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You can click this link to find the nearest class 1 FFL dealers near you.

For those that purchased these,the stocks look horrible but maybe its just the pics, either way new stocks are available here for $30 shipped to most of the east coast and these guys are in Jersey and I'm sure they can use the money comin in up there , http://e-sarcoinc.com/search.aspx?find=SKS054

with J&G. always chose handpick. the standard stuff is usually awful. the little bit you pay for handpick is definitely worth it.

ToHellWithUGA said:   Thanks, I get it. Maybe I will look into getting a C&R eventually. Is it a lot harder to get a FFL that you can buy any (i.e. not just collectible) guns than just a C&R? I know it's more $$, but is it harder to get, too?

Back to this deal... I think I'm in (going to be fun explaining this to the wife...). Gotta pick local FFL holder to receive it (I think I've found the one I want to use, not sure if I need to get with the local shop first). Kind of annoying that the gun is $240, but the total after I receive it will be around $300, though (after hand picking, shipping, and transfer fee).

Type 01 FFLs, etc. that allow you to buy "non-C&R" guns require you to have a place of business, are open to inspection by the BATF, etc. 20 years ago you could do this from your kitchen table, but they've cracked down on those types of folks. Pretty much have to have a legitimate store-front that deals in guns.

Can you get by with just purchasing for yourself? Sure, but it is a lot of hassle.

Man I really cant decide if I want one... Cheapest DROS around here is 50+CA tax.. =\ How do these things shoot? Whats the benefit of a hand picked? does the stock just look better?

Bore is probably going to be cleaner. I dont know if any of the ads mention a chrome lined barrel or not. stocks are replaceable. i got plenty of SKS stripper clips if anyone is interested :-D

This looks like the same gun (close at least), but has free shipping. I don't know anything about grabagun.com. Doesn't look like you can ask for a hand-picked gun, and there is no photo (I found it at http://www.slickguns.com/product/century-ri118-g-chinese-type-56-sks-23280-free-shipping):


Any opinions?

i mentioned grabagun on another thread about the sks. same type gun. prolly the same batch that came in.

Oddly, they also have another listing at $246 ("Century Arms SKS Type 56 Semi-automatic 762X39 20" Blue Wood Bayonet Fair 10Rd Chinese Steel RI118-G")

johnny1290 said:   linky

I got mine here in California a few days ago. I paid an extra $20 for hand select and got one with a perfect crown and metal finish. I posted pictures of mine here and others have as well. My numbers match except for the cover.

Then they DON'T match

ToHellWithUGA- They might be different importers. CAI imports a lot. I dont remember which importer are mine at home. But they have came in through many different channels over the decades. The other thread says they came out of 'Nam. They would have markings like a Star. Meaning these would have been given to them Viets and they rearsenaled/refinished them. But none of the pictures show a star or description saying anything. Maybe on purpose to get around things....? Early chinese SKS were built closer to the russian sks. the latter ones were supplied to the viets and were pumped out. looks like a blade bayonet versus a spike as well. good luck to anyone that grabs them. they will bring you much joy now im contemplating on another one.... damn

Both items at grabagun are now showing OOS, so J&G is back to the only source now.

In California, its a big deal to get a C&R SKS because the cheapest you can get a transfer done from out of state is $55+$25 dross+tax on entire amount. Yugo with GL is a no go here, as is anything cool or fun so this is exciting for us LOL

Mine was made in '56 and has a great crown and80 or 90% finish I'd guess. speculation is these came via Albania, based on stock carvings and some getting Albanian bolt, etc.

Some guys get matching numbers with hand select, my cover doesn't match but who cares, its not a collector, its a shooter and I think it's cool. Mine isn't sino soviet but has the 'n' on the sight ladder. Numbers matching is $20 extra.

I weighed mine, its about 8.5#. if you want to see pics of what folks are getting, click on the link I posted, lots of guys put their pics up.

Honestly the worn ones look pretty cool to me too. I can probably fix up my stock, iron out the dings, but for $30 shipped for a replacement with hardware that may be how I go.

There must be a gallon of cosmoline in this thing!

So I was reading there was some what issues with Chinese SKS slam fire? Is that true? If so how would you fix it if there is

Sorry double post

FWIW it's every SKS, not just the chinese.

The issue is the firing pin doesn't have a spring to make it retract, it floats freely in there. If you shake the bolt you'll hear it moving back and forth. Crud can build up and cause slam fire if you never ever clean the bolt. Do it once in a while and no prob, or you can buy a kit to have a spring loaded one that's $50 I think. I'd just clean it, just watch a vid on youtube.

SKS "problem" of slam firing is over rated IMO. Sure, it happens. Never happened to me. Never happened to anyone I know. Never been at the range when it happened to anyone else. But it happens. My personal precaution is to load only 2 or 3 rounds first time I shoot my SKS. If it slam fires, it'll only rattle off a couple rounds

break it down and clean cosmeline out of it and this will reduce jamming issue. if you do not it will jam because of owner and not because of weapon. the ones i have are heavy but accurate and a blast to shoot. i can run anything through it and it will eat it up.

Back in stock at Aim Surplus...$229


pics and sources? the yugo with grenade launchers sold in california back then, even big5 was selling it. although i think it did violate some of california's laws?

These are sellin like hotcakes,better grab one while you can. I got mine thru Grabagun and it was all matching numberrs w/great bluing and a crappy stock that I'm in the process of a good thorough cleaning and light sanding as it has a star and arsenal mark on it and is historically going to be a nice piece after the stocks refinished. Good deals on these and the supply will dry up sooner than later and go up in value. $229 at Aim and $240 at Grabagun and their already selling for more than that on Gunbroker, better hurry time a wastin

Really wanting to buy one buy $18 shipping plus $15 FFL put me off.

Karnivore said:   Really wanting to buy one buy $18 shipping plus $15 FFL put me off.
Really? The box is huge and FFL fees are a given.

May be in...if I can sell the wife on the idea :/

coolbreeze said:   
May be in...if I can sell the wife on the idea :/

You mean you don't covertly redirect funds from your normal budget to a weapons slush fund that's independent from and invisible to the Executive branch of your household? duh... :p

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