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These are radio specific deals, but you can get them if you're persistent.

Select Service:

1yr $95
1yr $77

6 mths $30
6 mths $25

5 mths $25
5 mths $20

4 mths $20

3 mths $12.95

The premier also has deals that are very similar, but run about $5-$10 more than the select.

Auto Renewal Tip: Tell the CSR that you DO NOT want automatic renewal. They will have to rebuttal, but just keep saying NO Automatic renewal.


There is a rate increase coming in January! Best to grab the 1yr for $77 before 1/1/12!

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Same price for either Sirius or XM?

Yes, its the same for both.


I posted all the "deal" prices so those with offers can see if they were offered the "best deal" available. There are a few others, but they are not nearly as good .. such as 1yr for $116.

Also, the 2+ yr plans have no deals other than the standard "free months" you'd get with them anyway.

*EDIT 2*

Also, if you've had Sirius or XM before you can insist on the free internet listening, though you'll be transferred and have to deal with non-north American CSRs.

Called up and had to get to cancellation department before I was offered $77 for 1 year ($90 after taxes/fees). I did not debate the auto-renewal much as I had spent 20+ minutes on hold already. Previously I had 6 months for $35 or something after the 90 days free on new car.

I called and was not offered these. Best was $142 for a year. I will have to call back and go to the cancellation department then also. After holding for 15+ just to get someone, that is the next step.

Any idea of deals with two radios? I might just cancel one and keep the other if I can get a discount. Been a customer since 2006 now.

Any tips for adding a Sirius radio to my xm account? Been with xm for 6+ years and have had no luck getting ANY offer for the Sirius radio other than full price.

I've been offered the $25 deal regularly after cancelling my service. I was on the $20 for 5 months plan previously, but since my wife's car is the only radio we had activated and she normally listens to FM radio or an MP3 player through the car audio system, I decided it wasn't worth my money or trouble to take them up on it. I did find one thing interesing and that is that they have the "ability" to also charge a $35 reactivation fee! Of course, they stated that they would waive it for me if I took the offer *right* *now* but I declined.

Just wanted to make folks aware so you can make sure that if your radio is not active and you take one of the deals that they don't try to sneak this fee in!

Was anyone able to get in on one of these deals with a trial subscription coming to an end? Mine is due to end in a week or so but I was told I need to call the day before or the day of the end date.

I was able. Called to cancel and ended up getting the $77 deal for a year. Decided to stay and keep both radios.

What's the best deal anyone can get on a lifetime membership?

gte703n said:   Any tips for adding a Sirius radio to my xm account? Been with xm for 6+ years and have had no luck getting ANY offer for the Sirius radio other than full price.

If you've formerly had a special promotional pricing on XM and switched to Sirius, then they might give you the comparable promotion on Sirius. I did this a few weeks ago, had XM on my 2005 car then bought a 2011 that camre with Sirius. I phrased it as a request to have the comparable pricing on my Sirius when my 6 month trial ended. As I said, it was request and not an ultimatum (at least it didn't get that far...), and they agreed.

Ok all, Some updated info for you!


$95 - 1yr select
$86 - 1yr select (Half off of the new price)

$29.94 - 6month select
$24.99 - 6month select

$24.99 - 5month select
$20 - 5month select

****For those with SIRIUS and XM accounts!****

You still cannot add XM and Sirius to the same account, but you can now get the Multi-Reciever Discount!
The MRD gives you 30% off the standard rate on the secondary radio (primary still stays at reg. price).

You have to mention you want the MRD, as it isn't offered up freely.


I saw mention of the activation fee, it's actually $15, and can be waived for anyone new or previous subscribers. Just dispute it in a friendly manner and it'll get waived.

I was looking to close out my 2 stand alone Sirius units yesterday. Got sent to retention department and then I told them I had a factory unit with XM receiver. I ended up cancelling one radio and transferred the other to my truck.

No transfer/activation fee, $96 total for a year of XM with all the channels (including Sirius) and 1 year of internet sirius for free.
I'm happy, hope someone else has good luck.

These seem very dependent on the particular rep you get. I got a 1 year trial when I bought my car last year and let it expire. They constantly send me promotional "please come back" offers, but I only drive my car on nice days in the summer and it's not really worth it. I've called several times to see if they'd let me reactivate the radio in my SUV at the promotional price, but have never had success.

Looks like they are cutting back on the retention offers or perhaps playing a little bit more of a game of chicken.

I called in to get my retention offer on 3 units that I have had for over 6 years. I got a condescending US based agent who would not give me any deal better than the 1/2 price.

I called his bluff. He said that was the best he could do so I decided I can live without it and cancelled all 3 radios.

After he cancelled the service he came back on the line and told me he hoped my financial situation improved so I could afford the service.

Been nice knowing you Sirius.

Wow I love you guys, I was going to cancel and I told them if they can't do it for 95.00 then I need to cancel it. She put me on hold, and did it for 95.00, although I didn't get internet radio for free, it was 30 dollars, the total for sirius select plus internet radio with all the fees and taxes was 144.00 Thanks so much, 95.00 for the year, but trust me if it was over that I was going to cancel but you guys told me what to do and it worked!!!!

Wow, i have a lifetime membership but haven't used it in three years...where can i go to find out the benefits of it? Is there a forum for sirius? I think i get one module replacement but what else?

No offense meant, but the absolute best any US CSR can do is the 1yr for $86.
I'm surprised a US CSR closed your radios for you, in fact it's mandatory to transfer to Customer Care, which isn't located in the US to close out accounts / radios.

As for the lifetime, is it in a car or a dock and play unit?

Heres how that works:

If its in a car it cant be transferred unless the radio is Defective, Damaged or Stolen .... repeat it with me ... Defective, Damaged, or Stolen ... That is the key to getting it transferred to another vehicle. There is a $75 transfer fee, but it can be waived as a "one time courtesy".

If its a dock and play you can transfer it without it being defective, damaged, or stolen .. $75 fee applies.

And I do need to ask you all to do me a huge favor: The US CSRs are barely breaking minimum wage, but they will try to do as much for you as they can but there are strict limitations enforced. So, please try to keep that in mind.

I just called in to cancel, spoke to whoever the first rep was, told him I needed to cancel unless they had a promo offer on the yearly plan. I have the Premier package and he said they have a 50% off promo happening, so I took that. So it was $99 + tax.

jan 25 -- just called retention. no hassle for 86 for 1 year - storm

I'm new to the SiriusXM world. Can you guys help me understand the details in the OP?

Why are there two different prices for each of the 1 year, 6 month, and 5 month plans in the OP?

Also, are there different packages? Right now I have the 3 month trial that came with a new vehicle. When I renew do I need to ask for a specific package to get all of the channels I have now? More importantly, are there cheaper packages that might have fewer channels for a lower cost? I don't need all of the channels they offer...

I'm ready to call and ask for a 1-year subscription for under $100, or even better, a 5 month subscription for $25 but want to make sure I know all of the details.

Thanks for any insight you can give me.

Thanks to all for the comments. I was able to get the $86/yr deal ($96 or so after fees)
It was actually pretty easy..... I called the cancel line 866-635-2349 and told them Xm was good, but I couldnt afford it.
Right away I was offered the $86/yr deal. I dragged out the conversation a bit to be dramatic, but the entire call was pleasant.
So....you can get a good deal by calling the "cancel" line, and being nice. Yay!

AUTORENEWAL - The agent has to rebut you when you tell them you don't want autorenewal, but if you keep insisting they will turn it off. Keep that in mind when you call in for the specials!

Also, 866-891-4487 <---- U.S. based call center number for renewals or radio purchases.

Sadly, I got caught giving this info out and have lost my job because of it. So, I won't be able to keep the deals up to date anymore.

PS: If you insist on the $77 for 1 year they can give it to you, just tell them you received a mailing with the $77 offer, they will get a supervisor to add the code.

airiak said:   
Sadly, I got caught giving this info out and have lost my job because of it. So, I won't be able to keep the deals up to date anymore.

WTF!?! That's ridiculous. It's not like you were giving out secret information. Did they tell you in advance that giving out deal hints was a terminable offense? Argh. This frustrates me and I don't even know you. GL.

Argued with them about the auto renewal last time I signed up and they finally agreed to take it off. Low and behold when my contract was over they were wanting to bill me full price like I didn't cancel auto renewal, I told them to stuff it and haven't signed up since, the hassle you have to go through aint worth it!!!

Never give them a credit card, and always argue over the extra fees - like invoice billing ($2 a pop) and those stupid "Music Royalties" which I refuse to pay. If they won't budge, hang up, and try again. They keep sneaking in crap like every one else.

No they didn't.

But, I guess the issue lies in the fact that I mentioned how to get around paying full price (Since each offer is "radio specific" and those that don't get the offer shouldn't receive it). They also didn't like the hints at removing auto-renewal. They make so much money off of people forgetting to cancel that it's insane. And even when you catch it, they try to "refund the unused portion of the subscription" ... so if you don't catch it for a month, you've lost the refund for that month.

I'm also one of those CSRs that tried to give the deals, and help those who wanted auto renewal turned off by guiding them through the rebuttals. So, I was on thin ice to begin with. I guess part of me didn't agree with their practice of sending customers to India, Egypt or the Philippines when I was perfectly capable of adding the promo codes to the radio, as well as shutting off the auto renewal.

My CSR did it without a fight, he just had to check with a supervisor to take the auto-renewal off. I used a Discover one-time use CC # anyway.

As of January 1st 2012, you can get a cross brand multi radio discount if you have both sirius and xm accounts. But only if you sign up for a year of service on the radio getting the discount. You also only get the deal for 1yr at a time it'll renew for the full price after that unless you call and let them know that you still have both accounts.

$94.83 for one year included everything (royalties/fee/tax/BS)
On and off the phone in LESS THAN 12 minutes. THAT was worth $$$.
Rep DID try to slip in "Auto Renew" as he was recording call for payment
but they are pretty much REQUIRED to do that. He was laughed the whole time and
made the process fun.

Great sales rep. I called 866-891-4487 and spoke to Julio, employee ID: 760241

Just got the 1 yr/$95 deal for select, said the $86 deal wasn't applicable for an XM radio (only Sirius?)

ok, so here is a question I have...I have a second radio (Snap), what kind of deal can I obtain for that in addition to the deal I already have on the first radio?

I have renewed my Sirius every 6 months since I bought my truck in Feb 09, haven't paid more than 6 for $25, So I have been getting it for $54 a year with taxes for the last 3 years

Out of the places that I have to call in order to work for my payments, Sirius is usually my least favorite.
I just got off the phone, took 26 minutes.
I called 866-891-4487, asked if I could get close to the $77 annual subscription that I had last year. The CSR advised that since I didn't have a mailer, she'd have to transfer me to Customer Care (888-539-7474).

A new, very jittery CSR stumbled her way through the spiel. She "checked with a supervisor" to see if they had any promos, came back with half off Sirius Select for $86, plus a $8.43 music royalty fee.
I explained that that was quite a bit more than I paid last year, could the royalty fee be waived?
She "checked with a supervisor" and said that she could waive it.

Then, I asked whether that price includes the internet streaming that I currently have.
She said it does not, it's $14.95 extra.
I probably should have asked if that could be waived too, but I didn't.
My grand total was $98.26 for Sirius Select and Internet streaming.

My favorite part of my Sirius service interactions is that several years ago, while wandering around Target, I came across a clearance section that had a bunch of $50 Sirius prepaid cards for $25, and $25 cards for $12.50. I bought every one they had, sold half of them for $5 off of face value on eBay and kept the rest.
In hindsight, I should have sprung for the lifetime subscription, but at the time I was under the belief that I'd upgrade radios more than I have and the transfer limit would pinch me.

866-635-2349 did not work even when mentioning the $86+fees were offered to my neighbors. Thanks "Shawn" (in Asia!)

I just got 6 months for $24.99 plus taxes (just under $28 total). My new car trial had expired by a few days when I made the call but no mention was made of activation or royalty fees. I just asked if the $25 offer was still available and there was no problem. CSR did try to sell me a $95 1-year plan saying in the long run that was a better deal since after six months I will have to start paying the regular rate.

Thanks to everyone here for all the information on plans, etc.. I was a long-time XM listener way back but on a friend's family plan. Not sure how much this will be worth it to me to keep although at $25 it's a no-brainer.

So for the more experienced XM FWers, at what point should I call to do my renewal? Obviously before the six months ends but is there any advantage to call three or four months into my subscription or should I wait until the last week of the plan?


Free alternatives (if you have a smartphone): Pandora Internet Radio or Live365. I know they're not exactly the same thing, but for me they're good enough.

whuzizname said:   Free alternatives (if you have a smartphone): Pandora Internet Radio or Live365. I know they're not exactly the same thing, but for me they're good enough.

Thanks for the reminder. I have heard of using this through a car's bluetooth set up and am going to try it out during my SiriusXM period. I have a feeling it will likely be good enough for me as well. Six months for $25 is ok but I don't think it will be worth much more than that to me.

Terrestrial radio has been free forever as well, but Pandora et al really can not match the flexibility of Sirius, and even for $90/year it is a great deal imo.

zatires said:   Terrestrial radio has been free forever as well, but Pandora et al really can not match the flexibility of Sirius, and even for $90/year it is a great deal imo.

Actually, Pandora and its ilk are more flexible than satellite radio because you create your OWN radio station. Sat radio is very much like terrestrial radio in that you have to pick from whatever stations are available.

On Pandora I created a "Gregorian Chant" station. There is no way to do that on terrestrial or sat radio.

I know this is an apples/oranges comparison.

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