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Top 100 U.S. Facts: In the Past 100 Years [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

James McDougal (Author)

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0... (more)

archena (Apr. 28, 2013 @ 12:07a) |

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Improve Health with Delicious Juice Recipes [Kindle Edition]... (more)

archena (Apr. 28, 2013 @ 12:14a) |

Stories For Kids: 31 Fun and Illustrated Children's Stories with Moral Lessons (A Story A Day) [Kindle Edition] - was $1... (more)

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The Wealth Shield: A Wealth Management Guide: How to Invest and Protect Your Money from Another Stock Market Crash, Financial Crisis or Global Economic Collapse [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Jim Woods (Author), John Hutchinson (Author), Tom Essaye (Author)


Publication Date: April 10, 2013

7 Reviews ★★★★★

Are you confused about how to invest in the coming years? Are you worried that another stock market crash will cut your money in half....again!? Concerned that your portfolio won't be there for you in later years? Think you need to buy gold but don't know how to do it? Spending hours trying to find that next "big" thing to invest in?

Worry less.

The Wealth Shield is a six step strategy that teaches you how to invest and how to protect your money from another stock market collapse, financial crisis or global economic meltdown. The book highlights key threats to investors' money today and how to prepare for and protect against those threats.

If you’re going to go back into the stock market (and yes, you should) it’s time to do it on YOUR terms – with a smart plan that allows you to profit from stocks, bonds and other investments, but most importantly, a plan that protects your money, regardless of when that next market crash or economic calamity happens.

The Wealth Shield is a simple 6-part portfolio for investors who are worried about:
• Another financial crisis
• Another stock market crash
• Having enough money in later years
• Governments taking more in new and hidden taxes

The Wealth Shield will teach you how to separate your financial “eggs” (without breaking them) such that:

• Your money is safeguarded
• Your assets are liquid (so you can change them into cash in a crisis)
• You have control over your money
• Your portfolio goes UP in value, even if the market goes DOWN

This book is not an economic dissertation – you don’t need a Ph.D. to read this and put this strategy to use.

But you do need a plan. That plan is The Wealth Shield.

Whisper My Secret [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

JB Rowley (Author)


Publication Date: July 1, 2007

55 Reviews ★★★★.5

How does a mother cope when she is forced to walk away from her three children and never see them again? That is what happened to JB’s mother, Myrtle. Eventually, rescued from her despair by tall, dark and handsome George Rowley who fell in love her, Myrtle started a new life and had seven more children. She buried the grief of losing her first children deep within and kept her pain secret. JB and her siblings were unaware of the existence of Myrtle’s first three children until after she died. Desperate to know how such a thing could happen to a devoted and caring mother, JB went on a journey to find out. What she discovered was a heartbreaking story of loss. It was a long time before JB was able to work out that her mother kept her early life and her first family secret out of misplaced guilt and shame. To redress that, JB decided to tell the whole world her mother’s secret. Whisper My Secret is a proud declaration that Myrtle did nothing deserving of guilt or shame.

Book length is approximately 57 000 words.

Betty's Child [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Donald Dempsey (Author)


Publication Date: March 26, 2013

30 Reviews ★★★★★

In the tradition of Frank McCourt and Angela's Ashes, Don Dempsey uses Betty's Child to tell the story of life with his cruel and neglectful mother, his mother's abusive boyfriends, and hypocritical church leaders who want to save twelve-year-old Donny's soul but ignore threats to his physical well-being. Meanwhile, Donny's best friend is trying to recruit Donny to do petty theft and deal drugs for a dangerous local thug.

Young Donny is a real-life cross between Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caulfield as he tells his story, with only his street smarts and sense of humor to guide him. Donny does everything he can to take care of himself and his younger brothers, but with each new development, the present becomes more fraught with peril--and the future more uncertain.

From the Author
An estimated 700,000 children are victims of child maltreatment in the United States each year: 78% suffer neglect, 18% are physically abused, 9% are sexually abused, 8% are psychologically maltreated, and an astonishing 78% suffer neglect. (Source: National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System)

Don Dempsey experienced childhood abuse and neglect first hand, but went on to find business success and a fulfilling family life as an adult. "If you're lucky, you make it to adulthood in one piece," says Don. "But there's no guarantee the rest of your life is going to be any better. Abused kids are often plagued by fear and insecurity. They battle depression and have trouble with relationships. In the worst cases, abused children perpetuate the cycle."

But Don is living proof that you can overcome a childhood of abuse and neglect. "You start by letting go of as much of the guilt (yes, abused kids feel guilty) and as many of the bad memories as possible. At the same time, you hold on to the things that helped you survive. For me, it was the belief that you can make life better by working at it and earning it. It helps to have a sense of humor, too."

Some of Don's experiences will make you cringe, but you'll want to keep reading because of Don's natural storytelling ability and sense of humor. And in the end, you'll appreciate hearing Don's inspiring story.

Fallen Superheroes [Kindle Edition] - was $9.99

Adam Mock (Author), Scott Allen Perry (Author), Eric Curtis (Photographer)


Publication Date: June 1, 2012

15 Reviews ★★★★★

Using superheroes as the allegory, this colorful photo narrative explores the not-so-glamorous and sometimes dark realities of those who strive to live their dreams against all odds. The creators of Mime Very Own Book have reunited to pair trademark imagery with witty snippets to create a hilarious visual smorgasbord of real people and their quest to see themselves as more than they really are. From fast food to the simple pleasures of gardening, this lighthearted spoof reveals the superhero in all.

About the Author
From the team that brought you Mime Very Own Book....
A new universe through the lens of Eric Curtis: Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Eric moved to California after college and lives in LA where he has photographed such Hollywood notables as David Lynch, Danny Glover, rocker Tommy Lee, the bands My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, and rapper Method Man. Eric's unique approach to photography emphasizes bringing studio lighting to the outside world, which allows him to dictate the terms of the world he's shooting. Fallen Superheroes is Eric's vision brought to life through his lens and the unique storytelling of authors Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock, whom he collaborated with on Mime Very Own Book.
Scott Allen Perry is an actor, independent filmmaker and writer who produced, wrote and directed segments for all 3 seasons of FuelTV's sketch comedy show Stupidface. He has directed and written episodes of the hit YouTube series Retarded Policeman which has garnered over 100 million views and is still growing and he wrote & directed the hilarious documentary The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat & Beers which premiered on SpikeTV and IFC. Scott previously teamed up with Adam Mock and Eric Curtis for the hilarious Mime Very Own Book.
Adam Mock has been with Medallion Press since 2004. He began his publishing career as art director for Medallion and currently serves as the president and creative director for the newly formed Medallion Media Group. He's mad with ADD and uses his mind-forever-voyaging to bring himself hours of amusement . . . usually at the expense of others.

Circling the Waggins; How 5 Misfit Dogs Saved Me from Bewilderness [Kindle Edition] - was $5.99

Cayr Ariel Wulff (Author)


Publication Date: July 16, 2012

30 Reviews ★★★★★

More than twenty years of performing pet rescues could wear anyone down. Especially when the pets that end up being permanent residents in your home are the most irascible, insane and ridiculously un-adoptable pets known to man. Circling the Waggins follows two middle aged women as they maneuver through one unexpected pet debacle after another in a rugged and isolated cabin in a National Park. They emerge from a dark and difficult time as they discover that even the tiniest of lives is precious; heartache and joy go hand-in-hand, and love is an eternal circle of wagging tails.

Circling the Waggins; How 5 Misfit Dogs Saved Me from Bewilderness [Kindle Edition] - was $5.99

Cayr Ariel Wulff (Author)


Publication Date: July 16, 2012

30 Reviews ★★★★★

More than twenty years of performing pet rescues could wear anyone down. Especially when the pets that end up being permanent residents in your home are the most irascible, insane and ridiculously un-adoptable pets known to man. Circling the Waggins follows two middle aged women as they maneuver through one unexpected pet debacle after another in a rugged and isolated cabin in a National Park. They emerge from a dark and difficult time as they discover that even the tiniest of lives is precious; heartache and joy go hand-in-hand, and love is an eternal circle of wagging tails.

Still Life With Brass Pole [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Craig Machen (Author)


Publication Date: May 3, 2011

59 Reviews ★★★★.5

Craig is 16 when he returns from a drug-fueled visit with his dad in Miami to find his mom leaving town with her 23 year-old boyfriend. In the same moment, his dreams of settling down with his pregnant girlfriend are dashed when she is moved off to Texas by her parents. Left alone in small town Oklahoma, he embarks on a deranged, cross-country quest for a family of his own.

Still Life With Brass Pole is film and television writer Craig Machen's funny, debauched and heartfelt memoir about young love and coming of age in the titillation business. And how a roaring White Knight Complex, an eccentric comedy club owner, and a trio of unpredictable striptease artists conspire to help him achieve his aims.

About the Author
Craig Machen was raised on and off in Oklahoma, with stops along the southeast coast of Florida and central Arizona. While bouncing at rock concerts, wrestling matches, strip clubs, and saloons of every stripe in high school and college, Craig developed an outsized interest in human nature. Then, building upon his work in the field of hired thuggery, he intensified his peerings into the dark heart of man by tackling the job of full time dad; and later, professional screenwriter.

In 15 years of writing for Hollywood, Craig has worked for Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films, Ivan Reitman's Montecito Picture Company, Jim Henson Pictures, The WB, Paramount Television, Warner Brothers TV, Tollin-Robbins Productions, VH-1, Viacom, Spelling Television, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, and others. He also wrote the award-winning movie Wasted for MTV, and for the Zac Efron show Summerland. His new memoir, Still Life With Brass Pole, is his first book. Craig now lives in the South Bay of Los Angeles, where he spends his free time surfing, playing guitar, exercising, and hanging out with his sons and a huge red dog.

21 Tasty Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes (Simple Healthy recipes for slow cooker) [Kindle Edition]

Hannah Mason (Author)


Publication Date: January 8, 2013

48 Reviews ★★★★.5

I have taken the time to assemble
21 of the most delicious chicken recipes out of a list of literally thousands
of recipes. I have traveled extensively across remote parts in Peru and Brazil
and Europe. Tasting and trying every
delicious recipe I could find and I have compiled 21 of the best recipes that I
have ever tried. We are talking about 7 years of experience tasting the most
exquisite chicken recipes that can be found all over the globe. The catch with
this book is that majority of recipes are made for crockpot. I have
specifically designed these recipes in this manner because I understand that in
today's age NO ONE has time to cook an extensive meal. I believe firmly in
practicality and also healthy living.
That is why the majority of these recipes are fix it and forget it. Take
my word for it there is nothing better than coming home to a meal that has
already been made after a long day of work.

In this book I give away personal family recipe. That recipe being the Moscato chicken.
It is a mix of olive oil and chicken sautéed in a pan along with pepper and a secret ingredient. Chicken Crockpot recipes are everywhere, you can find
majority of them on the Internet on prominent cooking websites. Everywhere you turn you can find the new latest cookbook. Most of them are just rehashes of previous generations of cookbooks.
However, how many cookbooks come from actual life experience? In this
cookbook some one has already done all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is prepare a healthy dinner meal for you r family using your slow cooker.
I can almost guarantee you that this book the best chicken crockpot recipes on the market.

Homemade Bread Recipe: Step-By-Step Photo Recipe [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Thomas Miller (Author)


Publication Date: February 17, 2013

12 Reviews ★★★★★

Let the tasty smell of fresh homemade bread start to pour out of your kitchen!

Is This Homemade Bread Recipe For You?

If you don't know how to prepare delicious homemade bread, than yes, this book is for you!

If you find it hard to follow traditional recipes that give you only list of ingredients and few lines of instructions, than yes, this book is for you!

If you want to find out the easiest way to learn, step-by-step and with photo coverage, how to prepare delicious homemade bread, than yes, you need to grab this book!

What's In This Book?

Here is a quick look on just some of the most important parts of this book:
• Detailed list of all ingredients you need, covered by photo;
Chapters that separate each important part of preparation of tasty homemade bread;
• A quick introduction to tell you more about this homemade bread recipe;
Each chapter contains detailed steps for preparing the bread - every step is covered by photo and detailed instructions;
• Additional tips and advices on how to make this homemade bread even better;
Basically you will watch me preparing a bread so you can be sure this recipe actually works;
• And much more!

Simple, Detailed & Photographed

I took some time to prepare this homemade bread and I took pictures of every step I did. Then I wrote detailed instructions and compiled this step-by-step photo recipe.

My wish was to give you a resource that will allow you to prepare your own bread at your own home without any problems - and without any chance to mess up! With my detailed photo recipe, there is no chance you can miss!

Ready to start preparing your own homemade bread? Ready to impress your family and friends with your cooking abilities? Great!

Healthy Tastes Great Vegan Cookbook Vol. 1 Breakfast [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Rachel Frank (Author)


Publication Date: March 10, 2013

12 Reviews ★★★★

You Will Learn...
• How to substitute eggs in recipes.

• About a variety of dairy alternatives.

• How to keep all the flavor and moisture in your baked goods.

• Recipes that will please even the pickiest eaters in your house.

•Amazing breakfast recipes even non vegan will love!

Recipes in This Volume...

• Ultimate Smoothie Formula

• Hot Chocolate Heaven

• Easy Almond Milk

• Banana Bread Muffins

• Better Than Betty's Muffins

• English Muffins

• Peanut Butter Cup English Muffins

• Perfect Southern Biscuits

• Pumpkin Scones

• Sinful Cinnamon Rolls

• Maple Oatmeal Scones

• Crazy Good Coffee Cake

•Wow Me Waffles

• Pancake Paradise

• Fabulous French Toast

• 3 Bears Oatmeal

• Energize Me Granola

• Fruit Parfait Fun

• Happy Hash Browns

• Berry Tastic Jammy Jam

• Dream of Whipped Cream

About the Author
Rachel Lynn Frank was born in Rochester, NY and grew up in Western NY. She married an Active Duty Army Service Member and has moved across the United States to places like Hawaii and South Carolina. She is a PhD candidate in Health Psychology, has a Master of Science in Psychology from Walden University, and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She writes, speaks, and teaches about holistic health, self help, healthy living, and healthy cooking. An avid animal lover, Rachel cares for 16 rescue animals and brings that nurturing and supportive spirit into her work.

The Yummy Smoothie Book: Deceptively Low Calorie Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss and Health [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Sandra Shillington (Author)


Publication Date: October 25, 2012

8 Reviews ★★★★.5

At 300 Calories or Less, These Easy to Make Smoothie Recipes Taste Like Your Indulging When You're Really Not.

Too busy for breakfast? Too busy for lunch? Too tired to cook? Have a satisfying healthy smoothie instead! You’ll feel like you’re indulging with smoothies such as Salted Caramel, Berry Pie and Creamy Vanilla Bean Cupcake, but at 300 calories less, you won’t break the calorie bank! These smoothie recipes help you create a quick, and delicious snack or meal. The recipes in this book tempt you with delicious ingredients, while keeping your calorie intake down and your nutrient level up. Smoothies are a simple way to make a positive change to your lifestyle, so you can have more energy and vitality. The calories for each ingredient, along with total calorie count, are listed, so you can incorporate these recipes as part of your overall weight loss or health plan. With pictures throughout, these recipes are easy to follow, and the ingredients are readily available.

Imagine That: A Short Childrens Rhyming Book [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Irene Bouchard (Author), Joshua Bydairk (Illustrator)


Publication Date: August 12, 2012

20 Reviews ★★★★★

Imagine That is a children's rhyming book that teaches children to use their imagination. Your kids will love reading this book over and over again. The illustrations and story in this book will spark the imagination of your child.

Author Irene Bouchard is a social worker, but more importantly a mother of six children, and a grandmother of four. "The grandkids give me inspiration and help me stay energized and passionate about life," she states. Her grandchildren gave her the name of 'Granma Song' several years ago because grandma Bouchard is known for having plenty of music and dancing in her home. With homemade and odd instruments from around the globe, she and the children in her life frequently sit or march around the house trying to imitate the sounds of different cultures.

With poetry and other writings under her belt, writing childrens' books is Irene Bouchard's passion. She loves rhyming and she knows this plays a major part in the development of children to form patters to estimate the next steps. Bouchard understands that the more time children sit with their parents for interactive play, the better adjusted they become.

Imagine That and many of her other stories are considered "interactive" because they encourage communication between children and adults, making sometimes tough-to-talk-about topics easier (and even fun) to discuss.

Boo & Doo and the Crazy Cloud (A Wacky, Silly and Unique Rhyming Children's Picture eBook) [Kindle Edition]

Michael Yu (Author), June Yu (Editor)


Publication Date: April 6, 2013

18 Reviews ★★★★★

Boo and Doo live in the small, peaceful town of Oobaoo. Everything is fine and dandy until a crazy cloud arrives.

Soon the little town is attacked by giant rain drops that splatter and batter everything in sight. Can Boo and Doo, two brave, young Oobas, save the day? What wacky plan do they have up their sleeves?

Find out the answers in this silly, entertaining rhyming book with a surprisingly funny conclusion.

The illustrations of this story are sure to have you laughing out loud.
Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2 years and up.

SPED [Kindle Edition] - was $3.99

Re Marzullo (Author)


Publication Date: February 14, 2013

23 Reviews ★★★★★

What’s so “special” about Special Education? SPED lets you find out.

Jack Parker has been content to go through middle school in a SPED small group class for the last two years and stay off the radar of the bullies in his school. While life at Hickory Hills Middle School has been safe for Jack, it has also gotten a bit dull with only four classmates (all boys) to spend the school day with.

All of that changes in Jack’s eighth grade year when girls and trouble show up in his small group class.

Fast paced and funny, SPED tells the story of Jack and his classmates as he handles bullies at school and challenges at home and learns that growing up means taking chances - not only for himself but for those he cares about.

Diary of a Horse Mad Girl: My First Pony - Book 1 [Kindle Edition] - was $1.99

Katrina Kahler (Author)


Publication Date: January 7, 2013

27 Reviews ★★★★★

Follow the true adventures of Abbie and her first pony, Sparkle (a beautiful Palomino) in her diary. Yes, she is a horse mad girl and when she gets her first pony...all her dreams come true...

"When I first saw Sparkle, I knew that she was the pony for me! As soon as she cantered across the paddock, I think we both knew that we were meant to be together. But I certainly wasn't prepared for the exciting adventures ahead."

My First Pony will take you on a ride filled with fun, friendships and even near disaster - the true story of a totally horse mad girl and a beautiful palomino named Sparkle. It is suitable for "horse mad" girls aged from around 8 to 12.

Children's Book:Fancy Hat (Moral stories For Children Ages 4-8, Books Collection) [Kindle Edition]

Yael Aharoni (Author), Joyeeta Neogi (Illustrator)


Publication Date: April 4, 2013

34 Reviews ★★★★★

This is an old story that goes in my family for several generations,
from father to son.
The moral of the story is very important for life,
providing an important economic aspect of life itself.

Sleepy Animals. A sleepy animals bedtime book [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Gerald Hawksley (Author, Illustrator)


Publication Date: June 4, 2012

25 Reviews ★★★★.5

Say goodnight to all the sleepy animals one by one. Simple rhyming text and cheerful pictures make this an ideal little bedtime book to share with your child.




Publication Date: March 9, 2013

14 Reviews ★★★


This short book shows the profiles of nine women serial killers in the early part of the 20th Century. These are nine profiles that are contained in the complete Women Serial Killers of the 20th Century ASIN B008A9FV48 available in both kindle and paperback.

These are stories that are bound to horrify and intrigue.

MARIA ALEXANDRIA BECKER-------Fashion-Minded Murderess
LOUISE PEETE ----Not Always a Lady
DAISY LOUISA DEMELKER ------ Bad News in Johannesburg
LYDIA SOUTHARD--------Wouldn't be stopped.
MARY ELIZABETH WILSON---The Merry Widow of Windy Nook
DAGMAR OVERBYE-------And Her Kitchen Stove
VERA RENCZI---Obsession
MARTHA MAREK --------- The Devil in Petticoats.
NANNIE DOSS ----The Giggling Granny

I posted about 4 or 5 in the biography category this a.m., said post was being approved...and I haven't seen them? Even looked @ yesterday's list to see if I bungled it.

spsaver said:   I posted about 4 or 5 in the biography category this a.m., said post was being approved...and I haven't seen them? Even looked @ yesterday's list to see if I bungled it.

Odd. I did not see when I posted and I still have so many just no time to post

Whitney Houston: Tragic Diva The Epic Life and Shocking Death of Whitney Houston (Backpack Bios) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

David Cline (Author)


Publication Date: March 2, 2012

12 Reviews ★★★★

Backpack Bios:
Why Choose a Backpack Bio?

Backpack Bios are brief but intimate 30-minute portraits of some of the most fascinating people of Our Time and Times Gone By.

Take a bus ride, a lunch break, or a warm bath, and get to know a Legend like you never thought you could...

Backpack Bios:
Give us 30 minutes—and we’ll give you a Lifetime…

"Whitney Houstion: Tragic Diva
The Epic Life and Shocking Death of Whitney Houston"

Whitney Houston was a Miracle.

A Legendary performer known as "The Voice," her astonishing talent was undeniable and her music moved millions.

But she also battled personal demons, toxic dependencies, and crippling self-destructive behaviors.

Her startling beauty, indisputable charisma, and divinely-gifted voice made her meteoric rise to superstardom virtually inevitable.

But her erratic behavior, tumultuous relationships, and crushing addictions made her premature and tragic end almost equally irrevocable.

Just who was this tragic diva, truly? And how, like so many other legends before her, did we lose her so very young?

In this intimate and insightful book, Music Industry insider David Cline tries to discover how...

Author's Note from the Book:

Where does one possibly begin in telling the epic story of an iconic performer the likes of Whitney Houston?

How does one approach a life as triumphant and tragic as hers, and make it Human?

How can one speak for a superstar known as "The Voice," when that Voice has been so sadly and prematurely silenced?

These were the formidable questions we faced as we sat down to compose a brief but intimate portrait of a Legend.

The answer to all of them however, became evident very, very quickly:

Through her Music.

As we organized the research, assembled the elements, and prepared to outline our approach, we were struck by a profound revelation:

Whitney Houston had lived her life through her Music, so how could one ever begin to tell her astounding story, unless they started with her Music?

As we examined her history through the prism of that Music, it immediately became amazingly clear that every phase of her remarkable life could be viewed through the telling titles of some of her greatest songs.

Whitney moved us because she sang from Life--is it any wonder then, that in the words she sang, lay the touchstones to examining that Life?

They are her songs. It is her music. It is her story.

It is our hope that through our telling of it, you will feel closer to the woman and the wonder that was Whitney Houston.

---David Cline

Dating In The Dark: sometimes love just pretends to be blind (A Romantic Comedy) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Pete Sortwell (Author)


Publication Date: March 13, 2013

7 Reviews ★★★★★

Jason isn’t a midget, he’s an inch and a half off. He’s too short for the police and too tall for the pantomime. He’s also single and has been for all of his 32 years. It’s depressing. But not as depressing as being told by his mother that he looks like Humpty Dumpty – after the accident. So with a face not even his own mother can love, it’s hardly surprising that he’ll try anything to get a woman to go out with him, even if it’s only for a single date.
With little interest in anything other than his quest for a woman and a nice bit of cod and chips, Jason needs to think outside the box if he’s going to find someone who’ll give him a chance.
Along with Barry — his best mate — Jason comes up with the only thing he thinks will work: dating a blind woman. However, to do that, he needs to pretend he’s blind himself, which is a lot harder than you might think … especially when guide dogs are so hard to come by.
Eventually Jason’s efforts pay off and he meets Emma, a pretty professional with a host of friends. When he takes her out, they instantly hit it off. But will Jason be able to fool both Emma and her best friend Jerry into thinking he’s blind?
With everything to play for, Jason faces the biggest challenge of his life, and nobody — especially not him — can see how it’ll all turn out.

DSLR Photography - Simple Techniques to Create Great Pictures with your DSLR Camera [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Darren Rowland (Author)


Publication Date: July 6, 2012

21 Reviews ★★★★

Do you want to create great pictures with your DSLR camera, but don't want to read 200 pages of "fluff"? This book, written by Darren Rowland (an Amazon Best Selling Author), gives you straightforward techniques and tips to take pictures like a pro!

Darren has been a part-time photographer for over 8 years and in this book, he gets right to the point. He walks you through the functions and features you can use while shooting, and then goes through some editing techniques you can use with photo editing software.

You will learn about:

- ISO Settings
- Pixel Dimensions
- How Incorrect Exposure can Impact Your Photo
- Adjusting Levels and Curves
- Balancing Color
- Image Sharpening
- Magnification
- Resolution
- Understanding Bit Depth
- Resizing for the Web
- Photo Enlargements
- Converting Color Photos into Black & White
- Colorizing Black and White Images
- Digital Restorations

...and More!

So if you are looking for a "No Filler" DSLR Photography book, this is the one for you!


Essential Home Remedies: Staying Healthy With Simple, Natural Home Remedies From The Pantry And The Garden [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

Sue Woledge (Author)


Publication Date: April 23, 2011

58 Reviews ★★★★

Simple, Natural Home Remedies To Help Yourself and Your Family Stay Healthy

Let me show you how you can use simple and affordable home remedies to help keep you and your family healthier.

I want to share with you, my favourite home remedies. These are the remedies that I've used and loved for years. I consider these remedies to be essential to my life! I always have these simple ingredients in the garden and the pantry because they are really easy to have on hand and really handy to know how to use.

You too can learn to use these simple home remedies to help keep yourself and your family healthier as well as saving you money on medical costs. Once you know how to use them and realise how effective they are, you'll consider them essential too.

In this book I'll share with you:

The best remedy ever for Coughs
Learn about the amazing but very common herb that stops even the most persistent coughing rapidly and that also helps to stop colds and sore throats before they take hold.

The Gout remedy
Learn about the simple and affordable remedy that helps not only with gout, but bad breath, heartburn and lots more.

A remedy for spider bites and boils!
Learn how to make a simple poultice that can be used on spider and other insect bites, boils and splinters.

and many more....

These are simple and natural home remedies that can be kept in your pantry and grown in the garden. They're tried and tested home remedies that have been used over the years and they work!

The remedies in this little book have been my favourite home remedies over the last 20 years and I'm sure they will soon be your favourites too.

If you're realising that doctors and their drugs aren't always the best medicine and you're looking for a better, cheaper way to take care of your health and the health of your family then this book is a great start. It's a quick, easy read that will get you on the path to better, more affordable health.

Essential Home Remedies: Staying Healthy With Simple Natural Home Remedies From The Pantry And The Garden contains the following:

How It All Started
The Digestive Healer: Slippery Elm
A Natural Antibiotic: Garlic
Lose Weight and Lower Blood Pressure With Chili
The Healer: Aloe Vera
From Cancer To Morning Sickness: Ginger
Thyme For Coughs and Colds
The Master Alkaliser: Lemon
From Breast Milk To Farts: Fennel Seed
Breath Deep And Be Calm With Lemon Balm
Lovely And Very Handy: Lavender Essential Oil
Breath Easy With Peppermint Essential Oil
Used For Almost Everything: Apple Cider Vinegar
From Gout To Cleaning: Baking Soda
More Handy Remedies Worth Knowing About...

In this book I share with you how I personally use each of these remedies, and fill you in on the health benefits of using them in a simple, easy to understand way. So why not get started?

Attention! Teachers, Students and Parents! Survive the Unsurvivable! What Science Tells Us About Fear, Self-Defense, School Shootings and Why Guns in ... Solution. (The Science of Human Survival) [Kindle Edition]

Blake Peterson (Author), Michael Chasan (Editor)


Publication Date: April 11, 2013

7 Reviews ★★★★★

This book was written to inform teachers, parents and students about the reality of violence in schools and how to survive seemingly unsurvivable situations using scientifically tested principles. In this book, the author is unbiased regarding guns in schools and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The findings and recommendations are solely based on what can be proven through science ie. psychology, physics and geometry.

Acid Reflux (Heartburn: Tips to Stop Acid Reflux Using Simple Natural Remedies) [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

C.D. Shelton (Author)


Publication Date: February 24, 2012

20 Reviews ★★★★.5

Heartburn or acid reflux is an irritation of the esophagus caused by stomach acid.

Without fluff and to the point, this short ebook explains how simple natural remedies can help you with gerd, indigestion, reflux and any heartburn conditions you may be experiencing.

Stop your dependence on antacids and learn the reasons why they are so harmful to your health.

About the Author
C. D. Shelton, a Professor of Biology has inspired college students for many years by sharing his passion and knowledge for plant life, nature, medical and health related topics.

He began writing novels after being inspired by motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale's CD entitled Lead the Field. The CD was a Christmas gift in 2008. It wasn't until then that he discovered his hidden talent and love of writing.

Since then, C.D. Shelton has written ten novels (five published), one non-fiction kid's book with an accompanying workbook for educators. And most recently, he has written several short ebooks on different health related topics.

The Unknown Architects of Civil Rights: Thaddeus Stevens, Ulysses S. Grant, and Charles Sumner [Kindle Edition] - was $5.99

Barry Goldenberg (Author)


Publication Date: October 13, 2011

4 Reviews ★★★★

Winner of the prestigious Carey McWilliams Prize for best Undergraduate Honors History Thesis at the University of California, Los Angeles, The Unknown Architects of Civil Rights is a groundbreaking book that re-examines three of the most influential—but largely forgotten—civil rights leaders in American history.

As civil rights history continues to hold a prominent place in American society, it is only through the courageous actions of Thaddeus Stevens, Ulysses S. Grant, and Charles Sumner that America’s most prized Civil Rights gains are emblazoned in our Constitution. Without these powerful and then-famous politicians, the 1960's Civil Rights Movement would not have occurred the way it did--or possibly even at all.

During the Reconstruction Era when racism and prejudice was at its height, Stevens, Grant, and Sumner valiantly fought for African American equality only years following the institution of slavery. The Unknown Architects of Civil Rights brings to life the personalities, the struggles, and the legacies of three men who strove towards America’s claim of “liberty and justice for all” during this unprecedented time in our nation’s history.

About the Author
Barry M. Goldenberg is a recent graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts in History with a Minor in Education Studies. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in History and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University in the City of New York. To learn more, visit http://www.barrygoldenberg.com

Top 100 U.S. Facts: In the Past 100 Years [Kindle Edition] - was $2.99

James McDougal (Author)


Publication Date: March 10, 2013

4 Reviews ★★★★★

James McDougal's captivating and informative Top 100 U.S. Facts: In the Past 100 Years is eye-opening, precise, and an easy for anyone interested in the time that the United States has become what it is today. In here, you will be sure to find some new and interesting piece of information which will come in handy at some point of anyone's life.

You will find facts like:
The U.S. establishing the official national anthem in 1931
It took 27 years to re-paint the Golden Gate Bridge to the color it is today

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Improve Health with Delicious Juice Recipes [Kindle Edition] - was $3.97

Donna Hardin (Author)


Publication Date: February 27, 2013

16 Reviews ★★★★.5

Need a complete guide to losing weight naturally? Time to Start Juicing for Weight Loss

Losing weight through juice diet is the best natural way to gain more energy, improve your health and lose weight fast.

The Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss Book: Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Improve Health with Delicious Juice Recipes was written by Donna Hardin who has been successfully using fresh vegetables and fruits juices in her daily diet for over 10 years to not only lose weight, but achieve a better health, stop the aging process and maintain a high level of energy every day to keep up with her busy life.

This is one of her latest books where she takes you on a journey and shows you all the benefits of juicing, how a juicing diet can massively help you transform your body, and how to properly use fresh juices to detox, cleanse and lose weight.

Inside the Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss Book you will discover:

the number one reason why juicing should be a part of your daily routine

the known and not so known benefits of juices

how, done right, juicing can help you lose weight faster than any diet you know

The secret behind juice fasts and why, done wrong, they can do more harm than good to your body

more than 30 delicious recipes for vegetables and fruits juices grouped into several categories based on their main benefits

The nutritional values and benefits of each ingredient used in each recipe

complete guide on how to start, where to start, what recipes to use in the beginning and how to plan out a full weight loss program using these juice recipes

and much more…

Donna took all her experience accumulated over more than 10 years of juicing, took the advice and tips from nutritionists all over the country and included them in this book so you can benefit from them starting today.

If you wish to go on a juicing diet for any reason, whether it is to lose weight, improve health, boost your energy, sustain wellness, detox your body, improve your immune system, or just to enjoy a simple glass of a delicious fresh juice, the Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss Book: Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Improve Health with Delicious Juice Recipes by Donna Hardin is the best choice.

About the author

Donna Hardin has been a true believer of the wonderful benefits of raw foods and fresh vegetables and fruits juices. She consulted with many nutritionists all over the country to learn as much as possible about the best healthy choices one can make to improve his//her health. All her knowledge accumulate over all these years has been included in this book so you can benefit from it starting today.

Stories For Kids: 31 Fun and Illustrated Children's Stories with Moral Lessons (A Story A Day) [Kindle Edition] - was $1.99

Martin Aaron (Author)


Publication Date: October 18, 2012

19 Reviews ★★★★

Stories For Kids contains 31 stories good enough for one quick story for each day of the month.

These children’s stories for Kindle are a nice mix of fables and a few fairy tales, stories that impart lessons while still able to make you and your child giggle and have fun.

These bedtime stories are long enough to keep your child amazed but short enough to keep your child focused and wanting more the following night.

Of course, a child is much easier to dazzle and amaze if stories come with bright and colorful pictures to match them as well.

This is why this particular line of picture books comes with 124 colorful illustrations: from a Wise Old Goat in a countryside to a Big Brown Bear in the city, or how about some cute little fairies with their wings and their wands?


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