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I just jumped on their chat and said I was thinking about canceling and asked if they had any deals they could offer me. I was told by Jack that there were none. I'm going to try calling them tomorrow. My subscription expires on 11/8.

Just renewed mine. They tried to get me to pay $80 something for 6 months I said that was too expensive. The best deal I got was 5 months for $24.99 + royalty fees. I asked if they could do 6 months for that price and they said I can only get the 5 month price for my radio. I agreed and the total came to $27.44 - $0.18 subscription credit (my current subscription expires tomorrow) = $27.26. Last time I paid $32.87 for 6 months.

derekivey said:   I just jumped on their chat and said I was thinking about canceling and asked if they had any deals they could offer me. I was told by Jack that there were none. I'm going to try calling them tomorrow. My subscription expires on 11/8.

You won't be offered the cheapie deals over chat - it has to be by phone.

I just got them to cut it in half. I got a whole year for 92.00 with tax and everything. I know that is not $5 a month but I also don' have hasse of calling back 2 or 3 times a year. I have beat them up for a long time now. They cave just say you are gonna cancel.

I received a 6 month for $25 deal. I called 1-866-325-7474. Done and Done.

$101 for 12 months and the premium package as of 11/19/2012, just call cancellation department and tell them that it's too expensive and that you do not want automatic renewal. I think the premium package is about $15, so you do the math. This thread was helpful! Thx J

One thing that would be helpful when people post the deals they got - were you renewing right after your free trial? Or have you renewed and received a discount previously? That seems to be a regular "explanation" given by the XM people for why they don't offer everyone those deals. Also, since there seem to be many many different phone numbers if people could post that it would be helpful.

Just renewed for $25 for 6 months. I'm happy with this price.

I've had a subscription for about 2 1/2 years. I've been doing 6 month subscriptions since the trial expired for my 2010 Prius.

I called 866-325-7474. This seems to be a number for expired acct's. Mine was not expired so the rep forwarded me to someone else. I told the second rep I wanted their best rate. She put me on hold to "discuss with a manager" and then offered me this rate.

Just renewed 2 radios at $98.45 each (tax incl.) for 12 months. I've been on a promotional rate for years and was calling every 6 months. I also called 1-866-325-7474 and was transferred twice to get me to the right department. For the record, I did cancel one radio and was offered $25 for 5 months, which I declined.

I got the same deal as jafune. I was on a ~$100 promo for Premier from last year that was set to expire next week. Called to "remove auto-renew" and got offered the same discount for another year. Didn't try to get the super cheap rate because I'm too lazy to call every 6 months.

I did get an offer for a "free" portable radio since I've been an existing customer (with some additional service plan). I declined since I wasn't expecting it but it was "noted on my account" if I change my mind.

Flirple said:   Just renewed for $25 for 6 months. I'm happy with this price.I just got called by them today to get me to sign up since my 3 month trial on my new Sonata has another week or two. She offered $4.99/mo for 6 months ($29.94) but said they did not have a $25 for 6 months deal. I declined to sign up and she did not offer anything better. I'll call back and try to get the 6 month deal.

Just called now (866-325-7474), and they gave the 6month deal for $25+taxes and fees. My first year trial is ending at the end of December.

I told them that a friend got the 6month deal for $25. They honored the pricing. This is for the Select package and NOT the premier package.

I just tried to get the 6 for $25 but they turned me down, saying I couldn't get another promotional offer since I just got a year for $77...?

Has anyone been able to get back-to-back promo rates? Is it just a matter of calling back and getting the right rep? TIA!

I just got the six month for $25 off via snail mail with no reactivation fees. I canceled my service a couple of months ago because they would not give me any of the deals I read about here. I guess the moral of the story is to not be afraid of canceling your service.

No issues getting the $25 for 5 months here also. I forgot to call to cancel before the renewal so I got hit with a $90+ charge for 6 months. Called to cancel and the rep offered me $25 or 5. They ended up crediting me back the difference which I got back the next day.

gooddealie said:   OzzyBurger said:   I've called a few times and they never offer me the 5 month deal. It was gonna be nearly $160 to renew. I tried one more time and got a year for $94 something with all the taxes and fees. I'm fine with that. They also have a plan for just the music for about $10/month, which I was going to do if they hadn't offered me a better deal.

Next time, once you get to the retention department, try saying (nicely) that your friend just received the 5 months for $25 deal, and you were wondering if you could get that deal too.

What I was told is that they need to hear specific words or phrases before they're allowed to offer you cheaper deals. Saying something like "I love the service, but with the economy as it is right now, it's just too expensive for me, and I'm afraid that I might have to cancel the service". That usually captures the majority of what they need to hear to start offering you the retention deals.

The other thing I was told is that there's an order to the deals they offer you. They're not supposed to jump to the cheapest right away. But if you indicate to them that you know the deal exists (like by saying your friend just got it), then they are allowed to talk about it and offer it to you.

This just worked for me. I said what you suggested and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

brigita said:   I just tried to get the 6 for $25 but they turned me down, saying I couldn't get another promotional offer since I just got a year for $77...?

Has anyone been able to get back-to-back promo rates? Is it just a matter of calling back and getting the right rep? TIA!
My second 6/$25 ended Dec.1 and saw an email today stating my auto renew of $98.xx was unsucessful. What they didn't disclose was this was for 6 mo. so I call and asked for cancelations. Was offered several rediculas options declining finally offering me 5/$25 also stating the 6/$25 was no longer available. Took it for now and changed to a statment for $2 more. FYI I began my business with XM getting the $77 + fees deal so have never paid full price nor ever would. It does make me wonder how many just pay it.

Based on the above I didn't try to get 6/25 (which is the deal I was on now). I said " A friend got 5/25 and that's the only price I'll pay, otherwise I'm cancelling ". She came back after a couple of minutes and said OK, but tried to offer me a year for $77, but I didn't take the bait and will just call five months minus a day from now to renew again.

The script I followed: Call 888-635-5142, say phone number on account, chose cancel, tell rep that I want to cancel and will only pay the 5/25 rate, decline upsell, and then just go through the signing process. I wasn't too worried about auto bill to my CC. I just set a calendar reminder for a few days in advance and will renegotiate or cancel if necessary.

I was also able to get the 5/$25 deal after threatening to close. The first offer was for 12/$89, but I declined and took the 5/$25 instead.

Final cost: $26.69 per radio, for 5 months.

Note: I called a few days before my current contract was to expire. Once I agreed to the new 5/$25 deal, XM terminated my previous agreement, started the new one and applied a credit for the unused days. I just need to set a reminder to call back in 5 months to do the "dance" again...

Thanks everyone. I just renewed two radios for $85.00 each (all inclusive) per year.

@kel7298 details on how you did it?

I called 1-888-290-1896 . Tell them you want the deal $25/6 months as per advertised in their website.
I did that, and no hassle.


Thanks for this very helpful thread, especially the listen3 link above. My subscription was to expire on 12/16, so I called today (12/14) to cancel. After reading this thread and calling the number above, as I was already at the end of a promotional price, I got transferred the 3rd time. They were nice enough, but the second person said that you could not add a promotional price on top of one. So, I told her that my current subscription was ending in two days, so I just wanted to go ahead and cancel to save the hassle. Transferred me to the 3rd rep, also very nice. Told her the short story that I felt the service was well worth $25 for 6 months as advertised on their website, but since they could not add that price onto a current promotional price, I would cancel the service and see if a similar offer came by in the future. It's no big deal to me to plug in my iphone to the jack and stream whatever music I want. Having said that, the rep said she would be glad to fix me up, which she did. $25 for 6 months as noted on their website, and it cost me $25 plus some royalty totaling about $27. If they'd just make it $5 a month, I'd sign up for 3 years, or even 5. But I'm willing to play the game.

I just called and my subscription ended a few months ago. Told them I received a offer in the mail for 25 dollars for 6 months. The guy told me it must be 24.99 I said "Ah yes, I was just rounding it off" With taxes it came to 27 dollars and some change. On the phone less than 5 minutes and got it for 6 months at less than 30 bucks

Has anyone been able to get internet streaming thrown in recently?

I just added internet radio in for $3.50 a month

They auto-renewed me for $98 for a year, and I called back in a huff/puff and asked for the 5/$25, done and done.

Thank you worked for me tonight too

Thank you! They auto-renewed me on the 23rd at $159.+royalties. Called the number above and mentioned the link, the rep said it was only only for new customers so I told him I wanted to cancel. He forwarded me to another rep and was able to get the difference refunded back to my CC. I mentioned the internet but she said it would be another $3.50/mo so I declined.
The deal mentioned in the link (at the bottom of the page) is good until 12/31/12.

They have a link on their website now. http://www.siriusxm.com/turnitbackon
Got 6 months for 25 dollars. No problems at all.

I just called to renew my daughter's annual package as a birthday gift for her tomorrow. Last year I got the $91 annual price and when I called back today I had to go through three folks to get the same deal. It was actually $101.04 wtih a $9.74 credit for a net of $91.30. Cheaper for the six month package but it saves the hassle of calling back and this way I get to keep track of it instead of a soon-to-be non-teenager.

I have been a subscriber on promotional rates for two years. 1 XM and 1 Sirrius

I Called 888-635-5142, say phone number on account, chose cancel, tell rep that I want to cancel as it was too expensive.

they offered 1 year for $90, 6 months at $45, said still too expensive. then offered 5/$25.

Royalty, city/state tax, $29.32/5 months

They tried to charge some 'balance' past due even though the bill just arrived. I said no, they put me on hold for 1 minute, they waived it.

Confirmed still working. Was originally offered 1/2 price subscription for 1 year, then mentioned the 6 months for $25 offer on the website, and was offered 5 months for $25.

I let the trial that came with the car expire, thanks to this thread got the 6m for $24.99 this morning by mentioning the web promotion.

I've been getting $77 a year for awhile now. Have had a
Couple of different cars so different account numbers.
They always get it screwed up and called recently and
Said I owed when I know I already paid. Last year they
Said I was going to be canceled at the end of the month.
Still have service and credit card hasn't been charge .

Did you all pay for it w/ CC over the phone? How do you get them to STOP billing you or prevent an auto renew?

was ready to cancel after my 6 month at $20 deal was over last week. Told them I just don't listen to them much anymore, and will only renew if it's around $20 for 6months. So they gave me this 5months for $25 deal. Will probably cancel after the 5month is over. I don't mind paying around $20 for 5-6 months, if it is more than that, I will just listen to my local radio station, which plays the same songs anyway.

Just called yesterday because my trial on my new car expired.
They asked the duration I wanted, I said 5 months would work for me because I ride my motorcycle in the summer.
They game me 5 months for $25 and then gave me a $10 off as a welcome gift, even though I have another radio on my account.
So $17 for 5 months.. then $10 a month after that if I don't cancel, which I will of course call and cancel for a better deal when the time comes.

Was on a 6 month for 24.99 and was not offered it.Very dissappointed in Sirius XM

It was on my wife's account,and feel that we should be offered the 6 month promotion again,especially seeing we have 2 radios with Sirius

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