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The Rules of Life, Expanded Edition: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Life (Richard Templar's Rules) [Kindle Edition] 4 star - 74 reviews
Pub. 11/11/10

The first edition of The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Life became a global phenomenon, topping bestseller charts around the world. This revised edition includes nine new rules to take you further, faster. Author Richard Templar brings together 106 practical rules that happy, successful people follow, even if they've never thought about it. These are realistic, commonsense things you can do differently, starting today... small things that make a powerful difference.

Templar offers real wisdom on:

Deciding what's important and what isn't
Focusing on changes you really can make
Using your intuition
Learning positive lessons from your regrets
Having great dreams and making practical plans
Staying young
Forgiving without becoming a pushover

Follow The Rules of Life. You'll feel better. You'll be a better friend, partner, and parent. And you'll leave the world a better place

Cavelady Cooking: 50 Fun Recipes for Paleo, Low-Carb and Gluten-Free Diets [Kindle Edition] 3.5 stars - 19 reviews

Whether you're new to a paleo or gluten-free lifestyle, or just looking for some new ideas, this book has you covered: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you're seeking for new recipes that are free of grains and gluten - this is the perfect book for you.

If you’re familiar with Hilah Cooking, you know I don’t focus my show recipes on any particular diet – I just like to keep things simple, good, and pretty much Texas by default – but my cookbooks can be something else. I know this one won’t automatically appeal to everyone who watches the show and uses my recipes, but I think it will appeal to anyone who’s following the gluten-free, low-carb, or Paleo diets, as well as anyone who just wants some new ways to cook vegetables and meat!

Cavelady Cooking covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks and desserts.

Some breakfast highlights are: Crabcakes Benedict; Potato-free hash; Counterfeit Lara bars; plus several more recipes, not even including 6 funky smoothies!

For lunch, I got real. Real life. So we’re talking lots of make-ahead soups and salads and re-purposing leftovers into deliciousness! Plus some pretty brilliant ideas on making sushi rolls sans rice and tuna salad sans mayonnaise.

The chapter on dinner is ten brand-new recipes including easy homemade Italian sausage (so you can avoid added sugar and preservatives), Cuban chicken, Indian kofta, and pesto-olive roasted chicken. Each main dish recipe offers serving suggestions from the side dishes chapter, which is my personal favorite of all the chapters!

These side dishes are anything but pedestrian. Simple but unusual ways to prepare familiar vegetables like chard, cabbage, spinach, and okra will brighten up your plate and then your face! I even included a recipe for mushroom-stuffed acorn squash that could double as a vegetarian main-dish, should you ever need one.

I also offer a quick chapter on snacks and desserts. From no-cooking-snacks to baba ganoush, I got your snacking needs covered. For dessert, how about some plantain fritters or a peach crumble!

All of the recipes offer shortcuts and substitutions when possible to keep it as easy as possible on you, the cook!


Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds [Kindle Edition] 4 stars - 95 reviews
Pub. 4/8/10

The frequently quoted classic exposition of the madness and folly of "popular opinion". Extensive discussion about history's most infamous speculative investment bubbles - the Tulipmania, the South Sea Bubble, and more. Additional coverage and debunking of delusions including alchemy, witch-hunts, The Crusades and duels. Present day writers on economics, such as Andrew Tobias, laud the chapters on economic bubbles.

49 Slow Cooker Paleo Recipes for the Caveman Diet [Kindle Edition]
Pub 1/27/13

The author lost 100 pounds with the caveman paleolithic diet. What is the caveman diet? No, don't flinch, it's not another worthless weight loss plan. It's a diet plan for paleo food that isn't just about low calorie recipes. This paleo cookbook is chock full of recipes for healthy meals that actively promote healthy eating habits, but they're also slow-cooking recipes for convenience in a busy world.

The caveman crockpot revolution is about listening to the primal nutrition needs of our millions of years of evolution while taking advantage of modern conveniences. Crockpot meals too often mean unhealthy eating patterns. This collection of slow cooker recipes is largely gluten-free but still innovative and resourceful. If you're tired of the same dull beef and veggies (though we have some of the best crockpot recipes for those, too), you'll find a little bit of everything in this collection -- literally from soup to nuts. Paleo adherents will know that some say paleo people can eat wild rice -- and that wine isn't off the diet.

Paleo cookbook recipes aren't hard to find. What's hard to find are recipes that add variety to our lives. Nothing is more boring than a dull Neanderthal diet. These are not only great hunter-gatherer recipes, they're also some of the best crockpot recipes available.

Since they're not the same old, boring fare, there are some extra work steps with a few of them, but most are pretty cut-and-dried for a hard-to-please family. So party with your family like it's 1999 BC. You will lose weight with this plan – you will succeed. You're falling back on millions of years of the wisdom of the human species to support your efforts.

If you thought paleo recipes reduced you to crappy-tasting bread and a future with no rice, think again! Paleo is a very adaptable plan. Here are some of the recipes within:

* Chicken Vegetable and Nut Butter Soup
* Primal Vegetable Wild Rice Soup
* Easy Caveman Breakfast Torte
* Yowza Wayleo Paleo Nut Pot
* Crockpot Antelope Steak
* Chicken and Shrimp à la Neanderthal
* Paleo Slow Cooker Squash with Cinnamon, Cranberries and Apples
* Barbecuus Neanderthalus

and many more.

So join the caveman diet evolution revolution. Cavemen ate many more things than we think! Paleo recipes and the Paleolithic diet plans don't have to be hum-drum any longer. These recipes for the paleo slow cooker nutrition plan constitute one way to build healthy meals around a busy lifestyle. The paleolithic diet lends itself well to the crockpot since the appliance harkens back to the campfire of our most ancient ancestors. Paleo cookbooks that involve the slow cooker in them allow the future and the past to wrap around and meet each other.

No matter what we choose to call it – the caveman diet, the paleo diet plan, the caveman paleolithic Stone Age diet or the hunter gatherer recipes, it doesn't have to be a hunger-gatherer diet! Satisfy your inner caveman with these fun and innovative recipes.

If you're new to paleolithic, the good news is that hearty meat-eaters will love this diet. Weight loss plans and healthy meals used to mean green veggies and fruits plus a little lean meat but very little else. We now know a lot more about human physiology, about the capacity for people to incorporate foods humans have eaten for centuries, such as fatty meats, in a healthy eating way, so long as the meats are carefully chosen and prepared. But vegetarians are welcome, too. The emphasis is always on raw and unprocessed foods.

This isn't just any other gluten free or low carbohydrate diet. It's a very special one that was designed to meet the evolved needs of our species. Recipes for healthy meals no longer need to filch food out of a rabbit's hutch. This paleo cookbook provides paleo breakfast recipes for the slow cooker, along with caveman approved complete meats, paleolithic ethnic recipes, and many more.

We've tried to create the best paleo slowcooker cookbook that we can.

The Addicted Brain: Why We Abuse Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine (FT Press Science) [Kindle Edition] 4.5 stars - 31 reviews
Pub. 10/31/11

Addiction destroys lives. In The Addicted Brain, leading neuroscientist Michael Kuhar, Ph.D., explains how and why this happens–and presents advances in drug addiction treatment and prevention. Using breathtaking brain imagery and other research, Kuhar shows the powerful, long-term brain changes that drugs can cause, revealing why it can be so difficult for addicts to escape their grip.

Discover why some people are far more susceptible to addiction than others as the author illuminates striking neural similarities between drugs and other pleasures potentially capable of causing abuse or addiction–including alcohol, gambling, sex, caffeine, and even Internet overuse. Kuhar concludes by outlining the 12 characteristics most often associated with successful drug addiction treatment.

Authoritative and easy to understand, The Addicted Brain offers today’s most up-to-date scientific explanation of addiction–and what addicts, their families, and society can do about it.


Fight Now: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer [Kindle Edition] 4.5 stars 19 reviews
Pub. 9/15/10

Dr. Tabor’s FIGHT NOW book provides information on lifestyle choices that might improve breast health and overall health. The purpose of Dr. Tabor’s medical research is to empower you to become proactive against breast cancer now with specific food and lifestyle choices. We can make specific food and lifestyle choices to lower the risk of getting breast cancer, risk of recurrence, and risk of dying from breast cancer. The only alternative is to be reactive after you get breast cancer or have a recurrence of breast cancer. The choice is clear

Whether you are currently fighting breast cancer; are a survivor; or, simply trying to lower your risk, Dr. Tabor’s FIGHT NOW book will give you concise, critical information that you can start using today. You don’t have to read hundreds of pages, or have a medical degree to reduce your cancer risk. Spend just a few hours reading this book and you will be empowered to Fight Now.

Keep Calm and Stretch: 44 Stretching Exercises To Increase Flexibility, Relieve Pain, Prevent Injury, And Stay Young! [Kindle Edition] 4.5 stars - 25 reviews
Pub. 11/13/12

Now The #1 Bestselling Book In Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation!

You Could Be Feeling A Million Times Better Right Now If You Only Knew How To Stretch Properly! It is a simple answer that is often overlooked, but stretching has the ability to

Rid your body of pain
Heal past injuries
Prevent future injuries
Keep you flexible and active
And make you look and feel young!
As a yoga instructor, author Julie Schoen understands the power of stretching. In fact, she used it herself to heal her body after a serious car accident left her broken and depressed. But you don't have to do yoga in order to benefit from stretches! Schoen has compiled Keep Calm and Stretch as your guide to the 44 best stretches to do on a regular basis, each with photo demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for stretching effectively.

Discover the secrets to getting more flexible and you will be amazed at how good your body and mind start to feel. Keep Calm and Stretch has the potential to change your life.

More coming later...and feel free to add!

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8 Types Of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs [Kindle Edition] 4.5 stars - 72 reviews
Pub 6/5/12

The first step to becoming a better nature photographer is to understand light.

Discover the 8 types of natural light and learn techniques you can use to increase the quality and dramatic effect of your images.

BACKLIGHT – make flowers glow, make dramatic silhouettes
SIDELIGHT – emphasize texture and shape
FRONT LIGHT – great for sunset shots
REFLECTED LIGHT – make peaceful water reflections
DIFFUSED LIGHT – great for close-ups
DRAMATIC LIGHT – there’s nothing like a storm to create a dramatic image
TWILIGHT – beautiful blues and pinks in the sky
NIGHT – great for capturing city lights

Learn techniques you can use to increase the quality and dramatic effect of your images simply by understanding how light works.

Turn your snapshots into fine art.

Insights From Beyond the Lens: Inside the Art & Craft of Landscape Photography [Kindle Edition] 4 stars - 27 reviews
Pub. 11/11/12

Insights from Beyond the Lens is a short new book from landscape photographer Robert Rodriguez Jr that explores the art and craft of landscape photography from a holistic perspective. Based on real world experiences as a photographer as well as an instructor, speaker, and blogger, Robert distills his approach to capturing evocative images in a series of essays based on his popular Beyond the Lens blog.

Beautifully illustrated with Robert's original photographs, you'll get an inside look at the mental process Robert uses when he's in the field scouting and making his images.

While many books focus on the gear and technology, the aim here is to look inside the motivation, passion, and vision involved in successful landscape photography. Go behind the scenes as Robert explains how several images were made, how he draws inspiration from the Hudson River School of painters, and what resources he recommends for further exploration.

How to Draw Step-By-Step: With Special Kids (Drawing With Frog Hops) [Kindle Edition] 4.5 stars - 10 reviews
Pub 9/13/12

We are all different, but we all have similarities, even children with special needs. This book was written to raise awareness of the importance of all children. The story points out our similarities. We have pets, families, and a places we call home. All children are important. This book is a short fictional story written from the perspective of a young girl with special needs. Included with the story, step-by-step drawing instructions of illustrations from the story are printed in the back. These instructions are easy to follow for children or parents assisting their children. Instruction begins with one line or shape and continues adding one line and shape at a time. Each new addition is printed in a different color to help the student visually locate the new line. With such precise instruction, learners quickly learn how to self guide their way through the other lessons. Best of all, we learn to value all individuals.

Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 1 [Kindle Edition] 4.5 stars - 153 reviews
Pub 12/18/11

Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 1:
Johnny Clunker was an awkward and shy kid who kept mostly to himself. But when the school day ended he became Johnny B. Fast, a super spy.
Utilizing super technology so advanced that it seems like magic, Johnny and his friends battle the United Order, a ruthless organization trying to acquire the Super Chip - a computer processor so powerful it can virtually hold the world's technology hostage.
But when one of his fellow classmates, Nancy Korrins, is also revealed to be a spy kid who was trained by the world's most deadly and advanced agent, Johnny has his hands full trying to figure out if he can trust her to help him capture the Super Chip, or if he has to fight her as his greatest rival.

Hidden Depths [Kindle Edition] 4.5 stars - 60 reviews
Pub 1/11/13

She is pierced, dyed and tattooed, born on the wrong side of the tracks. He is a traditional white knight born of the proverbial silver spoon. Their meeting was an accident, the fact that they became even the most tentative of friends, an anomaly. The only real thing they had in common... chemistry. Lots of chemistry. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and Gia knew it. Now, if only she could convince her body...
Josh had always walked the line, lived the life he was expected to live. He had, by all accounts, the perfect life; a corporate lawyer, a beautiful home, a family empire to run, and the perfect fiancee. He was well on his way. The only question he had... was that really where he wanted to go? Plagued by dreams, Josh fought all his natural instincts, denying not only what he truly wanted but who he was deep down inside. Until one crazy night when he gave in to his desires...
Could these two polar opposites have more in common than even they realize?

At Last (The Idle Point, Maine Stories) [Kindle Edition] by Barbara Bretton 4 stars - 60 reviews
Pub 3/21/13

She was his anchor.
He was her home.

Gracie Taylor fell in love with Noah Chase on the first day of kindergarten. Gracie was the girl from the wrong side of town. Noah was the town's golden boy. Their families had been at loggerheads since the death of Gracie's mother years ago and as they grew up, they had to risk everything to be together.

But it was worth it, because when they were together, nothing else mattered.

Then, on their wedding day, Gracie discovered a secret that sent her running from Idle Point, leaving Noah with a broken heart to match her own.

Now, eight years later, Gracie returns to Maine for her father's wedding. When she discovers Noah has come home to Idle Point to save the family business—and that he has a little daughter named Sophie—Gracie also discovers that nothing has changed. Their love for each other is stronger than ever, but the secrets that drove them apart still hold the power to ruin their lives.

Will past mistakes destroy their love or will they finally find happiness together... at last?

The Easter Egg Square [Kindle Edition] (Childrens)
Pub. 3/23/13

A cute little children’s story about a special egg named Kubely and how he finds hope at Easter time.

Round Trip: A Contemporary Science Fiction Adventure (Sci Fi) [Kindle Edition] 4 stars - 8 reviews
Pub. 3/4/13

TransGalactic Travel is considering pulling the plug on planet Earth as a vacation destination for its light-being clients. It's just too much trouble. But two of its travel agents make a last ditch visit to the planet to observe and report on the difficulties their travelers are having while inhabiting Earthly bodies. A hippie goddess, a billionaire hedge fund owner, and their lovers never realize that the fate of the planet depends on the memos these agents send about them to the home office.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Like Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy only with a little more sex and a lot more contemporary storyline!"

"One of the best sci fi novels I've read in a long time!"

"Round Trip is an amazing science fiction adventure with a lot of fun. Definitely makes you think!"


"One of our more popular destinations in recent times has been the small planet Terra. In the seventh arm of the Gobol there is a typical spiral galaxy. Tucked away in one of its off-center whorls lies this gem of a spheroid, the third from its yellow star. We highly recommend it for lovers of beauty and diversity of life forms.

Out of a long-ago scatter seeding, one took root and evolved into tens of millions of species, all sharing the same cellular foundation. They fall into two principal types, stationary forms which directly consume solar radiation (the so-called plants) and mobile forms (animals) that ingest either the plants or each other. Within these two categories are life-forms of fantastic beauty and variety. The plants are frequently decorated with colorful tufts of petals. These occur in an unimaginable variety of forms, colors, and, most wonderfully, scents of intoxicating delightfulness.

Each and every one of the animals, ranging from the tiny to the sizeable, is constructed with jewel-like precision in each of its parts. Some fly through the atmosphere in perfect grace, on iridescent wings of every color of the spectrum. Others are specialized to swim, solitary or in groups numbering in the thousands, through the transparent liquid which covers about two thirds of the world's surface. This liquid, consisting solely of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of two to one, is the essential nutrient of each of the planet's life forms. It is distributed over the world's surface by an elegant mechanism of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. This results in myriad delightful features of flowing liquid, here collecting in pools and there cascading over rocks.

This essential liquid is itself highly entertaining, and capable of giving rise to such diverting phenomena as “rainbows” (see image) and “snow.” Do not fail to appreciate the perfection and marvelous variety of the tiny crystalline flakes of which this snow is composed.

Your vehicle for your brief visit to this world, through our special arrangement with the local galactic council, will be the body of one of the species of animals! Yes, you will leap with joy across the surface of the planet, mingling with animals of your own and other species. You will delight in the exploration of natural features of truly inspired beauty, such as “mountains,” “canyons,” and “forests.” (see images.)

The species provided for our incarnation is, frankly, not one of the more agile or elegant in its physical form, but has been chosen for its unrivaled sensory abilities. Five separate input channels allow you to experience with tremendous immediacy and clarity each of the countless marvels of this planet. By way of example, “hearing” allows you to perceive the fantastic array of subtle vibrations of the atmosphere by which both your host species and others actually communicate with one another. Sometimes these vibrations are used to convey essential information, and at other times, they are generated and appreciated by this species purely for delightful amusement."

How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

John Bergman (Author)

Publication Date: March 1, 2013

15 Reviews ★★★★★

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

The quote above is vital to ponder when we are confronting a belief system that arthritis is reversible.
Arthritis reversal is more about human potential. On doing research for this book I studied several body-building groups. I found one in Japan where the minimum age is 75 years. That’s right; you have to be 75 years old to join. A lot of people think that as we age we're supposed to break down, and that's not true. If you don't drive a car, the car is going to last a long time; but if you don't drive a body, it's going to break down early. With human beings, the more we use our body, the longer it works.

The 9 Principles For a Lean & Defined Body [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Philip Hoffman (Author)

Publication Date: November 30, 2012

19 Reviews ★★★★★

Are you eating the proper foods to maintain a lean body?

Do you know which training methods shape and define your body?

Why is it so difficult to lose that persistent belly fat?

Are “cheat meals” really ok?

If these issues concern you, you may have noticed…the sheer amount of available information is daunting, and so contradictory! No wonder Americans continue to fight fat with very poor results.

'The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body' ends the confusion once and for all. Within its pages, you’ll learn the tricks to finally succeeding in your goal to develop a lean, defined body.

Author Philip J. Hoffman, a veteran fat-loss expert, author, trainer, sports nutritionist, former bodybuilder, and fitness model with a master’s degree in biochemistry, reveals 9 key principles based on decades of knowledge and experience.

Philip himself maintains an impressively lean and defined physique, with less than 5% body fat, at the age of 53, and now he shares his secrets with you.
Imagine…no more wasted time…no more useless effort…no more frustration. Anyone, at any age, can take advantage the HoffmanFit Lean Body Look principles and get results like never before.

The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body reveals:
• How to truly achieve the lean, sexy, defined body you’ve always craved
• Which foods to buy and how to prepare fast, healthy meals in advance
• Which exercises are most effective to stimulate fat-burning hormones
• Which type of training burns fat and builds lean muscle best
• Why those six-pack abs are so tough to sculpt…and how to do it right
• How too much information can be dangerous to your health
And so much more.

Hoffman says, “Developing a lean, muscular and defined body isn’t nearly as difficult as the so-called industry experts make it out to be”. “You don’t need more information. You need correct information.”

Read The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body and discover this powerful, effective method that synergistically combines exercise and nutrition for a sustainable lifestyle. Be a success story once and for all, instead of one of 95% of people who practice using unsustainable programs that fail.

Even if you’ve never lived a healthy lifestyle before, you can reverse poor health starting today. Nothing is more powerful than seeing your body transform. Follow the guidelines laid out in The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body and success will be yours.

A few books by Dr. Orly Katz

Peer Pressure vs. True Friendship - Surviving Primary School (Free children's book- The social issues series for children ages 9-12) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.00

Publication Date: January 7, 2013

6 Reviews ★★★★★

It all started on one completely normal afternoon when Claire invited her friend Penny to come over to her house.

They chatted on Facebook for a while until Claire went out of the room for a few minutes. The moment she stepped out of the door Penny went straight back to the computer which was still open on Claire’s Facebook page, and without blinking an eye lid started writing really insulting comments in Claire’s name on the wall of Claire’s best friend…

And you really don’t want to know what happened in the end…

You don’t have to be the wicked witch to be popular…
The way to stand up to peer pressure and be a true friend, without trampling over other people’s feelings, is already inside of you. You have the inner strength you need to do it and this book will show you how!!!

Let me share the secret with you - so you too can reach the highest peak of popularity in your class, without giving way to peer pressure and getting dragged along after friends who make you feel bad!

This book, the first in the popular series, (the books can be read in any sequence) includes:
• True life stories about growing up!
• Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!
• Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires
• A personal journal
All of which will help you discover How to deal with peer pressure, How to be “Simply Me” and most important - how to survive primary school!


Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive! Surviving Primary School (Free children's book- The social issues series for children ages 9-12) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.00

Publication Date: January 7, 2013

6 Reviews ★★★★.5

It happened in the middle of a math class.

The teacher asked a question which I knew the answer was as clear as day so I decided to pluck up the courage to raise my hand.

Up to this day I’m not sure who was more excited, me for having raised my hand, or my teacher who was seeing me ready to answer a question (and open my mouth to talk) for the first time since I’d landed in her class…

“Yes, what’s the answer?” asked the teacher…
I’m sure you know the feeling of those moments when everything goes blank, a “black out” when your answer suddenly gets stuck somewhere and you’re sure that you don’t know anything and you can’t remember anything…

That’s exactly what happened to me. At that moment, when I realized that I was going to speak, I went silent; I forgot what I wanted to say.
And you really don’t want to know what happened in the end…

There are no two ways about it - the ways to become successful, cool and confident are already inside of you! You already have the inner strength to help you get there and this book will show you how to use it!

In this book you’ll learn:
• How to think positively!
• How to believe in your selves!
• How to succeed at school and with others, in everything that that you want and could wish for…

Let me share the secret with you – of how to become attractive no matter what you look like, how to attract to yourself the reality that you really want!!

This book, the second in the popular series, (the books can be read in any sequence) includes:
• True life stories about growing up!
• Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!
• Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires
• A personal journal
All of which will help you discover how to be positive, think positive and feel positive and most importantly how to be “simply me” and to survive primary school!

Body Language, Intuition & Leadership! Surviving Primary School (Children's free book- The social issues series for children ages 9-12) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.00

Publication Date: January 7, 2013

4 Reviews ★★★★★

It happened on one of the first hot days at the very beginning of the summer.

A few of us decided to ditch school – simply to walk out of the building and spend the rest of the morning by the sea!

Right from the start my body started sending me signals that this wasn’t OK…my stomach hurt me, and I ignored it, I got a thumping headache which I also ignored.

Sarah forged our teacher’s signature with incredible skill and handed us the signed notes which were our pass out of school.
We went to the gatekeeper holding our notes then, suddenly, he made a comment, one tiny remark which made us all change colors, from bright red to white and we were struck dumb…
And you really don’t want to know what happened next…

There are no two ways about it – our bodies talk to us and also talk to our environment about us!

In this book you’ll learn:
• How to interpret our intuitions
• How to understand what our bodies are telling us
• The secret of body language – the international language which isn’t taught in any schools but can help you better understand what your friends are telling you, so you can work out what they really mean…

Let’s find out together what different movements or positions really mean, what lies hidden behind our words and how we can use our own body language to get what we really, truly want.

This book, the third in the popular series, (the books can be read in any sequence) includes:
• True life stories about growing up!
• Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!
• Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires
• A personal journal
All of which will help you discover what the popular kids already know…the secrets of body language, listening and intuition.
Most importantly you’ll learn how to be “simply me” and to survive Primary School!


Passions, Strengths & Self Esteem! The Extensive Guide- Surviving Primary School (Children's free book- The social issues series for children ages 9-12) [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Publication Date: January 7, 2013

5 Reviews ★★★★★

I was always an outstanding athlete. I was the class champion at sprinting; my room was bursting with trophies…

This happened in grade 5. All of us still looked and sounded like young kids when I, and only I, started to develop a ‘phenomenon’:
I suddenly started to grow hairs on my arms and on my legs. This was thick black hair that you couldn’t help noticing.
I had become hairy!

It was hot outside, and the regional sports competition was coming soon. It sounded like great fun, but for me it was a nightmare.
Just the thought of our team sports kit (the shortest possible running short and a skimpy vest) made me feel sick.

I didn’t know what to do. How could I let everyone see my hairy body in those shorts, and in a sleeveless vest???
And you really don’t want to know what happened next…

There are no two ways about it – all of us at some time or other try to change what can’t be changed:
if only I was taller, if only I was prettier and smarter…

Let me share the secret with you of how to have self confidence no matter how you look, no matter how smart you are and no matter how talented you may or may not be!

In this book you’ll learn:
• How to identify where you are right now!
• How to believe in yourself - from the inside!
• How to identify the things you really enjoy and want!
• How to identify what you’re good at!
• How to start working towards making your dreams come true!
In short – you’ll finally get it that you’re not only OK…you’re really something!!!

This book, the fourth in the popular series, (the books can be read in any sequence) includes:
• True life stories about growing up!
• Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!
• Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires
• A personal journal
All of which will help you discover the secrets to self esteem and most important - how to survive primary school!

Life is a pack of 52 cards. [Kindle Edition]

Sumeet Jain (Author)

Publication Date: April 23, 2012

9 Reviews ★★★★★

The author pledges to donate ALL the proceedings from the sale of this book to The Being Human Foundation (, dedicated to education and healthcare of the under-privileged kids. He firmly believes that while our earnings show how we make a living, our contributions to the society show how we make a life.

A little about what this book is all about -
For me, life had always been a game of choices. It is a game of perceptions that we draw everyday within our minds and their associated outlook. To some, life has always been "half-full" while to others; it has been "half-empty". Through this book, I can guarantee that one can easily solder wire the brain to look only for the "half-full" side that our life has to offer. It is not a book of DOs and DONTs, neither it is some kind of a rulebook nor does it unveil the secret recipe of "that" magic potion we had been searching for years.

The book, in reality, is a beautiful compilation of my personal and professional experiences and describes the various teachings that Life offered to me during all these years.

I was always taught that to become wise, you have to make decisions in the form of choices. If your choice is good, it will help you climb a step ahead on the life ladder. But if it backfires, then a unique opportunity is offered to un-learn and re-learn it in such a manner that makes you successful on its next application.

Life is not only stranger than we can imagine, it is more mysterious; one which is like a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Life is also the single-most complex phenomenon to understand after the human brain. Each of us has a unique life to live and each one of us deal with it even more uniquely making it almost impossible to have one size that fits all. However, the book would surely help us create a framework which can help all of us lead and live our life better, happily and blissfully.

Rocket Fuel On A Budget (The Organic Chef) [Kindle Edition]

Joanna Rushton (Author), Paul Chek (Foreword), Helen Coetzee (Photographer)

Publication Date: March 26, 2013

10 Reviews ★★★★★

Would you like to have more energy and mental clarity and feel fantastic every day, while looking younger at the same time? In Rocket Fuel On A Budget, Joanna Rushton shows you how
you and your family can look and feel fantastic while eating organically on a budget! This little rocket of a book includes:
• A 21 day meal plan PLUS organic recipes to get you eating right immediately
• 16 mistakes people make when trying to get healthy and how to avoid them
• 31 achievable tips for lasting health and vitality
• Dispelling the food myths of modern day nutritional recommendations

Joanna Rushton says "What most people try to ignore is the fact that you are what you eat. I believe that you and your body deserve the best. What we choose to eat, drink and think dramatically effects our health and how rapidly we age"

Would you like a fast track to boosting your energy and mental clarity? Would you like to feel fantastic and start to look younger at the same time?

Should you suffer from
• Low energy levels
• Moods swings and/or mental fogginess
• Poor sleep
• Digestive problems such as bloating or constipation

Then this is the book for you!

If all you do is read the top 16 mistakes people make when trying to get healthy, then you would stop trying and start doing!

I'll Follow the Moon (Mom's Choice Award Honoree and Chocolate Lily Award Winner) [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Stephanie Lisa Tara (Author), Lee Edward Födi (Illustrator)

Publication Date: November 10, 2010

125 Reviews ★★★★.5

"...decided to download it for my kid's...Cute illustrations, educational, and delivers a positive message. Makes a great bedtime story. Recommend it!"

"My daughter loved the turtle. The illustrations are great! She said, "mom if im ever lost ill follow the moon and find you."

"My 3 1/2 year old daughter loves this book. She has learned the little saying that is on every page and loves to say it with me."

"The story is gentle and the repetition helps soothe my son. I like the message, and the art is beautiful."

"Great book for the grandkids. They love it. They like to read prior to bedtime. The girls really enjoy this book."

"This children's book has beautiful illustrations that compliment the lyrical, gentle words that accompany the small sea turtle's journey from egg to sea."

“I enjoyed reading this book to my daughter, she loved the artwork. It was well written and will be enjoyable for children.”

“What a lovely book! A great story to introduce an environmental concept.”

“A perfect afternoon read. I enjoyed it, and my son will too I'm sure.”

“I really enjoyed this book. I read it to my 1 and 2 year old. They really enjoyed this book. Beautiful illustration!”

“As a resident of northwest Florida, this book is one that should be shared with all residents, young and old alike. It is currently turtle season here and all residents enjoy keeping watch on these special creatures.”

“A sweet children’s book, lovely rhymes and beautiful pictures. Definitely a book worth having to enjoy over and over, great for kids of any age.”

“My second graders will love this simple book with wonderful words and a repetitive line which they will quickly join in to read.”

“I read this to my boys. They loved the graphics and how cute the turtles were. The story is super cute! Very entertaining.”

“…comforting and relaxing. The story line is not at all complex, but is appealing in its simplicity and repetitiveness.”

“…decided to download it for my kid's…Cute illustrations, educational, and delivers a positive message. Makes a great bedtime story. Recommend it!”

Diary Of An Almost Cool Girl: My New School - Book 1 [Kindle Edition] - was $1.99

B Campbell (Author), Katrina Kahler (Editor)

Publication Date: January 17, 2013

66 Reviews ★★★★.5

A new school...a new start. Well, that is what Madonna is hoping for.

She is a "normal" girl, well kind of. Not in the cool group and not a nerd either. Just in between and trying to fit in.

Follow her hilarious adventures at her new school. Bet you can relate to heaps of them!

Beautiful, Magical, Amazing BALLET (A Mia Book) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Mary Lee (Author)

Publication Date: September 6, 2012

36 Reviews ★★★★.5

Mia is a sweet little girl with a big imagination. Today is her first day of ballet class and she is very excited. This energetic story shows what it means to be part of a team and that some things can still be wonderful even when they are not yet perfected.

Little Library Mouse (Hollywood Book Festival Award Winner) [Kindle Edition] - was 3.99

Stephanie Lisa Tara (Author), Alex Walton (Illustrator)

Publication Date: February 18, 2011

12 Reviews ★★★★★


“If you want to stimulate your child's imagination, this is the book for you! Each page is filled with fantasy and wonder…Colorful and fun to read!”

“Unique, captivating and totally engaging! From one Mom to another, thanks Stephanie! Your books help us Moms do our jobs better! MY KIDS (5, 6 & 8) LOVED IT!”

“This story ‘floats through air with the greatest of ease.’ Bravo, Little Library Mouse. Bravo! Why not choose a book with a thoughtful and positive message?!”

“Skillfully told, beautifully illustrated, this teacher gives it a LARGE GOLD STAR! Brilliant work!”

“Written in a delightful rhyming prose that children love, this picture book is perfect for reading aloud. I highly recommend it for children, parents, & teachers…Even librarians! : )”

“A delightful children's picture book that adults will enjoy! Written in a poetic, lyrical style that will touch the emotions of any reader. This story speaks directly to the HEART of any book lover! Appropriate for all!”

“Little Library Mouse is VERY HIGHLY recommended for parents seeking to instill a love of reading in their children.”

Eliza's Forever Trees (Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal Winner) [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Stephanie Lisa Tara (Author), Alex Walton (Illustrator)

Publication Date: June 7, 2011

10 Reviews ★★★★★


"Suddenly Mother jumped to her feet and ran to one of the trees, a three-hundred-foot-tall redwood. ''Forever tree! Forever tree!'' she cried, smiling. She swept the skinny girl up into her arms. The child s pale skin shimmered in the golden forest light. ''Forever trees, forever trees,'' they sang, spinning in circles. The memory melted into the fog, and Eliza felt very tired. The question came again to her. It appeared out of the gray, out of the damp, out of the cold corners of this new house. The question whispered it always did the kind of whisper that sounded very loud indeed: Where had Mother gone? Shadows appeared and disappeared in Eliza's mind. Still, she couldn't remember. She simply could not remember anything after that last story in the forest. For some reason, she wasn't terribly worried. She was a little worried, for sure, but not terribly worried, because a strange calm held the shadows and the question. It held Eliza, too. Because love is forever.

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness."
--John Muir

Children's Book: Rona is moving to a new city (Healthy children's books collection) [Kindle Edition]

Inbar Shahar (Author), Elvira Zagorova (Illustrator)

Publication Date: January 25, 2013

22 Reviews ★★★★★

“We’re moving out to a new house in a new city tomorrow,”…

Rona doesn't want to move to a new city, she feels lonely and misses all her friends. Fluffy, her magical cat takes her through a process where she embraces her new situation and thrives.

“Don’t cry, Rona,” Fluffy said. “Every ending is the beginning of something wonderful.”

“Rona was about to ask Fluffy what she meant but she forgot all about it when she found herself floating in mid-air…”

This is a good bedtime story, the magical process helps the child to overcome uncomfortable feelings and be happy again.

For kids ages 4-8

The Special Needs Parent Handbook - SPECIAL EDITION (abridged version) (100% of proceeds to Advocacy For All) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Jonathan L. Singer (Author)

Publication Date: May 3, 2012

34 Reviews ★★★★★

The Special Needs Parent Handbook provides practical advice for any
parent of a child with special needs, for caregivers of children with mild learning
disorders to those with severe cases of autism, cerebral palsy or other

Learn more about:
  • Hiring babysitters and free respite help
  • Finding the best and kindest doctors
  • Keeping the family together
  • Taking care of your health
  • Strategies for inclusion and recreation
  • Being a strong advocate for your child
  • Planning for the future

Duplicate post - updated

Finding Work When There Are No Jobs [Kindle Edition] - was $5.99

Roger Wright (Author)

Publication Date: March 8, 2013

17 Reviews ★★★★★

How do people really find work? Not thru standing in the “job search line” or tossing resumes into cyberspace. Job search, as all who have had to do it know, is not a rational process. The best resume simply does not win.

Finding Work takes a totally different approach. Instead of offering the same, tired advice; this book prompts individual action by using riveting stories and questions that will prompt the reader to start asking, “What if I did something different in my work search?”

Revolving around “The Five,” five key principles for charting your own unique path, Finding Work delivers attention grabbing stories that are actually fun to read.


Tell Your Story — The greatest resume in the world can’t tell people who you are.

Add Music — Use the elements of music—rhythm, harmony and melody to prompt new ways of thinking about how to differentiate yourself.

Communitize — Stop networking. Start communitizing. Weave yourself into the fabric of every community you can. You’ll find out where you can fill a need from the inside, as a community member. Not as a networker.

Solve a Mystery — What is it that you can do with such ease that others see as a mystery? Mysteries always indicate a need for a solution. What if you could fill that need, solve what appears to be a mystery to others—and get paid for it?

Practice Stewardship- Take care of something bigger than you. Find a way to build a legacy in real time.

Finding Work is the missing piece in the connection between a person and work. No magic. No experts. This book is a prompt to find one’s own answer to “How do I find work when there are no jobs?”

Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food With Stories From the Village [Kindle Edition] - was $4.99

Raisa Marika Stohyn (Author)

Publication Date: January 11, 2012

10 Reviews ★★★★.5

'Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village' is a collection of outrageous stories and 190 traditional recipes from refugees and immigrants.

Author Raisa Marika Stohyn (Reisa Stone) has spent nearly 50 years compiling this book, starting with pureed borsch as baby food and cutting dough circles for perogies as soon as she could reach.

In the form of a gonzo memoir, narrator Baba (grandma), tells wild-but-true stories while teaching you how to cook Ukrainian-style.

Compared to erotic games in the village bath and shoplifting live turkeys in your bloomers, immigrant life in Canada is beyond boring. So Baba is brewing up Old Country rituals and fond memories in her kitchen:

"Baba is village berry-picking expert. I put berry stain on lip and say to Nazi, 'Come here, you.' Baba take him into forest to pick mushroom. He pick wrong mushroom. Oop, is dead Nazi."

Her story is followed by exquisite mushroom recipes, from soup to casserole to exquisite vegetarian patties.

Here you'll find kitchen magic such as the utterly romantic wild rose petal jam on apple cake.

Wrapping up the book is a chapter of Ukrainian folk remedies, all whose ingredients can likely be found in your yard or local grocery.

Simple and Delicious Dessert Recipes - Simple and Savory Recipes: From the Kitchen of Biddy Collection [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Biddy Lylle (Author)

Publication Date: February 4, 2012

16 Reviews ★★★★.5

After years of collecting many luscious recipes from friends and family, adding my own twist to some, as well as hanging on to my mothers private stock with my kung fu grip, I decided it's time to share some of these treats with the rest of the world. So with that said, I hope you enjoy these tasty recipes as much as we have and still do to this day.

Here is a small taste of what you will get inside my recipe book "Simple and Delicious Dessert Recipes":

Fluffy Pineapple Fluff
Classic Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Chip Torte
Mouthwatering Lemonade Pie
Dads Favorite Pecan Pie
Moms Famous Heath Bar Delight
Dark Secret
Scrumptious Orange Charlotte
Apricot Sherbet
Amazing Apple Fruit Rolls
Delicious Cream Cake
Drizzling Chocolate Chip Pie
and more!

Homemade Cookies Recipes: Secrets "55" Cookies for Chocolate Chip, Cake Mix Chocolate, Mexican Wedding, Shortbread, Gingerbread, Lemon, Fortune, Vegan, Apple, Red Velvet, Monster and Banana Recipes [Kindle Edition]

Ravi Kishore (Author)

Publication Date: January 12, 2013

15 Reviews ★★★★.5

How Easily Make Your Own Homemade Cookies?, as My 14 year Old Brother can Make it Without any Cooking Experience!!

Baking cookies is not just beneficial for the tummy; it is also a great time to bond with your kids and family. So, why don’t you discover the wonderful world of cookies that await you this year? By flipping the pages of this book or by simply scrolling down, you will know the best baking ideas that will make your baking moments fun and unforgettable.

Book Inside: Top Delicious Cookies Recipes:

• Homemade Cookies Recipes
• Best Peanut Butter Cookies Recipes
• Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
• Easy Homemade Sugar Cookies
• Ultimate Cake Mix Cookies
• Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Mexican Wedding Cookies
• Best and Easy Shortbread Cookies
• Easy Gingerbread Cookies
• Easy Lemon Cookies
• Best Fortune Cookies
• Vegan Cookies
• Delicious Apple Cookies
• Red Velvet Cookies
• Easy Homemade Healthy Cookies for Kids
• Monster Cookies
• Easy to Made Banana Cookies
• Christmas Cookies Recipes
• Cookies Decorating Idea

ALASKA BOUND: One man's dream...One woman's nightmare! [Kindle Edition] - was $8.99

Tammy Jones (Author)

Publication Date: October 5, 2011

98 Reviews ★★★★.5

This exhilarating tale will take you on an unforgettable journey of fear, determination and triumph as Tom Jones' dream to experience Alaska lures him and his wife from the sleepy coastal town of Raymond, Washington to the sun baked slopes of northeastern Oregon and ultimately to the pristine wilderness of The Last Frontier.

Author Tammy Jones has gone from bank teller to builder with a few career changes in between. Her honest and direct revelations will transport you to another world where she courageously takes on challenges that will both surprise and delight you. Her story about real-life experiences is a “must-have” for the adventurous soul.

THE ROAD FROM MOROCCO [Kindle Edition] - was $6.99

Wafa Faith Hallam (Author)

Publication Date: July 31, 2012

53 Reviews ★★★★.5

The Road from Morocco recounts the extraordinary life of Saadia and her daughter Wafa. It transports readers back in time to a Middle Eastern society far removed from modern American sensibilities—to Morocco, where Saadia was born and wed against her will at thirteen. Based on recorded history and family memories, the book chronicles Saadia’s arranged marriage and hardships as a young mother to Wafa, a French-educated, sexually liberated Muslim woman, who traveled to Europe and then to America, reaching a top position on Wall Street—in theory, the fulfillment of her American dream but in reality an overwhelming experience that threatens everything she holds dear.
Like the best of fiction, this is an intensely personal emotional rollercoaster tale full of twists and turns, which make it hard to put down. In the words of a reader: “It's beautiful even in the heartbreaking moments and utterly exquisite in the pleasant ones.”

Backpacked: A Reluctant Trip Across Central America [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Catherine Ryan Howard (Author)

Publication Date: August 28, 2011

78 Reviews ★★★★

The laugh-out-loud new travel memoir from the bestselling author of Mousetrapped: A Year and A Bit in Orlando, Florida

Catherine Ryan Howard prefers bath robes to bed bugs, lattes to lizards and mini-bars to malaria. So why is she going backpacking?

She doesn't know either...

Catherine isn't the backpacking type. Working for one of the world's biggest hotel chains, she and her employee discount have become accustomed to complimentary bath robes, 24-hour room service and Egyptian cotton sheets. As for holidays, Catherine likes places that encourage lying - lying on the beach, by the pool, in bed...

She's been on what feels like one long holiday in Florida when her fearless best friend, Sheelagh, announces plans to backpack across Central America. With Catherine's US visa about to expire, her having no desire to return home to Ireland just yet and her common sense, evidently, on a day off, she agrees to go along.

After all, how bad can this backpacking thing be?

Um... very bad, actually. Catherine soon finds herself showering with the threat of electrocution, living with mutant cockroaches, sleeping on wooden planks, suffering from all but one of the side-effects listed on her bottle of anti-malarial tablets (liver failure, in case you were wondering) and riding a horse up the side of a smoking, lava-filled volcano.

And that's just the first week.

Backpacked is the wry tale of what happened when one very reluctant backpacker hit the backpacker trail and discovered that beyond the mosquitoes, bad coffee and flea-infested hostels lie even bigger mosquitoes, even worse coffee and flea-infested hostels whose bathrooms have no doors...

The No B.S. SEO Book For Your Business (Snarky Books Series) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Tim Vasquez (Author)

Publication Date: January 14, 2013

8 Reviews ★★★★★

If you are a small business person looking to understand SEO in a simple and easy manner, this book will help you and save you from pulling your hair out. Sure, it has a comedic edge to it but make no mistake, this book will absolutely give you the tools you need to be successful. Why this book is different is because it is not in some tech head jargon you can't understand. It is written so anybody just starting off learning what SEO means can do the steps! Trust me, if a former radio on air monkey like myself can do this, you can I am giving a lot of FREE tools that are online that will bust you out of just being like anybody else and make you the influencer for your business!
Read this book and you will find:
Ideas for generating traffic to your business
Tips on how to use video to make sales ( Free tools! )
Making it easy for your customers to find you
How to understand about backlinking and why it's mega important
What RSS Feeds can do for you ( Free tools )
Instant fixes to your website that will get you seen online by Google and your customers. This information is worth WAY more than the book.
Hints for making you the authority for your industry
And there is a method so easy and so underused to bring about traffic and make you the influencer, I can't believe I am giving this away for FREE.!
You are going to get practical marketing tips that if you put these ideas into place, you will get noticed online for your business!
Good luck, my friends!

Thanks for these. I look forward to finding deals like this, especially kindle, every time I'm on here.

Discover The Greatest Secret About Creativity - Begin the Journey to Transform Your Life (Unleashing Your Creativity) [Kindle Edition] - was $4.87

Dr. YKK (Author), Binh Phan (Editor), Creativity (Introduction)

Publication Date: January 1, 2013

11 Reviews ★★★★★

This Book 1: Discover the Greatest Secret About Creativity – Begin the Journey to Transform Your Life is the 1st of a series of 5 books, expanded and improved from Dr.YKK’s original best-seller “You Are Creative – Let Your Creativity Bloom”.

The entire series has been re-titled as “Unleashing Your Creativity for A More Fulfilling Life and a Rosier Future.”

By reading this Book 1 from cover to cover, you will discover the Greatest Secret to Creativity. This is the secret which, when revealed to you, will instantly make you into a Creative Person.

It provides proofs that all of us can be creative at will and gives us facts to strengthen our beliefs and self-confidence to unleash our in-born creativity. You will understand that we are all born creative and contrary to common belief, non-creative behaviour is learned. This book enables you to unlearn this non-creative behaviour and reclaim your creative birth-right.

You will also discover that happiness, a zest for life, energy, along with sexual drive, are all qualities of those who embrace creativity.

The ABCs of Money [Kindle Edition]

Natalie Pace (Author)

Publication Date: December 4, 2012

29 Reviews ★★★★★

Most Americans are worried about their future — particularly their nest egg. 1 out of every 10 Americans is being pursued by debt collectors. If you want to beat the debt game, earn gains (instead of riding on the Wall Street rollercoaster) and live a richer, happier life, then you have to get a new game plan. The ABCs of Money offers vital information and easy, effective strategies for income, budgeting, real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, hard assets, annuities, debt reduction and saving your home. These strategies have been saving homes and nest eggs for more than a decade and have earned Natalie Pace the ranking of #1 stock picker. Once you learn The ABCs of Money (that we all should have received in high school), you will transform your life — out of struggling to survive and buried alive in bills — to thriving.

As TD AMERITRADE chairman Joe Moglia says, "College students need this information before they get their first credit card. Young adults need it before they buy their first home. Empty nesters can use the information to downsize to a sustainable lifestyle, before they get into trouble."

How To Open Locks With Improvised Tools: Practical, non-destructive ways of getting back into just about everything when you lose your keys [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Hans Conkel (Author)

Publication Date: August 8, 2001

20 Reviews ★★★★

This book shows non-destructive ways to open locks if you lose your keys. Since your resources are usually on the other side of the door when you're locked out, it shows how to improvise tools from garbage and common, everyday items. Multiple entrance options are provided in case of stubborn doors or limited materials. This is excellent practical knowledge to have if you ever need it.

Thanks! I've been following your free kindle books posts for some time. I hope one day I will have enough time to read them

Teaching Your Child Respect Using Calm But Effective Discipline [Kindle Edition] - was $1.50

K Connell (Author)

Publication Date: October 19, 2012

4 Reviews ★★★★

Help for Parents with Positive Child Discipline

When I had my first baby I searched his crib for the instruction book that I hoped was delivered at the same time he was - No Luck!

I know many new parents feel the same. Especially when you have to discipline children. Effective and postive parenting is an area that causes a lot of debate - to spank or not to spank etc.etc.

With this book I have tried to offer some tips and techniques using positve child discipline.

Marriage, A Barrel of Laughs (Unless You're the One in the Barrel) [Kindle Edition] - was $7.99

Delilah (Author)

Publication Date: October 21, 2011

10 Reviews ★★★★.5

Humorous memoir of married life as experienced by two average people who were married in their teens. A compilation of various funny stories and events, addressing the mistakes, misjudgements and dangerously funny actions and consequences experienced throughout their 41 plus years together.

For the reader:

You will witness the unbridled hand of a wife who unintentionally pushes her husband to the brink of insane exasperation as she attempts to address adult responsibilities and issues.

You will laugh at her zany reasoning while her family is left wondering, 'What just happened here?'

You will scratch your head then you ask yourself, 'What was she thinking?' when she integrates her own unique ideas and style in an attempt to keep the romance hot, fresh and alive in their marriage, only to have her efforts thwarted as they backfire into a dangerous yet comical outcome.

You will smile at her innocent yet gullible mindset as she never doubts but always believes even the most incredible and unbelievable things her husband tells her.

You will ask yourself how her friends and family maintained their sense of humor, loyalty, trust and devotion toward her after being forced at times to the very limits of their own understanding.

When you finish reading this book you are promised to have a new and lighter sense of understanding as well as a new way of perceiving those day to day struggles, adventures and hurdles faced by all married couples regardless of age.

Most importantly, you're guaranteed to understand why, 'Marriage is indeed a barrel of laughs, unless you're the one in the barrel.'

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