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iPad Arcade Cabinet is my favoriate!

Going to a Star Trek convention in a self-made Borg-outfit...

I dont think I'm that "geeky." But those a work think I am - I tend to be an "early adopter." Work computer/network frequently with problems. The IT staff seem relatively useless. I end up figuring out the issues myself and troubleshooting for most others in our building. The issues are when "administrator" rights are necessary to correct the problem. (I find/figure out software incompatibility that they are supposed to know, e.g. Dragon 10.1 Medical and the latest Adobe update.)

Geeky moment brother and I playing WoW he says "brb need to eat" I say "my cooking is maxed I'll make you some food"... I didn't know he meant irl food facepalm.

I sync my Christmas lights to music and make it really loud.

When I attend special events I take a Flip video camera, a regular camera, a cell phone w/camera, and my Ipod Touch 4g...and use them all! My daughter gets embarrassed at school parties, especially when I'm hosting the party and recording every sound and image!

Cant pick one moment, but realizing when I travel now that my geeky electronics I have to bring along with me in my carry-on bag, is getting a tad heavy.

Mine was watching this infamous youtube video and saying to myself "this would so be my daughter!"


Talking vulcan

$100 is nice

Now that I work in IT industry (HR Outsourcing)...I am reminded everyday of the time when I used to call my cousin a 'Computer Geek' in the 1990's

Now I can match him dollar for dollar for geek-ness unlimited

A guy buys a computer from my friends store, several days later he calls back and said the coffee cup holder broke. My friend told him to bring the computer in so he could see what he was talking about and discovered the man broke his CD rom tray!

I guess I am a geek! Most neighbors call me when they have a problem. The sad part, I know most of the answers!

realizing I won at star trek trivia

entering this...

Some people think I'm a geek just cause I wear glasses. Oh the pressure to live up this reputation...!

when I was asked to join a panel discussion at a DR Who convention in the mid 80's

I would certainly say getting a paper cut while going through some documents at home and fainting in front of my life seeing some blood pouring out... she keeps reminding it to me every time I have a piece of paper in my hand...

I recently went on a first date, and he asked about my love of science. I started explaining the Personal Genome Project, which I am a part of, and apparently got overexcited. I became embarrassed at my geekiness immediately, but I couldn't stop. I told him that genetics turned me on, and that all he had to say was "gel electrophoresis", for him to come home with me. I completely geeked out on him for about an hour. He joined in the conversation after he realized I wasn't joking about it turning me on. When I woke up and saw him the next morning, I was still drunk on him talking about DNA recombination therapy... Now he tries to talk about it all the time..

People won't quit asking me for tech advice and that makes me at least feel like a geek....

i told my husband to just scroll though the yellow light if he can't click it back to green. -_-

For every World of Warcraft expansion release, I take a vacatin day off from work so that I ca pick my game up at midnight and play a non-stop 24 hour gaming marathon.

My geekiest moment was going to a web team meeting and taking notes for the team. Near the end of the meeting I navigated to a website brought up in the meeting. I got so engrossed in the site that I didn't notice the meeting had ended and I was the only one in the room.

Grandma Geek here.

My three grandsons (8 year old twins and a 10 year old) spent part of last summer with us and it was my job to keep things interesting. Among other things, we went to town and purchased all the parts to assemble a PVC water rocket. None of us could stop laughing once Grandpa assembled it and whoever held it when it got launched got soaked.

This is a great offer - we love geek toys/games/puzzles at our house. We'll proudly admit that we have generations of geeks here.

Walking into a meeting at work and having another supervisor pull toilet paper out of the back of my pants.

An IT person came to my desk to install something and noticed I had installed some of my own software already. I showed her a utility that throttled down my CD/DVD drive so it didn't make the whole box shake (cheaply made Dell) and SHE called ME nerdy.

Oh wow...just one moment? I'm not sure which one to pick. I honestly can't, so here are my top contenders.

When Final Fantasy 3 (aka 6) came out on the SNES. I played it all day, and fell asleep while playing. I got a full nights sleep. I woke up with controller still in hand, and continued to play it another full day.

I graduated with a degree in Visual Communications. I am going back to school, not because I need to, but because I want a degree in Physics. Go Science!

Before "retiring" from World of Warcraft, I had max level characters in every class.

Recently I achieved a similar feat. DC Universe Online went free to play recently. Having never played it before, within 2 days I had a max level character, and 2 more days I had full "epic" PVP gear. (I also accomplished this in Star Wars: Galaxies) MMOs are evil. They steal my soul.

I ranked #1 in the world on the XBLA Leader Boards for Snoopy Flying Aces' capture the flag mode, for over a month. What? It's an awesome game!

When I was a young teenager I went with my parents to a Star Trek convention. I got Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) to sign a rather naughty picture of herself. My parents had no idea until we got up there. It was pretty great.

Yeah I could go on, but I think I've embarrassed myself enough.

Playing Atari football with my dad on the old 2600! =)

Enjoyed taking things apart as a kid -- not all of them went fully back together...

Some random dude asked if I worked at the Library of Congress because of the buttons on my backpack.

My most geeky moment? So many to choose from, but now they prolly involve my proto-geeks, one just turned three and the other is six months old.

When she was two, the first one tried to learn how to spell her name. In Morse code with a flashlight.

Or her pink Chibi-Cthulhu she has had since she was a few months old and she snuggles?

The "plush" Killer Rabbit the she chases people with?

Oh, wait, this is ThinkGeek - any bonus points that she's already slept over at Grandma's with her tauntaun sleeping bag?


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