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It looks like good non stick cookware made in USA. 5 layers covering makes it extremely durable and non stick. No oil required for cooking. The cookware has life time warranty, it means if it starts stick, you can get free replacement anytime.
The cookware oven and dishwasher safe. Unfortunately not every Costco had it in stock, since Regal Ware have promotional sales with selected Costco warehouses.

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i have seen this in 2 of the costco in Irvine and Tustin. They are expensive and I read some good reviews about them.

Its one of those roadshows that sets up for a while to promote it and then moves to another store to do the same. Definitely seems like good stuff...just a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

I read the title as "$300 for 12 pc set" and clicked on it thinking there was a better deal than the $599 price.

In irvine and tustin, that was not a road-show thou. They actually have them in stock. Similar to VitaMix. Costco used not to carry them in-stock; so customers could only buy them when they found them from road-show. However, I have starting noticing the same costco warehouses in irvine and tustin, ca have them in stock.

Add what it is to the title (i.e. cookware).

i saw the set at the alhambra, ca costco but they're not selling. keep an eye on them to see if they go on clearance. the 3-qt all-clad saute pan they carried went on clearance, and the le creuset oven they carried also went on clearance. there's no guarantee they'll go on clearance, but keep an eye out for the xxx.97 price if you want this set.

Are these much better than Emerilware's All-Clad tri-ply?

momoman said:   i saw the set at the alhambra, ca costco but they're not selling. keep an eye on them to see if they go on clearance. the 3-qt all-clad saute pan they carried went on clearance, and the le creuset oven they carried also went on clearance. there's no guarantee they'll go on clearance, but keep an eye out for the xxx.97 price if you want this set.
I troll my local C0stco weekly waiting and hoping the $149 Cuisinart food processor goes on sale/clearance.

It weighs like 20 lbs and is a high quality machine...they just don't seem to sell.

I'll swing by this weekend to see if any Utah C0stco's sell this MasterCLAD set. Sounds interesting...

phogstenjr said:   Are these much better than Emerilware's All-Clad tri-ply? there are some comparisons between the two out on the net. here's one: link

edit: the above link is for an all-clad comparison. i don't know how the masterclad compares tot he emerilware.

Picked up a set in Chino Hills, CA yesterday (Friday) evening @ $599.99 SKU# 580345 "7PC COOKWARE" (note 3 lids included count as 3 of 7 pieces). As a limited time promotion (while supplies last), they also threw in the following items below as a bonus buy. The 7PC supposedly comes with a set of 7pc utensils for free according to the product page but I don't recall them mentioning it when I bought it. If it's not the case, I'm going to write them to get my freebie! Total deal below will now make it a total of 11 pieces (4 of which are lids that can be interchanged). The deal is that these pans are 5-ply which can handle induction cooking with the top and bottom layers being magnetic. In between, you have 3 layers of stainless steel grades that are supposed to offer the most even heat distributed cooking surfaces within the pan. I have no knowledge whatsoever about cookware so this is just what I gathered over the course of one evening at Costco. Lifetime warranty plus Costco warranty plus made in USA supposedly makes it a safe buy. Worse case scenario if it fails to satisfy your needs, you can just return it to Costco for a full refund. If the surface starts to fail then send it back (you pay return shipping, they send a replacement free).


8" Gourmet Pan (Fry) w/o lid
Qty. 1

12" Gourmet Pan (Fry) w/o lid
Qty. 1


12" Roaster w/ Cover
Qty. 1

12" Chicken Fryer w/ Cover

Here's what the product page says under the 7-piece page link from above:

"This is the MasterClad 7-Pc. set Crafted from the very finest Commercial grade American made materials.This is a multi-layered Process featuring 5 layers in all! That's 5-Ply! Exteriors and interiors are 430 magnetic highly polished stainless steel. (Magnetic so it's approved for induction as well as any other type of stoves)This is actually double induction because the 430 Stainless steel is both inside and outside for better heat conductivity. The core is three layers 1050 A aluminum ,commercial grade 3004 aluminum, which comes all the up the side of every vessel, for perfect even heat distribution, From the very middle all the way up to the top of the lip! Then another layer of 1050 A aluminum. That's 5 ply
The same core is sandwiched with another layer of 430 stainless steel. Then each piece of MasterClad features the Pro Series Plus Ti-3 nonstick system.This is also made without the use of PFOA making it a more environmentally friendly green product . This revolutionary new 3-layer system is internally reinforced with ceramic and titanium. It is the most durable nonstick system available today. It is tougher than any other nonstick system period! Approved for use with metal utensils. Cooks without fats, oils, or grease. Burned on messes wipe clean with just a paper towel! Tri-riveted, cast stainless steel stay cool handles are completely ovenproof and dishwasher safe. You are not just getting stovetop cookware; it is all bake ware as well. Comes with a full Lifetime warranty backed by a name you can trust Regal Ware World Wide Westbend Wi USA

The Seven Piece Set includes:

2 Qt Sauce Pan w/Cover for soups, sauces, gravies, etc.

3 Qt. Sauce Pan w/Cover for rice, steamed vegetables, hot cereals, etc.

8 Qt. Stock Pot w/Cover is great for chili, spaghetti, corn on the cob pasta, etc. Use it in the oven for pot roast and roast chicken (most sets come only with a 5 Qt. Dutch Oven - this is a giant 8 Qt. Stock Pot)!

10" chefs Fry Pan - all purpose fry pan, great for chicken, fish, casseroles, eggs/omelets and just about everything else. Remember it's completely safe to use in the oven for such items as pizza, cornbread, deep dish deserts, etc. The cover for the 8 Qt. Stock Pot also fits the 10" chefs Fry Pan.

only $849.00 Comes with a complete 6 Pc. set of nylon utensils a $30.00 Value FREE !"

Just bought this set in Gig Harbor, WA. So far, very happy. We've been thinking of replacing our older cookware for awhile now. As usual, we've collected various pieces or kept pieces from sets that have gone-by-the-way, one pan my wife has had for over 20 years. If this set lasts for 20 years, it will be the last we purchase before we drop over the side.

Pancakes this morning, no oil. Although I'd recommend a slightly lower temperature than when using other lower quality pans. Mostly because you had to heat the oil to a particular temp so it wouldn't just soak the food and make an oily mess.

I'm waiting to do a pot of beans later this week as the cheapest pot we owned was the old 6 quart pot. Now that I've got a decent MasterClad 8quart stock pot, I'm looking forward to a winter of white bean soup, chili, and stew.

Just bought a set of Masterclad Proseries TI 3 by Regal Ware at Costco on Friday. I was so happy with the set that I didn't notice anything else until yesterday, when I handwashed the pots after used, I felt something sharp on the screws/bolts on the lids. Looked carefully and I found out all three lids have deep cuts and dents on the bolts where they attach the handles on. On one bolt, the deep cut made a string of metal peeling off and poking out, I literally used my fingernail to flatten it in. Then it caused a big disappointment to find out all three lids have the same cut/dent marks. I am going to return the whole set to Costco today for sure. If they cannot do the bolts right, how can we be sure the pots and pans are made of good quality? And, they verbally said "Lifetime guaranteed' but I did not see that printed anywhere on the insert (manumal/instructions.) At a price of $600 for a whole set, I expect better quality. If you buy them, inspect carefully!

I just purcashed the set at Costco in Montgomeryville, Pa and I love it. I like the fact it is a green procust. I am all about being green. I paid $599.00 for the set but they threw in some others pot if I purchased right there and then. Best cookware I have ever owned. I packed up a Rachel Ray set I had and gave it to my step son for his new house. Very happy!

How is the MasterClad pan compared with Scanpan made in Denmark? Many reviews on Amazon said the Scanpan CTX pan(latest model) is heavy. I am hesitating on which brand to buy. I don't know if the pans of two brands have about the same weight for the same size pan.


I don't believe it's coated with PTFE.

Per their web site:
Then each piece of MasterClad features the Pro Series Plus Ti-3 nonstick system.This is also made without the use of PFOA making it a more environmentally friendly green product . This revolutionary new 3-layer system is internally reinforced with ceramic and titanium.

Just replaced a old (but nice) set of pans that were made by the same company but they were aluminum not steel. They had a similar non stick surface. The pan we used the most is suffering now - but it's been used almost daily for 7+ years and while you can see some marks on the surface it still works great. The problem with the older set was the outside was not stainless, it was also some type of non stick surface, but it was flaking off. Bought the new set like others at Costco like others here. Most of what Costco sells seems to be the higher end / good products. So these new pans, being stainless on the outside, won't have the same issue and being steel should heat more evenly. I think they should last 10+ years and have a lifetime warranty anyway!!

Figured I could pay $250-350 and get a cheap set or spend a little more and get a quality set!!

Yep, I did the same thing! Bought the new version pro-series-plus Ti-3 to replace the older version....couldn't be happier. Old ones are still great after 8 years, giving to our daughter- I just liked the stainless outside and new handle shape. MasterClad is awesome and you don't have to worry about toxic materials being used with those made in China- if it's made in China, I won't buy it....almost blew up my house with gas pipes made in China that corroded!

Your right However all good nonstick's have PTFE.It's completely inert,in fact it's used in heart stints and other medical devises.But even though you can have 5 different nonstick's with ptfe they are formulated diferently.The really good ones are multi layered and reinforced. That's why some of them are so much more durable and work so much better then just Teflon .I read Regal Ware makes Master clad that way They have a great reputation for very high quality .

I just bought a set of Masterclad at Costco in Bellingham, WA. Received the 3 piece bonus set. I have confidence that if something goes wrong with this cookware, that Costco should stand behind what they sell. I will be contacting the company in Wisconsin to get more information about the PTFE material used for making the surface non-stick. My greatest concern is that it's just another version of a more durable teflon and that over time it will be released into my cooking especially at high heat in the oven.

don't worry about PTFE all good nonsticks have it .It's inert it's used in heart stints and other medical devises.But even though you can have 5 different nonstick's with ptfe they are formulated diferently.just enjoy it It's a great product and it's made in the USA

I have a feeling you work for Regal because you've reiterated the same information on this site 4 times now. Obviously there's something in it for you so I'm not taking your story for face value. Give it a rest already. Your words: "Inert", "heart stints", are you a doctor? Are you a surgeon? Not likely. Yes, more than likely you either work for Costco or sell the product yourself. Well I've been doing some research of my own and you are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. I've called Regal consumer Care Department at 262-626-2121. Nobody there knows much about this product. They couldn't even tell me what PFOA means!! What I did learn is that this particular line of Pro Series-Plus T1-3 commissioned Regal by a company called Whitford under the private label of "Master Clad Pro Series-Plus T1-3" and it's targeted for Costco members. It's mainly being sold at Costco. So my next step will be to contact Costco Consumer Relations to get to the bottom of this and find out more about the safety of this product. I still haven't taken my purchase of these pots and pans out of the box until I am convinced that it's safe for my family. Stay tuned. And please stop it with the "inert and heart stints" are made out of teflon!! Maybe you've cooked with teflon too long and PFOA's have gone to your head!!

Megasteve, lets' face it you've written the same thing several times now so you must be selling this for Costo and Regal. Give it a rest with the heart stints and inert. It's teflon and it gives people Alzheimer's

suscapela, keep us posted of your findings....i am very interested in seeing what you can dig up.

i found this on wiki:
ScanPan markets non-stick cookware made with patented ceramic titanium technology. While the non-stick coating still uses PTFE, it is applied without using PFOA as an emulsifier. The product is therefore marketed as "100% PFOA free".


here is a read on PTFE:

so if they too are using PTFE, like scanpan and they probably are otherwise they would have said PTFE free as well when they state the other chemical....

Where is your information regarding teflon being dangerous coming from? It is not true. Teflon is used on millions of pans and in millions of medical devices as well. I would bet that almost everyone in the US has eaten food that was cooked in a non-stick pan, probably dozens if not hundreds of times. If teflon was dangerous we would all be dead by now. Try and use a little common sense, OK?

You might want to read a few statistics with regard to cancer associated with teflon!! There have been studies done on Teflon of factory workers handling the material and the number of employees with health issues related to cancer are staggering!! Sure teflon can be used in medical applications but when it's heated up to 300 to 500 degrees farenheit it begins to emit carcingens. The United States is one of the most unhealthy, obese societies in this day because not enough people take time to care about how their food is prepared or what it contains. Why don't you start using YOUR common sense!!

"Staggering" may be a bit dramatic. The studies focused on factory workers quite some time ago in a circumstance where they were exposed to thousands of times more Teflon than any consumer would have in a lifetime, and while Teflon was in an unstable state of being applied, rather than its stable state after it has been set, which is how consumers experience it. The circumstances do not relate to common usage by any stretch of the imagination both in terms of exposure volume or the state of the Teflon itself. And finally, the tests are inconclusive. Even in the extreme exposure factory environments where the after-the-fact data was collected, there is nothing that directly links Teflon to illness beyond what seems to be circumstantial. I COMPLETELY agree with you that we should be cautious consumers, but the sky is falling may not be the appropriate response in this situation, IMO.

There is absolutely NO verifiable link between these chemicals and Alzheimer's. There are some LIMITED, INCONCLUSIVE studies that suggest that SOME portion of Alzheimer's MAY be caused by SOMETHING in the environment No one knows what, but the list of possible suspects is long and wildly inconclusive. Taking these speculations and then promoting them as fact is simply irresponsible. Anecdotal evidence is NOT the same thing as empirical evidence, and should not be represented as such.


such an interesting discussion and it seems like quite a few contributors know what they are talking about in terms of the science. I just wish I could make up my mind on whether to buy this set I saw demonstrated a few days ago at a Portland, Or Coscto store.

auke said:   Well,

such an interesting discussion and it seems like quite a few contributors know what they are talking about in terms of the science. I just wish I could make up my mind on whether to buy this set I saw demonstrated a few days ago at a Portland, Or Coscto store.

No sales tax = no brainer!

We bought it today. The pans are great. They have everything that commercial grade pans have (multi-ply construction, aluminum the length of the side, a coating approved for metal utensils and the dishwasher, and they are oven safe.) I am tossing out our old Kirkland set as I write this as I have finally worn them out.

I just purchase the whole set today (Irvine, CA). I saw the demo on Saturday but I wanted to check with my wife to see if she likes to get a new set for our new house . She was totally impressed when she saw the demo.

They are great! But, be on the look out they bubble on the inside of the pots. Then, you have to go through the trouble of returning it to the factory for a new one.

Do you have the picture or detail list of what are included in the 12 PC that you mentioned?

I brought one set yesterday in Costco, but only include 11 PC for $599.
You mentioned 12PC, not sure which one I missed?


all these different products claiming to be the best drive me crazy and the reviews are also suspect. I saw a demonstration of this stuff last week and it looked and sounded good. What do you think so far?

I purchased this set...gave my Great CostCo Set to my GOOD friend. I would LIKE to get them back now...buyers REMORSE! my worry? the 2 Qt Sauce Pan ...has a "Dimple" on the Teflon coating. It "appears" if I use it? that it would POP !

I saw the demonstration at Costco today and am thinking about purchasing it. Has anyone used the set and if so, would you recommend it? It's a lot of money so knowing about others experience would be great. Thanks!

What Costco did you buy your set at. I want to get the cookware but they are not due in Columbus, OH this year. HELP!!!!!!!

Can someone explain to me how this 12-piece Master Clad set makes more sense than a 15-piece Kirkland no-stick pot and pan set for around one-quarter of the price?:


Sure, the MasterClad set is probably more durable, but isn't the lifetime warranty on the Master Clad products essentially a non-issue when one can simply take back the Kirkland set to Costco at any time if the coating starts to lose its effectiveness and get a new set under Costco's standard return policy on non-electronics items?

Are we talking about a difference in ability to cook food that the average person would not really notice and appreciate in their own kitchen, kind of like how a non-audiophile isn't going to appreciate the difference between a $2000 speaker and an $8000 one?

I bought a Masterclad set at Costco 8 months ago and so far I am loving it. It was an 11 piece set for $600+ tax.
I did a lot of research on cookware and found there structure to be what I was looking for. It was also NSF approved which is required by large institutions ie: hospitals, schools, universities and restaurants for safety and sanitation. I do a lot of cooking and sear my fish and meat on my gas stove top and finish it off in the oven. It's the best I've ever had and well worth the price.

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