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I played the world of warcraft on and off for 4 years.

Went to a friend's house. His wife asked me "do you like an apple?" and I responded "I like PC better." LOL

25 years ago when I was a Senior in high school I paid a "nerd" $5 bucks a program and $10 bucks a test to help me pass Computer Science. Those were the days before Windows, point and click, or even imagery on the screen. It was all written code. Looking back now I laugh...You can't even begin to PEEL me away from my computer, but back then I was so scared it was so "advanced"! LOL!
You've come a long way baby! We had an awesome laugh at the reunion because he remembered our "deal". HA HA HA! It also didn't hurt that he had the biggest crush on me at time. I may have gotten a discounted rate!
Cool thread!

Forgot to add. "I" was on the internet BEFORE Al Gore invented it. Is that worth something too?

wrote a letter to my ex-gf in C

Day dreamed about owning a shrinter.


Co-worker want to buy a laptop for her kid, everybody turns their head to me... Then I get on FW and find a deal..and everybody thinks I'm a genius. Yeah, it's like that all the time.

Comic-con, as always great

Likely to be a rather strange one. But when I purchased a AMD ATHLON 64 X2 6000+ DUAL CORE 3.0GHZ. I was cool, I was calm and I was collected. Only when I decided to open up the Windows XP Task Manager did I flip out.

A DUAL-CORE PROCESSOR?! Working in tandem?

I remember literally running around the block with a grin of excitement that would be reminiscent of a nine-year-old. Now, for nostalgia, I open up the task manager to enjoy my EIGHT cores (which seems to pale in comparison to that fateful day.)

my geekiest moment was staying up all night trying to geta touch pad online and having my brother call me at 10 am saying he bought 2 do i want one

Count me in.
All my friends who wants a deal on anything, come to me for the cheapest price and I go to FatWallet for it. And become a hero...
And I have almost accumulated more than 10 TB of storage with 5 laptops, 2 desktops, 4 routers, whole house wired with Camera in and out. Every activity outside the house can be monitored on a smartphone , any internet... seems like I am too geeky

In college i was a dorm helpdesk technician. I had to rebuild one girl's imac. I asked her for her system restore disk.. she said "oh, I think it's in the box under my bed." She pulls out a plastic box/case about the size of a toolbox. In it is about 100 (wrapped) condoms, and her copy of MacOS and Office.

not exactly sure why those two things went into the same box.

Went to Japan for vacation to realize I half-understood the language simply because of all the anime I've watched over the years. Wife shook her head and gave me a pat on the back. But she was grateful when we needed to ask for directions.

My geeky co-worker and I usually start the day with some sort of geeky video game reference. The non-geek female of our group always rolls her eyes.

Being in scholastic bowl in high school.

I dressed up as optimus prime...and it wasn't Halloween

I worked so long on a computer problem that I forgot about hunger and eventual had to beg someone to go get me food since I am too weak to get it myself.

Trying to fix something when it's cheaper to buy a new one. Oh yeah...you know that geeky feeling!

Geekiest moment for me was when a conversation while getting my hair highlighted culminated in an Fatwallet tutorial on my iPad, IOS fix on a stylists phone, and a laptop reformat for the salon owner ....while she was doing my hair.

Being the "computer guy" for every hardware, software and upgrade on all of my friends tech stuff.

Spent an hour looking for my eye glasses that I was wearing.

Another geek moment for me is when I found "Rock Lobster" printed on the motherboard of my Amiga 500.

i had an old laptop that was running slow on windows so i thought if i installed Linux, the laptop should speed up. I looked online and found out there are many different version of linux. i tried to learn it but didn't have time while working full time. i sold the laptop.

Being a know it all in computer science class.

When I was about twelve, we were standing outside my friend's house when I looked at his address (2228) and yelled, "Oh my God! Your address is two cubed!" After that, I had to explain to everyone that 2*2*2=8. Definitely one of my geekier moments.

Being born ...

one of my funniest geek moments is reading the joke "Alcohol & calculus don't mix. Never drink & derive." and cracking up heavily. I literally fell on the floor rolling with laughter because I'm an engineering student.

I once told my friends that the stock market will rise; 5 minutes later, it plunged 300+.

Receiving a <#include beer.h> drinking glass from my son-in-law for Christmas, and only the 2 of us understanding the joke.

I was cosplaying as Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist at comic con this past year and almost got into a fist fight with someone because he said my costume wasn't authentic enough.

All of my moments are geeky!

I hope i win!

Thanks FatWallet and ThinkGeek.

When I assembled my first ibm clone back in the day

Back in my early 20s I used to tell my folks that my Masters in Electrical Engineering is not a good enough education level and that I should get a Ph.D; thank God some sanity prevailed and I turned out to be "normal"

Waiting in line for 10 hours to see Star Trek the Motion Picture opening day

I still have 5.25" floppy disks?

I worked at a movie theatre the day SW2 the Clone Wars opened. I walked into the room just before Yoda fought Dooku. When Yoda force pulled the light saber into his hands and turned it on. It was over. I was grinning from ear to ear, a small tear at the corner of my ear and the theatre erupted into applause. EPIC

Most recently, my cell phone rang at work with my awesome ringtone of the doctor who theme song. My boss, who attends every local larping session, has the nerve to turn, laugh, and call me a geek.

When my 5 year old son and 6 year old daughter fought Darth Vader at the Star Wars performance down at Disney's Hollywood studios qualifies mainly because I shed a tear of pride when they vanquished him. Go Padawans!

My geekiest moment was listening to my uncle tell how kids shouldnt be geeks they should get out and play ball and then having to help him set up his computer monitor.

When I coded a ton on my TI-82.

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