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Called Vonage today and got the 9.99 + taxes plan. This has 300 mts international and 300 mts domestic(we do not use domestic this much anyway). For international, we averaged it to about 350 mts.. over 300 mts is 1.7c./minute.

Not a bad deal. Down frmo 29.99+tax(unlimited) to 9.99+taxes(limited, but in range)

I got this plan as well but I am still unhappy. I mean Vonage can give *non subscribers* unlimited domestic calls via their new mobile app but cant give it to existing Vonage subscribers who pay to the company regularly.. thats not fair. we should also get unlimited domestic minutes on every plan that they have..

I have the vontage $9.99 plan
I pay $12.77 per month all fees included
and it works great

After taxes/fees, I end up paying $19.50 a month. Wonder why there is so much variance from 1 subscriber to the next in these "fees"

ooma is where it's at for hardware voip, Vonage was costing me over $24 for the $14.99 plan

I need the fax, and this saved me about $20. Happy happy


I pay $16.76 for the $9.99 Plan. I checked the fees on the website and this is what I got:

Regulatory, Compliance and Intellectual Property Fee
Federal Program
Emergency 911 and Information Services Fee
Government Mandated Taxes & Fees
State 911 Fee
Sales Tax
State High Cost Fund
State Teleconnect Fund
State CASF
State Lifeline Service Charge
State TRS
State High Cost Fund A
State P.U.C. Fee

Is this what everyone else it paying to Vonage?
Do other VOIP services pay the same high fees?
Just wondering.

Yep But I've had it for 10 Years it's the best

Adari said:   I pay $16.76 for the $9.99 Plan.

Is this what everyone else it paying to Vonage?
Do other VOIP services pay the same high fees?
Just wondering.

I pay $17.52 for the 9.99 plan.... FML

DavoEng said:   Voipo

Been using Voipo for 3 years, spent less than $300 total for the 3 years.

Agree I've been using voipo since they came out (4years?) and just renewed for another 2 years for around $180 after taxes(roughly $8/monthafter taxes). Taxes for vintage killed it for me and I would have gotten ooma but they don't give free calls to Canada and after all their fees it was almost $8/month. Voipo has a great tech support staff and a nice online panel where u can turn on/off features. You also get a virtual number so lets say I have family from out of state ,I can get one out of state number so when they call it would be a local number for them and they would not incur any long distance fees. The fax is easy to use. You simply scan,attach and send via the online Vpanel. Voipo also has the typical caller I'd, three way calling, call forwarding etc at no charge. Last time I checked, they were one of the highest rated VoIP providers On dslreports.com. For some reason they don't seem to advertise too much. Btw every year they have promotions for existing customers to extend their contract witch which generally requires a two year commitment, which I took advantage of twice making my bill roughly $8 and some change/month. Only thing is that you have to pay the entire money up front

Ok...worked for me....assuming they process it correctly...so this is what to do.

Dial in..and ask for account option...then select cancel under the options

then tell the guy or gal that basically your tired of the old promotion amounts and having to call in and change..and that for 9.99 a month you could go to OOMA or port it somewhere else..and say...I either give 9.99 to you..or to someone else..and presto..your at 9.99

thanks again for the post...

for those that want international calls.....there are low cost alternatives you can find so you dont have to pay another 20 bucks a month.

RESPONSE FROM Vonage BELOW....note you see you have to go through the pretend cancel thing...the reason is the agent get points for saving a customer...so the agent wins...you win...Vonage wins (well..sort of...actually not really...well really because if Vonage refused to do..then they open themselves to other competitors...then again..they probably rather have me pay 24.50 a month...so not really)
We're delighted that you've chosen to stay with Vonage.

We're writing to confirm the terms you discussed on 06/22/2013 with our Account Management Representative to continue using the phone number(s) listed above and change to the $9.99 $9.99 month U.S. and Canada Unlimited, effective 06/22/2013.

As discussed, you'll continue to be charged a monthly fee of $9.99 on the following plan:

$9.99 $9.99 month U.S. and Canada Unlimited

Your next billing date is 07/06/2013.

I hope that I haven't just missed this here, if so, I am sorry.
I am looking for the best plan for our nonprofit organization. Given it is a "business", what are my options?
Thanks in advance...


Seek and you will find......there are those that pay..and those that dont....those that pay...pay for those that dont...thats how the world works.

Remember this on the tree of Woe...

Also..If you like to know the riddle of steel..I can help you with that also.

I wish I would have read the first post before...I lost over 1.4 million dong (currency) by not lowering my plan until now

The đồng (/ˈdɒŋ/; Vietnamese: [ɗōŋm]) (sign: ₫; code: VND) has been the currency of Vietnam since May 3, 1978. Issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, it is represented by the symbol "₫". Formerly, it was subdivided into 10 hąo, which was further subdivided into 10 xu, neither of which is now used.

I have been using Obhai & google voice for many years $0/month and get the same thing + google doesn't block gotomeeting and other conf call s. Why pay for phone?

Bigfathead said: http://www.grassroots.org/about/team/11-free-tools/34-free-phone... Seek and you will find......there are those that pay..and those that dont....those that pay...pay for those that dont...thats how the world works.

Thank you!!!!!

This is crazy... I just logged in and see that what I thought was $9.99 unlimited we signed up for two years ago is now $11.99 for 300 min .. well then w/ tax it's $19.xx (MD) and then even more when we go over 300min. Crap.
I've read the last couple pages and see some recent post but just want to confirm that ppl are still getting $9.99 (before gouging taxes) for unlimited US calling when they call to "cancel". Also, are the cancelling feed back in effect once we switch to this plan (remember something like at least $100 if you cancel within a year).

We can't really mess w/ other things like GV and Ooma right now but that is definitely something we will look into when we move.


I am an Ooma guy. Switched from Vonage a few months ago. Sure you have to buy the Ooma console but the ability to flag telemarkers as being blocked have reduced my annoying phone calls almost to nothing.

I have 3 Phone numbers so Thats 35 a piece

veritas01 said:   I am an Ooma guy. Switched from Vonage a few months ago. Sure you have to buy the Ooma console but the ability to flag telemarkers as being blocked have reduced my annoying phone calls almost to nothing.

Not sure how You can use a Google Voice for a business with a 800 Line and 3 Phone numbers
If this is for a Home Why would you even have a home Telephone as cell Service is so Cheap.... I use my Vonage for my Business

If your Not cheap Use One Box It's great from What i hear 50 a month Fax 800 Number and Voice Attendant to make You sound Professional.
I believe Most people on here are not using phone for business.. I use My Vonage 2-3000 min a Month with 2 phone numbers and pay 24 a month with taxes and every thing

10 a month Unlimited 4.99 for Virtual Number ... I've had Vonage since 2001 never one problem EVER.. If you want to trust your phone to OMba or Whatever these idiots on here are talking about
google voice ect.... be my guest... I use Google Voice on My cell number as a virtual number to give out in stead of my Real telephone number,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

Hi guys, thanks for this thread.
I called Vonage today and I reduced my World Plan to the Unlimited US & Canada for $9.99 permanently, no contracts or anything!
Super happy about saving more money now!

I xferred over to the unlimited US & Canada to $9.99 for life.
Parents to US & Canada 300min, International 300 min for life. 5c min US for overage, 1.7 min international (cheaper to make international calls )  If usage is consistently higher than they can either go to 9.99 unlimited US & calling card for international, or $19.99 unlimited US + 500 min international.


BetterDays said:   Does that include the $7-$8 in taxes and fees? I was a loyal Vonage customer up until a few weeks ago when I switched to the Obi100 + Google Voice. Total price including my phone number transfer was $63 (that was a one time fee for everything). At $17-$10 / month with Vonage, I'll break even in 4 months or less and be free of monthly phone fees. At this point, I believe Google Voice will be free for the long term (or at least grandfather those in with an existing plan).

Good deal OP, but there are better options at this point than Vonage, even when they drop their rate a few bucks to try to stop the bloodshed.


Could not agree more! Vonage customer service blows donkey dongs and why anyone would use Vonage instead of an Obi or I just use Google Voice on my PC when I'm at my desk and on my Android app with GrooVe IP when I'm anywhere else I'm on WiFi. IT COSTS NOTHING to call the U.S. & Canada!

If that doesn't appeal to you, just get an Ooma, MagicJack, or NetTalk Duo and pay a flat fee for the entire year without all the junk & taxes!

Have been with GV for 1 year. Great product!

trying to find alternative to Vonage , cause despite the latest $9.99/month for 6 moths and then $26.99 .. yearly it comes to little above $300.00 (with taxes)

alternatively trying to find solution with either nettalk or unovon, anyone using this , could you advise?  my basic requirement is intl plan

I use it for business and have 2 numbers with them Since 2002 That's the only reason I'm with them ... I've never been down With my 800 Number nor reg calls in 10 Years
for Business its great...... However Not sure why any one would have a home number instead of just using Google Voice and just there Cell Phone ???

I had Vonage and it was good but then switched to Nettalk for cheapest option. It has very poor customer care. I need international plan and their policies are dynamic. You would get only 600mins per month of international. There is no way of refund after sale. Now I am happy that I am back to Vonage.

just sharing my 2 cents.

Like everybody else, I fell for the victim of 9.99 a month. I sign up for free international call. 4 months in they said that plan has been canceled, and charge for all my long distance calls. On top of that, plan from 9.99 to 36.99. I had Vonage over 2 yrs, and they are like any other provider. you get drop call, static and crap as well. check your bill, because you'll eventually get ding for random crap. And yet when you are trying to cancel, you'll get extra month of charge for service that you do not use.

use cancel method to get another 9.99 plan, only last for like 90 days. Bad over all.

I am now on Magic Jack for 8 months now. 1 yrs magic jack (29.99) is less than 1 month with Vonage. In addition, I also get long distance and everything Vonage has to offer.

I have World Plan now and with fees the bill comes out to around $38/month.  Called them about nine months ago to reduce my bill (told them I'm looking at cheaper alternatives, but before I switch I wanted to check with them) ...they gave me about $10 off/month for 6 months.....then got the same deal but only for 3 more months & with this the bill came out to around $28/month after taxes.

This deal just ended & got tired of calling them so bought the Ooma from the TigerDirect/Amex deal, & the number is already ported so can't wait until tomorrow to call Vonage to cancel.

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