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The New FREE Movie Screening thread is located here.

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The Devil Inside
January 5 - Burbank, CA

awesomedeals (Dec. 27, 2011 @ 8:31a) |

Free screening passes to Pariah from Film Metro.

Wednesday, December 28 2011 @ 7:30 pm

Regal Gallery Place
707 Seventh Stre... (more)

dezi4281 (Dec. 27, 2011 @ 10:54a) |

The NEW FREE Movie Screening thread is located here.

aaronfatwallet (Dec. 28, 2011 @ 1:36p) |

It says it in the first post of the thread, and it's extremely valid in a thread of this size and where a large number of people re-visit via subscription updates. In the interest of making this thread as useful as possible, please post your general issues and FAQs here, so they can be answered once, in one place, for people in the future to read first.

With this area established, only the following will generally qualify as legitimate new posts to the thread:
* Specific movie screening information
* Notice of change to previously posted movie screenings, such as "all gone in Omaha"
* Offering your screening pass or additional seat up to the thread. However, please enable Private Messages, and accept responses through that channel.
* Notice to off-topic posters to refer to the first page of the thread to find answers to their questions. Note that if there is no applicable answer posted in the Quick Summary, you should write an answer before posting this message.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How early should I get there?
A: If it starts at 7:30, get there at 7 at the latest. Usually, they start seating people in line a few minutes before the listed start time, so if you arrived at the last minute, you'll have already missed the initial dash for seats, and will be picking from the bottom of the pile. Of course, this varies by screening -- sometimes the bottom of the pile means the last few higher or lower rows and sometimes it means the very front, strain your neck seats. (-VulcanMike)

Get there at least an hour prior to showtime on the ticket, they will start letting people in 30 minutes before showtime. You want to be at the front to get the best seats in the house, provided they aren't roped off. Otherwise, they'll release those seats right at showtime, and latecomers usually get a break... (-Microdvd)

Many passes indicate that it is recommended that you arrive at least one-hour before showtime. Some passes indicate and that if you arrive late, you will not be admitted. Also, see the next Q&A for additional info on this issue. (-CountryJuneBug)

Q: How crowded are the screenings?
A: It depends on the popularity of the movie and the location. Sometimes the theatre may be only one-third or half full for the screening; this usually results from low-turn-out due to not enough public interest in the movie or inadequate promotion of the screening. Sometimes people get turned away because all the seats are full; this happens because they give out more passes than there are seats in order to try to ensure a full house. (-CountryJuneBug)

Q: Can someone please post or private message location of tonight's [xyz] screening. Thanks!!
A: If there's a screening and you signed up for it, the location should be in the pass you received by mail or e-mail. Sometimes, the location is even in the original thread posting. Perhaps the original poster forgot to include the location and it's critical for attendance at the event, but I'm not aware of this happening in the past. If you really must know, because you plan to find a partnerless person in line, please PM the poster of the screening, instead of asking in the thread. (-VulcanMike)

Q: Any screenings in [insert city here]?
A: This is the free screenings thread. You can trust that if there are any screenings in [insert city here], you'll see them posted. It's not necessary to ask -- nobody's holding anything back. (-VulcanMike)
If you really want to find screenings in your city and you never see that city listed in the entire thread, that doesn't mean there aren't screenings there. Google is your friend, do a search with "Advance Screening" & yourcity or else the movie name in quotes.
You'll find many expired screenings, plus MANY links to this thread, plus hopefully some new ones. (-Microdvd)

Q: Any screenings for [insert movie title here]?
A: This is the free screenings thread. You can trust that if there are any screenings for [insert movie title here], you'll see them posted. It's not necessary to ask -- nobody's holding anything back. (-CountryJuneBug; as modified from previous Q&A by -VulcanMike)

Q: Gone.
A: Please do not delete old screening posts and simply replace them with "Gone" if the passes are sold out or there are other issues with the screening. If we're to prevent double posts and other confusion, it would be best to keep all screening information intact and simply post "Gone" in bold below your original post. The only exception I can imagine to this is if you did, in fact, double post and are trying to reduce the clutter. (-VulcanMike)

Q: Will they check IDs?
A: Per Microdvd and anbudmor below, ID checking is rare. Given the time investment to travel to a theater, get in line early enough, and make it to the front of the line, it's worth at least considering the possiblity that you'll be turned away. A quick perusal of the thread will show that several people have been burned by this. From a invitation perspective, I also think most of us would be a bit disappointed to lose seats to people who copied passes rather than went through the trouble of signing up for them themselves. Use the "I scanned this misprinted coupon" rule on Fatwallet as your guide, or if you must discuss playing the system, start a new thread in Deal Discussion. (-VulcanMike)
Never at any of the screenings I've attended (-Microdvd)
No, statistically anyway. My ID has been checked about twice in about 100 screenings. (anbudmor)
2006 Update: Screening passes through are being checked against a list before they are collected, at least in Boston. (-VulcanMike)

Q: Did anyone get their passes?
A: It's tempting to ask this question, and ask it often, but it's really quite a bit of noise in the thread. If the pass comes, it comes. If it doesn't, it doesn't. They're free screenings -- the passes usually come in enough time to call a babysitter or borrow the family car and that knowledge should be sufficient enough to not have to ask. Even better, start a "Free Screening Pass Arrival" thread, and link it from this answer. (-VulcanMike)

Q: You forgot [X] in your screening post.
A: Mistakes happen. If the original poster forgot something, try a friendly Private Message first. If they don't have PM, post to the thread. If someone's already posted to the thread, your additional post is pretty pointless, especially if you're sarcastic in it. (-VulcanMike)

Q: Electra sucked.
A: First of all, that's not a question. Second of all, posts of this sort ususally degenerate into "Jennifer Garner is hot" and "You're all off topic" and "Is there another screening?!?" sorts of posts. This is not the Chicago Sun-Times, and you are not Siskel nor Ebert. If you want to talk about the movie, start another thread or get a blog. (-VulcanMike)

Q: These are contests.
A: Yes, but movie screening contests are magic contests. If a screening is taking place, the promoters of the screening generally need to fill the theater as best as possible. Therefore, if you see a screening entry listed as a contest, most of the time it will be a contest that almost everyone wins! Since almost all screenings are first-come, first-served and it isn't unusual to distribute more passes to promoters than there are seats, I suspect that calling them contests is a bit safer for many companies. Anyways, whatever you do, don't post to the thread complaining that someone posted a contest -- everyone will think you're a n00b. The only exception to this rule is when there's a contest for a "private screening for you and your friends" or other mor formal prize packages -- but don't complain about that either, unless it gets out of hand. (-VulcanMike)

Q: I can register for the MensJournal site without a problem, but when I tried to select a city for the screening, I keep getting a syntax error screen...
A: Anyone that's getting the error after registering for the pass, simply reset your IE security settings temporarily to Low. The pdf pass comes up then you can print. REMEMBER to RESET your IE security settings back to the level (High or Medium) it was before you printed the pass. (-toxiktwin)

Q: Does anyone have extra passes to [xyz]?
A: As with other questions that depend on the small chance that someone is actively reading this thread, but secretly hoarding information, it is safe to assume that people with extras will offer their extra tickets without you needing to ask. If there is a strong and ongoing need for such exchanges, start a "Screening Pass Swap/Offer" thread. (-VulcanMike)

Q: I never got a pass, but there's a screening tonight at my local theater, can I still go?
A: Many people who show up to these screenings frequently have extra passes in their possession, or may only be using one of the two admissions on the pass. Several people in the thread attend screenings this way. Simply start at the front of the line and work your way back, asking the people lined up if they have extras. Please be kind and don't pester anyone, if they ignore you or are rude, simply move on. This applies to screenings that were posted in this thread that gave the screening theater date & time. You'll occasionally see some posts as Screening Info Only too. (-Microdvd)
Many screenings are promoted/sponsored by a radio station. The radio station's representatives frequently have extra passes available upon request. Just look for the young interns hanging around outside or in the theater's lobby wearing t-shirts with a radio station's call sign.

Q: I've found a screening and I want to post it.
A: Whoa nellie!!! Thanks for the enthusiasm and spirit of returning the kind favor.
Please before you post, do a search OF THE ENTIRE THREAD before you post it, else fear the wrath of those who subscribe to this thread.
Click this link to open a window with EVERY SINGLE POSTING in one long continuous page that you can do an EDIT, FIND (on this page) from your Browser.

Q: I have an extra pass to [xyz] that I can't use, can I post it here and offer it to other FWers?
A: ABSOLUTELY! Please do! As long as you are not directing your post to a specific person (please use the "PRIVATE MESSAGE" feature for that purpose), and PLEASE remember to request that parties interested in your generous offer contact you via the "PRIVATE MESSAGE" feature to discuss method of delivery and/or additional details. (-CountryJuneBug)

Q: Can I get a movie screening pass that will be honored at any theatre of my choosing, rather than a pass that is only valid for a specific movie, date, theatre, or city, etc.?
A: If anyone knew of such an offer, it would already be posted in this thread. (-CountryJuneBug)

Q: Why the red flag/negative rating on that question or answer?
A: Regardless of how valid a question might be or how eloquent and helpful an answer might be, you are most likely going to end up with negative ratings and/or a red flag if you post either in this thread (other than in the FAQ section here). Please refer back to the first two paragraphs that precede these Q&As (the introduction to the FAQ) for an explanation. (-CountryJuneBug)

Q: How can I get my question answered, if I can't post it in the thread?
A: If you have a general question that would likely be applicable to any/all screenings, feel free to add it to the FAQ by clicking on the "EDIT" button in the lower left corner of the "QUICK SUMMARY" (the section where this FAQ appears). If you have a question that only applies to a specific screening, try using the "PRIVATE MESSAGE" (referred to as "PM") feature to reach the person that posted the info to see if they might have additional information to share. You might also try using the "PRIVATE MESSAGE" feature to ask anyone that frequently posts in this thread for assistance - - many of them are more than happy to help via PM. The "PRIVATE MESSAGE" feature appears as a button underneath each Member's name on the right side of his/her post. (-CountryJuneBug)

Q: Thanks OP!
A: Certainly this is a brilliantly useful thread, and it wouldn't function without the efforts of all who contribute. Thanks to everyone! All those who wish to further thank OP and the various contributors to the thread can do so by putting their name or a period between these brackets: [........]
Obviously, this would include thanking VulcanMike for creating this brilliant FAQ.(-CountryJuneBug)
Better yet, please consider using the Personal Message function to thank people. It helps to keep this thread free of "white noise".

Q: Other than on the internet, are there any other avenues that I might try to obtain free movie screening passes?
A: Local radio stations, local TV stations, and newspapers (major, local, and community) have all been known to sponsor these events. (-CountryJuneBug)

Q: I recently downloaded a ticket for a movie opening in my area soon. As a newbie, I wondered how the theatre would react to a ticket that looks like a photocopy. How do they know that I didn't just copy the ticket from someone else?? Has anyone had any problems with this?
A: As long as the ticket is being distributed by the promoters online, you shouldn't have a problem. To combat unregistered entries, some promoters (such as Fox Searchlight) have become more vigilant about assigning a name to the passes and checking the name off a list before allowing entrance. In other cases, the passes are so widely and openly distributed that it hardly matters where the digital copy originated -- such situations don't scale well, though, so if every passholder made copies and brought 6 friends along, the screening situation would probably change pretty quickly in your area. (-VulcanMike)

Q: Anything else I should be aware of?
A: At some screenings, especially early advance screenings, some distributors are getting serious about prohibiting cameras, at times denying entrance to attendees who are carrying cell phone cameras. You might want to play it safe and leave the camera/phones at home or in the car.

Additional Screening Sites
Some of us supplement our Fatwallet screening reading with other screening sites. Post links to those other sites here (and try to update this thread when you hear of something new!)...

The Boston Screening Community (-VulcanMike)
Edge Boston
Brevity is ... wit - a blog site that compiles a list of free movie screenings - Primarily Los Angeles/Hollywood area
Cinematic Happenings Under Development (CHUD) - Mostly in Atlanta, but also in Nashville, Charlotte, Birmingham, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Chicago, and sometimes all over the place.
Entertaiment Weekly Advance Movie Screening Sweepstakes
Seattle Film Source (Yahoo Group) for the Seattle area, of course
Volition Movie Promos Typically Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, NY (multiple cities), Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland and St. Louis. However, everyone (anywhere) is eligible to win Movie Prize Packs. - Washington DC area screenings, free membership required -- (UPDATE: Website no longer exists)
Wild About Movies Cities vary for each screening. (by chadtapp) Apparently a source of controversy -- Boston screening fans, at the very least, have found this site extremely useful. - Free Forum and Front Page WIth Multi-City Screenings

FAQ originally created by: VulcanMike on 2005-07-25 13:31:20 CDT
22 May 2009: VulcanMike is back. Going to be reviewing the FAQ soon and doing some house cleaning!
Staff Summary
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Immediately Print Passes to 2 Boston Screenings of Parker Posey's upcoming BROKEN ENGLISH.
Link below.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I am not sure how legit this is...but I signed up to see if I can get some tickets in minnesota!


not ALL theaters accept WAM tickets. your results may vary.

Theaters HAVE to accept WAM tickets if they were authorized by the studio. Stop spreading rumors. AMC was sued by WAM for failing to accept Spiderman 3 tickets. Notice the AMC Boston Common screening for WAM above, where you can PRINT PASSES, now! Speak not, when you know nothing.

Beverly Hills

6/26. rsvp starting 6/22 at, may need to sign up for preview club first at

MovieFilmFan said: Theaters HAVE to accept WAM tickets if they were authorized by the studio. Stop spreading rumors. AMC was sued by WAM for failing to accept Spiderman 3 tickets. Notice the AMC Boston Common screening for WAM above, where you can PRINT PASSES, now! Speak not, when you know nothing.

Maybe, maybe not. I've recently been at 2 different screenings where they refused entry to WAM passes. I suppose if the studio authorized them they're golden, the problem is in figuring which passes are authorized, unless you you don't mind potentially wasting your time.

Plus there's no need to get all hostile and immature when we're just trying to share info.

Harry Potter

June 28, 2007

Atlanta, GA
Dallas, TX
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Orlando, FL
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR
Raleigh/Durham, NC
Sacramento, CA

Black Curtain Screenings

MVP9596 said: Please use this thread to post the movie screenings only. Take your discussion to the dedicated thread here.

MovieFilmFan said: Theaters HAVE to accept WAM tickets if they were authorized by the studio. Stop spreading rumors. AMC was sued by WAM for failing to accept Spiderman 3 tickets. Notice the AMC Boston Common screening for WAM above, where you can PRINT PASSES, now! Speak not, when you know nothing.

If you really knew what you were talking about you would know that the theaters DO NOT HAVE to accept any pass, it clearly says on legitimate passes that the right to refuse entry to screenings is reserved - that and a bunch of other stuff about arriving early etc.

Sounds like to me another WAM promoter on the boards looking for more screening posts links to "steal" and ways to promote that site.

With that said...


Register towin passes to see:
License to Wed
June 27, 7 p.m.
Atlantic Station

Yeah. That makes sense since WAM has their OWN PRINT PASSES on their site. Like they need to "Steal" anything. Speak Not.


Harry Potter 5



Movie Filler has passes for a July 5 screening of Hot Rod in Chicago, reserve here:

MovieFilmFan said: Yeah. That makes sense since WAM has their OWN PRINT PASSES on their site. Like they need to "Steal" anything. Speak Not.

mardigras252 is ABSOLUTELY correct. Wild About Movies (WAM) has FREQUENTLY "stolen" links to ticket pass giveaways. They have, in the past, used The Fox Searchlight link (frequently posted here) and just last week stole the link for Evan Almighty passes, which was being run by some church organization!

P.S. Good luck trying to unsubscribe from their (spam) emails. They are so disreputable that they don't offer an unsubscribe link in their emails, and attempts to email them directly also don't work. And since they email from numerous Yahoo, AOL & GMail accounts (again, not exactly reputable) for their emails, you can't simply block them.

moulder3 said: mardigras252 is ABSOLUTELY correct. Wild About Movies (WAM) has FREQUENTLY "stolen" links to ticket pass giveaways. They have, in the past, used The Fox Searchlight link (frequently posted here) and just last week stole the link for Evan Almighty passes, which was being run by some church organization!

I take the blame for posting that EVAN ALMIGHTY offer that seems to have opened the floodgates on WAM postings on the previous thread and this one. I was going to link only to Grace Hill Media, the church outfit, but I realized that you had to register with them in order to see the list of cities with screenings. WAM had conveniently provided links to each registration page by city, so I linked to them instead and only mentioned the real provider, Grace Hill Media.

In retrospect, I should have explained all this on the outset and provided a direct link to Grace Hill Media. Chalk it up to laziness, I guess.


LICENSE TO WED (Wednesday, June 27)
LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (Tuesday, June 26 -- <font color=white style="background-color: #3E3E3E;">tomorrow!!
RATATOUILLE (Thursday, June 28)
TRANSFORMERS (Thursday, June 28)

MyKSMO offers Admit Two passes to screenings of HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, LICENSE TO WED, and TRANSFORMERS. Click the link for more info on screening times and locations.

From, sign up for passes to see <font color=white style="background-color: #3E3E3E;">tomorrow's screening of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (here) and Thursday's sneak of RATATOUILLE (here).

Finally, The Pitch (link) offers passes to the same screening of LICENSE TO WED this Wednesday.


DATE: June 28 at 7 p.m.
LOCATION: Not posted

Bring in the ad (or a copy of the ad from page D2 of the AJC) to the Verizon store at Perimeter Center West (ste 100, 770.399.9993) to receive a family pack of four passes to the advance screening of Ratatouille.

Passes will be given out on TODAY and Wednesday, during normal business hours.

Five lucky winners at the screening will be chosen to receive a private cooking lesson with Atlanta Chef Shaun Doty of "Shaun's."

If you don't have the ad, send me a PM and I will e-mail it to you.


Talk To Me


License To Wed



Harry potter and the order of the phoenix select cities june 28th.
Portland (or),Dallas,pittsburg,st paul,orlando,raileigh durham,sacramento & atlanta
go here and follow the directions.

MovieFilmFan said: Wild About Movies does not STEAL any links. Fox Searchlight pays them $3000 per movie title to promote their screenings on since Wild About Movies gets over 50,000 unique visitors each day. All this talk about nonsense. Typical for people who have nothing better to do than troll the internet for FREE SCREENINGS. Why not be a real person and pay for a movie? Or better yet, maybe you're jealous you don't own a website and make money off of it.
Thank you, guy who owns Wild About Movies


Rescue Dawn

A screening tomorrow night, June 26, available at Movie Filler; sign-up to the website is required, but unlike other websites, they are legitimate.






Here's your chance to attend a Berkeley screening of BROKEN ENGLISH on Thursday night, June 28. The film's regular public engagements begin July 6 in the Bay Area.

To enter, send an e-mail to with the words ‘Broken English Berkeley screening' in the subject line by Tuesday, June 26, 11am . A limited number of winners will be selected at random. If selected, you will receive an email confirmation and details to attend the screening.

In a startling mature and nuanced performance, Parker Posey plays Nora Wilder, a thirty-something Manhattanite who is cynical about love and relationships, in this astute collaboration with first-time writer/director Zoe Cassavetes. Nora plugs away at her job in a posh downtown hotel and can't help but wonder what it is she has to do to find a relationship as ideal as her friend Audrey's (Drea De Matteo) "perfect marriage." It doesn’t help that her overbearing mother (Gena Rowlands) takes every opportunity to remind Nora that she's still unattached. After a series of disastrous first dates, she meets Julien (Melvil Poupaud), a seemingly devil-may-care Frenchman with a passion for living. Expecting another disastrous ending, Nora tries to avoid making the same mistakes. She finds herself in Paris looking to break old patterns. Inevitably, Nora has to look inward before she can find a new outlook on life and most importantly, love.

i have free screening for ages 20-29 yrs. old Male /Female -Only first 6 persons to Rsvp will get confirmation to be on guestlist Will need first & last names

. Each person can bring a guest

Movie :License To Wed ( Comedy) W/Robin Williams
Date : June 26th Tuesday
Time : 6-6:30pm (movie begins 7pm ) No late arrivals please
Location : 1998 Broadway -Loews Lincoln Square theater -NYC


please email me at with names of all who want to see License To Wed .


Phoenix, AZ

Eagle vs. Shark

Edge 103.9

Requires email to sign up for the contest.

Introducing The Dwights

Chicago, IL

MIX Insiders can win passes to a special screening of the new film Introducing the Dwights on Thursday, July 12th at 7:30 P.M. at AMC River East 21 downtown (322 E. Illinois Street).

Winners will be notified the week of 07/02/07.

You can sign up at The Mix

Chicagogal said: Just to let you know Movie Filler site is down...check back in a few hours...
About WAM, I appreciate any site including WAM that can generously offer a print passes link. It gets very frustrating to enter news contests and not hear back if you won passes.

Just IMO.

This is not the forum for this topic.
This forum is for posting new screening announcement, NOT promoting WAM or any other site.
Besides your wording sounds familiarly suspicious.

Moving forward, register to see in

Ratatouille (June 28) Here
Talk To Me (July 12) here
I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry (July 18) here

The other movies: No Reservations, and Shark Vs. Eagle are also on the site, but have been previously posted:

Where is the moderator?

I look forward to seeing these on WAM soon.

Atlanta Charlotte Nashville Raleigh Birmingham

Hairspray is offering passes to Hairspray, and will soon have an active link for passes to see "The Bourne Ultimatum".

Register at to the movie or for the prize pack at:

The current Hairspray offer is for:
Albany, NY - July 11th at Regal Cinema 10
Albuquerque, NM - July 12th
Buffalo, NY - July 11th at Regal Transit Center
Las Vegas, NV - Week of July 16th
Phoenix, AZ - Week of July 16th
Rochester, NY - July 11th at Regal Greece Ridge
Syracuse, NY - July 11th at Regal Carousel 17
Tucson, AZ - Week of July 16th

San Francisco, CA

Win Passes to See I KNOW WHO KILLED ME!

(w/ LiLo)


SICKO (run of engagement -- deadline is TODAY)

From the City Paper (link):

"Enter to win by 11:59 p.m. EST, Wednesday, June 27. This page will be unavailable after that. Winners will be chosen at random. You must fill in all fields to be eligible."


HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (IMAX screening Tuesday, July 10) has finally posted something besides weekend golf getaways. Win a family 4-pack of tickets to see an IMAX screening of HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX on Tuesday, July 10 at the special time of 8pm in the McWane Science Center.


DEATH AT A FUNERAL (Thursday, June 28 -- tonight!!)

93 XRT offers passes to an advanced screening of DEATH AT A FUNERAL tonight (Thursday, June 28) at 7pm in AMC River East 21 (322 East Illinois St).

Offer removed


Comcast invites you to the summer film festival, which includes two upcoming release screenings:

* Special Advance Screening. Open in theaters nationwide on August 24th!

* Special Advance Screening. Opens in theaters nationwide on August 8th!

Festival Details:
WHAT: Comcast Summer Film Series

WHEN: Every Saturday from June 16 - August 18, 2007
Music and Entertainment begin at 8:00 p.m.
Films begin at dusk (approximately 9:00 p.m.)
Events and Films are Free of Charge

WHERE: Campus Martius Park
Woodward Avenue; between Fort Street and Michigan Avenue
Detroit, Michigan

CONTACT: Dawn Kelley
Allied Advertising, Public Relations
(Office) 248.594.5307

For complete detail, visit the Web announcement here.


7/11 HAPPY FEET Dusk (about 9 pm)
7/18 THE NAMESAKE Dusk (about 9 pm)
7/25 REAR WINDOW Dusk (about 9 pm)
8/1 CARS Dusk (about 9 pm)
8/8 NORTH BY NORTHWEST Dusk (about 9 pm)

Summer Outdoor Movies Series
Location: East Lawn of the Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Drive
Rain Venue: McCormick Auditorium in Norris.

Please bring your own chairs or blankets.

Admission is free.

Everyone is welcome.

OK so this might get red since it wont help everyone, but I have two passes to the TRANSFORMERS-CHICAGO screener tonight at 7:00 PM (AMC Pipers Alley). I can't use them, and would love for a fellow FW to have them.

I'm located near Wacker & Columbus. Pick up sometime today. PM me.

Hope this helps someone. GONE



June 28th
Pick up passes @ Fat Jack's Comic Crypt 2008 Sansom St between Noon and 2 PM

hellyea81 said: OK so this might get red since it wont help everyone, but I have two passes to the TRANSFORMERS-CHICAGO screener tonight at 7:00 PM (AMC Pipers Alley). I can't use them, and would love for a fellow FW to have them.

I'm located near Wacker & Columbus. Pick up sometime today. PM me.

Hope this helps someone.

Skipping 9054 Messages...
The NEW FREE Movie Screening thread is located here.

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