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I searched and didn't find an current active Sirius XM post

It has become that time of year again when I have to renew my Sirius subscription. Of course I refuse to pay the regular renew rate of $36 for three months. My 5 mo for $25 was set to expire tomorrow, so I called 866-635-2349 and requested to renew this promo again. They agreed and its all done.....

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Just got the same deal on XM $25 for 5 months for my honda odyssey. No way was I going to pay $96.93 for 6 months when I already have a sirus account, This two accounts thing is getting really outdated since they are one company for almost two years now!!!!!

I called Sirius 1-866-635-2349 and couldn't get Desiree to budge on listed prices. Letting it cancel.

Do you know name of person at Sirius you talked to get the @25. rate?


Just renewed 2 radios plus Internet Online for total of $55.87 (all fees included) for 6 months. Stated I wanted to cancel, was offered $33 for each, declined and was offered deal I accepted.

Good price but leech of a company. Getting them to stop billing you is a huge hassle. Top it off with fake letters about you going to a collections agency. Can't wait for them to go out of business.

FYI Got an offer in today's mail for a renewal (first 6 months were free when we bought a new car and that had expired). They offered 6 mos for $25 with no activation fee.

just renewed for 6 months 24.99 plus music royalty fee of about 4 bucks

We are two weeks into our 3 months free for a new car. So - if I sign up at 6 months @$25, would that start at the end of the trial? Trying to secure the deal. If not, I'd wait till it expires and then we go from there... TIA.

i got 6 months free XM with used car
i think you get 12 months free with new car

Subscription expires at the start of March. Just called this afternoon, stated I couldn't afford to renew and was offered $91.16 for a year. Said that was still too pricey. Got $25 for 5 months and asked if it included Internet service, and it was added in. Very quick and easy and extremely pleasant.

just got renew offer in mail today. 6 months for $25 says to call 1-888-463-5710 or log in at www.siriusxm.com/comeback1

Just got done, $27.44 loaded, easy peasy.

yakky said:   Good price but leech of a company. Getting them to stop billing you is a huge hassle. Top it off with fake letters about you going to a collections agency. Can't wait for them to go out of business.

Don't know why the red on the post when its true.

1. I pay by mail so that they do not charge my credit card automatically, and they said it would be s $2 fee. I said fine. Got the bill, waited to pay for it 2 days before it was due, and received a new statement with a new $2 fee for the statement mailing, the same day, 2 days before due.

2. Canceled a few days early knowing that there was a $2 negative credit, and their calculation (which I disputed) said I owed them $0.15, but because it was such a small amount, it was not due. BIG MISTAKE.

3. Started getting nasty letters from XM for this amount within a few weeks. Went to pay online, and their system does not take any payment smaller than $1.00, I paid $1.15, to make sure that they would at least send me that $1 back, because I figured that at $0.85 they might not send it back.

4. This was october, 2011, and I still haven't seen my $1, but I did just see a 6 months for $25. NO THANKS.

Plus, forgot the daily calls at the house after the 3 month free period when purchasing the car. Even when you asked them not to call and they would acknowledge it, someone else would call the next day saying that the request was not showing on his system.


Another data point - I got this, but the person seemed to be trained to have to listen for certain words - because he kept asking questions and emphasizing certain words. Things like, "Sir, you are telling me you want to completely cancel your whole account, correct?" - so if I would have said, "no, but I want this rate" - you wouldn't get it - probably some internal monitoring. Be sure you are saying you want to cancel.

Just called the 1-888-463-5710 number....$27.44/5 mo...no problem,,waived the reactivation fee

I just got 6 months XM Premier with Internet for $53. Told the customer rep that I was looking at http://www.siriusxm.com/listen3 and he took care of the rest.

My trial period from a new car purchase just expired. Called today and got 6 months for $24.99 plus tax (about $28). I was about 2 days out of service but no mention at all of any activation fee or music royalty fee - never even had to fight over that or anything else really. Guess I got lucky with my CSR.
Anyway, thanks to the OP everyone in this forum for letting me know about the different deals and what to look out for and ask for. Would never have known otherwise (and would not have renewed the service either).

Even simpler, call 866-568-0364 and tell them you want the 6 months for $25 that you saw online and they switched me over right away. They may have to transfer you to customer service but I never had to act like I was leaving.


My 1 year trial was up last week, called the number on the letter they sent me, best they would do is $160. for a year, went to online chat, same thing. Called the number given on the web page above and got the 6 months for $25. deal on the spot. Thanks much, you guys are great!

Sounds not bad at all...green for you OP!

yakky said:   Good price but leech of a company. Getting them to stop billing you is a huge hassle. Top it off with fake letters about you going to a collections agency. Can't wait for them to go out of business.

Uh, respectfully:

It's important people know those collection agency threats are very, very real. I went for the $25 deal a while back and I paid the money I had agreed over the telephone to pay. But when my subscription ran out they pummeled me to renew and then, when I did not, they sent my account to a collection agency. I ended up paying an additional $35, for no service whatsoever, just to make them go away. I know that sounds crazy, but I had never dealt with a collection agency before and just wanted to make the matter disappear. I was also ill at the time and did not need the stress.

Bottom line, the extra $35 was well spent. It taught me never, ever, to deal with Sirius again. And I never have. It is the most unethical company out there. I literally would not take their service for free.

One final point because you're most likely wondering, despite that I was ill, why I paid money I did not owe:

When they sent my account to the collection agency I was very angry and went on-line to research what to do. I was simply overwhelmed by all the complaints I found about Sirius billing. There were hundreds (thousands?) of them, most all unresolved. After seeing how bad they were I decided to swallow hard, pay, and leave wiser. And that's what I did. It was the best $35 I ever spent on education. An old boss of mine once told me I was allowed to make any mistake once . . but never a second time. Sirius is a mistake of mine that I'll not be making again.

Sirius is the "roach motel" of satellite radio services. It's really easy to sign up for the service. Cancelling your service can be, for some, much more difficult. Be careful if you ever decide to stop the service. Be absolutely certain to write down the date of your cancellation call and the name of the rep who agrees to cancel your service. Then call back a few days later, speak to a different rep, and ask if your service is actually cancelled. And good luck. You will need it.

It doesnt matter if you get their names. they dont honor the commitments of their reps. I was renewing quarterly, i saw on a CC statement they raised my rate. i called and requested they cancel my service at the end of the current quarter they just charged me....in the following quarter they billed me again but the CC had expired and they sent me to collections. when i described the situation to the collections co they told me this happens often and call XM and explain the situation. after hours and countless transfers....they waived all...the following month collections contacted me again...no change was made to my account. this went on for 3 consecutive months. finally i settled with them for one month plus some BS fees to make it go away. in the end I had pages of notes with names and extensions of reps who made promises and did nothing.

Success! Just signed up for 6 months at ~$27. It will kick in after our trial subscription expires next month. We only had 3 months subscription with our new car. Every make has different trial period.

Green for you OP!

I had the 6 month deal for $30, but it ended last week and this week XM charged $96 to my bank card for 6 months at the "regular" rate (oops, I forgot to write down when the old 6 month deal ended). I called XM, said I wanted to cancel, and then asked if I could get the same 6 month for $30 deal again. After being put on hold for a long time, was told I couldn't get it again as I'd already had it (I know that explanation is bogus, but it's not worth arguing), and was offered 5 months for $25, plus the $2-something copyright fee. I figured it was close enough, and got refunded the difference between the $96 they had previously taken from my account and this new $25 plus fee rate.

While it's better to keep track of when your deal ends and call in before that, it's not the end of the world if they do end up charging your card at their regular rates. Assuming you are polite and talk to them nicely (they are human, after all), they will always give you a good deal again and refund the difference. I've had my radio for 8 years and this has always been the case with them.

Dont forget the 300$ 3-yr renewal bill they send you and act like its already billed and done.. not a future renewal.

I hate this company.. from previous experiences. I purposely bought a NON-HD radio so I wouldnt be tempted ever again to deal with them.

Even after I canceled.. they kept sending me "bills" that were actually just renewal offers according to them..

but they read like you owe them money.

Just got 5 months for $25.66 all in.

Just wanted to inform everyone, called Sirius at 866-635-2349 . I informed rep that I was going to cancel due to expense. I was offered $10 off. When I mentioned that I was once informed of the 5 months for $25 I was told this was not a valid offer. After various offers from the rep and I declining them , I was offered 5 months for $25. This was last week, 03/15/12. Thank You.

I've called a few times and they never offer me the 5 month deal. It was gonna be nearly $160 to renew. I tried one more time and got a year for $94 something with all the taxes and fees. I'm fine with that. They also have a plan for just the music for about $10/month, which I was going to do if they hadn't offered me a better deal.

My subscription expired a month and half ago. I didn't renew. When i saw these posts, I called the 866 number. After verifying all my previous info, the woman immediately offered me the 6 mos. for $25 deal! I asked about a year's subscription and she then offered me a full year at $95 without hesitating. Finally asked about the premier package with all XM and Sirius channels. She quickly offered that for a year at $110. After royalties and tax charges, the total was roughly $125. I think that was great because I had a $100 price-point in mind for a year's subscription. Now I have the Stern channel and all the NFL games this year too (which I didn't have last year) for less than I paid for last year's "basic" XM package. Good deal and great experience. I think the key is calling the 866 renewal/comeback number to get offered the deals without hassle.

Thank you for this information. I just bought a used 2011 GM car this month and called XM at 866-568-0364. Told them I had just bought my used car and that the satellite radio stopped working and I wanted to renew at the $25 for 6 months. The lady I spoke to took my information, and I got the 6 months for a total of $31.44 (tax and some royalty-fee included). I'm happy. She said it would renew at $86 after the six months is up so I'm putting it on my calendar NOW. She offered me the year for $94 but I don't feel like paying that now, I'm on my way to get my OnStar next.

The trial subscription on my truck is going to expire, they send me an reminder with a 6 months for $30 offer. I jumped on that, they never asked me for any code or anything. I used that $25 for 5 months on my last truck too.

I was autocharged 96 dollars a renewal from my previous subscription 6 month deal that expired. I called and complained, nicely, and got them to renew 5 fo 25 dollars, with a credit of the difference to my account. It took me about 15 minutes to complete it. Fyi.

Called, had to go to customer retention to get the 5 for 25 plan. She basically said - call back or we'll auto renew you at the regular rate.

Just got off the phone with the retention department and was offered 5 mths for $25 but was told I would have to have a credit card on file to accept this offer. I told the rep I didn't want my cc on file and would rather have a paper bill. She then checked further and said she could actually give me a better deal if I would pay today by cc and they would not store my cc in their system. She then offered me 6 months for $25 which I took.

She also gave me the direct line to the retention department and said they were authorized to make special offers the other reps can't and to call this number when my deal is up to avoid all the nonsense with the other reps.

Retention Dept Direct line is 866-519-7570

I also posted this info in the main thread

Just got 5 months for 18.60 dollars.

Date Description* Charge
Total Current Charges $17.07
04/17/2012-09/17/2012 Sirius Select 5 Month $19.99
U.S. Music Royalty Fee
04/17/2012-05/17/2012 Previous Subscription Credit -$4.88
Taxes & Fees Subtotal$1.56

Not sure what the sub credit of 4.88 is all about. I called the day my sub was up and since it was in my favor.. well.. why fight with them about it right?

No luck, 3 different reps. I hate these games. I wish they would just sell service at a reasonable rate and let it be.

OzzyBurger said:   I've called a few times and they never offer me the 5 month deal. It was gonna be nearly $160 to renew. I tried one more time and got a year for $94 something with all the taxes and fees. I'm fine with that. They also have a plan for just the music for about $10/month, which I was going to do if they hadn't offered me a better deal.

Next time, once you get to the retention department, try saying (nicely) that your friend just received the 5 months for $25 deal, and you were wondering if you could get that deal too.

What I was told is that they need to hear specific words or phrases before they're allowed to offer you cheaper deals. Saying something like "I love the service, but with the economy as it is right now, it's just too expensive for me, and I'm afraid that I might have to cancel the service". That usually captures the majority of what they need to hear to start offering you the retention deals.

The other thing I was told is that there's an order to the deals they offer you. They're not supposed to jump to the cheapest right away. But if you indicate to them that you know the deal exists (like by saying your friend just got it), then they are allowed to talk about it and offer it to you.

Has anyone been able to get this deal on a radio that is not currently subscribed? I keep meaning to call to get the service (I had a 3 month trial when they replaced my car radio) but never have.

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