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Don't Try to Stop Stuttering...REPLACE IT! [Kindle Edition]Michael Williams (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: April 4, 2013
Stuttering Treatment: How to Stop Stuttering

The logical and traditional way to approach stuttering is to try to treat, stop, overcome or manage it. The only problem is, this way often does not work. This guide will present to you another view, one that I think you'll find far more effective and successful in helping you achieve your fluency and life goals.

You know that you are capable of being, doing and having more. You know that you are intelligent and are able or want to be able to contribute more to your job, class, family, community and world. But, something has been holding you back. You've felt limited, even controlled by stuttering. Well, the great news is that you can learn to start speaking more smoothly, fluently and confidently, but only IF you approach it from a completely different direction.

My name is Michael Williams and I'm the founder of The Start Speaking Training Center and the PRO90D Speech System, and I stuttered for over 20 years. In this guide, I'm going to share with you no only how I have used stuttering as a springboard to excellent speech, but, how I am helping thousands of people around the globe do the same.

If you are truly ready to make a change, and have an open mind, I believe you WILL find something in this guide that will truly transform your entire life. And, I don't say that lightly. This guide contains the pure essence of all of the techniques and strategies I use everyday to help people just like you unlock their speaking potential. This is not hype, or theory. The information contained in this guide is based on Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Accelerated Learning Strategies, and real life experience. May this guide be a true blessing to you and everyone your life touches.


5 Keys to Doing Business With The Right People [Kindle Edition]colin myles (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: March 14, 2013
In the 5 Keys to Doing Business with The Right People, author Colin Myles shares the fundementals for dealing with people and companies in business. With time tested and proven keys, Colin reveals a five step excercise to assist you make better choice and decisions, when it comes to spending your money.


How To Be Successful: 21 Things the Most Successful People Don't Do After Getting Up! [Kindle Edition]Joe Allen (Author), David Donaldson (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: July 21, 2012
Do you know why some people are more successful than others? How come some people are earning more than you even they are not smarter than you? Why some people are living in a better life?

Well...if you are seeking the answers, one of the reasons is that the most successful people do things differently. By doing things differently, you get different result.

You could be like them, too; if you act like them. How?

In "How To Be Successful: 21 Things the Most Successful People Don’t Do After Getting Up! ", you'll learn the things that the most successful people don't do after they get up from bed, and what you could learn from them.

Morning time is the most precious time in a day, the most successful people know how to utilized that time to maximize their day. Success has no secrets, it has patterns. Intimating what the most successful people do is just one method you could learn.

Get this book today to know what you shouldn't be doing in the morning after getting up, and how you could benefit from it and start to live in a better life.


Blood Type Diet [Kindle Edition]Valerie Lewis (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: March 31, 2013
Blood Type Diet

Featuring Blood Type Recipes

A blood type diet is one in which you aim to eat the right foods for your type of blood. Four different blood types determine the blood type diet food list. The blood types diet covers type O, A, and AB. The thought is that blood types and diet plays a major role in the health of the person. Each blood type has specific foods that are allowed and not allowed for consumption. Peter D'Adamo who pioneered the diet plan bases the diet plan very much on the book and research. He fully believes that blood type and diet are directly related and we should consume foods or diets for blood types to match each person.

This book has an information section explaining all about the blood type diets, the theory behind the thought and goes over the foods list. The largest part of the book covers actual recipes for each blood type, type O, type A, and type AB. Each recipe section contains appetizers, desserts, breads, main dishes, and side dishes. Many of the recipes can be interchanged with some or all of the other blood types. Paying attention to the allowable and not allowable foods list helps to determine which recipes can go best with each blood type. The recipes in this book cover specifically for each blood type for quick and easy reference.

Here are a sampling of the recipes for type O blood: Cheese Ball with Herbs, Sugar Cookies, Rye Bread, and Meat Loaf. Type A blood: Sardine Salad Spread, Fudge Cookies, Buttermilk Biscuits, Italian Chicken Breasts and Rice Stuffing. Type B blood: Meatballs A La Turkey, CranNut Cake, Fried Chicken Steak, and Green Beets. Type AB blood: Veggies and Goat Cheese Dip, Risotto Tomato Rice, Chicken Curry, Nutty Baked Yellow Delicious Apples, and Zucchini Bread.


Double Your Productivity: How To Get More Done In Less Time [Kindle Edition]Victor L. Fox (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: April 4, 2013
You'll Be Amazed How Easy It Is To Achieve Your Goals In Half The Time!

Do you often wonder how some people can get twice as much work done in a smaller time frame than you? Were these people born with higher energy levels and laser beam focus?

Of course the answer is no. However, they do have the right tools, techniques, and strategies that allow their minds, bodies, and emotions to perform at a higher level.

The good news is that all these things can be learned and replicated quickly. In fact, you can double your productivity in as little as 30 days.

Did you know that most people restrain themselves from performing anywhere near as well as their minds and bodies were naturally designed to perform? Most people believe that productivity is all about prioritizing your tasks throughout the day, but in reality there is a lot more to it than that.

The highest level of productivity is like a triangle where all sides support each other. High productivity requires your mind, body, and emotions to work together in a triangular fashion. Every time one of those three elements is out of place, a significant drop-off in productivity will occur. Therefore, you must calibrate each one of those elements for optimal performance.

This book will walk you through the intricate process of fine-tuning each one of those areas. Once you mind, body, and emotions are in complete alignment with your goals and desires you will:

- Get more work done in less time.
- Enjoy a state of flow while working.
- Hove more time for friends and family.
- Exceed everyone's expectations.
- Improve the quality of your work.
- Blast through projects that used to be difficult.
- Make everyone admire your work ethic and beg you to share your secrets.

If I Could Do It, You Can Do It!

I've always had big dreams and aspirations, but every time I went after my goals I ended up feeling like I overestimated my abilities. I frequently found myself struggling to meet deadlines, and the harder I worked the more exhausted I felt mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Eventually I realize that I wouldn't be able to sustain this kind of workload much longer. That's when I decided that finding a solution to my problem was a must.

I started reading tons of books on time management and productivity. Soon I had a lot of useful information. Some things worked better than others, but I was still not getting the kind of results that I wanted.

Finally, I realized that it was probably a good idea to ask someone whose work ethic I admired. I wanted to see if they'd be willing to share some of their knowledge with me. I found one individual who was happy to share exactly the kind of information I was looking for. He explained his entire productivity system to me in detail. He said that if I followed everything he taught me, I would double my productivity very quickly. To my amazement, everything worked out just like he said it would.

Now I want to share this information with you. And, I want to do it without giving you any useless filler. I don't have time for it and I know you don't either. Here's a taste of what you will learn inside this book:

- How one master success ritual can blow open your floodgates of flow, creativity, and productivity.
- How to annihilate distractions once and for all.
- How you can quickly and easily improve your ability to focus and use it to skyrocket your productivity.
- A time management system that aligns with your natural inner clock.
- How to make your mind and body re-energize faster than you ever thought possible.
- And much more!

Imagine yourself producing better quality of work in half the time it used to take you. And, you'll get to enjoy your work a lot more. After applying the methods in this book you will be amazed with how easy it is to double your productivity.

So take action. Get your copy now, improve your productivity, and reach your goals faster than you ever thought was possible.


At Office Yoga: Your At Work Yoga Guide For Stiff Bodies That Sit All Day (Just Do Yoga) [Kindle Edition]Julie Schoen (Author), Little Pearl (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: April 4, 2013
You work hard all day! Don't you deserve a break?

Recent studies have proven that sitting for extended periods of time throughout the work day is more than just uncomfortable and boring, it is detrimental to your health! To help combat dangerous side effects of sedentary lifestyles, like obesity, heart disease, depression, and diabetes, you need to move throughout your day -- a lot!

At Office Yoga: Your At Work Yoga Guide For Stiff Bodies That Sit All Day shows you how simple doing yoga at work (and before and after) really can be. And it's so good for you too! Practicing yoga throughout the work day will:

Increase Metabolism
Improve Posture
Prevent and Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Decrease Stress and Moodiness
Boost Energy and Productivity
Help You Feel Comfortable, Confident, and Awesome!

Julie Schoen, professional yoga teacher based in New Mexico, guides you through three carefully crafted yoga sequences that are designed specifically to help keep you in tip top shape both mentally and physically while at work.

The 7th installment of her popular Just Do Yoga series, Schoen's humor, detailed instruction, and beautiful color photographs make this yoga guide one you will return to again and again, beginners to advanced yogis welcome!

Make The Best Of Your Work Day Today -- Buy At Office Yoga Now!

What If? : A Romantic Parallel World Time Travel Thriller [Kindle Edition]IAN C.P. IRVINE (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: April 4, 2013

Starting a few days after the Olympics in London have finished, 'What If?' was written for the commuter, for anyone who sits for hours every day travelling to work, and wondering...'is this the life I should be living? Have I made the right choices? ' ...and then wished for something else...

The new alternative to The Time Traveler's Wife, this is a must read for everyone, regardless of what city you work in.

'What If?' raises many interesting questions that make great topics to be discussed in Book Clubs. This edition comes complete with guideline questions for your book club to debate and discuss.

The Story :

Contemplating having an affair, bored with work, and convinced there must be something more to it all, James Quinn is a man just about to enter a mid-life crisis. James leads a successful life. But is it the right life? Instead of a Product Manager in Telecoms, should he have been a plumber, an Olympic athlete, or an artist? Life, as they say, isn't a practice run. This is it.

Convinced the 'grass is greener' everywhere else, and worried that he may be missing out, James Quinn is a man full of doubts.

It's not that he hates his own life. Far from it. His 'life', as others may call it, is good. It's just that, nowadays he can't stop looking at other people and wondering if he is living the right one? What if James has got it wrong?

And then there's Jane, the first girl he kissed at school, and the one that got away. What would life have been like if he had married her instead of his wife? Unable to control his curiosity he tracks her down through Facebook and discovers that she is now a beautiful woman, living in London, and unhappy in her marriage: like a moth drawn to a flame James finds himself heading for infidelity and feels powerless to stop.

Then one day, during the normal underground commute to work in London, he looks up from his book and doesn't recognise the station name on the Jubilee Line, …and in a split-second, everything changes.

Emerging onto a platform at "New Cross Gate North", a station that shouldn't exist, James finds that Canary Wharf has vanished. Gone. And so have Selfridges and mobile phones.

Instead, James finds himself in a parallel world, where the city he lived in has changed, and every moment is now a voyage of discovery into a new life: a new career in advertising, a new house, and a new wife: Jane-the object of all his fantasies.

In this new world, James discovers that he is a flamboyant, intelligent, charismatic, successful businessman. Yet, even though he now has everything he has always dreamt of, he finds that he longs for everything else that he used to have but has now lost: his two children, Keira and Nicole, and his wife Sarah. Sarah, the woman he loved but took for granted.

Convinced that both the past and present are real, he realises that somewhere Sarah must be as real in this world as she was in the last. Longing to hold her in his arms again, and with no apparent way back to his old world, he sets out to find Sarah in his new world. Wherever she is.

Using knowledge from their previous life together, he manages to track her down. But James realises that before he can truly be together with Sarah once again, he must first understand what went wrong between them in the other world to avoid it happening again.

What is the secret that his subconscious has hidden from his conscious mind, and which made him want to turn away from Sarah and into the arms of another woman? Will it be possible for Sarah to fall in love with him again in this new world? And is it too late to find a way back to the old world, and his old life?

Or will he be stuck forever in this other world, yearning for the green, green grass of home?

The Seriously Silly ABC Book: A Rhyming Picture Book for Kids Learning to Read [Kindle Edition]Steve Hodge (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: March 31, 2013
"The Seriously Silly ABC Book" introduces children to the letters of the alphabet one at a time using colorful drawings and simple sentences that emphasize the individual letters in bold, capitalized, brightly-colored type.

You will point out the featured letter at the top of each page and encourage your child to find the several other examples of that same letter on that page, making this book a fun, interactive experience for both you and your child each time you share the book together.

This book became a #1 Best Seller within days of its release.

Once your child becomes familiar with the letters of the alphabet (or if your child is already there) you may want to check out the author’s other rhyming picture books for kids learning to read; “Things You Might See” and “More Things You Might See,” each of which achieved a #1 Best Seller ranking in their children’s book categories the months they were released. “More Things You Might See” also earned a #1 “Hot New Release” ranking.

Those books have entertained thousands of children while helping to guide them onto the path toward learning to read.

Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers: How to Double or Triple Your Daily Word Count [Kindle Edition]Ryan Healy (Author)]

Book Description
Publication Date: March 9, 2013
If you’ve ever struggled with the blank screen… if writing feels like crawling through mud on your belly… or if you just want to write faster than you do today… then this book is for you.

It will teach you the secrets of "Speed Writing" and how to double or triple your daily writing output.

Imagine that you are able to write two or three times as fast as you can today. How much more would you be able to get published each year? More importantly, how much more would you be able to earn as a writer?

Here’s what you’ll learn when you read Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers:

* 4 reasons you need to write faster than you do today.

* How I wrote an ebook in a single weekend -- and how you can, too.

* How to conquer the blank screen once and for all.

* How to quickly increase your writing speed so that you are able to double or triple your daily word count.

* Mistaken assumptions that keep writers stuck in “slow.”

* The 10 “Powers” of Speed Writing. How you can layer these “powers” for bigger gains in speed.

* Why anybody with sufficient motivation can become a Speed Writer.

* The difference between good writing days and bad writing days.

* How to start stacking more high productivity days on top of each other so you can complete “impossible” writing projects in record time.

* How to feel inspired every single time you sit down to write.

* And much more.

Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers is for writers of all kinds. It doesn't matter whether you write articles, editorials, sales letters, white papers, or books. You will find techniques and principles that will make you a much faster writer.

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