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Had no trouble getting this today. My account had renewed two days ago for a year at full price. They were clearly running through a script, but my response was, "I'd like the $25 deal or I'd like to cancel." Was done in about 3 minutes.

Tried for the $25 / 5 months deal. They agreed after offering three other deals, but with a catch. They said my account actually had a past due amount of $25 on it because I had exceeded my subscription by a month. In order to get the 5 / $25, I'd have to pay $50. I cancelled it and told them to send me a bill for the past due, which I'll contest. I bought my car in Nov 2011, got the three month trial till Feb 2012, and bought a 6 month subscription for $30 or something, which would have brought me to August. No deal! Crooks!

I just called and got the 25 dollars for 6 months this time.

My subscription was up again, so I called in to ask what promos were available.1 year $159. Transferred to cancellations. <about 10 minutes on hold> $104/year. $95/year. $46/6 mos. "What would you like?" $5/month. $25/5 mos ($27 incl tax.) Done.

sirius is a rotten, unethical company. because of technical problems (from sirius's end), they said that they had to "de-activate" my account and, then re-activate. OK. that was done at the Lexus dealership. what sirius never told me or the dealership was that they had terminated my account with its promotional rate and re-started the account at full price. I only found out about this when sirius called me to "confirm that my account info had not changed." the real reason for the call was that, without telling me, they tried to charge my credit card but were unable to do that because the card had expired. they claimed that my account was delinquent. (I had had a credit on my account. but, after sirius unilaterally canceled the promotional rate and restarted the account at the highest rate, the credit disappeared and I owed sirius money.) it is a disgusting company. ripe for a class action suit on behalf of subscribers.

Just did this again (for my father-in-law's account, which was about to expire).

Called 1-866-568-0364. Rep immediately offered me the 6 months for $24.99 deal. She said she couldn't complete it cause the account was active.

She then transferred me to 1-888-539-7474 (Customer Care), and i stated the offered deal, and they completed it for me.

8 minutes on the phone.

Just called the 866-568-0364 number. My initial free subscription that came with the car I purchased is set to expire in early September. I was hoping to score a year-long deal but the best they could came back to me with was $86- with taxes, fees, etc would have been $99. Opted for the 6 months @ $25 rate and had them mail me the invoice...

Just received a call from Sirius offering 6 months at $24.99 plus tax for 6 months, which is "half the regular rate", which will then automatically renew. I only have Sirius for two weeks and am not sure whether to buy it or not. Any recommendations? BTW, I can't stand Howard Stern, so that's not a reason to keep it.)

My last promo (three months for the price of one) just ended, and I called in to renew. This was the last thing they offered, but we did eventually get to it and I was off the phone with a call time of less than 10 minutes.

Wow - it's true! Got the 6 months for $24.99. As others above said - called 1-866-568-0364 regarding $159 renewal - person at that number would not assist with any promotions so I transferred to cancellations. Was on hold for about 10 minutes but worth it in the end. Said I had received a phone call offering the $24.99 for 6 months and he said they would honor that deal. My subscription was scheduled to be up on 15 September so he gave me a credit from 27 Aug to 15 Sep and applied that to the promotion of $24.99 plus tax so I'd recommend waiting till close to your renewal date. I asked for the phone number to this part of SiriusXM - 1-866-635 2349

Just got offered $26.99 Net for 6 month extension.
I called before my September 2nd expiration/renewal.
In addition was offered $94.50 for a year and $47.73 for 6 mos. before she offered $26.99.
I went through the cancellation extension.
CSR made it very easy for me to renew. No sweating or game playing!

Initially offered $94 for 1 year on a second radio. I then asked about the 5/$25 and he said "No Problem". Make sure to call 1-888-539-7474 directly.

What phone number did you call? There are several different numbers referred to -

I just called and asked if they had any deals and she offered 6 mo for 24.99 right away. Called 1-888-463-5710 Thanks!

I confirm!! Just called 888-463-5710. Offered me $24.99 for 6 months right off the bat!! Then offered 12 months for $99 (or something close).
Ended up at $28.81 when all was said and done. Didn't feel like arguing with him over $4. LOL!
Thanks guys!!

Are you all doing this right before it runs out? My free promo for the new car is up at the end of the month.

My own car isn't up until December, but if Opie and Anthony don't get resigned, I might not bother even for $5 a month.

Just called 888-463-5710 and said my subscription was up for renewal and that I wanted to renew at my current rate ($24.99 for 6 months) or I would have to cancel. She said no problem and I renewed.

I just called Sirius/XM and renewed for 1 year for $95.00 a year plus taxes and fees bringing the total to $111 and change. I was also offered 6 months for $24.95, phone number used: 888-463-5710. Sept. 10, 2012

Sweet! My $77/yr was to end the end of the month. Just got in with 6 mths for $24.99! They also offered $95/yr.

Thanks for all the advice on here. Just renewed the 12 months @ $86. I could've gotten the 6 @ $25, but I didn't want to go through this again in 6 months (the $25 deal is for 6 months and then it automatically renews for another $86 for the second 6 months unless you call...I am happy with the $86 for the year...my current renewal rate was more than double that). As it was, it too about 25 minutes. Called the 463-5710 number and the guy immediately offerred the $25 deal...then he looked at my acct and said that because I took a promo offer last year, I had to work through customer service. His deal was only for customers that were "coming back" and turning service back on. I told him that I would just cancel and then call back for that offer and he told me to tell the CSR that (he was very friendly and wanted to help...just couldn't because of my acct status). So, after being transferred to the CSR I told her the same deal...I was calling to cancel my renewal (that was due tomorrow) because it was too high, but Corey had just offerred me the $25 deal and I'd stay if I could get that (or a similar annual deal). She got denied by the "senior acct manager" that had to approve it (again because I had a similar promo last year) but she appealed it to her boss and got it done.

I just called the 463-5710 number for Sirius/XM and was offered the 6 months for $25 a month. I asked them for a longer option to prolong the call back in 6 months and threaten to cancel. I was offered and renewed renewed for 1 year for $95.00 a year plus taxes and fees that added up to $111 I just called today on sep 20, 12.

I got $94.43 after taxes for 1 year.

Used to paying $77 + taxes but figured this was close.

6 months for $25 and 12 months for $95 still being offered as of today

What kind of deals can you get for XM + the best of Sirius?

never been easier, took all of 5 minutes to get my radio reactivated (let it lapse a few months) with no reactivation fees and $24.99 for six months. Used a virtual card number so if I forget to call in at 6 months, I won't get hit with their crazy high auto-renewal rates.

This was a really good post you put up. I just called SiriusXM and got the $24.99 for 6 months plus tax came out to $27.44. I tried to get a year for $50.00 + tax but they said it would be $82.95 and then a couple minutes later she said it would be $100.00. I said what, you just said it was $82.95 then she said oh yes, thats right.. Unbelievable customer service!

They tried & tried to up-sell me and feed me a bunch of crap about my account ending, and if I don't call and resubscribe then I will have to pay a reactivation fee. Amazing they can run their company this way!

This company's support is in the Philippines, and it's unbelievable how horribly they operate.

Yeah, I got the $25/ 6 month special too, and they updated my account right...updated my radio right, charged me correctly, etc.

HOWEVER, my account, even though it's now paid up until April 2013, says the NEXT PAYMENT DUE DATE is 11/2/2012 (next month). (It was the billing cycle from my previous plan.)

I have called them three times to get it changed, to make sure they don't charge my credit card again next month, and each time, they assure me I wont be billed again until April next year. BUT, they dont see what I see in their system and can't change it on the website.

I'm afraid my card is going to get charged next month because these people are a bunch of morons.

I guess I'll have tow ait and see, because I cant get anyone in THIS country when I call.

The last two times I called I got an American. If it wasn't they had trained very hard to lose any accent.

Recieved invoice from xm for $199.97 (1yr) called 866 235 2349 couldn't reduce price gave me to customer care got it for $112.99 premium package,you guys are good!

I have paper billing with Sirius, let me subscription expire. They've sent two invoices for the full amount of renewal then got this one yesterday. Anyone have a clue what this means?

Previous Balance $177.46
SiriusXM Service -$149.11
Current Charges Subtotal -$149.11
Total $28.35

10/01/2012-07/20/2013 Previous Subscription Credit -$149.11

thx for the info ...5mos for $25 is great - just keep in mind to cxl after 5mos. otherwise it will renew at $43.47/qtr. Also the all-in cost is $29.36 incl fees & taxes. If you don't want that hassle you can also sign up for $7.17/mo. for 12mos fixed rate which is also a deal they have right now. good luck.

Renewed for $110.45 all taxes/royalties included for 1 year plus Internet streaming.

I also called 888-463-5710 and when prompted about renewal i said that i was looking to renew if the price was right or just cancel and use Pandora. Without asking, the representative immediately offered the 6 month option of $25 or a year for $95, i opted for the six month option. The call was painless and took all of 3 minutes.

My new car trial period was about to expire. I called 1-888-290-1896 and renewed for six months for $27.44. Very easy.

Called and was immediately offered 6 months for 24.95 + royalty fees + tax. Was told new subscription would start when old subscription ended in 3 weeks and that was when my credit card would be charged. Was told I had a $6.50 credit. The reality was the credit was for the last three weeks of the old subscription, and new 6 month subscription starts today. I kinda thought that is what would happen, but be careful if they give you a credit. It is not a present!

Wow guys, thanks for this! My subscription ran out two days ago and I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg to renew. I just got the same exact deal as dcwilbur - $24.99 + tax for 6 months of Sirius Select. I had a $17.70 credit from 6 months ago when I called to complain that they just shut me off 8 days before my renewal, so it cost me a grand total of $9.74! Awesome!

Thanks for the heads up! I called to tell them I didn't want to renew my subscription and they offered me some lame discounts that weren't very good. I told them I've heard of the $24.99 + tax for 6 months deal and they immediately offered it to me. Quick and easy.

Worked again for me today. I was transferred 3 times, but all very quickly. I was offered these deals, ended up taking the 5 month:

1 year at $86
6 months at $43
5 months at $24.99

Just called Sirius as my yearly subscription had expired - 866-568-0364. Immediately offered the 5 month/$25 deal and 12 months for $95. Snapped up the 5/25, knowing that I will have to call again next year to make sure I don't get charged on a recurrent basis. Had to listen to a few sales pitches, but total time, including limited hold and posting new CC number, took 11 minutes.

Just called as my subscription was set to expire next week. Was offered 1 year of premium + internet for $199. Turned that down and asked about 6 months for $24.99 deal. They said absolutely they could offer me that deal, so less than 5 minutes later was off the phone with 6 mo/24.99 + taxes and royalties...$29 and some change total.

Now I just have to mark on my calendar to call back in 6 months to repeat the process. Thanks Fatwallet members for alerting me to these deals!

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