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Throughout the month of January, American Express is covering the costs associated with joining the Be The Match Bone Marrow Registry. (The total cost to add a new member to the registry is around $100.)


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not to TC, but hasn't this always been free? i remember signing up at a blood drive one time, and they never mentioned about costs. kinda strange to make potential donors pay...

The best deal ever!
I've donated gallons of blood, and lots of charities want money, but nothing compares, truly priceless

Things to know about a transplant procedure/donor http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/dept/medicine/bonemarrow/bmtinfo.ht...



The place I registered is free to me but ask for donations to cover the costs of the registration. Very cool if AMEX takes the burden off some of those non-profits.

They don't make new donors pay, but they do as for a donation of 100$ since that's what it costs them to add you to the list. Wish they would have done this a week a go when I sent mine in.

I can't want for them to start paying donors now that the law has been changed. I wonder when companies like the plasma places will pop up, would be nice to get 3k to 5k for a donation. Its funny how little that is though when the average procedure costs about 500k and your odds of being selected are about 1 and 600 if your are white.

signed on. I have a client with leukemia, such a brutal disease, nicest guy i've ever met, accepts his fate and does not deserve to succumb to that disease.

Kentucky7887 said:    your odds of being selected are about 1 and 600 if your are white.

deesnutsrock said:   SORRY NOT GIVING MARROW AWAY

It's quick and not painful unless you're a wuss.

Hopefully you won't find yourself in need of marrow with your prospective donor sharing your attitude.

stereo55 said:   Things to know about a transplant procedure/donor http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/dept/medicine/bonemarrow/bmtinfo.ht...

That is a very old procedure and primarily used for children, I speak from the view of a leukemia survivor who has dealt with subject this and still recovering...

I was a donor both blood and marrow until I contracted cancer.... It is amazing how much things have changed and whom you may be a match to, not always are family good matches.

If you could save a life for a little discomfort, would you? I was willing as a GI and as a donor, I received over 125 units of blood and almost as many platelets during my treatment to save my life, thank goodness for donors.

As a recipient, I thank all of you whom donate, you may have been one of the the donors that helped save my life.

My wife, kids, grandchildren and I am all very grateful.

deesnutsrock said:   Kentucky7887 said:    your odds of being selected are about 1 and 600 if your are white.

There are markers in your marrow that are used to grade you as a match. I don't know about the above stat but your marrow reflects your family history and if you have any mix races on your history it makes the chances of finding a great match much harder.

A young lady at the cancer ward I was at found her match in Germany due to her European back round, BUT she also had some black in her that was only known about in the marrow test and made her match that much tougher. Last I heard she is doing great, but it was tough and touch and go for a while.

The discomfort you deal with as a donor, is in no way compared to the recipient.

It is exciting science and very interesting reading if you find time. Adult Stem cell transplant is what they are doing for adults now, no needle extraction involved. The patient on the other hand... I have had over 15 bone marrow aspirations in the last 18 months. Had one last Friday. Not a fun thing but nothing like what a child goes through who receives a transplant.

i read the procedure how harvest is done for marrow and i felt discomfort just because i feel that way when it comes to bones. never the less i am really concidering doing that. my job will keep me on sick leave for a week or so if i need to.

I see that is says it take 1-7 days to "recove" from donating, but are there any other type of side effects?

There was a recent article in newspaper (Possibly WSJ), about how a group of about 6 people played it forward, since family wasnt a match, the family member donated to another person, whose family members werent a match.... From what I remember fairly low risk, but still not to be taken lightly, hospitals arent the most sanitary of places.

James55 said:   deesnutsrock said:   SORRY NOT GIVING MARROW AWAY

It's quick and not painful unless you're a wuss.

Hopefully you won't find yourself in need of marrow with your prospective donor sharing your attitude.

Second that.

i will contribute anytime,THE WORLD NEEDS US TO HELP, so please everyone lets all donate bone marrow

Depending on the patient you might also be able to donate plasma instead of marrow. NMDP will be able to advise you. The procedure is called PBSC.

PBSC donation is a nonsurgical procedure that takes place at a blood center or outpatient hospital unit. For 5 days leading up to donation, you will be given injections of a drug called filgrastim to increase the number of blood-forming cells in your bloodstream. Your blood is then removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that separates out the blood-forming cells. The remaining blood is returned to you through the other arm. Your blood-forming cells are back to their normal levels within 4 to 6 weeks. To learn more, watch the PBSC donation video.

Reproduced from url below:


Thanks for posting this...I signed up.

I believe this is a great post. For those who have questions, please read this:
I work in health care and I am happy to support those who care for others in any way I can.

Very interesting...I am actually donating to an unrelated recipient in one week via the PBSC method as hotshottechguy explained. I'm kinda surprised to see that they've been charging for this--I joined the Gift of Life registry (www.giftoflife.org - $54 to register) over 10 yrs ago during a drive at college at no cost to me. Nice of AMEX now though to cover the registration fees. I've been called 4 times prior as a potential match, but this is the first time I made it past the confirmatory typing stage. The PBSC harvest method is really non-invasive, and will probably only leave me with some soreness for a few days. Sign up if you can and spread the word you or someone you know could save the life of a total stranger!

I know a sweet 2 year old little boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. His best hope is to find a good match for a bone marrow transplant. That could be you.

thank you for this post..signed up..took 15 min of my time..kudos to AMEX.

They don't want my marrow. Thanks anyway.

don't qualify sorry.. I would donate but I'm insulin dependent.. oh well

I've been on the donating list for ten years, and have never been considered a match. I was signed on at a hospital when they were having a match drive for a local teenage girl. Sadly, I dont think they found a match for her, and she didn't make it. At the time, there was no charge..Times change, I suppose.

Still hoping I get the call someday.

BrianGa said:   They don't want my marrow. Thanks anyway.?

Too bad I'm not qualify because I already joined

I have been donating blood for over twenty years and was regestered to donate marrow. I was eventually matched and went through the verification (additional testing) process. However, the hospital was in the city far from home and required someone to pick me up after the proceedure. It was very frustrating and unfortunate for the recepient that the agency did not offer any assistance. Did anyone else ever experience this problem?

Do the doctors allow lighting up a spliff before the procedure? This would definitely help set me at ease.

STEALfromCAGgive2FW said:   Do the doctors allow lighting up a spliff before the procedure? This would definitely help set me at ease.

Would this be a medical necessity in a state with medical marijuana laws?

Damn psoriasis disqualifies me.

Sleep Apnea disqualifies me.. seems ridiculous. Considering registering anyway.

Green! I'm in.

I'm in! Great post.

TechnoButt said:   Sleep Apnea disqualifies me.. seems ridiculous. Considering registering anyway.

It doesn't disqualify you because sleep apnea has anything to do with your marrow. The procedure can transiently cause your blood pressure to be low, etc, and that can add a small amount of strain on your heart. In general, this isn't relevant to health (climbing a flight of stairs can also cause a small amount of strain on your heart). However, if you have a health condition known to have potential for cardiac risk, then it is proper for them to disqualify you from adding any risk to yourself for doing a noble deed.

Check with your doc about whether or not this has any specific risk to you, and if not, feel free to edit the info you provide the registry folks when donating.

Don't take this as medical advice - your health decisions are personal and should be made with the guidance of your own physician.

Regarding the prior sentence: lawyers suck.

We paid for myself and my childred to be placed on the match list a few years back and it was expensive!
Missing our dear little cousin Katie

Signed-up, least I can do.

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