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my most recent favorite moment was using Fatwallet to help find a deal on a small camcorder so I could record the day of my daughters birth.

For an MMO, using AHK to tile lots of browser windows on the screen, scroll to see a "buy" button, and clicking the button in each window as fast as possible. The server honored more requests than I had credit for, resulting in me getting more items that I was supposed to. Satisfied with my trick, I shortly thereafter lost interest in the game and stopped playing.

Favorite geeky moment was when I was interviewed for The Times of London for my online Christmas radio station.

Trying to keep 44 workstations going in our Elementary and trying to find out who keeps changing the names of the folders.

For some reason everyone thinks the nerdiest thing I do is use my Titanium Spork from ThinkGeek. It was a gift from my mom

Geeky moment, let's see. Earlier today I met a super cute girl at the gym (Dolphin in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn). while running on the treadmill we talked about Skyrim and Battlefield 3.

When I told her that I thought that women just don't play games like this, she replied " i think theres a little wood elf in all of us."

Suddenly, I felt less bad about burning untold hours in front of my game consoles and PC.

going to the comic shop to buy star wars ccg packs.......hoping for a dark lord of the sith...........when i was 30

I would assume that being addicted to a computer and the internets would be geeky enough and then some.

I'm a huge Apple fan who carries a TracFone. Sad, but true. I really need the gift card for something much cooler!

Favorite moment: Getting called out of class, as a student in high school, to help the secretaries with the new computers they just got. I was the resident nerd before most knew what computers were...

Went to Celebration IV in LA. Listening to Irvin Kershner talk and answer questions about ESB was so awesome! RIP Irvin.

My geekiest moment happens just about every day as I am the one who is called to fix the computers at work, even though I don't work in IT...

I sync my Christmas lights to music. Makes for some great conversations with the neighbors..

My geekiest moment was when I "surfed the internet" back in the day with my Philips Pocket PC and a proprietary NIC that was wired to my hub. Those were the days...

Random things come to mind.
Meticulously hand typing code into my TI-85 calculator so I could play Slot Machine at school.
Reading the DOS 5 manual cover to cover.
In college hacking the terminal software to 'wardial' till the (always busy) modem picked up.
Calling AT&T for my boss to order DSL for her house because she had no clue what any of that was and all she wanted was the internet.
A couple years later going to the same person's house to fix the computer that mysteriously quit working right after she clicked something in an email.

when i was in hs and how happy i was to get my new graphing calculator.

Giving up celebrating in style for the new millenium to be onsite at our dc waiting for all the y2k bugs to hit.

I use to convince my dad to go to FedCo so I can play their display model of Intellivision and tank wars. I later got the Apple IIe would sneak to the den to play games like Zork until 3am in the morning, when I was 8 years old during a school night! It was worth the sleep deprivation! I also enjoy the Twilight Zone (the original series), Night Gallery, Star Trek (the original series).

Lately, taking apart hard drives so I can use the strong magnets to hold up my curtains in my bedroom.

I'm a geek daily fixing average Joe's cellphone

Got a Ph.D in geek.

played CS instead of going to class

FW Finance + beer on Friday night..learn something dude

I programmed my 8th grade science project lol >__<

talking to my friend about how relationships and relating that to how a chemical reaction takes place

The first program I wrote after "Hello World" was a program that used a formula to determine what your vertical leap would need to be, based on your height, calculating your standing reach, in order for you to dunk a basketball. That is still among my favorite blocks of (Apple Basic) code.

all of my humor is cheesy and geeky...depend on my spouse to help me save face.

My family sent me a DVD set of the first season of "The Big Bang Theory" with a note that said "This reminds us of you and your friends."

I don't know about geekiest moment, I think I'm just perpetually geeky (web developer/business analyst combo).

Staying after school to play Sim City and Oregon Trail.

Building my own PC from scratch at least twice. It's hard to see the small letters on the motherboard now.

My geekiest moment is when the vice-principal of an elementary school called my high school looking for me. She needed help with powerpoint.

the funniest moment I can think of is when my uncle's "tech savvy" soon to be son in law recommended draining the reservoir on the water-cooled PC that I had built for him, as any water that got on the mobo could damage it... He wasn't kidding either.

it was surprisingly that we won an AMD Athlon XP combo in AMD first event of Athlon launch.

I would have to say it would be when my school had me be a teachers aide in the computer classes even though I was 3 years younger than the students in the class.

BBS Admin

'nuff said

Think Geek Is the BEST!!

I've played all levels of Zork

Punching paper tapes for printer controls.

The geekiest moment I can remember (and there are a lot) is the first time I installed memory in my TRS 80 computer. I beleive I was going from 4MB to 8MB of memory for that computer. (Yes, that's MB, no GB - the TRS 80 was one of the first consumer computers and was sold by Radio Shack). I kept reading all the warning about static electricity issues and finally decided I should not be wearing any clothes since they could contribute to static electricity buildup. So, my geek moment is "naked memory upgrade". Glad no one else was around.....BTW - the memory upgrade was successful.

I was sort of accused of fraud by Paypal at the age of 15..(Minimum age was 18).. I was using the PayPal account to make money by playing online video games and making $15-$25 an hour doing so. Paid for my first car with it, a Ford Explorer. Sad thing was my parents had no idea it was going on. I was always confused about where they THOUGHT I made the money to buy my car with.

What an interesting call that was when the Paypal lawyers called.

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