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My favorite geek moment? I went to a girl's house to fix her computer. In her recycle bin I found many deleted pictures. When she was not around I pulled those photos out of the recycle bin and guess what, they were the girl's nude photos. After having a great time I put those photos back to the recycle bin and pretended nothing had ever happened. That was the best fixing computer experience I ever had!

texting a friend on which cell phone to buy , while physically with someone helping them fix a computer virus, and reading maximum PC during the "down times" as the various scanners, reboots take place.

Favorite Geek Moment: Passing out Halloween candy with my R2D2 replica, my toddler dressed as Yoda and my wife as Princess Leia.

After spending countless hours at the local Kmart (where my mom went shopping every weekend) playing with the Commadore 64 (running basic command lines which I learned from older geeks that came in to play with the 64) I received a Vic - 20 for Xmas 1984. It came complete with the 1530 C2N-B Datasette (external storage) and three game cartridges (text adventure games - in case the younger geeks here thought it was all donkey kong/pac-man type genre). First geeky Xmas present I had ever received. That xmas my best friend got an Apple IIc which she never used - so for me it was like two geek presents in one year because if I wasnt at home on my Vic-20 I was at her house playing on the IIc. Geek FTW!

My favorite geek moment is when I finally figure out the solution to some tough computer problem on my own. Such a feeling of satisfaction, especially when it's a unique problem that Googling fails to help you solve.

Not sure about favorite, but one of the most memorable for sure... Repairing a PC in shirt and tie, leaning over the back of it, turning it on and having flames shoot out of the power supply hitting my tie and almost catching it on fire.

I don't think I've ever had a geeky moment. Plenty of goobery goofy flakey moments, though...

looking forward, I'll have a geeky moment when i win!

How about most painful? I was attempting to fix a RAM slot with a bent pin. I was trying to unbend the thing (someone had tried to jam the wrong kind of RAM into the slot so several of the metal contacts were bent) with a small flat head screwdriver when the small metal piece popped out of the slot and went into my eye.

I was working alone too so to add to it I had to get down the hall to a bathroom where there was a mirror to get the thing out. I came very close to calling for help - metal in the eye is NOT fun.

built my own computer

My favorite geeky moment was turning on the first computer I built. I love techy crap!

Geekiest moment - taking apart then putting back together a laptop - just to see if I could do it... and it was fun.

Not sure if it is geeky, nerdy, or downright sad.

But when the iphone first came out and someone released that lightsaber app.. we dorked off pretty hard in the office with saber fights

sis was telling me on a recent trip her lap top would not connect to wi fi. Thought for a moment, told her to contact her cell phone company for the wireless wi fi usb connector and that route would most likely cover any non wi fi areas. She was so tickled she called her company found the connector and next trip used it well.

One of my favorite geeky moments (there have been many), was when computers were first starting to come out in retail stores (before Windows), I would go to Kmart and find one on display and type in at the DOS prompt:

10 PRINT "Kmart SUCKS!!"
20 GOTO 10

Then sit back in the next aisle and laugh as the Kmart computer "experts" couldn't find any way to make it stop without turning the computer off, LOL!

Demanding a small footprint printer, but conceding to a larger footprint because it was way faster and better scanning technology- even though I might scan something once every 700 years.

Geekiest moment............... too geeky to mention :-P

I had to get up early the next morning, got into bed, flipped channels and landed on pbs. Nova was on and got trapped into watching an hour on quantum physics.

My geek moment was going to A Power Ranger convention last year with my cousin! Dressed as the pink ranger (Kimberly via early 90's)

Having goofed off through the entire semester of Physics my senior year in High School I barely passed the class and dropped it for the next semester to make sure I had enough credits to graduate. I then went in the Navy where I spent some time in schools with MK (along with AK as well). I came home on leave one time and the old physics teacher was taking money at the Homecoming football game. He recognized me. He asked what year I graduated, my name, and what class I had him for. You could the light bulb switch on in Phil T.'s eyes. That look of "Oh, I remember this clown". He then asked what I was doing now. I replied with as straight a face as I could muster "I operate a nuclear reactor in upstate New York", I then smiled and said "Sleep well."

President of computer club in hs.

Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a hypercube... i think that may qualify.

I think I first realized I was a bit geeky when in my sorority we were talking about careers and 60% of them were in fashion or teaching and I wanted to be a Nuclear Engineer.

My geek moment came in 1977, when i waited for 2 hours for a bus to take my daughter and I to the new Star Wars movie. I didn't know that the buses where backed up because downtown Portland had basically been shut down because we won the basketball championship. Town went crazy and I just wanted to see Star Wars.

Years ago my college roommate bought a new TV but somehow it couldn't be turned on. After half an hour's diagnosis, I found my roommate didn't install the batteries in the remote control correctly - they were upside down.

Playing Legend of Zelda for over 36 hrs straight.


My moment comes when I bought 7 different adaptors and converters to hook up my hdmi phone to a projector. It look crazy but it worked.

My geekiest moment was trying to teach a very old couple how to "work" the computer they just bought from a shopping channel. I spent two hours, and when I left, I still wasn't sure they could turn it on or off!

Geeky is sitting in your hunting blind during deer season with a cell phone, laptop and TouchPad. My daughter had HER cell phone and laptop with her as well.

And yes, we were still successful. My daughter bagged her first deer, a 5 point buck!

Can't really think of a geeky moment.... Hope i win anyway.

Watching baseball playoffs on my phone via my slingbox while at a hockey game

the first day I got a computer... in all its pentium 166mhz glory. Always left that turbo button on; don't know why manufacturers bothered giving us a choice

When I worked for an ecology group with a unique plot design, we would regularly make baked goods shaped like our plots.

Geekiest moment probably involves arguing with a cashier at the grocery store about why the coupon states it is for 75 cents off of 2, but scans as 75 cents off 1.

finding out that the tauntaun sleeping bag would be a real product.

zip-tied a spare heatsink to my dsl modem.

Probably when I called my cat skywalker....

Being the head of my chess club... in college!

I married a geek.

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