BEST BUY UPGRADE AND SAVE PROGRAM -- Begins January 13 2013 through the end of business February 2, 2013

Bring in an original, commercially released DVD (no burned copies) with its original case and you'll receive a $5 coupon that's valid on select Blu-ray movies. Just head to the customer service counter at a Best Buy store near you for complete details and to take part.

For those have participated before the expected Upgrade and Save will be starting in 2 weeks. For those who have not, this can be a pretty good program to trade some old DVDs for $5 coupons to
buy Blurays pretty cheaply It looks like a full 3 weeks this time. This is the 5th or 6th time for this version of the program, but each time it works just a little differently and if you go the first couple
days of the program you may get some questionable looks. The program seems to have settled into a quarterly deal averaging 3 weeks -- 4 wks last summer, 2 wks in October.

Assuming all past rules apply this is the program FAQ. Even more than usual YMMV applies -- there are lot of different scenarios for this program and it seems each store and each manager seems to have a different playbook.
This program gets a lot of different responses.

1) Trade in ANY DVD for a $5 credit toward purchase of ANY $9.99+ Bluray in stock at Best Buy B&M. This is basically an instore only deal.

-- Limit 5 per visit. Per visit is most often interpreted as 5 per day per customer, but many people have just walked out and come back in immediately or later the same day with 5 more discs. Plenty of people have done far
more than 5 at a single visit as long as the store allows the exception.

-- No stacking of coupons. One Coupon, One Bluray . A Single $5 discount coupon is allowed per Bluray or Bluray boxset (it may be the only rule I've never seen stretched). A boxset of 3 movies will not allow 3 coupons
and you can't use 2 or 3 coupons on a single Bluray under any circumstance.

-- Most of the time the coupons have an expiration date co-coinciding with the last day of the program so you can't save them and use them next month.

2) Trade in DVDs do not have to be same title as Bluray. Boxsets are most often counted as 1 DVD so if you bring is a set with 4 movies in one case then you will likely be given 1 coupon and not a coupon for each disc.
If your set has for cases in a boxset, just toss the box. If you have a TV series with 5 cases, bring them in as individual pack and not as a set. This works best if each case has a UPC code (S1, Disc 1). I've also found
that if you bring in a bunch of discs of the same season, same show then some clerks will balk so best idea is to bring 1 (slim)case from each set and make another trip later or be prepared to discuss the details.

-- If somebody pulls up a list off Google of 100 or 150 Old Blurays that are "Only Movies Allowed" then they are likely showing you the lists for May or October 2011 which were restricted to certain titles. The Google lists
get pulled up everytime this program is live either online or even instore -- check the dates on the list. If someone tries to tell you only same titles can be exchanged then they are incorrect. This is not the same of Selling/Trade-In
for Used Video Games and every time there are lots of people who get sent to the Video Games Department by employees thinking you are selling items. The Upgrade and Save program is separate and almost
always handled at the Customer Service Counter.

3) DVD must be a commercially produced discs (no burned copies)

4) No adult DVD that are specifically XXX content whether they are rated XXX or not.

5) Discs are supposed to have the original case and artwork and the discs are meant to be at least presentable -- the disc at least should look like it can be played. Many stores require the UPC to be intact. Some stores
check things pretty closely (right disc, right case, right UPC, disc condition) and others just toss the case into the recycle bin without any screening. In reality discs in anything that look like regular case are often accepted
by some stores including those is Blockbuster/3rd party cases with rental stickers and and nowhere near original artwork and UPC.

** Are HDDVD or HD-DVD combo packs eligible. This has been a YMMV issue and some places people have been given credit for both type discs, others only if it was a combo, and some stores refused to consider it
at all for the trade-in. If you run into this issue either try a different store or call 1-800 BESTBUY and see if they can clarify the issue for you or your Store Manager.

6) Bluray -- all current and new release Bluray priced $9.99 or above should be included. Music Blurays have been included since the April 2012 program which is different than previous sales. Preorders are not included.
Discs not in store can sometimes be ordered from and some managers will apply a coupon to that item, but ....

7) Each store in the past had there own logistics of how to work the program. Most stores would make you stop at the entry and have your used discs stamped/marked/taped.

-- Many stores had you bring the used DVD to the Service desk, check them out to make sure they met criteria and gave the customer a preprinted coupon(s) with a receipt attached to the coupon/barcode. Some stores
gave the customer a Copied sheet of paper with the UPC bar code and attached receipt to 'activate' the sheet of paper. The coupon could them be exchanged at the regular register for the Bluray you were purchasing and
the barcode automatically deducted the $5 at sale. This allowed you to take your coupons out of the store and purchase later. The expiration date on the official coupon is usually the last day of the sale. . If you are given
a coupon with a receipt attached do not detach them or your coupon may well be disallowed.

-- Some stores required you to bring/leave your DVD at the Customer Service desk, then bring your Blurays to the Service desk to complete the purchase. No coupons were given out so you had to exchange and purchase
the discs the same day.

-- Some stores would allow you to trade your DVD for a coupon at the Service Desk, but each coupon was marked/Dated and you were told it was only valid for the date on the coupon and in that specific store. [Only had
this happen once and I have no idea what would have happened if I took the coupon to a different store or brought it back to the same store later.]

8) Discounts should be taken from the actual Selling Price of the Bluray on the day of purchase despite the fine print on the coupon saying "Discount taken from Regular Price." This has and will likely continue to be a
contentious point until corporate absolutely clarifies the issue or changes the language. BBY ads often show discs with Sale Prices and then subtract the $5 U&S coupon so logically that should apply to all other discs.

9) Price matching and also using $5 coupon is a big YMMV since this can be most certainly considered combining offers or double dipping much in the same way that PM and getting a gift card for purchase is often considered
doubling up. Since the U&S is considered a Store coupon it should be applied to the price before trying to PM unlike a Manufacturers coupon (this difference is spelled out very specifically in Target and other stores coupon
use policy, but not specifically in BBY policy).

10) There should be absolutely no arguments about using Reward Zone certificates during purchase.

11) Additional Manufacturers Coupons SHOULD BE allowed and should be considered the same as cash or a gift card on top of the $5 Promo. This doesn't mean it won't be argued and it certainly doesn't mean it will
be accepted, but according the Best Buy's own Corporate Reps, the use of MQ should never be questioned whether it's a sales price or pricematch or promo.

Multiple times the Best Buy Corporate Employees have had to repeat the phrase "The store should honor the coupon, even with the price match. Any valid manufacturer’s coupon displaying the manufacturer’s address,
a barcode, and labeled as a Manufacturer’s coupon at the top should be accepted on the product listed, regardless of the price." If there are any issues call the 1-800 number in store and ask for a ruling (unfortunately
this often ends up being decided "Manager runs his own store in his own way" unless it just flat out violates some policy. community forums are the best place to take issues and often will be decided in
the customers favor with credits and RZ given to cover the missed discounts. Yelling and screaming in the store is not going to win you any arguments in store even if you are correct and will likely get security involved
and irritate everybody else in the store.

12) Buying a disc this week in hopes of applying the coupon next week will work, but it should work as a return/Rebuy so if the price is higher next week it may not always save you money. As usual there is some YMMV
whether some stores will allow you to repurchase the same disc unless the store has current stock. The same can be said of ordering discs online for pick up at the store -- some stores have allowed a return/rebuy to
add the coupon and some stores have refused to do this.

13) Only USED DVD or HDDVD movies are normally allowed as trade in. . Best Buy is only supposed to accept used DVDs, so make sure the DVD(s) you're bringing in to trade are unwrapped. They will sometimes
refuse to accept them if they're sealed. If you find some sealed DVD cheap and bring them to the store sealed, there have been issues. The easiest thing to do is just open them

14) Where to find cheap DVDs: If you don't have any spare DVDs laying around that you wish to part with, there are a variety of places to find cheap DVDs for less than $1-$2 each. Pawn shops, thrift stores, garage sales,
flea markets, dollar stores, and eBay Several people have had success at Dollar Tree, where select DVDs can be found for 25 cents, and some titles even for 1 cent. *Disclaimer* Finding these 25/1 cent DVDs
is a YMMV situation. Some stores have them, some don't. Some BBY stores have balked at accepting these essentially throwaways in slim cases or cardboard sleeves though technically they are commercially
manufactured and in their original cases so you should prevail..

Bringing 5 of the exact same item in for trade in -- often these cheapo discs can raise some eyebrows so if you can divide them up and bring in 5 different items it will go smoother though not to say it won't work

15) Most people have failed at trading in Blurays for coupons even if there is a DVD in the case.

16) If you have a multidisc DVD with those removable trays for extra disc, it is best if you just bring in the case with the tray out and you can keep the extra disc (cool for bonus material). Empty disc trays do raise suspicion
at the service desk.

17) Nobody knows exactly what happens to the old discs and cases. The official word is they are recycled at some national recycling center -- whether this means they are donated to charities for a tax deduction,
sold to 3rd party resellers, or just destroyed is murky.

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Damn that looks familiar. Looks like somebody put a lot of work into that word infested FAQ (throw in smiley of choice)

Taking bets -- how long until somebody asks if they can trade HDDVD or stack multiple coupons on 1 Bluray or
if it has to be the same title?

Wow, very thorough. Thank you for preemptively answering every question I could have come up with!

Not sure if i will participate this time considering i took most of my dvds into WalMart for D2D to HD for $5 each.

Godis1coolguy said:   Wow, very thorough. Thank you for preemptively answering every question I could have come up with!

And a few you wouldn't have thought anyone would have thought of, but did anyway. I wrote the initial outline a year ago and like
Linux pieces keep getting added a bit at a time by various posters mostly at b/c it amazing how often the same questions will
get asked (and asked and asked). After a couple thousands posts it's get a little redundant. I have been amused at the variety of
places it shows up.

any moviecash+cheap BR deals to double dip with??

Probably, but I don;t think you;ll know for sure until mid next week. Best current deals are probably the 7.50 cash available on &8 blurays at WalMart for
Warner titles.

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