives at global leaders like General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and VivaKi.

If you're a marketer, a CEO, a sales rep, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this video-enhanced eBook will help you understand this shift in the marketing landscape and show you the strategies it takes to win.

Job Interview Questions & Answers
Job Interview Questions & Answers: Your Guide to Winning in Job Interviews [Kindle Edition] - was $5.99

Liz Cassidy (Author)


Publication Date: May 29, 2012

14 Reviews ★★★★.5

Liz Cassidy brings another down to earth and matter of fact book to us. This time on Job Interview Question and Answers. This book is unashamedly a primer for Professionals on preparing for your Job Interviews.

It is succinct and cuts through the gloss of Recruiter speak to get to what the person on the other side of the desk needs to know about you to make that "YES" decision and to take a leap of faith on offering you the job. This book is short on fluff and filled to the brim with tips, advice and How To's.

Drawn from her experience training managers and recruiters in interview skills and in coaching retrenched professionals through Career Transition, Liz Cassidy has a unique view of both sides of the Job Interview fence.

She is equally as unforgiving with interviewers "smart curve ball" questions as she is with sloppily prepared candidates. This book demands professionalism from both parties in the interview but is primarily a guide to professional candidates on how to deal with the real world of untrained, unaware and underprepared recruiters and interviewers.

Packed with real questions and with a focus on behavioural interviews Liz Cassidy's latest book will having you going into an interview prepared; and coming out of an interview glad that you read it!

What's Inside the Book?

◦ The MAGIC of Being prepared
◦ Get inside the head of your Interviewer - What are they really looking for?
◦ Being ABSOLUTELY ready for any type of interview you might expereince and what they mean
◦ Managing your image to IMPRESS your Interviewer and put the best possible YOU forward.
◦ A simple 2 minute introduction to POSITION YOU as their ideal candidate
◦ POWERFUL answers for those difficult questions(that you know are coming)
◦ Answering Behavioural Questions EASILY to show that you are the best qualified for the job
◦ The impact of your SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND on the questions you may be asked.
◦ How to respond to tricky CURVE BALL QUESTIONS with ease
◦ Valuable tips to gracefully handle A BAD INTERVIEWER (Yes they are out there!)
◦ Examples of Behavioral Questions with your BEST answers
◦ Detailed explanations of EXACTLY what your interviewer is looking for when they ask each question
◦ How to AVOID 12 INTERVIEW TRAPS and pitfalls and
◦ SAMPLE QUESTIONS TO ASK that show you are the best candidate they will ever get
◦ How to do your own SMART DUE DILIGENCE to find make sure this company is RIGHT FOR YOU

And much more


Remember to download your FREE Professional Resume Template to use to make sure you LAND THAT INTERVIEW

The Art of Money
The Art of Money-Getting according to P.T. Barnum (for the 21st century) [Kindle Edition]

Ivo Dias de Sousa (Author), P. T. Barnum (Author)


Publication Date: September 6, 2012

8 Reviews ★★★★.5

"If you have been thinking for a while about doing something that doesn’t cost much in terms of effort and won’t be the end of the world even if it turns into a failure, then do it."
P.T. Barnum was a showman, an entertainer and a businessman. Back in 1880 he published a book, Art of Money Getting, where he gave 19th century folks advice on how to make money or, at least, live a financially stable life.
In this fictional book by Portuguese author Ivo Da Sousa, Barnum's spirit, who's been watching over humanity from above for the past century, decides to speak to modern individuals and give them a lesson or two on how in today's times of crisis, they can start their own business and make it grow into a profitable activity.
From how to manage your own finances, and the importance of persevering when following your dreams, to the importance of focusing energy on one specific goal, and ensuring you keep your integrity, this 'modern version' of Barnum's book is an essential guide to understand the real meaning of entrepreneurship and is packed with useful lessons on how to be successful in business.

The Amazing Paleolithic Cookbook
The Amazing Paleolithic Cookbook: Over 120 Gluten Free Recipes To Satisfy Your Primal Cravings (Paleo Recipes Made Easy) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

White Hot Kitchen (Author), Lisa Stewart (Author), Jeremy L. (Author)


Publication Date: December 25, 2012

33 Reviews ★★★★.5

This paleo cookbook is the collection of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes
in the series PLUS 30 more quick and easy on-to-go paleo recipes for busy people.

You might already know how effective a paleo diet is to shed unwanted pounds as
well as improving overall well-being. Eating a protein rich diet with nuts, fruits and
veggies while avoiding gluten, grains, dairy, legume as much as possible This is
proven by science and major studies of its effectiveness.

The recipes included in this book are strictly paleo...meaning they are absolutely
free from gluten, dairy, wheat, and legume. This is perfect for an allergy free diet.

The Amazing Paleolithic Cookbook hands you paleo recipes that are super easy to
prepare yet very delicious. This is the perfect paleo cookbook to help you reach your
health goals. It shows you that preparing healthy meals does not have to be boring and
time consuming

Lame Excuses
Lame Excuses, Revised Edition [Kindle Edition]

Alle Wells (Author), S. M. Ray (Editor)


Publication Date: April 1, 2012

31 Reviews ★★★★

Addiction is a bitter word for the sweet pleasures that take over our lives. Meet Emily, a wife, a mother, a pastry chef, a woman with a silent addiction that eats away at her life. Emily's heartwarming and heartbreaking story addresses the rising obesity epidemic in the rural American South.

99 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism And Help You Lose Weight (Foods That Help You Lose Weight) [Kindle Edition]
Pub. 1/29/13

Burn More Fat While Eating Food

Most everyone knows that your metabolism has a lot to do with burning calories and loosing weight. But…did you know there are certain foods that can help boost your metabolism to run faster and burn more calories?

The book "99 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism" will cover these foods, but also share helpful tips and techniques so you can optimize fat burning long term.

Once you learn what you can eat, you will also learn how to change your eating habits and finally succeed in weight loss and healthy eating.

Here's what you will learn inside the book.

*Introduction To How The Metabolism Works
*How To Optimize Your Own Fat Burning Machine
*How Eating More Meals Can Help You
*Metabolism Boosting Breakfast Foods
*Metabolism Boosting Lunch Foods
*Metabolism Boosting Dinner Foods
*Metabolism Boosting Snack Foods
*Shopping List Help Guide
*Foods To Avoid That Can Make You Fat
*Eating Out Survival Guide (11 Tips)
*Simple Steps To Success - Bonus Tips

Magnetism: Unleashing Your Inner Bad Ass [Kindle Edition]
Pub. 1/7/13

If you ever wished you could just unleash yourself - without the need for liquid courage - and be like those people you look up to with wonder and awe... astonished at their radiating charisma and magnetism... Then this book will be the most refreshing and revealing thing you read all year.

This is a book not only about social freedom and how to become AMAZING with other people... but personal freedom and self-sovereignty. Emotional autonomy*.

What else?


* Piano Theory and how to change your actual brain matter
* The 3 unusual traits of irresistibly magnetic people
* The 7 Maverick Habits that will make you unstoppable in life, in career, with other people
* How to change any behavior and get better at anything
* Why goal setting is almost completely counterproductive
* What to focus on instead of goals
* How you're deluding yourself with most of the things you buy
* The 4 critical components of mastering anything fast
* Why “don't take it personally” is the worst advice you ever got
* How most people make decisions that lead them down a suffocating spiral of
misery and mania... and how to make decisions that always lead to more satisfaction, fulfillment and adventure in your life, guaranteed...
* How your ancestors are sabotaging your happiness and your life
* The secret of professional poker players that will force you to win at anything you do
* How to enter into flow and live a smooth life
* How writers write well by killing babies
* What it really means to be happy
* What it really means to love
* The HAT equation for real happiness
* Why the ONE thing most people seek as their purpose in life... is a big fat sham, glorified ego-validation, and deep self-deception...
* And much more. Really. I wrote most of these bullets before writing the actual book... so a lot more managed to slip in.

Menopause (52 Brilliant Ideas) [Kindle Edition]
Pub. 12/12/11

Menopause brings together over 50 inspiring ideas for taking control of your menopause, and turning what might otherwise be a difficult, challenging and isolating time into an experience that will leave you more vital, more energetic and more positive than ever before. With tips and advice on everything from dealing with the physical changes, to coming to terms with the psychological effects the menopause brings, via fantastic beauty and health tips, advice on keeping your sex drive alive, and the low-down on both natural and medical methods of controlling and dealing with the business of the menopause, Menopause has it all covered. Empowering, positive and practical, this book will give you exactly what you need to make your own ‘change’ one of the most thrilling times of your life.

Be Your Best Self - Yoga For Families [Kindle Edition]

Pub. 11/8/12

Take time and space to connect with your family. As you stop the busyness and slow down to focus, even for a few minutes, you will be more attentive to each other. Experience just how amazing you are as an individual and as a family!

*Build emotional closeness, physical strength, balance and spiritual compassion.

*Learn to develop the qualities of your best self.

*Face challenges with more skill and courage.

*Find deep peace, joy and energy to enjoy life.

Share the ancient art and science of yoga with your growing family.

This book is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to strengthen the body, focus the mind and calm the spirit.

Jim Knighthorse Series: First Three Books [Kindle Edition] (Mystery)


Pub. 12/26/11

Boxed set of three #1 bestselling mystery novels featuring private investigator, Jim Knighthorse, including:

When high school student Derrick Booker, the only black student at a posh Orange County high school, is accused of killing his white girlfriend, ex-college football hero and detective Jim Knighthorse is hired to dig a little deeper into the murder. It doesn't take long for Knighthorse to realize that not all is as it seems at tranquil Huntington High, from a band director who preys on the innocent to a vice-principal with a secret agenda of her own. Not to mention someone's hired a professional killer to keep Knighthorse permanently off the case. As the investigation continues, Knighthorse's personal life is shattered by the discovery of new evidence relating to his mother's unsolved murder, a murder dating back twenty years. Reeling from the discovery, a determined Jim Knighthorse sets out to bring two killers to justice.

Private investigator Jim Knighthorse takes on a very, very cold case. When historian Willie Clarke dies of mysteriously of dehydration in the California deserts, ex-football hero Jim Knighthorse is hired to dig a little deeper—and discovers a shocking connection to one of the West's oldest mysteries. Over a hundred years ago, an unnamed cowboy was murdered in the California desert and, due to freak weather conditions, would become mummified within twenty-four hours. Now known to the world as Sylvester the Mummy and displayed in a creepy curiosity shop, Sylvester and historian Willie Clarke will be forever linked in mystery. That is, unless private investigator Jim Knighthorse can survive long enough to untangle one of the West's greatest unsolved murders.

In this third book of the series, Private investigator Jim Knighthorse finds himself on the trail of his mother's killer, a cold case spanning two decades. While on the hunt, he takes on a brutal case that takes him into shark-infested waters and deep into the heart of Mexico. All the while, Knighthorse comes closer and closer to finding his mother's killer...and there's going to be hell to pay.

(Includes a clickable Table of Contents.)

A Night of Horrors: A Historical Thriller about the 24 Hours of Lincoln's Assassination [Kindle Edition]
Pub. 7/15/11

**Top Ten Best-Selling Historical Thriller eBook on Amazon (April, August & December 2012)
**Top 50 Best-Selling Historical Fiction eBook on Amazon (April, July & December 2012)
**Regularly in Top 2% of eBooks on Amazon (2012)

A thriller about the 24 hours leading up to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This tightly plotted novel captures the single day when John Booth and his conspirators plot to kill President, VP, and Secretary of State; the Cabinet plans a post-war US; and the Lincolns dream about their future. It builds to the simultaneous and brutal attacks that left lives shattered and a nation paralyzed.
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I love books, thank you.

This book is showing at $2.99 now. Gotta catch 'em quickly!

archena said:   Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

A. L. Haskett (Author)


Publication Date: August 1, 2000

68 Reviews ★★★★

Bill Fitzhugh, author of Radio Activity, Fender Benders, Pest Control (and others) described Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom best when he said: As God is my witness, 'Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom' is the first novel I've ever read where a frozen Cornish hen is used as a weapon. And that's not the craziest part of the story. A.L. Haskett opens a can of worms by asking the age-old question: Where does a sensitive cowboy artist go to escape the clutches of his mother's wealth so he can pursue his art in peace? Well, not Los Angeles, but Duncan Delaney doesn't know this. Haunted by his father's unfortunate death, Duncan is spurred to action by love and a lunatic Indian pal. Like so many who come to La La Land searching for a brighter future, Duncan finds himself on the seedy side of Hollywood trying in vain to dodge the Cadillac of Doom. A finely told cautionary tale for anyone fond of strippers, bikers, and art dealers.

Cougar Cub Tales: I'm Just Like You
Cougar Cub Tales: I'm Just Like You [Kindle Edition] - was $1.99

Sharon Cramer (Author, Illustrator)


Publication Date: December 1, 2010

208 Reviews ★★★★

Gold Award Winner/ MCA Best Picture Book

Cougar Cub Tales: I’m Just Like You is about a cougar cub brother and sister who, one day, encounter a creature very unlike themselves. They have ungrounded apprehension about whether or not the blind bobcat is “a REAL cougar cub”.
By the end of the tale, they realize that, despite their differences, they really ARE the same where it counts. They learn to overlook their physical differences as they embrace their new friend. It is a timeless story that deals with the everyday issue of intolerance, especially regarding physical difference and disability. It is written in a wonderful nonsensical rhyme, and the eighteen watercolors are an exquisite representation of this charming tale.
40 Pages/ Full Color Illustrations

Kid-Friendly Ways To Change Behavior
Kid-Friendly Ways To Change Behavior - Fun conflict Management Tactics For Parents (Conflicts and Negotiations series) [Kindle Edition]

Asaf Shani (Author), Jack Price (Editor)


Publication Date: January 2, 2013

11 Reviews ★★★★★

During Asaf’s conflict and negotiation workshops for corporate executives, he noticed that questions would arise about how to apply the techniques at home. He was gratified to find that students came back to him, excited to share how they had used his unique methodology to solve lingering family conflicts.

Encouraged by the success of his students, Asaf tried these methods on his own three daughters. He was delighted to discover that their devious conspiracies were powerless against these practical techniques, (well, not powerless, but the techniques helped Asaf and his wife stay one step ahead of their shenanigans.)

Now you can use these enjoyable tools to acquire a new perspective on family conflicts and motivate kids in a way that makes everybody smile (including the kids.)

This testimonial celebrates a small but important victory in parenting:

"Using these tools and ideas, I easily solved a veggie eating conflict with my kids." —Ordit Mor, VP of Human Resources and mother of three

Eat to Beat Stress
Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Super Foods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress [Kindle Edition]

Leah Borski (Author)


Publication Date: December 21, 2012

11 Reviews ★★★★★

Leah Borski is a work-at-home mom, family nutrition enthusiast, fitness & wellness Coach, and TheFamilyTableCookbook.com author/blogger. In Eat to Beat Stress, she lays out a simple and direct guide for using food to defeat five major symptoms of stress.

Research shows that when people feel stressed, they reach for food. The trouble lies in the types of food sought out during these times. Studies have found a tendency toward fatty, high-sugar foods, which throw off the body’s ability to function effectively and essentially drive people into a vicious cycle of compounded stress and poor eating habits.

Eat to Beat Stress demonstrates simply the mechanics of such a pattern and provides a fast-track to breaking it with 10 nutrient rich foods - including protein foods, grains, and fruits & veggies – that specifically target 5 major symptoms of stress.

In this booklet, readers will find an easy-to-use list of superfoods with a brief description of each food’s stress-fighting benefits, photos, serving ideas, shopping tips, cooking instructions, make-ahead tips, recipes from The Family Table Cookbook website, and a sneak preview section of family-friendly recipes from the upcoming publication The Family Table Cookbook: Cook Smart, Stress Less, Eat Better...Together. Each delicious recipe is quick to prepare and includes specific serving tips and instructions for babies and kids (8 months of age and older) so that everyone in the family can easily benefit from the powerful nutrition and stress-busting qualities of these foods.

Would be great to get some of these, are they still being posted?

Susie Q

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