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Built an immersion circulator for sous vide cooking.

Completely over-engineered the project though. Got a 2nd hand PID temp controller from an old lab oven, a pt100 temperature probe, and a water heater element and built an aluminium enclosure to house the entire thing. To make it more nerdy, I painted the enclosure to nearly match my kitchen aid stand mixer so they look nice next to each other.

I had a dream I lived inside a computer

Not computer related.

But taught my better half how to play Magic: The Gathering on our first date =D

I would have to say one of my geekier moments would be making a compact Oxford English Dictionary my only Christmas gift request one year.

There are too many to choose from! I am a girl and I love comic books, Star Wars, superheroes and more. My six year old daughter is following in my footsteps and was "Flash Girl" for Halloween.

My geekiest moment was when I met my second husband. I gave him my business card, which listed my email and my free website (back when it was a trap of free pop-ups! Which I no longer have!). We cemented our love in Doctor Who and Dark Shadows DVDs. What broke us up? A woman who was a bigger Dungeons and Dragons fan than I was! But all is not lost; we are working on a reconciliation...

Thanks to our mutual love of the most recent version of Doctor Who on BBC America.

UnPCNooK said:   i set up all ringtones and notification messages on my old phone to be old school mario tones.

MY old phone had Super Mario Bros. as its ringtone, too! Small world.

When I was a kid, read in some magazine that "if you keep the unboiled egg vertical on top of a coin and try to give pressure from the top then egg won't break ". One day my parents were out and I got brave like mythbusters show and tried it and the egg broke immediately on the floor.
The fun part is cleaning it up before my parents return but the smell disclosed the story to my parents.

One of my favorite geek moment was when I first created a ringtone for my Nokia phone back in the 90s. It was the Mos Eisley Cantina song. Yup, one note at a time via the keypad.

modifying my kid's powerwheels toy

Geekiest moment... hooking up the "BFL" (Big F***ing Light) in high school and blowing out half the school when we tried to power it up. It was just a little much for some of the distribution equipment, although when it was on it was nice and bright!

Driving along with a friend looking for a specific street. I ask, "do you visually detect the sign?". She replies, "visually detect?" do you mean, do I see the sign?" Since then, I now have to live with "aurally detect" and "olfactory detect" for hear and smell

Well one of the many geek moments is when me and some buddies were playing MTG at work instead of doing actual work. We would of been playing munchkin as well, but the cards are harder to carrier around then a deck of magic.

I drove across town to trouble shoot a computer that would not boot due to a floppy being left in a drive. And I was paid

Being able to explain some geeky dialogue from Big Bang Theory

My daughter is a huge Star Wars fan, so I made up some lyrics to the Imperial March & sang it for her on her birthday.

Geekiest moment is when you get a call to diagnose a PC problem and don't have a clue of what they calling about.

my geekiest moment is replying to this giveaway.

Wish I get it

My nerdy moments come when people ask to us my bathroom and see that my wife and I have the Periodic Table of Elements Shower Curtain from ThinkGeek!

People are always coming out of our bathroom shouting "OMG! That is awesome!".

Woo Hoo!

Sorry,I was totally cool but I still want to win.

In the winter of 1992 back in NY, a MASSIVE pile o' snow fell. I was 11 and reallllly wanted a SNES, so I shoveled snow and de-iced walks all weekend in my neighborhood to earn $130. I was the only girl doing this around that area.

On top of earning enough to buy a SNES (my mom paid some sales tax, I believe), I also programmed the VCR of a nice old couple down the street after shoveling their walk. It was the weekend when I most realized I was a true geek.

I'm a grad student researching virtual reality. I spend much of my time inside a head-mounted display in virtual worlds that don't really exist. That's a lot of geeky moments, I suppose.

I named my dog BASIC(my first programming language in 1989)

We just designed and built a solar heater for our pump house, and are in the process of building a solar heater box for the living room window.

I dressed up as Mario for Halloween.

I once popped a coin into light bulb fixture to stop my brother from his playtime dominance on the video game we just bought a few days back. It shut power supply to the whole house and then i had to play hide and seek for some alibi...I was caught finally!..lesson that I learned: Nickel is way better than dime to shut a grid down..oh! and always start yelling loud like "I don't get a video game and now the power is down,unlucky me"

Hmmm. Ive had so many

take yer pick.

I used phone wire and a USB L bracket to create front USB ports for my computer before computers had front USB ports.

I built a soda can cooler inside my computer using an old peltier, heater core from a ford pinto and a pond pump.

Installed a car cigarette lighter in my case before you could buy them online.

One time I had sold my computer and was waiting for new parts to build a new one. I was going crazy without internet so I got in my cabinets and started finding scrap computer parts. I found an old motherboard with a cpu and heatsink on it, a power supply , cdrom and an old hard drive. I didn't have an extra case so I used CDR's as supports and hot glued the whole thing together. It was wobbly but worked until all my parts came in

I wanted a subwoofer in my dorm room in college. The only problem was that the subwoofer and amp that I had were from my car. So I needed to find a 12V source that would power the massive 600 watt amp. I found that a car battery charger would do the trick and ended up having jumper cables connecting the charger to the amp. All in all, I had the nerdiest, but loudest system in the dorms. I'd shake things off of my neighbors shelves from 2 floors above.

Soda + Mentos as a geeks innovation

My favorite geek moment was my home video editing setup back in the day, I had 25 foot cables running all over my basement and my computer editing bay was tight. I made my sister a popup video wedding video and she loved it.

So many moments...

Favorite one was when I got into a heated debate with 9 year old over a story-line of Dragon Ball Z at Media Play (when it was still around). The kid later covered his ears and walked aways screaming "no more spoilers"

Way back in the days of DOS systems.

Me: "I want to change the drive I save documents to."

Tech support guy: "Type d:"

What tech support guy didn't say: "stupid"

I had been using this computer for 2 months at this point....

It's only one level up from being asked to check whether my computer was plugged in.

My geekiest moment recently is successfully completing all the Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio levels!

Having electronics as a hobby, being a Ham Radio operator and involved in a robotics club growing up... can't get any geekier than that.
I love technology.... I'm just a techno freak!

My geekiest moment sitting reading a thread about geekiest moments while thinking about my geekiest moment while listening to the nerdist podcast. A post inside a post! Its like Inception.

Eons ago my Spanish teacher approvingly commented on the fact that I was carrying a science magazine on top of my notebook. She thought it was a great way to attract a guys attention. She was disappointed when I told her it was my subscription and I was carrying it because I actually READ it.

i'm in

When I joined the chess club!

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