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UPDATE: Please goto quick summary for details and thank you for reading this thread.

original post said:
It's that time of the year again, when restaurants and some other stores (later on) have gift card/GC promotion.

Credit cards that can help improve this deal:
Chase Freedom (if you signed up for the rotation 5%, i think for this quarter it includes restaurants)

Anyway, each year restaurants have a restaurant GC promo where its a buy $XX GC and get a $YY Bonus GC usually valid for a later period

In the past, examples included

red robin: get $5 bonus (valid until end of feb) for $25 gc purchase
maggiano's/chili's/macaroni grill: $5 bonus for $25 GC purchase
potbelly: buy a $25 GC get a free sandwich (i think it starts in end of oct, or right before thanksgiving...I'm not sure)

That being said, I'm going to start off with Morton's again. more info here
Morton's: Purchase $500 GC, get $100 (valid 1/1-3/31/12)
Morton's: Purchase $300 GC, get $50 (valid 1/1-3/31/12)
Taco Bell: (credit to MisterCheap) Purchase $20 GC, get combo (details here: thread) details here

Last year's thread: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1035728/

Format will be updated ASAP and as time goes, the majority of the info will go into the Quick Summary

If others have other GCs to add, please add in the quick summary. Thank you for reading this post. if this is a repost, I apologize.

(credit to onedew for mentioning to copy all the quick summary stuff into the OP for posterity(?) )

@Costco.com FS roughly 20% off in the form of $79.99 for $100 worth of GC costco gc page
- Baja Fresh $25(x4) GC $79.99
- California Pizza Kitchen $50(x2) GC $79.99
- Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The $25(x4) GC $79.99
- Ghirardelli $25(x4) GC $79.99
- Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que $50(x2) GC $79.99
- McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant $50(x2) GC $79.99
- Wolfgang Puck $50(x2) GC $79.99

@Costco B&M (selction will vary)
- most(all?) of .com GCs
- Cold Stone Creamery 10 Create Your Own ice cream GC ($3.50(x10) value) $17.49
- Cold Stone Creamery 4x$10 GC for $27 or $30 (@Gaithersburg, MD)
- Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar $50(x2) GC $79.99
- Red, Hot & Blue $25(x4) GC $79.99 (@Gaithersburg, MD)
- Ruby's Diner $25(x2) GC $39.99

Extremely Limited Time Offers (like only a week promo) (please delete once it's passed; thank you)

OfficeMax - Buy $50 in GC, get $10 in Rewards (12/18-12/24) (limit 2) Details (see bpvh's thread for more info)

Lid & Lock - 55% off (12/20-12/23) Details (see suttham's thread for more info)

Abuelo's - buy $25 GC, get $5 (see website)

Acapulco Mexican Restaurants (B&M) - Buy $100 GC, Get $20 bonus [valid until 6/30/2012] (source)

AMC Theaters - buy $30 GC, get $5 Concession Card (credit to HaleyB) ( Details)

Applebee's - buy $50 GC, get $10 (credit to r007 in thread)

Arby's - buy $20 GC, get free combo (credit to leland7; online mention is not live yet)

Barnes and Noble - buy $100 GC, get $10 (Details)

Ben & Jerry's - buy $10 GC, get free scoop of ice cream (Details)

Benihana - buy $50 GC, get $10 (Details

Biaggi's - buy $100 GC, get $15 (Details)

Big Daddy's - B1G1 $25GC (may be a glitch/typo on site Details)

BJ's Brewhouse - buy $50 GC, get free collectible mug (Details)
BJ's Brewhouse - buy $75 GC, get free collectible mug + surprise bonus GC (Details)
BJ's Brewhouse - buy $100 GC, get 4 free collectible mug + surprise bonus GC (Details)

Black Angus - buy $50 GC, get $5 (Details)

Bonefish Grill - buy $100 GC, get $20 (bonus GC valid 1/1/12-2/10/12) (credit to billrubin)

Boston Market - buy $25 GC, get $5 bonus (credit to bluefw in thread

Bravo! Italian Grill - Buy $100 GC (11/1/11-12/31/11) get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 1/1/12 - 3/15/12) Details

Brio Tuscan Grill - Buy $100 GC (11/1/11-12/31/11) get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 1/1/12 - 3/15/12) Details

Buca di Beppo - buy $50 GC, get $10 (may not be redeemed same day. Scans and more info coming soon)

California Pizza Kitchen/CPK - buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus(Details

Capital Grille - buy $500 in GC, get 10% bonus(Details

Carl's Jr. - buy $20 in GC, get free Six-dollar Burger (credit to usernamemax20charact's thread Details)

Carlos O'Kelly's - buy $50 in GC, get $10 bonus(thanks to stopmakingcents in post)

Carrabba's - buy $100 GC, get $20 (credit to tajar96 in thread) Details

Cheeseburger in Paradise - buy $50 GC, get $10 bonus (mentioned by ratdaddy; Details)

Cheesecake Factory - Buy $25 GC, Get cheesecake slice bonus (bonus valid 1/26/11-3/31/2012) (first mentioned by Donedealz, but "live" mention by fatboy168 / details)

Chili's - buy $100 GC, get 10% bonus (mentioned by ratdaddy; Details)

Chipotle - buy $30 GC, get free burrito (credit to embedit's thread Details)

Claim Jumper - buy $50 GC, get $10 promo bonus card Details
Claim Jumper - buy $500 GC, get 5% Details

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - Any drink free at time of purchase with $25 GC purchase or reload (ongoing)

Corner Bakery - buy $25 GC, get $5 (details for online purchasing)

Cosi - buy $50 GC, get $10 bonus (details)

Culver's - buy $25 GC, get free Double Deluxe Value Basket Thread Details

Curry House (Calif) - Buy $30 GC, Free various House Food retail products (Thread / Details)

Daphne's California Greek (SoCal/OC) - Buy $30 GC, Get $10 bonus [valid Jan 2012 only] (source)

Del Taco (B&M/.com) - $10 GC, 2 reg taco; $15 GC, 2 chicken soft taco; $25 GC, 1 combo; (.com only) $50 GC, 2 combo + disc; $100 GC, 2 combo + disc & cap. [.com FS] (Thread / Details

Don Pablo's Free $5 bonus with every $25 GC purchase (credit to CKritiv1's thread)

DSW Free $5 promotional GC with every $50 GC purchase (details)

El Torito (B&M) - Buy $100 GC, Get $20 bonus [valid until 6/30/2012] (credit to DaysFan's thread / alt source)
El Torito Grill (B&M) - Buy $100 GC, Get $20 bonus [valid until 6/30/2012] (source)

Elephant Bar - Free $5 promotional GC with every $25 GC purchase plus a chance at other prizes, available now until 12/31/11

Famous Dave's - buy $25GC, get $5 Bonus (Details YMMV)

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour - buy $25GC, get $5 Bonus (Details credit to kmsandrbs) (on BF the bonus is $10 for the first 300)

Flat Top - Buy $100 GC, get $25 Bonus (credit to watssion, details in billrubin's post)

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus card (.com & B&M) [Exp 12/31, bonus card valid 1/1 - 2/10/2012] Details
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (OT) Register, reserve & spend $50+, get $25 credit [Exp 12/30]; spend $150+ tab, get $25 bonus (or $300+, get $50 bonus) [Exp 12/30, bonus valid 1/1 - 3/31/2012] (Details)

FOX Restaurant Concepts - Buy $100 GC, get $20 Bonus (Check for actual DBA names and details)

Fuddrucker's - Buy $25 GC, get $5 Bonus (details)

Furr's Family Dining - Buy $35 GC, get 1 Free Buffet Bonus Card (credit to giselmey, details)

Half Price Books - Buy $25 GC, get $5 Bonus (credit to nationsurf, details in image)

HOF's Hut (SoCal(LA/OC)) - Buy $50 GC, get $10 bonus (bonus valid 1/1 - 3/31/2012) (details)

IHOP - Buy $25 GC, get $5 Bonus (credit to ivanivanix's post)

Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks (AZ CA HI NV) - Buy $50 GC, Get $10 bonus [Exp 12/25] (no info on bonus redemption details) (details)

Jamba Juice - Buy $25 GC, get free smoothie (No link on this yet)

Jason's Deli - Buy $50 GC, get $5 Bonus (credit tokmsandrbs' post)

King's Seafood Co - Buy $100 GC, get $20 Bonus (Check for actual DBA names and details)

La Madeleine's - Buy $25 in GC, get $5 Bonus (thanks to GoodDeal2003's post)

Lawry's - Buy $125 GC, get $25 bonus (details)

Lazy Dog Cafe (SoCal) - Buy $25 GC, Get $5 bonus [bonus valid 1/1 - 3/31/2012] (details)

Legal Sea Foods - Buy $200 in GC, get free lobster dinner Details

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants: Buy $100 get $25 Bonus Details (credit to NationSurf)

Little Caesar's: Buy $25 GC get $5 Bonus (credit to sandielee's thread)

Logan's Roadhouse - Buy $25 GC, get $10 Bonus on N0V-25 ONLY w/ cpn from Sunday paper (credit togiselmey's post)

Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que (AZ CA NV) - Buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus (bonus valid 1/1 - 3/31/2012) (source)

(Romano's) Macaroni Grill - buy $25, get $5 (exp 12/31, bonus GC valid January - 3/31/12) Details

Marie Callender's (B&M): Buy $25 GC, get $5 bonus (bonus on $20+ tab) [bonus valid Jan 2012 only]) (source)

Morton's - buy $300, get $50 or buy $500 get $100 (exp 12/31, bonus GC valid January - 3/31/12) Details

Noodle Company - buy $25, get a coupon for a free Noodle Sandwich Duo Good instore or online Details

O'Charley's - Buy $25 GC , get $5 Bonus (valid on future visit between 1/1/12 and 2/19/12) (credit to robby69's thread Details )

On The Border - Buy $25 GC , get $5 Bonus (valid on future visit between 1/1/12 and 2/19/12) Details

Outback Steakhouse - Buy $100 GC (11/1/11-12/31/11) get $20 Bonus GC (bonus GC valid 11/1/12 - 2/10/12) Details

Panda Express - Buy $25 GC, get free 2 entree plate (credit goes to texascountymama in thread) Details

Pappa's - Buy $50 GC, get $10 bonus (credit to texascountrymama Details )

Potbelly - Buy $25 GC, get free sandwich coupon (Details

Ruby's Diner (B&M): Buy $50 GC, Get $10 burger card (source)

Quaker State & Lube - but $25 GC, get $5 on next purchase (credit to gepetto in post)

Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group - Buy $100 GC, get $25 bonus (Details)

Red Robin - Buy $25 GC, get $5 bonus (Details)

Red Salon & Spa - Buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus (Details)

Rita's Italian Ice - Buy $10 GC, get free treat (Details)

Rock Bottom - Buy $30 GC, get $10 bonus gift card (credit to tante in post)

Roy's - Buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus (credit to texascountrymama Details)

Ruby Tuesday Buy $50 GC, get $15 bonus [bonus valid 1/2 - 2/28/2012] (credit to RahRahMO for thread) Details

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - Buy $250 GC, get 10% bonus (mentioned by ratdaddy, details)

Seasons 52 - Buy $500-$999 GC, get 5% off; Buy $1000+ GC, get 10% off. (details)

Semolina - Buy $100 Gift card, Get $25 bonus (Details)
Semolina - Buy $50 Gift card, Get $10 bonus (Details)

Skyline Chili - Buy $25 Gift card, Get $5 bonus (Details)

Sonny's BBQ - Buy $50 Gift card, Get 2x$5 GC (Details)

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes - Buy $50 Gift card, Get Free Meal Voucher (credit to peste386 website mention is not live yet)

Steak'n Shake - Buy $20 Gift card, Get $5 (first mentioned by lktrotta) Details

StirCrazy - Buy $100 GC, get $25 (credit and thanks to billrubin's post)

Subway - Buy $25 GC get free 6" sub per local standees in various restaurants (credit to watchtower7 for thread )

Sushiboy (SoCal LA/OC) 5% GC bonus [Exp 11/30] Details

Taco Bell - free chicken flatbread combo with $20 gift card purchase (thanks to MisterCheap in thread) exp 12/25/11 Details

Ted's Montana Grill - Buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus (Details)

Texas de Brazil - Purchase $60 card receive $10 free (total $70) with code HOLIDAY214 - $8 shipping, online only through November 30th
Texas de Brazil - Purchase $100 card receive $25 free (total $125)with code HOLIDAY214 - $8 shipping, online only through November 30th

Texas Roadhouse - Purchase $50 card receive free offer sheet (credit and details from chipwilly's post)

TGI Friday's - Buy $25, get $5 Bonus Bites card Details

Tony Roma's - Buy $50, get $15 bonus [bonus valid 1/2 - 3/25/2012] Details

Uno Chicago Grill Buy $25, get $5 bonus [bonus valid 1/1 - 3/31/2012] Details

Wahoo's Fish Taco (B&M CA CO NV TX) - Buy $25, Get $5 GC (source)

Wood Ranch (SoCal B&M): Buy $50 GC, get $10 bonus [bonus valid 1/3 - 3/29/2012] (details)

ZEA Buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus Details

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Minor update to mention Claim Jumper's offer: here

Gift Card

For purchases over $200.00, please contact our Corporate Gift Card Department at 1.800.5.LANDRY (552-6379) and a dedicated gift card specialist will be happy to assist!

Purchase $500.00 or more in gift cards and receive 5% in bonus gift cards. Purchase $2500.00 or more in gift cards and receive 10% in bonus gift cards. Free shipping for all orders over $500.00

The seasonal offer will probably be showing up soon. (maybe in 2 weeks)

I just received a mailer from buca di beppo that mentions Buy $50 Get $10

"Give the Gift of Buca

Get a $10 Reward Care with every $50 gift card purchase

To qualify for the Holiday Reward Card purchaser may not buy and redeem any qualifying gift card(s) on the same day"

Scans will be posted shortly

Bonefish Grill - Buy $100 get $20. Bonus cards valid 1/1/12-2/10/12.

I do not see Stir Crazy's usual deal on their website.

Thanks for posting the Costco CPK deal. I saw the cards at the warehouse in DE but not at my local one. I was going to check when I am back there this weekend, but this is easier (and this way I can't forget). Does anyone know for sure whether restaurant gift card purchases count towards the Costco 2% Executive Membership rebate?

BTW, ordering gift cards online will probably not count as a restaurant purchase for credit cards offering 5% on restaurants. Buy in person at the restaurant to ensure it is coded properly.

Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes are doing their normal holiday deal. Buy a $50 gift card in the months of November and December, get a free meal voucher. It's not up on their website yet but they had the signs on every table.

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour:

Farrell's Holiday Gift Cards For The... Well, Holidays.
Get a free $5 certificate for every $25 gift card purchased*

Details: http://www.farrellsusa.com/holiday/

*$5.00 certificate valid for a future visit to any participating Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours between January 2nd and July 2nd 2012. Gift cards must be purchased from November 1st through December 26th to receive the $5 certificate. No limit on purchase of gift cards. Certificates can not be used for party packages, catering or on fundraising events.

Southern California/Hawaii only

thank you billrubin, peste386 and kmsandrbs for the info. info has been added to quick summary

thanks for s002axb for the updating to the quick summary, too.

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants (Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Washington DC, and Santa Monica)


November 1st-December 30th, 2011 you will receive a $25 bonus certificate for every $100 in gift cards you buy.*

*In order to receive the Holiday Bonus each individual purchase must be $100 or more and some restrictions apply. Holiday Bonus Certificates are valid January 2 - April 11, 2012. Holiday Bonus Certificates are not valid after 3 pm on Saturdays. Frequent Diner Club points are awarded at purchase only if the Holiday Bonus Certificates are not selected. Holiday Bonus Certificates are not accepted for payment of delivery orders, private parties or catering events. Please note: Gift Cards are not valid same day purchased.


Just got an insert from Arby's that says 'Get a Free Combo with any $20 gift card purchase'.
Nothing on their website about it so far.

ack...sorry...system and pressing back button resulted in double post

black angus
thank you leland74

minor update to add a black angus offer: Buy $50 GC, get $5

(free shipping if it's a $75 purchase)

Stir Crazy: Buy $100 worth of gift cards, get a $25 bonus card FREE.*

*Offer valid at all locations from November 3, 2011 through January 3, 2012. Bonus cards valid from January 15, 2012 through March 15, 2012.

Buy $100, get $20
thank you billrubin for the stircrazy info.

minor bump to include the panda express info mentioned by texascountrymama in this thread Details: https://www.facebook.com/#!/PandaExpress

Buy $25 GC, get free 2 entree plate

update 8:37pm: credit for tajar96 for mentioning the buy $100, get $20 information for carrabbas http://www.carrabbas.com/Gift-Cards/

Flat Top; buy $100 GC get $25 GC for use 1/15-3/15/2012

Jamba Holiday Offer
This year's jamba juice offer...

Steak'n'Shake - $5 certificate when you buy $20 in gift cards. (Valid through 12/31/11)

A little more info on the Steak & Shake offer.

"An additional $5 certificate for every $20 of value you purchase will automatically be sent to you. This offer ends Dec. 31, 2011.

Certificates will be mailed to you (the buyer) at the address you provide as the "Billing Address". Please ensure the information you enter for the "Billing Address" is correct in order for the certificate(s) to be properly delivered. The number of certificates for which you are eligible is not determined until your gift card order is shipped thus the certificates are not listed on the order confirmation email you receive after placing the order. The number of certificates sent are based only on individual orders and not on separate orders placed at different times. Certificates will be mailed by U.S. Postal Service First Class the same day your gift card purchase is shipped.

Each certificate is good for up to $5.00 off the purchase of any regular-priced menu items. One use only. Certificates are valid at participating locations 01/04/2012 - 02/28/2012."


Saw IHOP paper insert today. Buy $25 GC, get $5. Same promo every year. Not available online.

Edit: Visited my local branch. Purchased 25 GC, received a coupon for $5 to be used until end of January 2012. Bad thing about this that it cannot be combined with any other coupon, of which there are plenty.

It is not active yet (nor up on their website), but Jason's Deli (according to a table tent in their restaurant yesterday) is going to be offering a $5 card for every $50 in gift cards purchased. I believe it is supposed to begin at Thanksgiving.

watssion said:   Flat Top; buy $100 GC get $25 GC for use 1/15-3/15/2012Flat Top is the same as Stir Crazy, they are the same company.

thank you watssion (for flat top), projectbb (for jamba), lktrotta (for steak'n shake), harperr (the details on the steak'n shake), ivanivanix(for ihop), kmsandrbs (for the jason's deli) and billrubin (clearing up the flat top/stircrazy) and others for contributing

minor update to mention potbelly's offer is live now: buy $25 GC, get a free sandwich coupon.


added GC offer at Sonny's BBQ (regional chain in the SE)

Half Price Books

For each $25 gift card you purchase in-store or online, you'll receive a $5 coupon to use in January.

Barnes and Noble, it's not great but it's $10 gift card when you buy a $100 gift card.


Pick Up Stix - $10 bonus card with $40 GC purchase, $5 bonus with $25 GC - it seems to be B&M only, at least for now, and I don't know about the specifics of the "bonus" card yet...

Ruby Tuesdays


Purchase $50 in Gift Cards
Receive a FREE $15 Bonus Coupon
Plus FREE Ground Shipping

Free Ground Shipping and Standard Carrier with standard online gift card purchase from December 5 through December 31, 2011.

Free Bonus Coupons will be delivered within two (2) business days of purchase and are valid from January 2 through February 28, 2012.

Promotion ends December 31, 2011.

bjork73 said:   Pick Up Stix - $10 bonus card with $40 GC purchase, $5 bonus with $25 GC - it seems to be B&M only, at least for now, and I don't know about the specifics of the "bonus" card yet...

The $5 (or 2 $5) Pick Up Stix Coupon states:

"Enjoy $5 off your next purchase. Cannot be used at time of gift card purcahse. No cash value."

Expires 01/31/12

Added to QS:

Costco B&M (Cold Stone, Fleming's, Ruby's). FYI: Costco B&M regional GCs (mostly mom&pop types) were also available, but I did not take any notes on those.

Fleming's (direct).

thank you all for your contributions so far! please keep it up!

minor to update to add ben & jerry's, and abuelo's

(update: quick summary now need a mod to review?! oh well...

ben & jerry's link: http://www.benjerry.com/scoop-shops/gift-card/?utm_source=chunkMail10-11&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=chunkMail10-10&utm_content=GiftCards

abuelo's is on their website

also, @ the gaithersburg, md costco there's a different variation of the coldstone creamery GC: 4x$10 for no more than $30

the costco there also has red hot and blue 4x$25 for $80

hope this might help someone)

Furr's Family Dining: Free meal coupon w/ $35 GC purchase

They changed their holiday promo this year: to get the free meal coupon (value app $8-$10, valid through Feb 2012) you have to purchase a $35 GC this year, up from $25 before. Oh well, still good.
Details of coupon: not valid on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Promo expires 12-31-2011. Don't forget to use high-% on restaurant purchases credit card
No info on their website, only on table tents in restaurants. I bought one, so deal is alive.

QS update

Added Ruby Tuesday, Tony Roma's, Uno Chicago Grill.

great list, thanks!

My local Costco had $100 of Stir Crazy / Flat Top gift cards for $79.99 (it's not on their website). Their buy $100 get a $25 bonus card at the restaurant gives you the same 25% bonus although you have to use the $25 during the valid period January-March. If you get 5% back on restaurants on one of your credit cards, that makes it a better deal, although I get 2% back from Costco Executive and another 2% on my Fidelity AMEX card. So it's pretty much a wash (although I won't have to wait almost a full year to get the 5% back, while I will with the 2% from Costco).

If you live in the Westchester/Rockland County area in NY, they sell Xaviars gift cards for the standard discount -- $100 worth for $79.99. Xaviars is a mini-chain of 4 very highly rated restaurants, I believe all are rated 25+ in Zagat, one may be a 29 for food. It's a truly spectacular deal.

Fuddruckers - Buy $25 of Holiday GCs between 11/1/11-12/31/11 & get a $5 GC valid from 1/1/2012-2/29/12.


Added to QS

Curry House (Calif)
Del Taco

Logan's Roadhouse had a coupon in today's paper stating you get two $5 Logan's Bucks cards w/ purchase of a $25 GC on Black Friday only (w/ coupon).
Logan's Bucks are for future visits and cannot be combined w/ other offer, discount or promotion.
Offer not valid at CA, NC, SC and Augusta GA locations.

A bonus card is a $20 value to use between January 1, 2012 and February 10, 2012 at Carrabba’s Italian Grill locations in the United State

I got an email from Carlos O'Kellys saying you get a FREE $10 gift card if you buy a $50 gift card online or in-store! Don't see it mentioned on their website though?

Also, do you guys think there will be any problems getting 5% back on the reward cards if you purchase the gift cards online, or do you think it best to go to the actual store to make sure it registers as a 'restaurant' purchase? Anyone ordered them online yet?

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