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Would have to be just last month! I found myself at Busch Gardens Williamsburg with my DD13. Nothing makes me more proud than to see my geekiness transferred to the next generation. We were in the 'zoo' section of "Ireland" and passed by an enclosure of rabbits. But among the rabbit was this gigantic white rabbit just ambling mildly around the rest. I said "Aww, look at the huge rabbit!" To which my daughter replies in her best Scottish accent "Yes, but he's got nasty, gnarly sharp teeth, look at the bones!!!" If you don't know Tim the Enchanter, you won't understand...

ps. I want the plush Alien from ThinkGeek most of all! (Not the face hugger)... We'd like to dress him up with a top hat and cane and have him sing "Hello my baby, hello my sunshine...."

????? copy paste ?

Definitely buying the Back to the Future Delorean 1:15 scale model from ThinkGeek, having it shipped to work, my assistant opening the shipping package for me at her desk, and having to explain to the CEO and CFO who were walking by why I needed such a thing.


My youngest daughter is a huge Star Wars fan, so I made up some lyrics to the Imperial March & sang it for her on her birthday. She loved it!

Back in High School, I was in the chess club, and people used to make fun of me. But I was the only girl in the top ten in the club! I was proud of that.

my geekiest moment was staying up all night trying to geta touch pad online and having my brother call me at 10 am saying he bought 2 do i want one

I dressed up as Mario for Halloween... before Super Mario Brothers was released. Yes, from his character in Donkey Kong. Hipster extraordinaire.

Definitely a geek father moment, this year for Halloween my youngest son dressed up as Link from Wind Waker, my other son dressed up as Dr. Who.

Walking around college in a full-length pleather black trench coat.
There are others but I think that just tops them all.

I have a ThinkGeek catalog and I have several things in it I want.

thinking I was the apple computer expert I was showing a bunch of people my new IIGS when I couldn't start it

I sync my Christmas lights to music. Makes for some great conversations with the neighbors...

when at one saftey meeting, 20 of my coworkers saw what burst out of my backpack, three mp3 players, two cell phone, one portable media player, three charger with numerous usb cables, and a 4 outlets travel extension cord...

I dont know if its my favorite but its the most recent i can remember that made me realize how much of a geek my wife really isnt, but at least shes really hot.
I was driving to Costco with my wife to pick up a couple items and i heard something on the radio about elder scrolls sktrim and told my wife that she might lose me for a few years again while i become a gaming vegetable. expecially when diablo 3 comes out. and when she asked why i started to talk about elfs and druids, spells, exp, magic, and the different types of spells and things. My wife sat there with a blank stare and was like "um ok sorry to be a total no geek right now but you lost me at MMORPG and druid what are those." at that moment i realized that the last 20 min of ranting and raving about the 2 games and how i hope there as good as my hopes was just a big waste of time and was like talking to a wall.

I certainly don't consider myself a geek BUT, according to my kids, I am Queen of Geeks... there are so many moments that they would love to share... but I, of course, can't think of a one... LOL

finding the new METV channel on cable and watching the brady bunch!

I think having to explain why I've got a notebook attached to a tv in the bathroom probably covers it.

I'm a web developer and have two sons that have computer careers. We are a geeky fammily.

President of the chess club in HS. Wow...

I was known as the computer fixer by fellow students in school, but one day out of nowhere, the teacher (with whom I never have talked with) asks me to come help him with his computer for his presentation in class.

All over the tri-state area!

Doofenschmirtz would have been proud
Geekiest? That's like asking which part of the ocean is bluest.

I'll just choose a recent moment:

My 9 y.o. daughter had to miss an in-school science project where they were going to make a shaving cream volcano. I promised I would make it up to her and we would do our own SC volcano in the back yard. 2 weeks later, she and I both agreed that a volcano might be lame, so we hit the internet - then the hardware store - in search of all the items necessary to create a shaving cream CANNON. And, of course, we named it the Shaving-Cream-Inator.

Yes, yes we did.

Edit: I hope "randomly selected" means "chosen deliberately based on the cool pictures uploaded to this thread" (C'mon, effort has to count for something, and those bacon flavored candy canes aren't going to jump onto my tree all by themselves!)

I've had my geekiest moment everytime I walk right into all of the sliding glass doors that have crossed my path. Sad but true. *hard BONK!!!

Just being the techy guy everyone comes to when something doesn't work.
Recently bought a Lacrosse battery charger from TG, this gift card will sure help with the holiday shopping I plan to do from them.

My geekiest moment occurred this past summer. My wife and I were on vacation in Jamaica and we ended up meeting some really cool people. We all decided to go out to dinner one night and the topic of video games came up. I just so happened to bring my G155-Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System for my PS3 and several PS3 games. Me and several guys ended up spending hours playing video games in Jamaica while our wives enjoyed the beach. My wife is still mad!

My favorite geek time has to be my annual trip to Ohio LinuxFest

I went to Comicon 1997!

My geekiest moment? Well I was having dinner with my girlfriend and randomly she started humming the Imperial March from Star Wars. At that moment I knew I had found my soul mate.

It would probably have to be when my wife came downstairs and found me sitting in a bean bag chair naked eating cheetoz and playing Call of Duty on my desktop. I know, I know it's sounds geeky...but I was just waiting for my dress slacks to dry before we went out for our anniversary dinner. She just shook her head and told me to hurry up or we'd be late for our reservations.

My geekiest moment, was instead of putting up traditional halloween props i chose to setup a projector and create a narrating pumpkin to a scary movie on the blinds. Then to take it further i carved my pumpkins in the shapes of space invaders. one of many geeky stories.

me trying out all the tricks my niece is telling me on how to unlock the windows password that she forgot. i definitely need a geeky gift for her from ThinkGeek. will decide after GC in hand

When two of my nephews posted on their facebook about buying the (then) upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I knew they had been raised right. :-D

I think every geeky moment I encounter always has to be with my dad.
One night my dad took myself, and my mother out to dinner. We went to a nice local restraunt, and were dressed very causually.
As we were waiting for our waitress to come back with our drinks we were this loud scream "WOWWWW LOOK AT HIS TATTOOS!!!!"
We look down at this little 4 or 5 year old boy who is just excited to see dad's IronMan tattoos.
I think it was the most funny, and most embarrasing time I've ever had a restraunt. Of course everyone in the restraunt turned to see what the little kid was talking about, and people even came over to check them out.
As my mother always says now "We just can't take you anywhere can we?!?!" to my dad lovingly of course.

I am definitely a geek and Geeks Rule and they are the hippest \../

uhm the pie I made for a friends birthday that had 3.1415928.... on it .
Or the cookies of catan
or bi weekly game night

40+ hours building an R2 costume so my six year old would, hands down, have the best costume in the halloween parade at school. (it's a working prototype...rev 2.0 will feature several enhancements and bug fixes).

pics here...

My geekiest moment was probably a long time ago. I was really proud of
myself for being able to "turn over" the score on an Asteroids machine.
Thanks ThinkGeek & Fatwallet for this contest and Happy Holidays to all
of the Fatwallet members !!

went to PAX convention lol

oh wait no my geek moment is when I was teaching my 4 year old neices how to bake pumpkin pie while their parents were out. I then taught them that pie is special as dessserts go in that it has a favorite number which is 3.q14. They then when their parents got home were so proud to tell their parents that pie's faviorite number is 3.14 so much so that people call 3.14 pi.

My favorite Christmas was when I got my first computer. It was a Texas Instruments TI-99-4A.

I was not happy at first. I had asked for an Atari 2600 because I am a huge game nut. They had just hit the market that year and it was the hot item for geeks. Instead, my folks listened to my GRANDPARENTS and went in together and bought a TI computer on closeout from a warehouse. I turned it on and did not know what to do. My grandfather showed me a few BASIC commands and I was hooked!

I later found that you could buy cartridges for this machine and do more than just type programs into it. It was the sickest and most intense graphics I had ever seen on a home console. All of my friends and family that got Atari 2600's were SO JEALOUS!

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