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1000 rd case - 9mm Federal 98 grain Frangible LE Tactical Training ammo BC9P1. Great Target ammo that is available for about 1/2 of it's normal price
Estimated Shipping Cost: $16.00

Rhanks Mark & EdvardKruger

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Butcherboy said:   http://www.sgammo.com/product/federal/1000-rd-case-9mm-federal-9...

1000 rd case - 9mm Federal 98 grain Frangible LE Tactical Training ammo BC9P1. Great Target ammo that is available for about 1/2 of it's normal price
Estimated Shipping Cost: $16.00

Rhanks Mark & EdvardKruger

What are fragible rounds? thet break apart after hitting the body, thus more wound channels??
if so, sounds better than hollow points?

frangible means the bullet will break up, useful for LE or home defense situations where you do not want the bullet to go through walls or ricochet.

MaxRC said:   do not want the bullet to go through walls

These will still pass through most walls! They only break apart after hitting a hard enough backdrop (like a steel backdrop or brick walls).

98 grains? I wonder if that will cause problems for my gun

They do not run well in all weapons, but most will handle them fine. They tend to do more damage and are not a great round for home defense if you are worried about going to court at all. Google them, there are several court cases where folks didn't like that they were used as they can maim the "victim". They will do the job stopping if that is your only concern. They are primarily used for steel target on an enclosed range as to reduce ricochets. Lots of folks use them for home defense, but FYI. Great deal on them regardless of your use for them.

American Eagle and blazer brass 9mm is $10/case less localy. Is this worth paying more for its fraggibility?

Next said:   98 grains? I wonder if that will cause problems for my gun

I cant tell if you're asking because its not the familiar 115/124/147 grain loads that are more common, or if you're asking in reference to 98 grains of 'powder'.

Brings up an interest question, though. I wonder how powder is adjusted based on bullet weight, if at all. It'd kinda makes sense that the less lead say a 115 vs 147...in a round, the more room there is for powder. You could also argue that heavier things are just slower, despite maybe varying differences in powder per round.

I'm not a reloader, and buying shotgun rounds, you can pretty buy as hot or light of a load as you want, irrespective of shot size.

Butcher? Learn me up...

I think grain is the actual weight of the bullet. The powder is standard or high pressure, but not adjusted for individual bullet weight. But a lighter bullet does effect recoil, which may impact the gun's function...I think. My Kimber solo recommends 124 grain, so I'm wondering if I'll get more jams shooting a lighter bullet.

Your Kimber Solo needs 124 or 147 for it to cycle. The spring is strong and the slide is short. I would strongly recommend against purchasing these frangible rounds for your Solo.

As for frangible - these bullets are made of a nylon tungsten blend and are not actually a lead bullet. The will break against drywall. They are designed as another poster said for close-quarters training and where there is concern that a bullet may penetrate the wall and enter another domicile. If you keep a gun in your tiny apartment, and you don't practice shooting, these might be a good way to avoid shooting an innocent person.

These Federal LE (law enforcement) were originally intended only for LEO use, but their overall unpopularity has made them available to the rest of us - in all, this is a pretty decent deal, but for self defense use, these bullets are not recommended except for use in unusual situations. They are, however, lead free "Ballisticlean" bullets and there are some ranges out there that require lead-free bullets - these qualify for those ranges.

If you have concern about elevated lead levels due to frequent visits to the range, these might be what you need for those closing hours visits when there's only you on the floor.

These are practice/plinking rounds that are eco-greenie for ranges requiring it, and to prevent backstop damage at well used practice ranges.

If you own a firearm and ever plan on using it for SD, you need to practice with the carry/HD round.

If you can hit the target, you don't have to worry about your neighbors. If you can't hit the target, buy a big dog and a baseball bat.

I would skip on this unless you have some pre-existing condition that requires it.

You need to make sure that your weapon is capable of firing it. Check with your local gun chop. I've had no problem finding Winchester/Federal frangible stuff that I've tried and didn't care for. Don't buy 1000 if you have't already tested a box of 50 1st.

In for a case. I've got some scrap drywall and 2x4s, I'll build a dummy wall to take to the range and see if it penetrates. This is what air marshals use in flight, so apparently it's not going to go through the aluminum skin of the airplane.

it will penetrate, my 1100fps pallet gun penetrates 2sheets of dry wall and a sheet of 1/2ply wood stacked together.
it does NOT work good in Glocks - tried it and recoil spring is too stiff for it to cycle properly.
Please do NOT give suggestions on home defense scenario with this ammo as you might find your slide does not cycle and you will look like an idiot after the first shot fired and missed and nothing else is chambered.
If, God Forbid, you need to fire in self defence - get some good HST or +P or +p+ hollow points (providing you are not shooting light barreled worn off kel-tek) and feel confident.

again, this is plinking primarily ammo to use with pistols with a light recoil spring.

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